Anyone remove the implant a second time to try to have another baby?

Has anyone gotten the arm implant birth control taken out for the second time to try and start having another baby? I had mine removed two months ago but have yet to get a period yet and also am not pregnant yet. My first child, I became pregnant within two weeks of having the implant out and wondering if it’s normal to go this long without a period after and no pregnancy or if I need something to kickstart my hormones back up?

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Following. I’m curious about this as well.

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After the first time I got mine out it took two months to regulate - I don’t think I’d be concerned quite yet, but always talk to your doctor. They know your history for than anyone in here can tell you.

I have. First one I got pregnant within a couple days. Second took longer.

I was told it could take up to 3 months

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Could take a few months but always talk to your gyno with any concerns

I did for both my pregnancies
First time it took 3 months to get pregnant and the second time it took 1 month

Yep First one I got preg in a couple months. Second took about 4 months.

me just sitting here wondering why you’d ever want to remove it and get pregnant ever again This shit’s my last ditch effort because my shitty hospital won’t let me rip the damn organ out.

I know someone that had the implant who became unable to get pregnant, she became permanently infertile, she found out that is a possible side effect after trying for 8 years to get pregnant.

Mine took a year and a half befor I got pregnant
And i had it in for 2 years and after having my son i have it again. I would love to have another one but my husband doesnt right now so i wish you good luck momma on baby number 2 and a healthy pregnancy

I got mine taken out and it took around 6 months for us.

I had Nuva ring between pregnancy’s and before my first pregnancy and to have a second baby it took 6 months after getting off it to conceive when it took 2 months after getting off it the first time to conceive

It can take a healthy couple 6-12 months to get pregnant. There are meds to kickstart you period if you go 60+ days without one. But I’m not sure if they’ll prescribe it considering you just stopped birth control. It can take 12-18 months for your body to regulate after birth control.

It takes a little while I was 3 months no period after my second removal, now I have a healthy 3 month old

I’ve had my arm implant out 6 months and I’ve had regular periods since I got it out, but still haven’t gotten pregnant.

I have the nexplanon in from November 2016 to feb 3rd 2017 I found out I was 5 weeks along i think it was with my youngest on april 10 2017

Took me 5 yrs. I guess each person is different.

I had my second one taken out 7 months ago and still no period! I am breastfeeding still though so I have been chalking it up to that but I’ve been telling my husband that it doesn’t seem right.:woman_shrugging: