Are pacifiers ok to use when baby is teething?

So I have a step mom that tells me it makes his pain worse like if you had a tooth ache and you were to suck on a sucker. Now mind you she has no children of her own she is one of those people who know everything so I’m just trying to see what other mamas thin

Babies love pacifiers for teething :two_hearts: if you google other things youlle see a cold pacifier helps extra or even a super cool rag or teething toy :grinning:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are pacifiers ok to use when baby is teething?

It helped my daughter a lot tbh. Specifically the raspberry and actual teether binkies. BUT. She still uses them now for comfort, only to sleep. Sooooo there’s that crappy factor.
A mother STRUGGLING to wean baby off the binkies now

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My kiddos liked to chew on their paci’s when they were teething. Those little teething bananas and mits work wonders too! If they hurt themselves sucking on it they will stop!

My daughter is teething and she loves her binkys they soothe her .

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Sometimes it helps especially if the pacifiers are cold or frozen helps numb the gums. At least in my experience


My twin grandbabies, wouldn’t use pacifiers to suck on but when they started teething they chewed on them alot! I would think if it hurt they wouldn’t be chewing on them. :heart:

That’s not the same thing. If you have a toothache it’s from a cavity, cracked tooth or an abscess. Pacis can help relieve the pain when teething because they’ll chomp down on it and the pressure could help it feel better and work the tooth through the gum.


Paci has helped all 3 of my kids with teething and no lasting effects on their teeth. Just be sure to get the right age one. I was worried when my first kid was 2 I thought he was never going to give up the paci oh no what have I done this is forever. He literally handed it to me when he was 2.5 and told me to throw it away. His younger brother did the same thing, decided on his own time when he was done with it. Again at 2.5. Current paci user is 1.5 and I am not stressed about when she gives it up.

They are fine to use. If it bothered them they would spit it out or not take it. Sometimes nothing helps my son so I put a wet baby wash towel in the freezer and let him bite on it and it helps.

If it was hurting the child, they’d reject the pacifier. They use them for comfort. Just watch for bite marks/holes etc.

Just keep an eye on it that he don’t bite thru and swallow it or pieces. Those teeth are new and sharp.
It may do him better to use a toy made for teething.

Freeze a paci into formula or breast milk like a popsicle!


No. They can chew it and choke. Wet a wash cloth down and freeze it. They have teething rags you can do that with. We had to pull the nipple out of our son’s throat. We rubbed dark whiskey on the gums to toughen it up too. With your finger not qtip.

Keeping the paci for now is perfectly fine. Just watch for bite holes on it, you don’t want baby to choke. I also suggest the teething necklaces, everyone I know with a baby has them, and they swear by them.

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When my daughter was teething she chewed the pacifier. It was fine until she bit the nipple off. If you’re worried, give your baby a cheese stick, or something edible like that. Pacifiers are fine.

Ok so I am 32 now and only a couple years ago I lost my last baby tooth. And it took months for the adult tooth to
In and j was practically teething because of it. And let me tell you to just chew on something rubbery and cold was so satisfying

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They make an all natural teething necklace made of amber that i think helps immensely. Prevents the sucking factor.

The only time my daughter used a dummy was during teething… I would lather the teet in Bongella - she would suck and chew until it was all dissolved into her gums then spit it out…

Never take advice about your kids from someone who doesn’t have kids!


Pacifiers are great for teething they help the baby work their teeth through quicker try putting them in the freezer overnight way she’s sleeping and rotate them out throughout the day

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I think if the binky was hurting the baby they would spit it out and not want it

Give them a mango seed with some meat on it (mango meat). It helps them so much.

Never take advice from someone who doesn’t have children! My daughter is cutting 3 teeth right now and loves her pacifier. She wants to bite on everything, and that’s one of the things she bite or suck on, and it comforts her still. Yes your baby can use the binky!
But to help sooth him even more, can use cold teethers From the freezer, damn face cloth, we also use “mommy bliss, little gums massaging gel”.

My daughter has had her nuk since birth and most the time, we didn’t realize she has a tooth coming thru until it was just about there. I just noticed she was chewing on it more than sucking so I knew one was coming thru

It’s helped my child cut his teeth through the gums so the pain was actually less for him.

You can also buy dummies that are specifically made for teething that have thicker plastic which means they can chew it. I had this for my son and would put them in the freezer to cool sown and give it to him.

Never had any issues with him biting holes or swallowing any pieces.

I used soothies with my baby, and we would do the water freezing trick where you turn it upside down, put some water in it, and freeze it. We had a couple frozen on hand for her when she was teething super bad. You just want to be careful of them chewing off pieces of their binki and asperating them when their teeth have come in more.

If you haven’t used a pacifier before their teething don’t do it now! Try a Frozen wash cloth or the teething toys.

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My son has a had a dummy (Australian word for pacifier) since birth. Everytime I want to wean him off of the dummy, he starts teething again. The dummy helps calm and sooth him. Yes, he bites it, but that helps with the hurting. I just make sure everytime I clean them that he hasn’t chewed through them.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are pacifiers ok to use when baby is teething?

You can fill the pacifier up with water and then freeze it. Baby’s perfect comforter and natural numbing

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I used a dummy when my youngest began teething it didn’t make it worse it helped him a lot especially after applying bonjela. He ha as dummy now doesn’t use it all the time and I’ve no concerns about getting rid when the time comes.

I use one and my baby is teething now think it’s more choice, ie you can offer it, if it’s hurting they just won’t take it! Same as when they ain’t well they refuse to eat so yeah up to you.

From what I have witnessed from my daughter who has almost a full mouth of teeth and is only just 16 months… a dummy definitely doesnt make it worse. It might for the odd kid but for most sucking will soothe them. If my daughter is teething and you try to take her dummy out you will have a fight on your hands. Some days I can give her pain relief and cold teethers and that wont do anything for her but give her a dummy and she will be instantly happy. Some people even make the dummy wet and put it in the fridge so it’s a little bit colder for baby and soothes them more. Would not recommend putting them in freezer as they split easier unless they’re really good quality.

You’ll be able to tell if it’s hurting him by the way he reacts. If it’s hurting him, he’ll keep spitting it out. If it seems to soothe him, it’s obviously not making it worse x

I dont think there is any time to use these, children become dependent on them and by 3 ypu have a fully blown addiction to it to deal with and the tamtrums are worsw then than just having a actively vocal child. Crying is good exercise for your babies vocal chords and lungs. But you can buy gum shaped teethers that look like a dummy that cam be put in the freezer or fridge to cool down and bonjela is essential

I don’t think the pain would be worse but if a tooth pops though before you get chance to see it baby could chew the pacifier and choke. I wouldn’t use one. I have 6 children xx

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are pacifiers ok to use when baby is teething?

My baby hasn’t been a binky baby but yet I can tell when his teeth hurt cuz he will grab a binky and walk around with it. He’s 13 montha


Both my kids had one until they were a year old and they were fine, if baby is in pain you can buy teething tabs that dissolve in their mouth and works great!


I used pacifiers with both of my kids when they were teething. They usually started chewing on them like a teether and then when they wanted to suck on them they would. My oldest like cold teether so I would suck water into the pacifier and freeze then. They melt in a few moments but it feels nice and cool. Honestly you baby isn’t going to suck on a pacifier if it hurts.


IMO it’s totally fine… have had 3 kids do it & no issues with anything… I’m assuming it helps them in some way, shape or form since that’s their go to fit comfort & if they weren’t chewing on the paci, they had my fingers or a toy or something else :woman_shrugging:t3:


My kids used it through teething with no issues :slightly_smiling_face: they used nuk and pigeon

Look up Ryan & Rose! They have “PAT”s. “Pacifier and Teether”s. Pacifiers that are made to also be teethers, and have passed safety standards (they also come in so many gorgeous colors as well as different nipple types!). My baby loves them, and they definitely HELP teething pain!

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I never let my boys have a dummy/ pacifier they just chewed a lot more on teething toys when teething. At the other times they had nothing. Surely it’s up to the baby to decide what feels good on their gums. If they didn’t like it… You’d soon know. If they have a dummy that soothes them it doesn’t make sense to me to take it from then when they’re sad…

My daughter only used hers for sleeping and now that she is majorly teething she wants it all the time. Basically, I trust her judgement and I assume it feels good on her gums… to bite down on it.


Personally, I don’t think you should use one for teething. It’s okay if they already take one, but they shouldn’t chew on a pacifier. That is a choking hazard. They could eventually bite pieces off. They are for sucking on, not chewing. A frozen normal sized carrot is great for teething


Babies and toddlers suckle when when unsure, uncomfortable, and during pain. Just as you would nurse them for all the above, oral stimulation whether through a teether or pacifier helps the teeth break through the skin quicker.

Both of my girls used them through the teething phase. Just make sure the baby isn’t chewing on the pacifier. If u notice he is keep a close eye on it! If he puts a tear in the pacifier toss it!

My son is 12 months and he was never really a binky kid. Only used one when he was a newborn-6 months to self soothe. He now uses one for teething from time to time and thats ok. You do what works best for your kids. I would kindly tell your MIL to mind her business. :grimacing: Frozen strawberries are great in mesh feeders for teething babes.

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My son loved having his binky when he was teething. It soothed him


They have binky strawberry or blueberry shaped teethers that you can freeze that are amazing!! They’re also pretty awesome even without freezing! Also saw someone else say to freeze a wet wash rag & let them chew on that, it helps also, but teething tablets if you can find them are the absolute BEST!! & we also found like these little all natural pods that were kinda like baby oragel but like I said all natural that you can open & use about two times, they come in packs of I believe 6, we would take a q-tip & put it on her binkys & also directly onto her gums & they were a LIFE SAVER!! If you do allow the baby to chew on pacifier just watch for them to bite a hole, if that happens take away IMMEDIATELY & Throw away, then give them a new one, you can usually feel when they are weakening before they ever are able to bite through them, but once they’ve bitten through them they become a choking hazard. We used the tommee tippee binkys with our youngest & actually LOVEDDDD them!! Because they seemed to be a lot stronger & last longer plus they age with your child a lot better than most others​:muscle:t4::revolving_hearts: just a few tips from these two Momma’s​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Its just your step mom trying to get you to stop using the pacifier. I had four kids all used pacifiers. Its used for comfort so I believe it helps children comfort themselves when they need it. Only you know your child. No one else.

My girls are fine at 1. One stopped on her own at 6 months and the other is still using it. It helps them self soothe.

My daughter had no problem taking her soother qhen she was teething , like others have said that’s usually when they start chewing it or start taking other teethers to

Pacifiers actually helped my son when he was teething he loved chewing on them…if mouth is sore make them cold works like magic

Frozen waffles while in the highchair was pur secret weapon. Pacifier won’t make it worse through…

My daughters been teething since a coupe months old, both of them did and they had a diddy from the start. My eldest had a full set of teeth pretty much by the time she was 1 1/2, my second are taking a lot longer to come through, but each child is different. A diddy doesn’t make a difference, if it hurts they’ll spit it out.

Lyla Hayden I don’t think shes using the pacifier for teething. I believe she is just asking if it is ok for her baby to use it while teething, seeing how she was told it could cause her child further pain. Also carrots are choking hazards. They are hard and if baby were to bite a piece off while mom wasn’t looking the baby very well may choke. If her child does start teething on its pacifier its absolutely normal I would personally just keep a close eye on it if the babys teeth has already began popping through because they can chew through and cause a choking hazard. I personally used whole pickles for my youngest to teeth on she loved it. None of my children ever took a pacifier thankfully.

As soon as my son hit teething he couldnt stand his dummy! It’s been 3 months since he last had one now.
Dummys don’t help all teething babies

I froze binkies all the time and knew she was ready for a new one when I would hear squeaking. I would also freeze strawberries in the mesh snack thingies and that worked too.

My daughter never used either. They didn’t appeal to her at all for some reason. But, what I did use was zwieback toast. It helped massage the gums which in turn helps the tooth to come out.

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Personally, my kids used them more while teething. I pop then in the freezer and give it to them to cool and sooth at the same time. Chewing helps the cut process

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It makes them feel better when they get to chew on something, it helps their teeth break through their gums when they are teething,

Personally I used to turn the pacifier upside down in a bowl of clean water, press on the teat and release it so the water would be absorbed. I would then pop it in the freezer and give it to my boy to chew on. Or put a peeled piece of carrot in the fridge. Or alternatively a fruit feeder pacifier. Hope this helps x

My daughter used her dummy when teething. Never heard of anyone saying this is my life, maybe she just makes stuff up as she goes… :sweat_smile:

How about just give appropriate teething toy for a baby to chew on when teething. No need to chew on a binki where they could bite it off and then that a whole new issue cauz of choking just like someone mentioned a frozen carrot that is equally not safe as well cauz they could jam it down their throat. They make good teething toys that are appropriate for this for a reason and trying to “make” your own teething toys up is definitely not a good idea!

My daughter has all 4 molars coming in at the same time n she is 1 n loves her pacifier even tho she has not used one in like for ever I like keeping them on hand cuz she likes to bite on them

For teething no they shouldnt be used, my son used one and he bit through the teet and could of choked if I hadnt realised. Teething rings are good for teething. Dummies are to soothe them

My oldest gave his up at 4 months and my youngest never wanted one but sucked on her thumb. I did use to put the teething gel on whatever they were chewing or sucking on so it would help with their teething

Id say it depends on how aggressive your child chews things, my son would knaw on his pacifier sometimes but also had toys meant for teething & i used baby teething jel when needed… then there was my niece who chewed things as if she were trying to eat them. If your child chews aggressively like this then it could pose a choking hazard. Try introducing teething toys but not those big straw like ones if you’ve seem them, they are super dangerous & i think they got recalled.

I have 3 daughters … 2 had dummies and couldn’t live without them especially through teething … they have naturally great teeth no braces or retainers … my 3rd daughter hated a dummy … never wanted one hated it … did start to suck her thumb but I used to gently pull her hand from her mouth etc and she has great teeth … is it genetics … no cos I have weird teeth lol … if they start to chew on a dummy while they have teeth then always check the condition of it … if broken in any way throw it out etc … basically your a mum with common sense you do what you feel is right for you and your child and just ask her nicely to stop if she’s over the top about it etc … you’ll be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

:rofl: Imaginary children are the easiest to raise. Btw: put his pacifier in the fridge for a few minutes then let them teeth on it-it is very soothing to them. She has no idea what she’s talking about.
Or what I did was wet a corner of a wash cloth and then put it in the freezer and then gave my son that to chew/teeth on.

My oldest two, still used theirs when they were teething​:blue_heart::heart:

If he already had a dummy in his mouth it’s totally fine, the pressure from chewing/ biting on it helps with the cutting.
Offer teethers if they are really going to town on it and your worried they’ll bresk

Yes. I also put a small amount of teething gel on it. It really helped her

Babies actually use it to soothe their gums

All 5 of mine preferred to have them when teething. I would put them in the freezer also, then when they would be particularly fussy.

You answered your own question, she has NO kids. Babys use a sucker to self soothe

Totally fine. Some kids take them and some won’t. Doesn’t harm.

If the baby doesn’t want the pacifier or if it hurts they will spit it out.

It actually really helps them. I got my son one of those banana toothbrushes to chew on that was his favorite.

I used to freeze his pacis when he was teething, that helped a lot but on lasted a few moments. Then I had a pulverizer, you could use a food processor or snow cone machine but I used that to make snow and put it in one of those netted pacis.

I never give my kids pacifiers. They were happy without it. If you wont give them they wont need them.

If it makes it worse for the baby they will spit it out. If it comforts them they will take it.

I stick them in the freezer and it helps soothes the pain also make frozen formula drops it helps

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They need to chew and help the teeth cut through.

I used to dip the corner of a wash cloth in water and freeze it… kids chew and like the cloth. I had 4 i rotated …

With my girls,at their first birthday, I threw away all bottles and pacifiers,handed them a sippycup and never looked back.

I was a paci baby that turned into sucking my thumb that turned into 30 grand later I have straight teeth after 6 retainers an expander then braces so happy my child barley had a teething issue and never wanted a paci after 2 months

Not true there are actual teething pacifiers

Yes and it helps with sids

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Honestly never put thought into it since binkys were very soothing to half kids. Also I cannot frickin stand it when I get unsolicited parenting advice from a child-free adult.

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My little always preferred her frozen washcloths :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I hate them and never used them. They ruin babies teeth.

It soothed my babies

Mine used one until she was almost 3.5

The nurses gave it to her i. The hospital before I came out of ICU. Man! I let it be and figured if I had to het her braces I would. Fortunately, she has straight teeth.

Use all remedies for the teething, but… who knows. If baby takes it then fine, if not then fine.

My son’s binky helped him teething because he could worry on it and it’s also comforting to them to suck on it so it soothes them.

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Try using pure vanilla extract on babies gums. Numbs them. Great for teething :relaxed:

It actually soothes them