Anyone have ideas to help my children?

Single mama here looking for suggestions. My two year old daughter and one year old son seem to be behind developmentally. We are doing therapy and she gave me a bunch of ideas to help with their motor skills such as putting Cheerios in and out of a cup, playing with play doh, coloring, and a couple other things. Can any other mamas suggest any fun activities that could benefit the kiddos? Even if it causes a mess I’m totally fine with. Thanks so much in advance everyone!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone have ideas to help my children?

Also make folder games….
You can do color and alphabet…
Or anything…

Have you try utube for video

if u get medicaid look up
info for schooling my son is the same way an he goes to school to get help with all of that an it’s free cuz it’s paid by medicaid good luck an if u need anything else u r more than welcome to pm me

I highly recommend a finding a good pediatric chiropractor. Seeing only regularly can help with development delay. I speak from experience on that. If you want more infor feel free to PM me. Also have patience, kids develope differently. Another suggestion I have, and this is a few years off, but when putting them in school wait an extra year. Let them have another year of maturity and development. Then maybe they’ll be right where they should be instead of struggling and constantly playing catch-up. Best of luck to you.

Lacing toys. Pipe cleaners and large beads. Egg carton and different colored pompoms for sorting.

you could use shoe strings to string noodles! basic ball play like putting it in and out of a laundry basket or kicking and throwing it.

Put small toys or beads in putty or slime and have them try to get them out. As they get a little older, have them usd tweezers to get the items out.

Building blocks. Legos, the big ones.

If they are behind you should get testing done to find out why. My younger daughter was behind turned out she had a genetic disorder called William’s Syndrome it causes many delays and issues similar to Downs.

Talk talk talk about everything ! everything your doing where your going what you pick up where you put it take them with you anywhere you can talk about things you see driving what they mean everything you eat what your eating with sound everything out for them …it may sound dumb and you may feel weird but I guarantee it will help with their speech development


My 2 1/2 year old just started the love for painting! It’s a fun activity, showing him all the different colors and what not​:blush: my almost 1 year old loves to stack blocks, also showing him different colors of the blocks, counting them with him. Reading with them is also great too, helps a lot with their talking :relaxed: and keep on updates with their pediatricians.

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In my area there is a agency call reach . They work with you and your children testing and watching your child to see if there having developmental delays . Your children’s pediatrician would have the information for your area . I as a parent wouldn’t give advice on how to help with this situation because I know that until you know exactly why they maybe delayed you can’t really know how to help your children the best possible way for them or you. What I can say is your doing great by realizing there is some concern and your address it. That’s great parenting! Keep up the good work !!

Give them card board boxes in different sizes balls in different sizes. Don’t watch tv too much. Have them exercise with you. There are easy yoga, use empty coke bottles to play bowling.

Most kids love pop its n different fidget toys you can order them on Amazon or Walmart or different sites i work at a daycare with kidd from 1yrs old to 7 yrs old n they all like the fidgets and pop its

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Join sensory groups on Facebook they help a lot

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Walmart sells a bag of big building blocks like legos for like $15-$20 good for using both hands to build. Dollar tree bins, rice or beans, dollar tree toys for sensory bins and buy a $1 table cloth from dollar tree for easy clean up. Dollar tree also has play doh, puzzles, crafts for play.

Picture cards. Ie: car, ice cream, jam, sun, duck… behind it has the word. It’s the whole alphabet. I just randomly use to grab 5 at a time and show my kids the picture and say what it was. It was repetitive then flipped it to show the word.
Wooden puzzles, that have the mirrored puzzle underneath so they can find where it belongs. Shapes with colours, normal characters. But I only grabbed the 1s that could easily be taken out with little fingers. I wouldn’t be with them doing it alot. Show them a few times, randomly grab them then they wanted to just do it.

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My baby liked taking off lids and putting back on. Pull off and twist

Read and talk to them

Activities For Toddlers is a great page to follow.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone have ideas to help my children?

Sensory boxes look them up on Pinterest !! Good luck mama🖤

Painting is always fun!!! I get wood magnets painting kits from Amazon the kids love it!

Rice play table, dyeing eggs, water play ( pouring ect), painting , just plating in the wood honestly is the best back to the original toys sticks leafs dirt. Make mud pies, stick sticks through leafs, pull on vines. They learn everything through play do what makes them happiest


Chunky puzzles
Shape sorter
Large peg board
Mini marshmallows in pudding, have them pick out the marshmallows.
Follow the leader, jumping, hoping etc
Bowling you can use anything light and knock them down with a ball
Basketball with a ball and close basket

Shape sorter toys. Putting Beads on a string. Puzzles. Water table with cups transfer from one cup to another. Rolling balls down a tube for Cause and effect. Create like an obstacle course for them. Hop scotch. Picking up ice or other small items with tongs. Play dough with shape cutters. Slime. Wrap rubber bands around a can. Stacking blocks. Connecting blocks. Bean bag toss. Matching color games.

Kinedu App changed my life. Highly recommend

Chunky wood puzzles. Shape sorters. Ring stack thingy. Color matching. Highly suggest abc mouse as a tool too

Makr Macaroni or fruit loop jewelry w yarn. Fruit loops was my fav because we get to have a snack hanging from our neck. Lol. finger painting. Marble in putty.

I got my kid(s) 2y & almost 5m into some program here , they give me stuff to work on motor skills most of it is what you already do. But was give a box full of rice and little fuzzy pom poms and a kid friendly tweezers for my 2y old to dig thro finding stuff in it using the tweezers to pick them out

Potato heads! Ask what goes where!

Plato Plato Plato
Idk y. But just play with Plato…

Songs with Littles on YouTube is a great resource too!

Read to your babies often

Kids copy kids get some friends with kids the same age and to painting drawings the will pick up things and take off

There’s so many sensory games to play even yoga on you tube I have 3 that are developmentally behind

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone have ideas to help my children?

Not sure who told u they were developmentally delayed, but ur 2 year old May be reverting back to baby like tendencies because of ur 1 year old. And the 1 year old May just be following the 2 year old. Even though COVID is still around, having kids around other kids helps with developing. Definitely purchase or make things where they have to use their hands, but also remember that kids develop as they go, some are slower than others. Hopefully, you are not comparing them to the developments of other kids u see, because environments play a huge part also. Create an environment for the kids to learn.( the last statement is not a negative statement). Also, you may want to go to a learning store in your town or state, and get the colors, numbers and shapes to put on the walls, or the refrigerator magnets. Good luck


Finger paint with pudding, put food coloring in shaving cream or in cool whip, do lots of coloring and reading also try to go to the park as much as possible, I even gave kids in my class a disposable camera and we went in walks when I developed the pictures we looked at the pictures and talked about what they seen

I have no activities to add to the others commented, but keep in mind, all kids learn and develop at different rates. The “normal” is the average in the region/country/culture you love in and its different world wide. Regardless of the “normal” scale, every child is unique and some will be months to years ahead of all expected milestones and some will take their own sweet time. Don’t stress yourself too much, kiddos will pick up on the stress and be stressed themselves, and more than likely, it will all work out down the road and you’ll forget how long it took them to do it.

I guess I do have one thing to add: along with structured learning time and games, leave them in play yards with multiple toys, and safe items that aren’t toys, and monitor from a distance so they are not looking to you for guidance or attention. Let their curiosity and imagination run off with them when they hit boredom.

If they play with electronics, stop. Have them play with toys. Remember the shape pieces that were you had to match with the cut out to get in the box? Get one of those. Get the fat crayons not the skinny ones. Get the toys you used to play with as a kid. Those were developmentally appropriate. It is being found out that the electronic version isn’t working.

Kids bath finger paint, shape to put in ball toys, stack toys, lego, painting, chalk on cement, 360 cups, snack handle bowls for wee ones that they can poke their hands into to get cheerios, cookie cutters into play dough, puzzles, playing cards, scoop pom poms into ice tray, maze books, digging for pennies in small sand box, clothes pin grasp colored cotton ball to paint a color book, stack dice, stress foam ball etc

Music, Singing and making some musical instruments to play.
Even when you are not doing anything have music on.

Pinterest has all kinds of activities just put in age group and learning activity

Those big colorful building blocks are good!

use can goods to build things & count…

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone have ideas to help my children?

Sending a big hug! I don’t know specifically what brings u to the conclusion but mamas usually know best. But I have to say it seems like there’s way too much pressure on us moms that our kids “keep up” with other kiddos the same age. Even after they start school. All kids develop at their own pace I.e. My 1st cut his first tooth at 12 months but my 3rd at 7 months. #2 walked at 8months but the 1 st at 11 months. The 3rd didn’t speak til much later than the 2nd! Relax mama they are probably just fine Try not to overthink it. But there are loads of age appropriate learning games and puzzles u can work with them available! Praying for u and your little ones! :heart:

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Play dates! Let them interact with other children their age. They learn so much from each other.


Puzzles are great for hand eye coordination and motor skills

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Keep doing whatever you’re doing. Don’t expect them to be at the same level everyone else is at in their age group. You’ll end up disappointing yourself over your expectations. They come into their own at their own times. Do, however, keep progress up to date with doctors in case they’re needing to be tested. My son was 6 when he was finally diagnosed with developmental delays and autism. He is still incredibly smart even though he doesn’t 100% fit in with kids his age group.


Anything hands-on, not electronics: For some examples that we used with my son: the age apprppriate wooden puzzles, stacker toys (cups, blocks, and those ring-stacking toys), link-a-doo toys (they comnect the items and often look like a caterpillar, get a shoestring and large beads (won’t fit in their mouth and can be gotten at craft/hobby stores, usually) then help them put the string through the beads, foam alphabet puzzles (just don’t let them eat them or chew on them), fidget toys, shape sorters, and things like that all helped my son.

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They are not too young to be tested. My son is 3 and his preschool screening shown us that his brain is working at 15 months. At the age of 2 we noticed our son was also developmentally behind. We ended up doing an ASD screening finding out that he is high functioning autistic and currently going through therapy. The younger they start therapy, the quicker they will get the help they need. Keep your head up. Not everyone has been in my situation but I thought I would shared just in case.


Soft play playing with other children ,my Grandson loved it

My son is in therapy and he is 2. We also do bubbles (he has to pop them), play with kinetic sand, sensory bin with uncooked noodles (we give spoons and cups/bowls of different sizes and he works on scooping from one cup to another)

Painting with a fat paintbrush, sensory play with edible things like applesauce,


Gross motor-swings, sandpit, slide, climbing stairs, wheelbarrow, digging, watering can,

Building blocks, stacking cups, shape bucket, first words books, puzzles, vegetables and fruit toys, stacking rings.

Get a loaf of bread and a cup of water and a rolling pin and let them go at it!

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Get a tub of rice and hide small objects in the rice and have them use different things to retrieve the objects. Like spoons their hands or their feet

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Talk to them. Talk about what you see at the grocery store.
Read to them. Short books. Rhyming words.
Talk about the pictures.
Take them outside. Name things you see. Tree. Car. House.
Sing with them.
Dance with them.

FLASH CARDS!! You can get them from the dollar tree. They taught my autistic son. All his letters, shapes, colors, numbers, and eventually words. He went from non verbal on his 3rd birthday to reading by his 5th. I suggest flash cards to anyone and everyone.

They’re way young still. Give them time.

Early Intervention will come work with your children in your home.

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see about having them evaluated. I actually had 2 out of 3 children behind in speech. one is one an iep and my other grew out of it. normal just like classmates.


Have you done the little beads inside the Play-Doh or small toys to find inside the Play-Doh what about finger painting trying to color in shapes

My daughter has speech delay so her speech therapist had me make a sensory bucket. I used rice and placed small toys or puzzles pieces in it (like the wooden puzzles ) and we did that for along time. I also would stock up on crafts from the dollar store and have a craft a day.

I’m with Adriana Porter
Talk. Alot. Make sure they both see your mouth. Pronounce words correctly for them to get the phonics. As far play, legos. The big blocks. Wooden alphabet blocks. Google Developmental Toys For Toddlers & started here. I, personally, suggest seeking a specialist to continue treatment & possible do testing to see if it’s just delays or if there may be more going on.
Regardless of cause, you asking means they’ll be ok momma! You care enough to ask. :heart::heart:

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I would stick 2 pieces of raw spaghetti standing up on a plate with playdoh and she would put cheerios down it. She loved it.

Also take pipe cleaners and a strainer and have them feed it through and they can make funny hats. Simple 2 or 2 piece puzzles at the dollar store help too. Painting, colouring and building blocks

If you allow them any screen time, might I suggest a YouTube channel called Dave & Ava. & Of course Blippi. & Daniel Tiger & Sesame Street on PBS Kids.

I babysit my grandson daily & those shows really helped him expand his vocabulary greatly.

We don’t have any kids his age to play with, so watching the kids on these shows is a big help to me. I sing the songs & say the letters, numbers, & colors with him. We play the games they show.

He’s truly come out of his shell & started talking a bunch, I’m so happy for him!

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I use construction paper, markers, stickers etc. To do shapes and colors. Also i use edbuzz kids on youtube bc they have some of the kenetic sand videos. I also put mine in the bath tub to play with stackable toys and cups to transfer water.

Reading. Have them read to you too as in have them use the pictures and help them make up a new story. Take them on walks and turn it into a game like a little hunt and find type thing to look for colors or shapes or fuzzy or big etc. Melissa & Doug make great sensory/ learning toys. I’ve always liked leap frogs toys as well for infant/ toddlers.

Talk your babysitter/daycare as well or find a new one that encourages and helps with learning and has toys needed for their age group

I bought a see through shower curtain and had them draw me simple letters or pictures I gave them examples of. Was able to do it outside. They had a blast then I could rinse it off and use again

When my little was younger I would make different types of pasta -some cooked some not, and put food colouring in with it to die some of of it crazy colours.

Then I’d let it cool off and let her play with the pasta, I would use dry rice, just a lot of different textures for them to play with.

The big jumbo crayons are AWESOME, especially for littles, I find it works better with the motor skills they have.

Finger painting is a good one, and if you don’t want the mess putting a blank piece of paper in a ziploc bag, add some paint & let them paint through the bag.

Outside adventures like picking flowers, rocks, that sort of thing.

& speaking to them LOTS helps!

:black_heart: good luck

You can also check with your school board they may have programs you young age children it will allow them to go to school at a early age and allow to catch up where they need to be I went threw it with both my boys and they were able to go to school all day and get the help they needed threw school and now they are in 8th grade and 1st grade and are doing really well and have all A’s

At those ages it can be hard to tell tbh. Try not to panic. What skills are they behind on ? Work on those My daughter failed one development skills test …she had a lolly stick in each hand and was supposed to put both in one hand to take another …Needless to say she wouldn’t but did that same thing at home a week later
Much as they like to tick boxes not all kids develop at the same rate.
Keep talking to them and encourage them talk back…even if its nonsense…sing songs and dance …Read stories pointing to the pictures
Building bricks are great for hand eye but can be frustrating for them at that age. You can get plastic needles for kids and buy big bright buttons…have them thread them on shoelaces to make jewelry .
Do you have books and bookcases…my grandaughters love to help me replace books in the spaces
Everything is a learning experience at those ages …you just have to make it fun…and noisy…and messy…kids love to see mom messed up . Good luck

A tub of orbeez with little plastic critters and stuff. Also add plastic serving spoons and small plastic cups and even measuring cups. It’s a great activity

Read and talk to them.

Finger painting it is fun and a little messy but cover your table with a plastic table clothe from Dollar tree your good to go. Get one of the chalk boards that have two sides one for chalk the other is dry erase then they can be on either side. They have a square box with different shapes you take sapped out then let the kids figure out which shape go where. A little xylophone with the wooden mallet to play music.You can get the magnetic letters and numbers for the refrigerator they can start learning about letters words and numbers there fun to put on and off. Wooden big piece puzzlesThis might sound silly kids microphones that they can hear there voices.

Check out ‘baby hacks’ on Tasty Vegetarian Facebook page! Tons of cool ideas to help with fine motor movements! And the stuff is either already around the house or can be picked up at the dollar store.

So all these ideas are super great and lots of fun stuff but theres lots around the house stuff that helps… putting stuff in the dryer sorting silver wear out of the dish washer folding cloths baking getting themselves dressed outside stuff riding scooters tricycles throwing balls gardening… theres tons of everyday stuff that builds motor skills large and small and teaches life skills

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Wooden puzzles for sure. The big chunky ones. Shape toys that can push and pull into the same shape . Books that you can read with them but also have buttons & snaps & zippers in them as part of the story and they can learn to do those parts.

I got flash cards for my kids and used them dailey. Dollar tree foam letter and number puzzles helped. I started from young ages with things like those shape buckets, 3 in 1 toys like the dog, and other interactive toys. U just have 2 work with them constantly. Anytime u give them something tell them what it is repeatedly. While potty training or any down time pick a few body parts 2 learn. We started with nose toes and feet and have started learning 1 - 5. It’s kind of cliche but if u find a fun way 2 do it they pick up on it quicker. My twins are 1 1/2. We still play math games with my oldest who’s 6.

My kids loved …take a baby puffs can or any can with top really and cut wholes in lid. Then put pom poms in them. Then dump out and start again. When they get older you can color around the holes and they have to match the color pop pom to the right hole.
The shapes buckets are a big hit too. I also put cheerios on pipe cleaners . They loved that. Make a busy board. Ideas all over pintrest.

Pouring! Also if outdoor, let them use sidewalk chalk or a big paintbrush with just water , then they can “paint” wherever

If you need fine motor things like stringing beads, or idk what game it is, but it has a wand or a pole with a magnet tip and the pick up magnetic fish or apples or whatever goes with the set, there is a toy that you feed it coin disks. My sons is a cookie jar and the disks are cookies. Putting pegs in holes. Using squigs or sticker clings on a mirror… Gross motor, the best things I ever got for my son was a y balance bike, little trikes trampoline, a peanut ball and a foamnasium. That covers most of the bases. If walking or crawling and sitting up is behind I highly suggest calling early intervention. They were wonderful for us. Even helped enroll him in preschool and set up his iep.

Using sand (or crushed cheerios) and drawing or spelling it is always fun. Play games/sing songs with directions, or watch shows like Blues Clues with them, dancing along

Sensory toys,shape’s and colours and music, they all stimulus

Nature, go be in nature with your babies.

These are great for working on motor skills. The little bears are about 1 inch tall. Our grandson is almost 18 months and I let him sit at the table and play with them last night and he did great. Our granddaughter has been playing with them for a few months (I was worried about him as he occasionally will still put things in his mouth).

Coloring is a fabulous idea. I have a 1 year old grandson and 2 year old granddaughter. She’s good with the box of crayons and the little guy gets 2 to use at a time. It’s great for hand control and they love sitting at the table coloring or playing. Also any plastic bowls or cups that you have, let them play with them and show them how to put small toys in them, etc.

In many counties they have a first step program.A teacher will come once a week to work on skills and once a month they have a playgroup with fun games and a meal.All educational.Its all totally free.You can call city hall or your local school.Its all free.They also do evaluation of skills at each age.Its for ages baby to 5.

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I have so many ideas, and I know you are doing this confidentially, but please feel free to message me if you would like to since our grand babies are the same age as your babies.

Have plenty of play dates with other kids their age too! That will help with their social skills too

Blocks, Legos, Bathtub finger paint, Kinetic sand, magnetic blocks!

Boxes and newspapers they can rip them up and throw them around. My kids now almost 4-6 loved ripping paper and orbeez.

Kamilah Wheeler use closed captioning on your television, label things in your house, so they get used to seeing words…