Any ideas for chafing down below while pregnant?

Moms, I’m 34w pregnant and I’m having a hard time staying dry down there and my thighs have been chafing and hurting like crazy (sometimes even blistering). I put a&d on it but its only a temporary relief. Any suggestions for me would be greatly appreciated!


Coconut oil works great

i had to get nyastatin form my doctor & use a blow dryer 4 times a day on the area. she said the forced air will help

Corn starch or baby powder

I use baby powder and deodorant

Baby powder or corn starch

use corn starch on your thighs

Put some pads or pantyliners inside your pants where your thighs chafe and you have a long shirt to cover it.

I’d use zinc base cream


Gold Bond Extra Strength Menthol…I had the exact same probably with my thighs and my under boob. This stings so bad for like 3-5 minutes but after that it’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Monistat sells cream for it at walmart in the ladies section


I used corn starch…

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Alternate oil and powder

Diaper rash ointment

I use deodorant & it works amazingly!

Use a powder, cornstarch or talcum powder. Creams are going to keep it moist and keep them chaffing

try Gold Bond powder

Zinc oxide ointment because it doesn’t melt away or sweat off, then dusted with powder.

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Deodorant first then put cornstarch baby powder on top. Works like a dream

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Deodorant or baby powder. I’ve used both, both work great.

Blow dry when you get out of shower

Coconut oil or deoderant

I’d try to avoid wearing denim too. That will make it worse.

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I use baby powder during the day but to relieve the pain from chafing I use pink xav. It’s amazing for that.

Deodorant works everywhere

Calsene baby powder. It’s cornstarch based not talc

Chafe Escape from Pure Romance, THE BEST! Goes on like Lotion, dries to a powder. Doesn’t stain clothes or leave a residue. I have THICK thighs and was pregnant through this summer. Wore dresses almost daily and didn’t chafe once!

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I was having this problem last night and I put Destin on it omg I feel sooo much better this morning and its clearing up! Its definitely worth the try!

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Baby powder with no talc in it or Vaseline. I used to get chapped thighs all the time as a kid. Deodorant can give you cist and boils because it clogs the pores!

I wore these. They really helped to prevent the chaffing. You get cheap ones that are really stretchy and don’t go over the belly. I bought a huge size and then cut the top elastic loose so as to not irritate the belly.

Monkey powder,really

Lol lady’s monkey butt powder

Monistat chafing relief powder gel…this chunky girls skin saver! Find it with feminine hygiene. Apply as needed, no smell, no greasy feeling, dries to a powdery smooth finish. The best thing for between the legs, under the breasts or anywhere!!!


You can put a little bit of deodorant on your thighs if it’s powder I do that and it helps me with the chafing


Monostate make a gel power just for this, it comes out as gel but turns into a powder. It’s amazing


Corn starch on clean dry skin works wonders!!

Shower twice a day, use corn starch or all over deodorant.

I used something similar when I was pregnant.

Deodorant! Works WONDERS

Butt Paste that you get for babies diaper rash

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Trust me… cornstarch is the best answer for this!!


Honestly I used Desitin… yes the baby diaper rash cream. It worked!


Use Desitin. Every DAY!!

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Deodorant on the thighs is the BEST TRICK I have ever learned. I swear by it!


I am a pure romance consultant and we have a amazing product called Chafe Escape and it works wonders! Contact me if you would like more information!

Corn starch, keep it dry, no perfumes or other things that could be bad.

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I use a pad and wear bike shorts under dresses.

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I use deodorant to prevent the rash. When I get the rash I use diaper rash cream to help heal it.

Deodorant for sure, then put on some shorts like bicycle style ( longer spandex type) if you’re going to wear a dress. I do this because I still have thunder thighs! :joy:


Try putting antiperspirant deodorant

I also had a bad yeast infection one time and since it was my first, didn’t realize it so make sure to head to dr. if it gets too bad. Horrible when pregnant.

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I have big thighs so this is a constant issue my trick is deodorant not the gel or spray just regular stick deodorant.

Boudreau’s butt cream!! I used it on my thighs and under my breasts while I was preggo. Works like a charm

I use antifungal spray, works wonders

Pure romance chafe escape

deodorant for prevention.
then when the chafing is there…aquaphor or triple paste cream. clears it up quick!

Have your gyno check u out. It could be psoriasis, eczema or a type of skin condition or cancer . That’s all I can advise on.

I had the same issue. I used a little dab of Vaseline and was good to go

Body Glide is wonderful… my husband and son have used it too… military guys and police often use it.

Corn starch makes everything smooth


No antiperspirant deo, aluminum in it

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Corn starch.even works on diaper tash

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Hmm. Used it on my babies years an years ago

Cut some nylons and put them around your thighs. Yw :heart::100:

When i was pregnant with my son i had the same problem. Corn startch. Was the only thing that helped! Corn startch is awesome for so many thinga can also help with razor burn down there as well or on legs too. But helps alot! Try it:)

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Baby powder is magical.

Use cornstarch believe me it works

Raelyn Jennett doesn’t p.r have something for chaffing

Caldesene powder is prob best its anticeptic and very good

Yea go and get the yeast infection it will go away within a day.

They have baby powders that are corn starch based. I used those while pregnant mostly cause they smell a lot better to me than the plain corn starch and I could use them on my kiddos lol.

Use anti perspiration on thighs…prevents chafing and legs slide

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I used a handheld fan to dry up any moisture and applied baby powder (cornstarch) or Monistat chafing relief powder gel.

Vaseline girl! It’s a lifesaver for rubbing thighs. Put a panty liner on too. I’ve been wearing them for most of my pregnancy and I’m 32 weeks.

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First if there’s any open areas you should not put any types of powder.

Use gauze (if skin is broken) tegadrem (it’s what cover IV’s, you can buy it at Walmart) and a Neosporin wear something like biker shorts that’ll will be tight around your tights. Do that until it’s almost better THEN very light powder to cut down on moist

Corn starch baby powder

Friction defense by Gold Bond. It’s a stick that you rub on like deoterant. Walmart & CVS have it.

I had some issues like that years and years and years ago I found well I don’t know what it’s called and I don’t know if they still make them but it’s like a like a slip that sewed up the middle so each Legos in like pants or some maybe maybe some stretchy pants and cut them off or pull them up back when I was pregnant women had to wear dresses we didn’t get to wear pants but if you’re wearing pants then your legs shouldn’t rub together something I like biking shorts that are just stretchy and you could get bigger sizes to go up over the bump sometimes I have that now and I’m not even pregnant God forbid I’d really make me some money if I was at my age on having had a tubal that’s just an idea if you could cover up your legs with some sort of shorts or something that would help

Deodarant work for chaffing of the legs and between ur leg where ur panties rest…


My company has a cream called chafe escape. Goes on like lotions and turns into a super fine powder…its all I used anymore

Gold Bond powder is great but you have to reapply often.

Coconut oil! I use just a little for anytime I wear a skirt. A little goes a long way n if u use it in the morning you’ll be right for all day :slight_smile:


I used deodorant on my thighs and lots of cornstarch baby powder in my undies.

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Use suave spray deodorant and spray a little between your thighs…

Comfrey and calendula baby rash balm.

Cortisone then cornstarch to heal then deoterant a dust of cornstarch for extra protection

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They make like pads for that and under breast to as your pharmacist

A and d cream, I use it on my husband when he chafes

Gel geodeoderant. Or even the spray antiperspirant.

Deodorant worked for me

panteen for diaper rash, if it doesnt work can use on baby later. maybe dresses rather than pants(seams) cocnut oil/butter

Desitin is much better!!

Lady anti-mokeybutt powder is wonderful for any chaffing areas. Thighs, behind, under your breast. I am not even pregnant and use it all the time! Especially in the summertime

This works the best.

There is a product runners use called Glide, they have one for ladies. WORKS AMAZING!!!


I sell pure romance. We have a wonderful product called Chafe Escape.

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I used Gold Bond powder with ALL 3 of My Pregnaniceson my thighs. Helped with moisture and chaffing.

Chafe escape from pure romance. Greatest thing ever.

I used or use deodorant. I shower it dry the area very well then apply unless it is to bad then you might have to go to doc to get antifungal cream


Take a day off… seriously… to heal … sit with your legs apart and reclined… to heal and dry after showering…then gold bond works great with thigh length undergarments to prevent it from reoccurring

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