Any Tips on How to Be Confident in My Body?

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"I am a 31 year old woman with two girls age 8 and 4 since i was a young girl i had been underweight before my daughter was born i picked up some weight and was looking healthy and happy but straight after her birth i loss all the weight this by doing nothing i eat well and been to doctors but just cant gain weight i have tried everything i just would like to look like a healthy mummy my daughter can see that i am not happy in my skin and it kills me as i want her and her sisters to grow up knowing they should be confident please any suggestions will help"

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"It sounds like you have a fast metabolism. My husband grandmother can eat and eat and never gains weight. She is 90 yrs old and weights 90 pounds but she is healthy as a horse besides high cholesterol."

"Consult a nutritionist on how to do this the healthy way . If your thin but healthy this is ok as well nothing to be ashamed of some people’s metabolism is just faster than others . As long as your healthy your girl will see this . Also speaking to a therapist can also help your stress may also be a factor."

"I found acceptance is the key. You are healthy and you eat well which is already a great example to your kids. I am on the opposite end of the scale, I am overweight and no matter what I do, I cannot lose this weight. I exercise and eat well but nothing works, it’s kind of like my body has said to me, “this is as good as you are going to get” and that’s ok because I have just accepted it now. Placing myself in that negative mind set would do more damage than good for my children to see. Good luck"

"Have you checked your hormones, your thyroid? Most of the time thyroid does that"

"I couldn’t gain a pound… later found out it was due to my thyroid. It’s apparently, in the “norm” as a woman in late 20s-mid 30s to be diagnosed with some type of thyroid (autoimmune disease) problem. I don’t know if this will help. However, if your Dr’s haven’t did the blood work to check your “levels”, you might ask them too."

"You could try working out, gaining muscle or toning up"

"Get yourself some decent vitamins , and get your bloods checked, start doing some weight training and eat more protein. I have always had a fast metabolism, and I only started to bulk up when I started light weight training. I’m 37, 2 kids and still a uk size 4. It’s hard work being small"

"You could have celiac disease, ibs, metabolic disorders etc that’s causing you this issue. To rule things such as these out you need see your doctor about this issue and have labs done. In the meantime try high protein shakes, bars and a well balanced meal. To see if that helps you gain weight."

"Get bloodwork done BUT if everything is fine, the best way to teach your kids to love themselves is to love YOURself. Skinny, fat, curvy, straight, pale, dark, whatever it is. After my kids, I was skinny with NO curves. I run with it the best I can because that’s what I got and I want my kids to know that no body is perfect. You can go to the gym and add muscle weight. You can still love yourself and your body while you’re making changes"

"Get with your doctor and make sure medically you’re ok. If you’re eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle then that’s what matters the most. Maybe for now your metabolism is higher. Try therapy as well so you can learn to be accepting of yourself as you are. Maybe get into the gym and see if there’s a way to pack on muscle to bulk up."

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