Any other pregnant mamas get extremely sick when they are a little hungry or are not completely full?

The second I feel hungry I get so pukey and dizzy and shaky but even if I eat a sandwich or a can of soup very shortly after (say 5-10min) I’ll get sick all over again and I’ll have to be stuffed full in order to feel better. Is this normal??? I don’t remember this with my first and I’ve mentioned it to my doctor and he only says “sugar problems are normal in pregnancy” but won’t check my sugar or treat my assumed sugar issues with anything… Even tho he’s the one assuming it’s sugar. It doesn’t matter what I eat either, snack cake, apple, soup, whatever, if im not bursting at the seams from being full then I’m viciously sick. I’d also like to add that I’m 14 weeks and have already lost 40lbs Because I’m constantly sick. I’m losing on all ends here and desperate for answers.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Any other pregnant mamas get extremely sick when they are a little hungry or are not completely full?

I was like this for three months straight with my last pregnancy. The only thing that really helped was to use sea bands or to take a dose of Emetrol before eating. I also had to keep natural ginger candy close by. Switch doctors and get tested for HG as soon as you can. That much weight loss for a pregnant woman could be potentially dangerous.


my ob doctor prescribed me Reglan and it helps so much you take it about 20 mins before you eat and it helps calm your tummy down and it’s safe for you and baby

Change doctors. Check for gestational diabetes.


This also happens to me, I’m currently 16 weeks and I have to stuff my face at the slightest sign of nausea. I was so sick in the beginning that I’m on a continuous zofran pump because of it. I literally have pretzels every second of the day. I noticed salt helped me the most.

Try Pedialyte popsicles. In the beginning of my pregnancy I had horrible “morning sickness” big quotations on the morning part :rofl: ha! Anyway I was constantly nauseous from 4-8 weeks. It didn’t help at that I had absolutely no appetite no matter how much nausea medication or remedies I took and also was severely turned off by almost every food. Finally after visiting the E.R I figured out that dehydration and lack of nutrients was my biggest trigger. So Pedialyte popsicles about 1-3 times a day did the trick to get me to the next meal.

I did this with my son …I just got to where I never allowed myself to get hungry…the worse was waking up my mom always tried to have breakfast fixed that way as soon as I woke I went straight and ate…

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That’s pretty much me right now. At about 10 weeks, I have to eat constantly even if I don’t feel hungry because if I get any emptiness in my stomach I will get sick.

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My daughter was constantly nauseous throughout both pregnancies. Her daughter put her on Diclectin. I don’t know what she would have done without the medication. Might want to speak to your Doctor about it.

This is me with this pregnancy (#4) and I feel like I just can’t get enough to eat and I’m always feeling sick to my stomach

If your doctor is not addressing your concerns I would be finding a different doctor. I had to be put on phenergan because I stayed so sick. Be very careful to not get dehydrated. That happened to me a few times and I would end up in the hospital getting fluids.

i’m on my second pregnancy and experiencing this as well