Are Words Enough to Leave Someone?

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"Is my S/O saying that he's ashamed of me a reason to leave him?"

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"Yup bye-bye, ashamed of you how rude"

"Yes. Why would you even want to be with someone that would say that"

"Yes. No one deserves to be treated that way."

"It depends why he said it. For example was your behaviour bad and nasty then no but if it was cause you put on alot of weight and he’s ashamed cause of that yes then yes maybe"

"You can leave someone for any reason, you are always in control of your own choices."

"Given you didn’t say why he said it, I am pretty sure he was right."

"100% yes… I would be repulsed by that and you deserve a lot better this shouldn’t even be a question! Given there is no other information I guess it could depend on why he is… I mean if you hurt a child and he said it then I would be on his side… We need more information"

"Honestly I need more context here. Is he saying he’s ashamed of you because of how you acted or something you done. Or is he saying he’s ashamed of you because of your looks or something like that? Because if it’s the latter, yes, leave him, why stay with someone is ashamed to be with you?"

"If you’re questioning leaving at all just go."

"Depends on the situation."

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