Am i wrong for feeling the way i do or am i going crazy?

Little back story i was a victim of SA when i was young with my stepdad, it was a horrible my time and my mom at the time was resentful towards me and seemed to be on his side and blaming me for everything. Even going as far as sending him money in jail.

Fast forward to today, im 37 weeks pregnant with my second daughter and we live with my significant other (who has a bit of an age gap with me). My mother is always coming over and telling me to watch my first daughter because we dont know what my significant other might be thinking and even goes as far as to tell me to not let my daughter carry normal conversations with him and even suggested i padlock her room at night from the outside so no one has the key but me. Am i wrong to feel irritated and annoyed/angry at her for suggesting that my partner would be inappropriate? Especially given our past and how she never even got to know my partner she just assumes things?

Im not an idiot im a stay at home mom and my daughter is always with me and i never let her out of my sight , she never even stays alone with him or anyone. And what has me most bothered is we have actual proven pedophiles in the family and shes fine having family dinners with them and everyone sweeps what they’ve done under the rug

sorry for the long post

You definitely are not in the wrong. You and your mother have both had some serious trauma regarding this, but expecting you to never leave your child alone with your significant other is an ungodly amount of pressure. You shouldn’t have to act like a single mother if you aren’t one. This is something you should discuss with your S/O so they understand your trauma and your mother’s and can reassure you that you are in a safe space.