Anyone else deal with painful periods?

I’m 31 years old and am desperate for relief. Has anyone had any experience with excruciating menstrual cycles? I have horrible mood swings for about a week and a half before I start bleeding, and I get night sweats about 2-3 days before and have absolutely no energy. I bleed extremely heavy with horrible for 2-3 days, and then I’m back to normal. I haven’t asked my dr yet, but I have my yearly exam coming up. I have a six-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy, so I am without a doubt done having kids. Idk if I should ask about getting a full hysterectomy because I am in so much pain and mental stress. I’m not looking for medical advice, just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and how they managed symptoms.


Talk to your doctor.

Try removing gluten. My best friend and I were both in that boat. I ended up needing a hysterectomy, she stopped eating gluten, then slowly cleaned her diet even more and it changed her life. She didnt have to get a hysterectomy

I wouldnt do a full hysterectomy unless there is a legitimate reason for it. Its possible maybe the pill or an IUD can help with bleeding. I ended up having an ablation for mine. Definitely talk to ur dr about it tho. Thats the best idea

I was deeply affected by this and from 13 years old to 47 a full 7 day week and I would just go through everything clothes sheets pads I had a hysterectomy but left my ovaries such a relief…

Are you sure you don’t have pcos or endometriosis? If you’ve tried birth control pills, and other such things and they hadn’t helped, then they may say yes to a full hysterectomy. But what you’re describing sounds like pcos or endometriosis and nothing but medical intervention will help. Not much you can do to manage symptoms on your own


I had an ablation done. Way less stress. Was 41 when I had the procedure.

I have really bad cramps also what I do is get some rice put it in a sock Tie it up and microwave it for 2 minuets a lay down and put it where the cramps are and just let it sit till cools off it work real good

The Mirena iud. Haven’t had a period since 2008


You’re already dealing with hysterectomy type symptoms so getting a hysterectomy honestly it’s just going to make it fifty times worse your body is going through a change and it’s probably getting ready to start menopause because that’s what it’s doing its changing over and getting ready for menopause in a few years I’m dealing with this exact stuff but I’m just had a tubal done a year ago and my periods were worse even before this so this is even worse

I did birth control pills and didn’t have a period but that lead to a pulmonary embolism. I tried a iud but that caused heavier bleeding for longer than my 3 days. The final thing I am trying is a depro birth control shot low hormone and is suppose to stop the bleeding and also a endometrial ablation which will also stop the bleeding but will stop kids aswell

Ask about ablation they helped me 100 %. Nova sure

Try seeing someone for cranial sacral therapy

I had similar issues. I knew i had pcos. After my 3rd child is when the endometriosis really made life hell. I ended up having a total hysterectomy after 6 months of sheer agony.

I had fibroids in my womb. I suffered really bad. Had a full hysterectomy in the end.

Endometriosis is more common than we think, the only way that you can really find out is with a laparoscopic surgery… talk to your doctor because your symptoms looks like you might have it… good luck.


I have some of the same symptoms I first had endometrial ablation done it worked for about a year then I started bleeding again so I had a Partial hysterectomy I was 30 years old

Look into an Endometrial Ablasion, which is the lining of your uterus. Makes a huge difference.

I used to get pain with heavy bleeding but I started drinking a lot of water and I shit you not it helped me with both. Less blood to deal with and less pain.

I recently talked to my dr about this. There are things they can do now without doing a full hysterectomy.

I’m only 25, but have had painful periods since my very first one at 8 years old. I’ve tried birth control and medications and nothing helps. I’m desperate to get rid of all of my organs too.

Girl it only gets worse from here… I only have 1 kid and I am 45 and it just sucks!!

Just to share my own experience. I bled really heavy and had quite large clots more so than an actual flow but would have horrific pain while on my period. Back, and my legs would get really stiff. (My mom said I would walk like I had a stick up my butt because I literally hurt to move)I would also have extremely sharp pains when having a bowel movement when I was on my period. For three days I would be miserable, couldn’t eat, exhausted, and taking prescription pain relievers. I was told I have endometriosis as my symptoms fit (they technically can’t diagnose that unless they have opened you up and looked at your insides). I wanted an ablasion (burn the lining of my uterus). But since I am not very old the doc advised it would fail. (I was 28) My body would grow the lining back usually within 2 years and my symptoms would return. My route: i take birthcontrol and I skip periods with it. Only having 1 every 3 months. And it has worked wonders! Even when I have my period now its like a cake walk. Minimal if any cramping. No pain. Much lighter bleeding. And the most issues I have is a little bloating! I struggled with horrible periods for 18 years! Seriously birthcontrol has changed my life!

I have really heavy and bad cramping I was told to drink soy milk and it did help me.
Didn’t believe it Bt It was worth the try.

I have had those symptoms for years and didn’t seek professional health. I’m now 53 and still getting heavy periods and most of the other stuff. You’re still very young with potentially a lot of years of this ahead. You should probably talk to a doctor and see if they can help

Advil… it really worked better than anything else for the pain…i carried extra clothes with me, secondary to heavy bleeding. Managed to live with it till i quit having a period… no more pain!!!

Possible Thyroid issues/imbalance. This was my experience.

I had endometriosis and got an ablation a few years ago and it worked great. I ended up needing a hysterectomy a couple years ago (not bc my ablation failed) if you decide on a hysterectomy keep your ovaries so you don’t go into menopause.

Have you heard of YONI pearls it has helped a lot of women

I wouldn’t do the hysterectomy. It will just push you into menopause. I have awful periods too. I do my best with essential oils and/or medication to deal with it.

Partial hysterectomy is best ,that way you’re not stuck taking hormone pills daily , but talk with your doctor and explain everything to them it was the best thing ever for me . Good luck

Ablation here as well last January. Havent had a period since. I still get bad ovulation pain but no period cramps or bleeding. I highly recommend

Have you tried the depo shot? I had endometriosis when I was 11. Very heavy periods, clots and lots if cramping. Tried various pills. What’s given me the most relief has been the depo shot.

I unfortunately deal with painful periods. Marijuana helps tremendously. I thought about wanting a hysterectomy but then I was informed about hormonal imbalances and the effects it has on you so I decided against it. But Midol seems to help me with the bloating feeling and marijuana helps ease the rest. The hardest part for me though is the nausea

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Ablation if you don’t want kids anymore. I had it done about 5 years ago and haven’t had a period since. It’s been a life saver

Yes! I had painful periods and dealt with migraines about 4-7 days before I would start bleeding. 2-3 days very heavy then another 3 with light bleeding. That was throughout my 30’s and early 40’s. Once I hit peri menopause symptoms seemed to get better. At 46 migraines completely stopped then I had about 2-3 years of irregular periods and now that I’m 50 haven’t had one in about 2.5 years! The migraines at times were unmanageable unless I was able to lay down in a very dark , completely quiet room then I could eventually fall asleep but usually the migraine went away once I vomited. For the pain it was Motrin . I have a friend that swore by a castor oil patch and heating pad. Basically it’s a piece of flannel cloth that you saturate but not have dripping with the oil, place that over your abdomen or lower back then place a towel over that, then over the towel place a heating pad. I personally never tried it . You can purchase the castor oil kits from Amazon if you want to try. Best of luck !:two_hearts:

My granddaughter had those kind of problems and they put her on birth control and it helped so I don’t know what else you could do but a heating pad and curling up in a ball like I used to

I was 43 living with heavy periods. Couldn’t have enough stuff. I waited years. I had a horrible cyst. They had to remove my ovary. I am now in premenopausal. It’s horrible. Don’t wait, go in.

Sounds like endometriosis. I have it and the only relief i got was from the depo birth control shot up until i was ready to try to have kids and now i have the mirena iud and i haven’t had a period in over 3 years.

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Could be adenomyosis too. You’ll have to have an MRI.

Endometriosis Ablation did nothing had hysterectomy took care of that

Mirena IUD changed my life, I would recommend!

PCOS, Endometriosis or Fibroids. I would go see a gyno. And ask for a vaginal Ultrasound.

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Keep seeking medical help. Change drs if you have to. Go to a female. Do not give up!!!


Talk to your doctor but if you are not satisfied or do not find that the treatment is working please get a second or even a third consultation. My coworker had a similar situation and after years of exhausting alternatives, annual exams and in general everything her doctor recommended, it turns out that it was a tumor about the size of a five month old fetus and eventually had to have a hysterectomy but she suffered for several years because she refused to get a second opinion due to her trusting her doctor wholeheartedly.

Your going through mid life medpouse

Please go to the doctor for an ultrasound. It could be an ovarian cyst.

Best bet talk to your doctor. She’ll probably do ultrasound internally/externally first. Recommend. Good luck.

I had an iud inserted and it has helped so much with the bleeding and cramps…I wish I would have gotten in 3 years ago.

My gynecologist told me to advil or midol they r an antiiflamitory relaxes the uterus and slows the bleeding down some but u really should get that checked out your in your thirties and pronded to fibroids I had one and it was a real bleeder. So dont mess around get to.the doctor good luck

They will most likely try you on a birth control first, which may or may not help. Try them and if it’s not working go back to doctor. Most insurances make them try non surgical options first.

I’m 47 . Had my period for 19 november Heavy duty bleeding and non stop blood clots. I’m rotten. I have just a bit of cramping here and there. Hopefully this was my last cycle of my life. If not I need hysterectomy. This is not cool

I would try Cervical ablation before hysterectomy.

I had this. It was pure torture for me. I finally got the rod in my arm when I was 40. Best thing I ever did.

I feel for you… From the age of 16 until 37, I experienced everything you have mentioned. It was even worse after having my two kids, who are now 13 & 19 . There were time I would be hospitalized, needing IV because my body would be drain of energy, I would be in so much pain, and its would like I was gping to bleed to death. It got to the point I was only getting maybe 4 days in between. I had 3 ablation within 5 year, and they didn’t work . It was only last January when I finally got my hysterectomy when I was 37… Best fight and decision I’ve ever made . But now I will add Im also dealing with the affects of Medical induced Menopause . Which minus the heavy bleeding and pain, you’ll still have the night sweats, hot/cold flash and mood swings … So consider all options as each one of us it different . Good Luck !!

Sounds like endometriosis. Talk to your OB


I would talk to your doctor. Sounds like you need a total hysterectomy. I had one when I was 32.

I did and got on depo it helped

Sounds like endometriosis! I was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 years ago.

I’ve got the same symptoms but I bleed for the full 7 days. I’m also anemic and that doesn’t help matters. I’m praying I can get a hysterectomy

Talk with your dr. Im 34 and have suffered years with heavy bleeding on my periods, my dr tried all different types of birth control. She wouldn’t to a hysterectomy insurance wouldn’t cover it. I did have an ablation done though and its been wonderful. It’s been about a month. No more periods ever

I bleed for 7 days. Im on the pill and it makes it a little lighter but it still isn’t good its still heavy…

Yes I had …and had surgery to remove a fibroid in my uterus but had the same symptoms as you…for pain I use ibuprofen and a sock full of rice that I heat for 3 minutes to put in my belly for the cramps is horrible!

Sounds like you have endometriosis. I had that and had your symptoms. Talk to a doctor. I had a hysterectomy in my mid-thirties. Best thing ever.

I had HORRIBLE periods. BRUTAL. I legit couldn’t go to school/work. Both of my pregnancies didn’t make it past 34 weeks I had a hysterectomy when I was 23. Some days I regret it but I couldn’t handle the pain! & my doctor told me due to my uterus I probably wouldn’t be able to carry another baby!

Endometriosis. Had a partial hysterectomy. I was 28. I Love it. Best thing I ever did

Best thing I ever did!!

My periods didn’t become like that until after I had my tubal. But they have progressively gotten worse over the last 7 years since the tubal. I recently talked to my GYN about it. Right now, I’m trying the IUD. When I had it before, it stopped my period and all symptoms for 5 years. Now, I had it inserted October 23rd 2020, as of today, I’m still bleeding like I’m on my period. 30+ days of the heavy bleeding, cramping, restlessness etc. My doctor did say if this didn’t help, she would do a hysterectomy and they do them differently now. Years ago if you had a hysterectomy, you woke up in early onset menopause. Now, they leave your ovaries so that you don’t go into menopause early. I’d say if you’re done with kids, go for the hysterectomy.

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I had endometriosis, I used hormones, laparoscopic surgeries and eventually at 30 a complete hysterectomy. Find a OBGYN that listens and sympathies with you. I am so sorry.

Ask your doctor about getting an ablation. Helped me without going through a hysterectomy.


I just had full hysterectomy because of the same problems and I can’t wait for next month when nothing happens

See your dr asap there are alternatives to a hysterectomy

My daughter is 22 and she’s always had the most painful periods. Seems like she’s having PMS the entire month. Started having periods when she was 10. That’s unusual in our family.

Add iodine drops to your diet!!

I had horrible periods and extreme bleeding, like couldn’t leave the house for 3 days cause it was so bad. I had a ablation and it didn’t help so I eventually had a hysterectomy 4 years ago and its been amazing. I had complications with my hysterectomy surgery but even after that I wouldn’t change it. Talk to your doctor and go through the steps of getting it done, you’ll be so much happier.

I have really bad periods heavy bleeding, 5 to 10 days per period. Talk to your dr. I just deal with mine. Lots of pain relievers, heating pad and cut back on pop are the things that help me. I’m getting an iud after I have my baby in January and I’m hoping that will help

Sounds like endometriosis.


Yes I did so they did do surgery on me two times took half the first and they had to do the rest because I was having more problems

Im 32 and had a hysterectomy on wed for the same reasons drs tried to talk me into birth control but i opted for the surgery

I have sorta this problem. I have 2 underlying medical conditions as to mine.
I have had a blood disorder all of my life but i got diagnosed with Andometriosis due to my 3 c sections. But my periods are so much more painful now than before.the doctor figured it out because Intercourse hurts as well. I had a tubal with my last one that made it worse. I hope that helps ill send a link aswell . good luck the doctor also prescribed physical therapy but due to covid and it not being top priority i havnt started it yet.

“Adenomyosis - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic” Adenomyosis - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

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Yes I had PCOS. I couldn’t stop bleeding, so o had to have full hysterectomy. Amd it was a life saver.

Get checked for enemia.

Also. I would advise full hysterectomy.

Ablation is a life saver

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I dont jave much pain other than my back but ever period I feel like I have the flu.

A hysterectomy works wonders

I’ve got the same thing!
Been to the dr numerous times demanding a hysterectomy but they won’t.
I’ve had ultra sounds and they can’t find anything wrong!
I’m 33 and want no more kids so I want it gone as I’m in constant pain and the bleeding is that bad some days you’d think someone was murdered :joy:

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Sounds as if you have (PID) or endometriosis. I use to bleed heavy for the first two to three days where I’d be doubled over cramping and in tears. I also had cysts on my ovaries. I was 23 when I had a complete hysterectomy. As I did have pelvic inflamatory disease with severe endometriosis. You need to make an appointment with a gynecologist.

I had a hysterectomy cause I had endometriosis but that might not be your problem could be something else

Ablation. Best thing I ever had done!

I had to get an IUD, my hemoglobin was so low every month i almost needed a blood transfusion and it was always extremely painful. They told me it was either that or cauterize the lining of my uterus.

I had same issues, had endometriosis bad. Had ablation done but was a failed ablation and ended up having to have a hysterectomy but was able to save 1 ovary

I had hysterectomy 12 years ago and it was the best thing I could do

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I dealt with all that from the time I started at 9 until I had an emergency hysterectomy at 30. I was given 2 options. Hysterectomy and live or suffer and die slow and painful while my body tried to expell everything on its own because of everything wrong.

Ask your dr about the novasure. I think that’s how it’s spelled. They burn the lining of your uterus, so you won’t have a period anymore and you won’t have to go through the full hysterectomy. I don’t have all the signs of your period. I may get moody a little but no cramps. and no periods anymore

Try Flo pms gummies. Im going on my second bottle. Heard ut may help ease things. I felst less pain, bloating and hurting breasts.

I just got threw going threw that i delt with it for 8 years. I finally found a doc that would do a hystorectomy. Its only been a month but i feel amazing

Get a hysterectomy youll feel better

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I went through that. Had apartial hysterectomy. My husband said it was the best present i ever gave him…talk about mood swings.