Are You Okay With Your Husband Watching Adult Videos?


"I’m interested to know how many women are 100 percent ok with their husbands looking at porn. I’ve recently found porn on my husband's phone for the second time after I’ve explained that I’m not comfortable with it and I see it as a form of cheating. We have sex regularly I send him photos and videos all the time I just don’t understand why I’m not enough ???"

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"Regardless of what we find it okay or not, if it doesn't make you comfortable and it's a boundary you put in place at the beginning of your relationship, then it's not okay. You don't have to be okay with anything, but that might mean it's not the right relationship for you."

"Absolutely not! I explained this to him before we even got married that I wasn't comfortable with it, and most of our biggest fights over the years were bc if it. Its called respect for your spouse. I have issues with my confidence so it breaks me down really bad when I've caught him an I feel worthless. Not everyone feels the same, so just respect your spouse if they don't agree with it."

"This is going to depend on each individual's opinion. No one can tell you how you should or shouldn't feel. You're allowed to be uncomfortable about it while other people wouldn't be bothered by it. What's important is you communicate your feelings about it with him and he needs to respect that."

"When you're uncomfortable with it then there's not a lot of reason to ask other women what their preferences are. Every relationship is different as far as what they are okay with. That's something that isn't okay with you, so definitely need to have a conversation. I for one don't mind it."

"It doesn’t matter how WE feel, if it’s out of YOUR comfort zone/boundaries, then he should respect that."

"Don't worry what other people do. If the both of you had an understanding that you are uncomfortable with it, and he does it anyway, that is a betrayal PERIOD."

"As long as he doesn’t know them personally it’s 100% okay with me. Open your mind with what he likes in order to help progress your intimacy as well."

"You are entitled to your feelings about it. And he should respect your feelings. I do not tolerate it."

"I have zero problem with it. I think it's way worse that you are snooping in his phone."

"He should be respecting your feelings. I know people whose spouse had serious addiction problems with it and it caused sooo many issues… if your not on the same page with it, it just causes resentment."

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I am 100% ok with it ON SEVERAL CONDITIONS based on open conversation about it with each other. 1) he doesn’t know them, 2) the women are mature and age appropriate- we both agree to not support child sexual trafficking, 3) he doesn’t impose unrealistic expectations on me with regards to looks, skills or willingness to participate in certain things, 4) we watch it together sometimes so I know what he is in to