Any other mamas find women attractive?

Please post anonymously; any other mommas married with kids and also find some women attractive? I love my husband like crazy; I find him extremely attractive. But I’ve always fancied women as well, just too afraid to say anything.


I find women beautiful, I’m married and if I’m with my husband and I see a women that happens to have great eyes or a smile or a butt 🤷 I say it to him. I don’t see anything wrong with it!!! It’s admiring beauty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s called bi-curious and it’s completely OK, talk to your hubby about it, don’t be scared to be you baby! Happily settled with my man and 2 kids and I have always loved the ladies too, as long as there is no lying and stepping out of boundaries it’s all good. :heart:

I find women incredibly attractive, I’m just not sexually attracted to them.


Its completely natural…you cant see yourself through someone else’s eyes. Your idea of beauty/attraction is a reflection of yourself. A womans body is beautiful along with all that our body can endure. Attraction has nothing to do with intimacy. I can love my husband and be attracted to him and also be intimate…and the same for women. Its how you choose to go about it. Don’t down yourself for feeling attracted to women. Sometimes you have to explore to see…

I feel like it’s natural… we may see what we love most about our very own mothers in the women we feel like that towards

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We naturally have things we perceive as attractive/beautiful. It’s okay to see another woman as beautiful or attractive. And that can be separate and completely different from finding another woman sexually attractive…just because you find someone attractive doesn’t mean you have sexual desire for them…some do have that as well…and thats fine too…only time attraction is an issue is when we have an “intent to act on our desire” while in a committed relationship with someone else.


I believe that’s call bi or bicurious sweet and yes it’s a thing just like some men find other men attractive as well…


It is totally normal to be attracted to women. I have been with my man for 11 years and he knows how I feel. Honesty is the key to any relationship for any situation. If strip clubs are open in your state I suggest to go to a few. Find one with good food and drinks. Both of us have a blast going to clubs. He loves to sit back and watch while I get drunk and flirt lol :laughing: and once in a while we will get a lap dance together.

Appreciation is different from what your mind is pushing you to insinuate here…

Who cares and u announced it on SM…?

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I’m happily married with kids … I also have a girlfriend (she is also married … Both husbands are supportive and encouraging )


I’m sure you could twist his rubber arm into a lil menage :smirk:

Im married and i see some really beautiful woman makes me think if i could ever be with one i say yes but like i said im very happy with my husband :grin:

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:raising_hand_woman: hi there! I love my husband but love women too!! Its completely normal. Tell him, id bet you’d be surprised that he would enjoy it too :wink:

There is nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty in everyone.


Welcome to the bi world darling.

I’ve told my husband. He knows. :woman_shrugging:t3: I tell him his will be the last D I ever have. :rofl:


I’m happily married and always felt an attraction to women. My husband knows of my attraction.


when my spouse came out as trans to me I was so happy. I’m a bi woman and long as you communicate and stuff with your husband, who cares?!

Came here to say pretty much the same general consensus…Communication! I didn’t know i liked girls for a long time. My husband just wants me to be happy and me him. We haven’t explored it a whole lot but what we have was fun and is for sure helping me figure it out. He says often that he doesn’t have to be involved either. But really all those things come out during communication so you guys can figure out your desires, feelings, wants and needs. I liked all 3 personally though🤷‍♀️

I think women are beautiful, our bodies, minds souls all of it.


I am bisexual for sure… I prefer men but I am down to have fun with women. Thankfully my Fiancé (male) is perfectly fine with it

Oh I do and I dont hide it.

I find women aesthetically pleasing. Even attractive in some cases. Personally I know I wouldn’t want to be with one sexually, but they are attractive I even find myself looking at the women on shows and whatnot more than the men. They are just… prettier. Then again there are a few men I find attractive or aesthetically pleasing, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be with them sexually either. I lovey husband and enjoy being with him. Sex wise that is it for me. 🤷🤷🤷🤷


I’m not into woman or anything.
But I just want to say I love all the advice and support!!!
Especially in this day and age where people still feel the need to discriminate.


I’m bisexual and married to a man. Together we have 4 kids. If you’re having these kinds of feelings, you may be bi. You may be gay. Or maybe you just know how to appreciate a beautiful face. Any of those are ok. Just make sure to continually communicate with your husband about this. My husband is nothing but supportive.


Just because someone is married, does not mean you can’t find other people attractive. Just because you are a woman married to a man, does not mean you can’t find women attractive. And just because you find women attractive, does not necessarily mean you are not straight.


You’re bi dear. It is fine.


Women are beautiful beings :heart_eyes:
When it comes to sex I want the dddd though lol
You can still appreciate beauty in a woman’s body and face and not be bisexual or gay.


I feel ya girl for sure

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I’m not sexually attracted to women. I can definitely appreciate a nice body, a beautiful face, and a beautiful mind. A friend of mine has the nicest, hourglass figure and skin the color of mocha. Her eyes are stunning. Her lips are voluptuous… And I tell her all the time.

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I am pansexual. We have an open marriage as a result.
Bonus, me being open about my sexuality helped my husband realize he’s not entirely straight either.


I admire woman and I also criticize woman .


Honestly, I don’t think it’s weird. I have always found myself attracted to women as well. I’ve dated women in the past, however have been married twice, both times to men (including my current husband). My husband is fully aware that I have an attraction to women. He doesn’t have any issue with it. My ex husband also knew and sometimes it seemed like it bothered him. I would just say to be honest with your husband about how you feel. It doesn’t change who you are, or who you love.


Do you. Don’t worry about what others find attractive. I have two toddlers so I mostly just try to make sure I’m leaving the house with no unknown toddler gunk on my shirt. 🤷


I do, don’t know if I’m bisexual or I simply am capable of appreciating the beauty of a woman but I don’t find anything wrong with it, so long as you respect the relationship you’re currently in (whether it’s with a man or woman)


Me and my husband have the same taste in women :joy::ok_hand:t2:
There is nothing wrong with being attracted to other people while you’re married but if you’re having urges to act on those feelings it’s definitely best to talk that over with your partner.


I mostly stare and wonder how they manage to look so good!! Perfect hair, makeup, body and clothes! Lol I can barely manage putting a bra on everyday :rofl:


I find women to be fascinating, I’ve never experienced anything with a women but I’ve thought about it. My husband knows I find some women attractive but knows I’m with him and will never act out any of the fantasies


I’m not married but I have a daughter and I’m in a relationship with a man and I’m not bi, I just wonder how the heck they do it to stay in shape.


My husband and I have a deal. Since I’m bi he allows me to let’s call it “hang” with a woman once a year because he understands he can’t give what a woman has. He is allowed to “hang” with a man but he doesn’t roll that way. :joy::rofl:.


Lots of women are attracted to other women. For me, I hooked up with women when I was a teen /young adult because I was close to my girlfriends, and also wanted to experiment before I decided to settle down. But now that I’m engaged, I would never give myself to anyone other than the love of my life… because I don’t want to be with anyone else.


Yep! I absolutely LOVE looking at other beautiful women! I don’t think it’s a sexual thing on my end, but I can definitely look at a woman and think her body is incredible and be attracted that way. Not in a way that would want me to act on anything, but I just enjoy looking :heart:

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I have ex-gfs that my spouse is aware of and its not an issue with him unless he catches me staring at someone regardless of gender but thats not often. I’d talk to him about it to see how he feels about the subject so it doesnt become an awkward thing between you guys

I think some women are beautiful but I’m not attracted to them in a sexual way. I just appreciate their beauty.


Women are beautiful no matter what way you look at it.

We have 3 kids, been together 21 years. My husband knows I find women more attractive then most men. Talk to your spouse.


Definetly! I have two children and am with a woman. I’m polyamorous so I prefer a woman and a man. Nothing wrong with that.


Talk to your husband about it. I did and got a girlfriend w/benefits on the side. Don’t regret a thing!

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Never had a personal relationship or anything like that with a women but I will gladly check out women with my husband. If they have a nice ass I have no problem saying so :heart_eyes:

Yes, I feel this way too. I am attracted to females however I cannot picture myself in a relationship with one. I love men. But women are just beautiful :two_hearts:


Women are very attractive to me, I’m happily married to my husband.

I admire a good looking woman, but nothing more. Im happily married for almost 18 years. I was once with a woman. A long time ago. We shared a few threesomes with men. She was my one and only.

You should definitely explore that with your husband. I have a feeling that would take your relationship to a height you would’ve never thought existed. Good luck :heart:


Yes and I’m married. We are very open-minded and I love pointing out a beautiful woman. Actually trying to explore a bit given we find the right woman.

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Yea, my husband and I objectify other women together. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


Honestly thought all women did until I was in my teens. Haven’t acted on it many times in my life, but I certainly look.

I always had a attraction but never to the extend of acting. Now I do think about It. I would like to.

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Yes I have a child and I am happily married to my wife for 5 years now…

I’m proudly pansexual but I maintain a monogomous relationship. So, yeah, I find women attractive but I’m not actively pursuing anyone out of respect for my very monogomous boyfriend who doesn’t get down like that.

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It’s called being bisexual and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I point out women how beautiful they are. Nothing wrong with it.

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I check out girls with my boyfriend lol but I am also openly bi

I came out as bisexual last year and it hasn’t changed my relationship with my husband at all. It’s made us stronger and it feels good finally feeling like myself

Married with six and bi. My husband doesn’t mind cause I don’t do anything without him knowing about it

Not married. But been with my male partner for 7 years. I’m pansexual. I have no preference when it comes to gender. I just find people attractive. It doesn’t go away because you choose a partner.

It took me nearly 30 years to figure out that sexuality is fluid. I am attracted to both men and women. And I am ok with it. Screw everyone else.

I’ve recently accepted I have always been bisexual. I’m learning to be proud of it.

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Yep! No shame in it either. I jokingly tell my husband he better shape up before I go find myself a girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh hell yes. Married to a man. We have 4 kids between us . I do badly want a gf . Don’t get me wrong I love my husband to death but I sure do miss having the touch of a woman !

I don’t know if I am bi or not. Once in a blue moon I see a woman I am extremely attracted to and I feel drawn to her. I could see myself having a romantic or sexual relationship with her. But for the most part I am attracted to men. Not sure what that means.

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I’m a bisexual in a heterosexual marriage… nothing wrong with it imo

My question is… how do you post anonymously??

As for women, they’re way more attractive than men. That’s why I married a pretty boy :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:

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Honey, you may be bi-sexual. Nothing wrong with that, come out of the closet dear :heart:

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I am a proud pansexual never married 2 kids (one is now an adult)

Hubby knows im attracted to woman so if he sees a pretty lady he will alert me so i dont miss the beauty. Hes even considered letting me have the occational “ladies night” or finding someone who wants to join us in fun every so often. I really coulnt have asked for a more understanding and accepting hubby. :sparkling_heart:

I’m married to a woman so I’d have to say umm yes lol

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Women are easier on the eyes than men :woman_shrugging:

I think you’re in good company :grin:

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Possible bi-curious just depends how far are you willing to go to explore this other side of yourself. Something to talk to your spouse about.

Sexuality is a spectrum.
Nobody is firmly at one end point.

Attractive? Sure.

Want to make out with them? No.


Me right here. Lol my husband even knows. But i havnt found anyone id want to really ever do anything with yet. But yes i like girls and find them attractive and im married abd find my husband super attractive. He kinda reminds me of john travolta in grease lol

Yes ma’am bi and proud! :rainbow_flag:

Hello Freinds am new the group cos I also wanna be a proud mom too.

I do. I came out to my husband over 3 years ago. I’m bisexual, so I like women and men. My husband and I have been going to lifestyle clubs together and opened our relationship to having other women join us.

You cannot post a response anonymously on Facebook, lol

My husband knows I am bisexual. I love my husband, been with him for 22 years. I’ve always been the one to check out other women and tell him, “Ooh baby, damn that’s a nice ass!”

Me to my man at Sam’s Club 2 days ago: “DID YOU SEE THAT?!”
Him: see what?
Me: the tall black girl
Him: :eyes::eyes: no i didn’t

I actually thought most women feel that way. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Just because you’re married doesnt mean you stop finding other people attractive. Do you even HAVE to tell him you’re bisexual? Personally I dont tell anyone that I am. What’s the point unless you want a threesome or have an open relationship?

Just because you’re a female, married to a male, does NOT. :clap:t2: MEAN. :clap:t2: YOU. :clap:t2: ARE. :clap:t2: STRAIGHT.

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Pansexual here… love is love. I am madly in love with my man… but I’m the first to point out an attractive female lol

Absolutely, then I decided I was bi sexual, ive since come out as lesbian and am in a very happy gay relationship, and my 6 yr old is stoked about it . Be true to yourself :relaxed:

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Never be afraid to be the real you…My big brother is gay…my sister is gay and im married but im bisexual…took me a long time to realize that but i dont find women attractive just for sexual reasons…i love the intimacy and the bond 2 women can have…just like having a best friend basically. I would love to find a friendship like that. My husband knows about my sexuality but ive never had a women who i was so close with…oh well maybe one day i will find a friend like that

I’m pansexual. My husband has always known. We openly talk about finding people beautiful, attractive, etc. Finding someone other than your SO this way doesn’t mean you want to be in a relationship with them or have sex like many try to believe. Talk to your SO as long as you are sure there will be no dangerous reactions. Sometimes this does opens doors to mono-poly relationships if you’re both okay with that. Just be honest with each other (again if there will be no dangerous outcomes).

I am polyamorous!! I love my husband but I love women as well! I want a husband and wife! Nothing wrong with that


Talking openly about your sexuality can be really difficult, but know that you are not alone and that you have nothing to be ashamed of. It sounds like you’re probably bisexual but that’s something you can only really know yourself. I would encourage you to sit down and have an as open and non judgemental conversation with your husband as you can. Also know that the fact you find people as well as your husband attractive, regardless of gender, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be monogamous. Again, whether you realise you identify as polyamorous or not, please try to remember that you have nothing to be ashamed of and at the end of the day the key is having open communication and being honest including with yourself. Don’t be afraid to reach out for more help or resources. It may take some time but you will find your rhythm again.

I find them wildly attractive and beautiful! Much more than most men. But this does not translate into sexual desire, just visual appreciation.

I feel this way about most men too. Attractiveness alone does not elicit desire in me. I have to know and like him for the lady garden to bloom.

My husband knows I’m bisexual and it doesn’t bother him at all.