Anyone else have a child who struggles to gain weight?

Hi mommas! Do any of you have underweight babies that, no matter what you do, they just don’t gain as fast as other kids their age? My 15-month-old daughter is 19 lbs 9 oz, and her dr wanted her at 21 pounds at her check-up, and obviously, she didn’t hit her mark…and now they’re using words like " concerning" and making me feel awful like I’m not doing enough…it doesn’t help that I’m a disabled mom in a wheelchair so they already assume I can’t do this or that ect it’s really annoying, and her dad’s family is tall and skinny, and I’ve tried to explain it could be genetic, but they want lab tests and blood work done if pediasure doesn’t work and I just feel defeated…I’ve done everything they’ve asked and here we are…no judgment please just looking for support and encouragement


Do you sit her down to eat or is she up and able to move while she eats ?

Pediasure my bonus daughter has the same problem and her do true has her on1 can a day

I 100% understand your perspective.

Get all of her medical records and get a second opinion. If a second doctor is that concerned then go ahead with the tests because you’d feel equally bad if she had some disease/disorder that prevented her from absorbing nutrients and you didn’t do everything you could to help her.


My daughter is 18 months old and just hit 20 lbs her pediatrician has never said her weight is concerning

My 4yr old is only my 30 lbs… She has struggled to gain weight. She’s super healthy and there’s no concern from her Dr

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My daughter who is 2yrs(almost 27 months) is maybe 24 pounds, she’s in 9 month clothing. Every child is different. You do not have to get blood work done. You can get a second opinion from another dr. Side note. As long as she’s following her own curve of growth she is health.

My 7 year old niece has been tiny her whole life. She is perfectly healthy and well below what she should be. Some kids are just small.


Seriously, that’s nothing to worry about. Genetics seems more likely. My niece is 7 and JUST hit 40lbs, very tall and skinny. That’s just how the family is. I wouldn’t put her thru blood work this young. As long as she’s eating and drinking then I wouldn’t worry.


My child is 23 lbs at 2. His pediatrician is not concerned as he eats like a pig, but burns off the calories as quick as he gets them. As well as Dad, and I both being small. However his Specialist says he has failure to thrive, and has me mix carnation instant breakfast into milk 3x a day for him, as it has more calories than pedisure, and half the cost.

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My 2 year old is barely 22 pounds. Find a different doctor. Kids all grow differently. It’s not concerning that a 15 month old is 19pounds.


My son was tiny for a really long time the pediatrician had him on formula and carnation instant breakfast powder mixed in until he was 2 then just ot was whole milk with the carnation instant breakfast it helped him put on weight

Hows the percentile? It is staying steady or going up? That’s what my Dr looks at! All my kids are petite!! My 4 yo weighs like 31 lbs, some people are like oh my infsnt weighs that, but both are healthy kids :woman_shrugging: my 9 yo just got 50 lbs, one of her best friends like 3m younger is 100. Again, both healthy :woman_shrugging: so don’t go by JUST weight, just as long as the seem healthy, and are growing at least some and not going down in the percentile, I wouldn’t worry!


Get a new doctor. Some are ridiculous, seem to think all kids should be fat :roll_eyes: I had a foster baby who was severely overweight to the point it was hindering his development and breathing - and Pead was still pushing a high calorie formula!! Thankfully Case Worker approved a Paediatrician change.


Find another doctor no doctor should make you feel that way my son is 7 and just hit 40ish pounds he was like 36 pounds for yeeeears (not kidding) no matter what we tried he doesn’t gain weight his growth spurts are him getting taller he doctor once told me that he needed to gain weight and i told her he eats all the time but he doesn’t sit still so the only way I’m going to get him to gain weight is to tie him to a chair make him eat then keep him tied to said chair so he doesn’t burn it off (joking obviously) and she just said to keep doing what we are doing

Try Orgain kids shakes. They’re much better ingredient-wise than pediasure and taste better, too!

My niece is in almost exactly the same position. ~19 lbs at her 15 month check up. She’s a tad smaller than my average 12mo baby. My niece is off the percentile charts. It’s not just you. Don’t feel horrible. Concerned? Yes. But you did nothing wrong. My sister and husband are not disabled, and did everything the same as I’ve done with my baby and my niece is still smaller. She did have acid reflux as a baby, which could be why she wasn’t getting all the nutrients she needed. However, they are going to a gastroenterologist I believe to see if there’s anything more wrong. My niece is also on pediasure. Don’t feel horrible!! Just push for the Dr. to figure out what is wrong. Do the tests if they say to. It’s better to do the tests and there be nothing wrong than to not do the tests and find out later there’s something wrong.

My oldest is super tiny.
At 7 hes 44lbs and only 45 inches tall.

The concern isnt that you aren’t feeding her but there may be other issues going on.
Vitamin deficiency, hormone deficiency ect. Nothing against you but sometimes that happens.

Our son’s doctor referred him to endocrinology because he’s so small. They did a skeletal survey and bloodwork. Right now they’re leaning towards him just being small genetically…but they’re monitoring him to be sure.

I would get a second opinion and if they agree something isn’t right let them do the blood work just to make sure shes ok cuz in the end I would rather them check and nothing be wrong then not check and it ends up there really is a problem

I have a almost 3 year old boy who barely weighs 25 pounds and an almost 5 year old who barely weighs 35 pounds. They have always been on the low end of the charts but are completely healthy

My son just hit 25 pounds at 2.5 years old. He has CF. HE EATS ALL DAY LONG. Meanwhile my 8 year old daughter is 43 pounds.

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They might be doing the blood work to rule out thyroid issues, etc. Just keep feeding your munchkin as you normally do. Pediasure hasn’t helped my son gain weight. He’s about to be 10 and weighs 62 pounds at 4’6. Each kid is different. Don’t stress momma.

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My son is almost 5 and has always been very small, either not on the chart for weight or below 10th percentile. My Dr said if he’s following his growth curve and isn’t a lower percentile over time and is developmentally appropriate then not to worry. He did have testing just to be safe (it could be various issues including thyroid or endocrine disorder so it’s good to double check everything) My husband also is tall and thin and has a very fast metabolism. He is now on a higher fat and carb diet to encourage weight gain. We also did find out he has sensitivities to dairy and eggs which when we removed those from his diet he began eating more. Developmentally he’s very smart and appropriate for his age, which is what’s important.


I get told that all the time for my daughter. It is because she’s 42" and 23 lbs. They are concerned about her joints having enough fat

My daughter is 10 now. She’s 4ft8 and like 50 lbs. People swear she doesn’t eat. She eats bigger plates than anyone in here :joy::pray::pray:

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My son is 12 and has had this problem his whole life, as long as they are curving up in there growth chart they should be fine


My 4 year old is 28lbs she is under weight an under hight. My Dr said she will grow when she is ready. Her biological mother an father are tiny people. Every child grows differently. My 5 year old is 67 lbs an solid muscle. In some cases there could be a health issue but in most it’s genetics

My daughter didn’t gain any weight at all from 18 months until almost 3. Literally nothing. They listed her as failure to thrive, tons of labs, GI doc…I was a first time mom and they scared me to think something was seriously wrong with her. They didn’t find anything on any testing so they said “maybe it’s genetics.” :roll_eyes: She turns 8 years old tomorrow and is MAYBE 45lbs. She wears a size 5 sometimes a 6. She’s tiny but mighty, super healthy, eats well and is growing on her own curve. :heartpulse:

My 6 year old daughter has been 37lbs for 2 years. And she eats alot of junk food but she very active. She has adhd. So shes non stop from the time she wakes up til shes laying in bed

I second finding a new ped. My daughter didn’t even hit 20 lbs until her 2 year appt and her doctor wasn’t concerned. As long as they are following their curve they’re doing fine. Plus their growth isn’t all dependant on weight, there’s also height, head size, brain/behavioral development. But either way, your doctor should never make you doubt yourself in that way.


I went through that with my daughter because she’s naturally small like I am. They even made me see a dietitian for half a year and give her some sort of protein supplements drink. And at the end of it all she was still small. And The dietitian said she’s perfectly healthy there’s nothing we can do here. It was just a pain in the butt.

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My son was a big boy early on! By 2 months he was 16 lbs and very slowly gained weight after that. He was 20 lbs probably by 6 months and stayed exactly 20 lbs until his 3rd birthday(slowly gaining weight after that.) I think he was in the 5% for his weight once. They did question if he ate well, the usual questions. They never said to gain or were concerned. He’s 6 now and 40 lbs.

My son was the same, his father and I are both small. Get a 2nd opinion.

She’s only 1lb 7oz shy of their mark, I don’t think that seems concerning at all. Especially at that age, they go through spurts of eating more and less and thats normal. I’d find a new doctor.


Have a 3 year old son and a daughter who just turned 2 he weighs less than her lol we do carnation good starts every morning to help give him some good protein and nutrition. He just doesn’t like to eat. To be honest I’m not sure he gets hunger pains but we get him to eat and give him the high protein good starts every day. Drs not worried so im happy

If she is eating and drinking and she’s happy and healthy other wise what does it matter? My twins were roughly that size… no one said anything about it because they were healthy. My 3 yr old on the other hand is 33 lbs… still totally healthy! My youngest was 10lbs at her 2 month check up. Every baby grows differently!!

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My daughter was the same way. Lab test and everything were done and everything came back normal. She’s naturally slim but extremely healthy. No health issues whatsoever!! Do all of the testing for your own sanity and also get a second opinion


My son was the same. Pediasure twice a day did the trick for him.

All of my children have been tiny maybe get a second opinion genetics does play a role I feel like doctors get stuck on the charts and percentages but every child is different I’m sure your doing an amazing job and your daughter is perfectly healthy it’s a difference of like 2lbs so I wouldn’t be concerned :heart:

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Oh pls i was the Runt of the family i turned out fine.some kids dont develop the same as others.

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Keep nursing her, and for solids concentrate on high calorie foods like avocado.

My 3 year old daughter weights 21lbs. Dr sent us to a specialist and she said she’s learning as she should she’s not delayed. She eats she’s fine.

I feel like that’s so odd cause at that age is when they are picky a lot of doctors usually understand that :weary:

I’m sorry you feel this way. If your child looks healthy and acts healthy then just take what they say as something to keep an eye on but just keep doing what you’re doing. follow your mommy heart.

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My oldest has always been skinny she’s 8 right now and is 47 lbs but she will eat and wat and eat and takes about a year to gain a pound

If her growth curve has stayed the same I wouldn’t be concerned

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Y’all I’m not the one that posted this but I’m feeling the same way cause of my baby and let me tell you y’all made me feel better about her being tiny and tall

My 4 yr old is under 25pounds. She loves food! As long as they are eating healthy food, who cares what the percentiles are. My little girl is just little. :woman_shrugging:

Look for a different doctor that is more willing to help and not judge.

i have a 8 yr old who doesnt gain either she doesnt even look like she eight the girl eats when she really hungry she is a nibbler my dr was concerned for a little while that when younger they put her on pedia help gain weight

My godchild is 2 years and he is so thin he does eat and finishes all his bottles but he is so small and so thin his mom will be taking him to the dr this month as we are worried about him

oh my God I can’t stand it when I get told that one child is eating more than another or they’re not up to the way or they’re too much no. Every child body is different just like every child is different just like every adult body is different they do not all gain weight the same some grow tall and stay skinny some grow out and stay short some grow up and out and some it takes a while for them to get a growth spurt. I know with mine they always tend to eat a bunch sleep a lot and then they grow but once they grow they go back to eating as they normally do and depending on which doctor is seeing them at that time most of them say that the kids are normal but I have had a few of them say well maybe we should get a little more weight on them and by no means are any of my kids very skinny

My 15 month old is 19 lbs. And dr says she is fine as long as she doesnt lose weight and is eating. I would find different doctor

When my son was a child we had problems keeping weight on. The Dr said milkshakes would help and they did.So try that

My now 14 year old has been like that her entire life. She’s 5’2 and still only weighs 83 pounds. When she was 6, she could still fit into a 2T. Her doctors checked her thyroid for years and have finally just said okay… she’s small.

2/3 of my kids are very thin even though they were both over 90th percentile as babies. As long as they eat and healthy and active I don’t see why they need to be worries. My first child trousers would never stay up because he was so thin but now he’s 9 he’s finally got a little weight on mostly because of COVID and not being able to do anything x

Get another dr. Each kid is different and there may be nothing wrong. I would get a second opinion cause I know I was very skinny, tall and never weighed the “appropriate” weight as a baby

I was that kid and so was my son the pediasure helped alot! I had to drink that stuff until I was 5. My son thankfully not as long. He’s still tall and skinny but his doctor knows that’s how both my kids are

My MIL always told me a child will never starve its self

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They call that failure to thrive. For some reason your baby is not gaining weight properly, so she may have to get a G-tube that may feed her formula.

Every child is different jesus why make out there is something wrong! I was a tiny baby and stayed that way for years as long as shes healthy let her be, does she sleep well at night? I’m a firm believer only a content child that’s had enough during the day will sleep all night! Dont let the doctors make you feel like your doing it wrong, as long as shes happy healthy and sleeps well let her eat what shes wanting xx

My 8 year old son looks like a 5 year old toddler and is skinny :sweat_smile: but according to his Dr he is healthy and no issues, his dad was 5’0 and 115lbs and im 5’5 & 98lbs so the Dr said its just in in genes so he will be small, same with my 11 year old, hes a string bean :rofl: but they both eat all day pretty much

I can’t remember what her weight was then but sense the day she was born my daughter has always been marked… Under 5th percentile for height and weight… I was starting to get concerned myself but her pediatrician reassured me that as long as she is growing than he wasn’t concerned. Always says she’s right where she is supposed to be for her.

Omg we went through this with our dr -19 pd 18 month old-until my husband went in and yelled at the dr. ‘My wife is 5’2 115 pds and I’m 5’9 140 pds-really ya think we’d have a huge child???’

My 19 month old is only 19 lbs. She eats good and poops good so we are not worried. Babies are just like us. We are all different shapes and sizes.

My stepson (well my daughters half brother(different mom) none of us are Ruth bio dad anymore lol) had issues gaining weight so the Pediatrician had him in pediasure supplements and that helped

My daughter was tiny like that, get a new doctor. Some babies are just small.

My 3rd child is 7 and weighs as much as my 4th who is 3. I dont care what docs say about weight, every child is different. My 7 year old battles with OCD and anxiety as well. I have also tried medication to help her gain, as well as ensure, pedialyte all to no avail. As long as your little one is eating and happy I wouldn’t get to concerned. Hang in there momma!!

My 18 month old is only 21 lbs. Her brother is tall and skinny as well. As long as they are growing and gaining weight they are fine. Everyone has their own pace and body type.

They termed mine with failure to thrive. He’s a fiesty 4 year old

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I feel like they are paid to say a child is under or over weight if uk ur child is eating regularly i wouldn’t be too concered however if u are they make powder boost packs that I actually gave my son once a day when they said he was under weight they come in several different flavors as far as he knew he was getting choc milk with his breakfast

As long as she eats…i wouldnt worry

My 2 year old daughter is 23 pounds and the WIC office had her on pedisure for 3 months and she gained weight. My daughter is gonna be little like me…

My 12 year old boy is 70 pounds and his dr says he’s under weight and says my 100 pound 10 year old girl is obese! Don’t listen to the drs especially if it’s not that big of a difference! All kids are different.

My eldest had failure to thrive & was closely monitored for her first 4 years. She was only 15 lb at a year old. Stayed between the 2nd and the 9th centile line. Blood work done for a few things & still no known cause. she did stop growing for a few weeks in the womb I don’t know if that’s connected but she’s almost 8 & still on the small side & still “underweight” but she’s absolutely fine x

Second opinion love!
My daughter is almost 3 and only weighs about 27-28 lbs!!
Both my husbands side and my side of the family are not big people at all and I’ve been told by several drs, even a geneticist that she is right on track and that she weighs plenty!!

Get a new dr!! My daughter has always been super small. She was 15mo old when she finally got out of the less than 3% on the growth chart. She is now 2 and is 23lbs, 15%, but is 95% for height. Her dr is not at all concerned because she’s always followed her own curve. If your daughter looses weight, that’s when I would be concerned.

These doctors and the expected of what a child should be crack me up!!
My 4yr old is in the 98th percent for his height and weight. They are concerned he could become obese. Well sorry I can’t change genetics!!
Relax mom as long as you’re feeding her and she is eating until full she is good.

Pediasure helped a lot with my tiny one. His gastroenterologist put him on it at 18 months. He has a twin brother that was always bigger than him, they are now 20 years old and my tiny one is much bigger than his twin.

No judgement here sweetie. Been through it with our last 3 kids and I still get questioned, just not as often.

Possibly an underlying issue? Thyroid?

Just try the shakes like they suggested. It worked for my daughter.

Go see another pediatrician. Kids aren’t textbook. We are all different shapes and sizes, that goes for children also. Unless your child’s growth curve is going down than that is concerning. But if the growth curve keeps going up then there isn’t an issue. My kids have always been around 20th percentile for weight but the doctor never seems concerned as long as they keep growing and the growth curve keeps going up.

I have 4 children and they all started out on the large side ( 10.1, 9.13, 8, and 10 lbs). Each one has been a slow gainer since birth and I was told that they should weigh more. Now my kids are 9, 7, 5 and 3 and they weigh 59, 49, 40 and 30 lbs. I have been to pediatricians and dietitions/nutritionists. Advice I was given was make sure that only high fat foods( butter over margarine, full fat yogurt, homogenized milk over 2% or skim). Make sure drinks are high calorie and nutritious so not to fill up the tummy and not want to eat. Offer more snacks throughout the day with any extra calories you can sneak in (if they are eating veggies give dip with it. If eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich butter the bread before the peanut butter)Also is you are offering the shakes/ ensure make sure that they are not becoming a meal replacement. We used to give them to my oldest as a drink with his meal as chocolate milk. In the end as long as she is gaining and not losing weight and is still meeting all the milestones it shouldn’t make a difference how fast or slow the gain is. You got this!!:muscle:

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Change pediatricians first off. Second off my son was always tiny and never “normal” weight but ate constantly. My other 2 were also very small ad our whole family is so we thought nothing of it well…One day they finally tested for celiac disease and that was it. He quit gluten and bam he had a real growth spurt. Hopefully yours just had good metabolism which is most likely but there are rare cases too. I thought they were just all like the rest of the family but there’s always that one kid lol

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My son was never one to gain weight fast. He’s always has been skinny and doesn’t grow as quick. But what you look at is how they have been growing in the percentiles. Like my son didn’t fall in high percentiles but he gained weight and height in a consistent manner. What I would look at is if your daughter is growing at a consistent rate. Im just really thinking you are doing all you can and obviously stayed on top of it to make sure proper tests have been done, and since nothing can explain it scientifically with the drs I would bet it has a lot to do with dads side of the family like you said with genetics. You’re doing great momma.

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My granddaughter is 6 and only weighs 36 lbs. She is tall, skinny and completely healthy. Her momma was the same way. Each kids is different so they shouldn’t make you feel bad because a paper probably printed years ago says she should be more or less. As long as she is healthy that is all that matters.

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2 of my kids are like this and the other 2 are below average weight but not by too much , my doctor is not concerned. My husband and I were skinny kids too. Unless it was a Sudden lack of weight gain its probably if fine. I would say Find a new doctor., sounds like he thinks every kid is one size fits all.

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My oldest was this way. We started her on pediasure in the morning with breakfast (carnation instant breakfast is basically the same thing) soon after her first birthday. She‘s 8 now and still tall and thin. Barely weighs 60 pounds but is 100% healthy.

I’m sure your daughter is healthy and happy! Sounds like your pediatrician likes all of his patients in neat little compartments and as mothers we ALL know that every child is different! She’s only 2 lbs shy of her goal weight! And don’t let them make you feel like you can’t be the best mom in the world because you’re in a wheelchair! I’m sure you’re absolutely AMAZING!!


All my kids are short and two of my boys are thin to go with the short. My youngest is the smallest little 3 year old out there. He wasn’t born tiny, but about 6 months old he started to slow down and the doctor freaked out but while he fell off the average growth chart he stopped falling and has managed the same percentage on the charts for 2 and half years. He is his own size and he is smart and on track with all other milestones. Not every child is average size. As long they are healthy size shouldn’t be an issue.

My youngest is like this she is 19mths and 24lbs and all I keep hearing is feed her more which is impossible the girl eats all day! I think she is normal and she is healthy but Dad is tall and skinny and they also say she is short but yet she wear 2t because her legs are so long! Drs are not always right so don’t feel bad

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Both of ours are “underweight”. Pedisure definitely helps. Eventually, doctors get on board once they see the child gaining on their own curve.

My now 18 month old daughter is 25lbs just today. She weighed 19lbs on her 12th month. She didn’t hit 22lbs until 15 or 16 months. She was growing SLOWWW. but my doctor didn’t seem at ALL concerned. I even asked because her height is over 90% but her weight went from 95% to 60% when she started walking within like 2 months (10-12months old) she said its super normal.

I have a 3 year old that just hit 26 pounds. He has always been a finicky eater. I had to fortify his formula and he’s been on Pediasure since he was 1. His doctor said as long as he is growing at his own pace then he is fine. So please don’t beat yourself up. Kids are all different and develop at their own pace.

Demand a second opinion from another pediatrician. Not all kids are the same, each grow and weigh different. My 6yr old daughter is only 40lbs and still under 3ft. While my 7yr olds 60lbs and just over 3ft. Same parents different body types for our kids.

I wouldn’t worry. As long as she gets enough of everything she needs she will be fine. I have a 4 year old thats only 33lb and she is very healthy. I also have a 10 month old who is already at 25lb. Both healthy!!! I would get blood work done just to know but if that is normal then just keep being the best mom that you can be…all we can do!!!


My son who is now 22 was labeled a “failure to thrive” I tried everything to get him to gain weight, nothing worked… Until I started feeding him peanut butter smoothies… With buttermilk ice cream and fresh peanut butter.

Please don’t let them make you feel like a failure. You can do this.

Every child is different … my youngest child was underweight and he never slept thru the night due to snoring and he would stop breathing … just after he turned three he tells me his throat hurts… I take a look and his tonsils are huge … he never had strep, only about 2 ear infections and was rarely sick. I took him to an ENT specialist and one look at his tonsils he said they were the size of an adults. Surgery was scheduled to remove the tonsils… easy recovery and he put the weight on. Also he slept thru the night for the first time about 3 days after the surgery.