Are there any tubes tied side effects?

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Done at 22 for emergency medical reasons… horrible debilitating cramps still at 39… I wish I wasn’t forced to have it done


Had mine done at 21 and that’s when my cramps started. Then at 30 had to have a hysterectomy that sent me into menopause and now at 44 still struggling with it.

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When I got mine tied i was 32 i lost all my eggs 3 weeks later then went into post or pre menopause… Funny thing was that im now 65 and still have Hot Flashes they never went away… sometimes night sweats and sometimnes panic attacks… other then that nothing more…


My advice is to consult your obstetrics gynecologist doctor for more information on the subject. Many women are different when it comes to symptoms. Some women may experience pain while others don’t.

Tubes tied in 1973…at age 25…doctors advice…had to have paperwork notarized saying my husband was aware of what I was doing. No side effects, just peace of mind. Best decision ever!


Late 20’s had them tied when my eggs started dividing and the Dr said once multiple susceptible to more multiples. Nope hubby we’re done… No side effect… just a wonderful form of no hassle birth control for me.

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Ended up with hysterectomy 4 years later. Constant uterine pain, constant bleeding, adenomyosis. Fine after uterus removed, opted to spare ovaries, but it caused me to go into early menopause at 42…

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I had mine done 3 years ago at 37 when our last baby was born. I have some concerns that I think may be attributed to having had it done but overall if I had the choice to make again with my health concerns, even though it was a hard choice to make, I think it was the right choice and would do it again.

I had mine done 3 years ago, never had any problems that cant be attributed to turning 40

Very painful periods with very unstable hormones. I went back on birth control after having mine just to not end up on a snapped episode.


Had mine done at 32, not sorry… Would do a again in a heartbeat. I am 48 and have never had a single problem!


Everyone is different. I got mine tied when I was 24. I only wanted 2 kids. The only thing with me is my periods went from exactly 7 days to 4-5 days.

Had my tubal 1 year ago. They did it during my c section. If our ins would have approved my hubby to be snipped instead we would have. I have horrible hot flashes. I am way more hormonal around my period and my period is soo much heavier. I wish every day we would have figured out a way for his vasectomy instead.


If I knew then, what I know now. Never would have done it, have Husband get vasectomy, much easier.
I ended up With a hysterectomy, also.


I think its different for everyone. I had mine at 26 and never had problems until then! My female problems got worse through the years … I am 54 and finally done with it all!:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

other than a horrible time with the gas they pump into your body cavity or did when I had it done, I had no trouble.


My only side effect was heavy periods in my 30’s on. My hormones were just fine.

Side effects vary from person too person. Ever since I had mine done, my cramps got…weird…

Some 35+years ago I had one, periods stop, no menopausal symptoms, life went on without no problems…

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I had mine done in 2013. I had worse periods and my cramps were horrible. I ended up having a hysterectomy last January because my periods were so bad and I could barely move

Had my tubes tied at 31. I had a c section with my second daughter. They did it then. Never had one problem. Everything was as before.


Check into “how” they are being done. If they are being cut and a section taken out, they won’t grow back together. Also, if you have PCOS, the periods after a tubal ligation are a piece of cake!

The side effects of mine showed up like 5 years after i had it done with the worst cramps. And the bleeding was horrible. I had a hysterectomy back in 2019 because the bleeding wouldn’t stop. Before my hysterectomy i had gone 3 full months of bleeding non stop

I had mine done when i was 24…, i am now 70. Never had heavy bleeding until i was in my 40s… then at 48 i had to have an endometrial ablation. That was the end of my bleeding

I had mine done at 31 after the birth of our twin boys. I never had any problem. Had a hysterectomy a few years later when drs found pre cancer. Still no problems.

Nothing for me and had a hysterectomy four years after but for medical reason not for have my tubes tied

I would suggest doing the research and talking to your doctor. Every woman’s body is different.


No cramps but heavy bleeding

I didn’t have side effects.


I am 64 years old…every person I know that had their tubes tied ended up having to go back for a full hysterectomy…im so glad I didn’t do it…i am fully intact with no problems.


My aunt got her tubes tied and 15 years later she got pregnant with her daughter


I Never had period cramps until I had my tubes tied.

14 yrs later no side effects for me

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Your hormones go nuts. Periods aren’t regular anymore. Grow random hairs lol but to me totally worth it. Mine has been done for 8 years

Got mine done 30 years ago, and nothing was diiference after I recovered from surgery

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I had mine done in 1975 no problems got by very well no pain no cramps life went on as usual

I had my tubes tied in 1994. The only drawback a mother in law that was angry (strict Catholic). I did it after 5 FIVE kids. I never asked her to pay for them so how could she demand that I have more?

Had my done day after my third daughter was born-no problems or regrets. Periods got heavier during perimenopause-that was 14 years later.

I never had any bad side effects! I had it done because I could pass on CF…had one with it…and didn’t want to put more kids through that!

I did mine at age 28 no problems at all,never regretted my decision.

I had the essure method of tubal ligation right before it was pulled off the market, so far no side effects

Tubes tied in 2012 I was 40 and just had my last baby. Dr accidentally stitched my intestines with my incision. I still can’t wear jeans because it’s sore

Had mine done at 21 didn’t have any problems. Didn’t do the menopause thing until 50.

39 for me after a very bad miscarriage. Sure didn’t want to go thru another one of those. No problem, reactions at all.

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I had mine cut tied and burnt when i was 30 i am now 74 and have never had any problems after the dr did mime he said"ì took out the baby bed but left the playpen "

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I had shorter lighter periods and piece of mind.

Only no one told me was depression. I had mine tied for medical reasons & 5 years later at age 29 had a total hysterectomy.
I have heard from allot of ladies the same happened to them.
I had serious depression after tied for about a year. Once I went back to gyn, she told me that was common. I thought, I would go crazy & I had a baby & two more 4 &3 to take care of.

I got yeast infection that took years to clear up. Yeast got in my blood and had to take antifungal. After that no problems. 38 years ago

Yes, if a cell from inside the uterus attaches outside the uterus it can grow into a cyst and cause a condition called endometriosis which can lead to thyroid disease!!

I had mine cut and cauterized in 1982, 38 yrs ago at 24yrs old. I am 62 now. No aide affects, no problems, no hot flashes, nothing and went through menopause at 55.

Everyone’s experience is different. I had no problems at all. I knew before my tubal that there was a good chance I’d need a hysterectomy because of a huge fibroid cyst. My periods didn’t change (they were already very heavy)
Do what you feel is best for you.

Lots, I suggest a Uterine Ablation, just as effective with less side effects and no periods!

I know someone who died from complications. Not to scare you, but it can happen.

It’s been 15 years and never an issue.

I had a tubal 14 years ago when I had my last child… no issues whatsoever

My friend had her tubes tied after baby number six then got pregnant with baby number seven after her tubes were tied!

Look up PTLS. I had a reversal and 90% of my issues stopped

Had mine cut, tied and burnt at 25 never had any side affects and iam almost 73 now.had my hysterectomy in 2011 due to cancer

I had nine tied at 30 after my 3rd child due to health complications. I was always a heavy bleeder. At 39 I ended up getting an Ablation and my periods were light.

No painful periods, heavy bleeding 2days, last 3 to 5 days,menopause 58,no problems .

I thought my periods changed after my tubal but thought it was my imagination

I had NO issues after my tubes were tied.

Had mine tied at 35yrs during my c-section. I remember bleeding heave years after but I mostly had hot sweats at night. July will be 2 years no bleeding.

I had zero negative side effects after mine in 2012

I had mine done at 22. Never had any problems. Menopause at 52

Tubes tied at 27, hysterectomy 9 years later; I wouldn’t stop bleeding, literally bled 3 weeks out of the month due to uterine fibroids.

Had it done 36 years ago. Never had any issues.

I’ve not had any side effects

After 26 yrs, none. Ever! But everybody’s different. Remember that.

I had no problem but i did have menopause at 46

Had mine done 23 years ago…No side effects

  1. 24 years old. Had it after my 3rd child. Periods were messed up after about 3 years. Havent been on a regular schedule since. Im now 50 and still get baby fever occasionally. But l have grand kids so that cures the fever.

Heavier periods no regrets had mine tied clipped and burned.

Longer heavier painful periods


Yes cut and burn the babies (tubes) cuz my friend had twins 7 years after

Ectopic pregnancy and internal miscarriage, plus heavier periods.

I had no problems. Got my tubes tied in 1992

None at all for me. Regulated my cycle.

None so far. They said it might cause longer, heavier period with more cramps, which kind of scared me because mine were horrendous (so much so that I built up a tolerance and couldn’t tell I was in labor with everyone of my kids until I progressed pretty far), but so far they’ve been a lot less in every department so far.

Much heavier periods


I requested my tubes cut and tied after my 3rd child…When I asked how my tublical went my doctor said everything was fine that I didn’t have them anymore…In my dismay I asked what he meant he said No cut and tie he took them completely out…He said doctors prefer removing them rather than being hit with a lawsuit…


Yeah my mom had hers tied after she had me, 16yrs later I had a baby brother


I had one a little pain after but no issues

Yes, it might work and it might not.

I’ve had no problems. I’m so be glad I got it done.

Not getting pregnant!!


57 yrs ago. Never a problem

very bad depression and lost all interest in sex had to have total hysterectomy 19 years later if i had to do it over it would never happen

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Horrible periods with heavy bleeding

Tube amps produce cleaner sound,

Never had any problems

All was good here over 30 yrs ago.

Just the best side effect-no more pregnancies!

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I got pregnant after.

They can untie themselves and you can get pregnant

Yes, no oops I’m pregnant again.

Had ovarian torsions, almost died twice, and hit menopause at age 32… worst thing that I ever have happened to me… and I’ve had cancer 2x…

Shorter periods , early menopause


I had mone at 30 no problems