Are you required to have a infant car seat when leaving the hospital?

Correct me if I’m wrong, you’re required to have an INFANT car seat when leaving the hospital vs a convertible car seat?.. Trying to settle a family debate, so can someone explain


It definitely depends on your hospital. With my first they checked my car seat/fit (tx) with my second they didn’t even ask if I had one (ks)

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are you required to have a infant car seat when leaving the hospital?

Yes and they watch u put the baby in it

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I’m from Missouri and I don’t know about other states but here you have to have one and they inspect it to make it sure it’s safe and you know how to properly work it

My daughter’s 12 now so it’s been a long time since I’ve dealt with this, but I do remember when I had her that an infant seat was required.

They won’t let you leave with baby without one

My daughter just had a baby and has a convertible one. She did have to take it out of the car and bring it to her room before leaving though.

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Yes. Then you can switch once the child is a certain weight

You can have either. You dont have to have an “infant” car seat. Convertible carseats are fin as long as weight is matches and rear facing. Most start at 5lbs

Yes, and some states watch you put baby in.

You can have a convertible car seat it does not have to be an “infant” seat.

When I had my daughter in 2018 I brought her home in a convertible car seat

Yes they walk you to your car to make sure they are safely in there! At least in my state!!

Yes and it has to be the right kind or you can’t leave hospital.

It just has to be a car seat but one that is legal for baby so a convertible seat usually states 5-50 pounds so yes legally you should be able to bc a nurse wheels you out and usually dad brings the car around and they watch you buckle baby

You can have a convertible one, they check it out in the car on the way out

My son is 2 he’s still in the same car seat I brought him home in it’s a grow with me

They do make convertible carseats that go from newborn to big kid, I think Graco maybe, grow with me I think that’s what it’s called. That’s what I have.

Ours was/is a convertible. A nurse walked us out and watched us put our youngest in. No problems!

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It depends on the weight of the baby.

Yes. And in my state we had to bring it into the hospital room so nurses could make sure the straps were tightened right etc. And when we walked out they also popped their head in the back to make sure we installed the base correctly and locked the car seat to it before we left the hospital. In most states police stations or wic offices will do car seat safety events too where you can sometimes trade in used carseats toward credit for new ones and they’ll make sure your child’s car seat is anchored correctly their facing the right direction height and weight is good for the car seat etc

Both are used for infants. Like an above comment. Depending on state and hospital. They will either make you bring it up or when I had my first son and had a convertible car seat. They came down to my car and actually helped me get in the right way in the car and put him in it and showed me how to use it correctly!

You have to have a seat. Can be infant or convertible as long as it is sufficient for babies weight.

I brought 2 of my 3 kids home in convertible seats. A nurse followed us to the car, made sure the seat was buckled and made sure I knew how to buckle baby. Some hospitals require a car seat test, especially if baby has birch compilations. My hospital did not though and never gave me any issues about not using an infant carrier.

Some hospitals are starting to allow convertibles. Just depends on the hospital.

Depends where you live. You must have a certified. Non expired. Rear facing car seat before you can leave hospital in Ontario.b

It depends on where you are I guess but most places you can have a convertible carseat from birth if they are above 5lbs

No…we’ve had people leave the hospital with baby in a stroller than went out to car and put baby in convertible cars eat as long as baby is properly secured we allow it

I had a convertible in Colorado and they let us leave. My daughter was 5.8

My son is 6 and I live in Kentucky… when he was born I held him and they wheeled down to the exit, while my fiance got the car. All they did was stand next to me while his daddy put him in his car seat. They didn’t watch him put him in the car or anything… the policy could be different by state or by hospital.

A convertible is fine as long as it’s rear facing and rated for 5 pounds and up. As a nurse we do check these things.

I had a car seat that converted up to like 2 years or something but as long as its in the correct setting for your newborn it shouldn’t be a problem! But I’m also in MI I see people mentioning state laws so…

I used a convertible carseat for my last baby, she came in December…
I had an infant seat for her, but left the hospital early, so I used my 3yo’s seat and adjusted it to face backwards and fit the newborn…

I had them make me put my daughter in one. That being said I don’t recall them checking with my son but we also live in a different state now. It might be state differences. Some convertable are safe for infants.

In Canada u must have an infant car seat not just any kind . It must be safely attached in the car and when u put the baby in u must be able to stick 2 fingers in between baby’s chest and chest belt to know they have room to breathe. In Canada it’s very strict ur not allowed to leave if it’s not a certified infant car seat. But America’s gives less shits …lol

It depends on what weight the convertible goes down to, my oldest we put in a convertible and the other 3 we used an infant car seat

It doesn’t have to be an infant carrier. It just has to be appropriate for the babies size and they check to make sure baby is properly in. Call your local hospital and see if they require something different.

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Either is fine, you have to test it out in the room before you leave and infant carseats generally weigh less and are easier to carry. Convertible need to be left in the car at all times. Kinda annoying if baby is asleep you have to take them out, or if the weather is cold.

A car seat that is for the weight of the baby is fine doesn’t have to be an infant carrier! Also cannot be outdated!

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No, you just have to have an appropriate car seat. A convertible is fine, but some require you to bring it inside. It’ll be a pain to install the convertible again if they require that. Some just require they visibly see the car seat in the car.


You need to have the baby in a rearward facing seat. Whether it goes up to 6 months or 4 yrs. It needs to be in one from newborn and MUST be rearward.

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You can have a multiple step car seat just has to fit the weight and height restrictions for each step.


It depends on the hospital. I swore the hospital would check baby and make you bring the carseat in, because it’s been that way with everyone I knew, and they didn’t bother with my brother! He was so prepared, first time young parents, and nope lmao!

Either or as long as the weight requirement is met and it’s installed properly

I learned that each baby is different, find a car seat that works with YOU. My son outgrew the basic carry car seat before he was a year and we got a safety first car seat that goes from 5pds to 110, if I knew he was gonna grow so quickly I’d of skipped the carry around car seat and just got the one that stays in the car first.

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L&D nurse here.:raising_hand_woman:t3: You need to have an appropriate sized car seat for your child when leaving the hospital. Many (most?) convertible car seats DO have the ability to safely hold newborns, but that is something that the manufacturer label would determine.

If a convertible car seat is rear-facing and has a lower weight limit of 4-5lbs, yes, that is completely acceptable. It :sparkles:is​:sparkles: an infant car seat, that converts into a toddler seat with age.


As long as it’s rear facing and infant safe it’s fine. Convertible car seats are just as safe so hospitals won’t bother you about them.


I would use the standard car seat for my child’s safety

When my son was born we had to have a IFANT carseat before leaving the hospital

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Yes you are required to have an infant carseat and bring it in before discharge, they put the baby in it for a while before ypu leave to make sure they can continue to breath well in that upright position.

This is the exact one I got from Walmart, my son is now 3, 58 pds, and over 3 ft tall and still fits it.

You can’t leave without a car seat for the baby, the baby has to be strapped in before they’ll allow you to leave

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Some convertible car seats start at 5 lb. So as long as it is adjusted for a 5 lb infant you should be good. To be sure, check with hospital you will be delivering it or the health department. You need to make sure the straps are adjusted to secure your baby safely.


Convertible is now a big convenience we even have a Convertible crib for my grandson so we don’t have to buy a toddler bed😍

I asked. They prefer an infant seat, but don’t require.

It’s got to be in the back seat turned backwards strapped in with a seat belt

No. You just need to have the proper car seat. Can be either.


You’re going to have to define what you mean by infant… They aren’t all carriers, some stay in the car!

No. They can’t dictate what car seat you have just that you have one and it’s appropriate for your baby. I’ve had 2 kids in 2 different states, the first they just looked in the car to make sure she was in and the second they wheeled us to the door and walked away. People swore we had to have an infant seat with our first, they wouldn’t let us leave the hospital etc. But it’s not true. We have large babies and I wasn’t wasting my money on something that wouldn’t be used long. They did ask us to bring the seat in with our first and I told them it was too big and already properly installed so they could check it in the car and had no issues.

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I’d make sure that the convertible one they have, is from infant up. They likely know this, already. I knew before I was even pregnant it was mandatory and the hospitals here make you bring the car seat inside and once you are leaving, they inspect to make sure the car seat is properly buckled in. They confirm the baby is properly buckled into the car seat before walking mom and baby out. Also, If you are are at the Women’s hospital (most are) if the seats are improper OR they don’t have one, they will give you one (have to fill out a form) the forms are in everyone’s folder they give to everyone at admission. (MS)

We used a convertible car seat instead of an “infant” car seat with our youngest (now 3). It was rear facing and had a low starting weight limit and infant inserts. For all 3 of my kids a nurse walked us down to the car and checked the installation of our car seat, I’m not sure if that is common practice everywhere but it was handy to know we did it right every time lol🤷🏻‍♀️. As long as the convertible car seat states it can be an infant seat and has a low starting rear facing weight requirement then it is fine. Just depends on the seat.

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Nope. I left with a convertible seat installed in my car

Yes, usually they require you to bring it in and strap baby in, then they check it.

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Just my 2 cents…i tried to go the convertible carseat route with my second so wouldnt have to buy multiple carseats…Instant regret once took my girl home in it bc cant just unclick it and carry her in it into the house while she sleeps,etc. I immediately went out and bought the click and carry kind so i wouldnt have to disturb her naps getting her in and out of a carseat everywhere we went.

Loved my evenflo carry one i bought. Clicked in and out of the base with ease. Someone bought me a Graco one,forgot who,for my second and it kept getting stuck in the base,plus the strap connectors would get stuck as well and the carseat was heavier than Evenflo and more awkward to carry.

So,while a convertible one may save you money,the constant hassle of taking a baby in and out of it everywhere you go,vs one that just click out of the base and carry around with a sleeping infant in it…I’d pick the carry option every time. Get a convertible later on when outgrow it. Buying 2 carseats isn’t that bad and the convertible ones usually arent that expensive. I got an Evenflo convertible that goes from 3 point,to seatbelt,to booster seat on clearance for $40 .

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No doesn’t have to be infant . It has to be compatible for infant… alot of carseats go from newborn up…

we had a convertible car seat with my daughter instead of an infant one. the nurse just checked it once she was strapped in to make sure it was correct and baby was breathing OK

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There’s a difference between a preference and a requirement.
Hospitals prefer an infant car seat because babe can be put in it and carried out of the hospital that way which is considered safer.
But legally speaking…
Convertible car seats are completely acceptable legally as long as the babe meets the minimum weight requirements, it’s set up as rear-facing and it’s installed properly.

We had a convertible car seat when we left

Is this really a question duh of course where are you gonna put the baby otherwise the roof

You need a car seat to leave with the baby

My hosp just asked if i had one they never checked. I walked out with all 3 and Yes it was all within last 8 years. My youngest is 2.

It isn’t required to have an infant seat…they just have to make sure the baby is in an appropriate car seat. The convertible ones are fine…a nurse just has to check it out and they make sure baby is strapped in correctly. (At our hospital, they let you walk out without an escort if you have an infant one. If you have a convertible one that is already strapped in the car, they go with you to the entrance and make sure it is set up right and baby is strapped in properly.)

No you don’t have to.

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I’m in Indiana and we have an insert to make it infant, then I take it out when she’s bigger.

I had a convertible with all my kids. So no not required

My oldest is 15 and youngest is 4 and not once has anyone from the hospital inspected their car seats before we left. They were all 4 born at the same hospital. Someone came to the room with a wheel chair i hopped in it and they took me to the exit where the car was waiting we got in and left. No nurse no doctor nothing even went with us to the car to make sure we even had them in the car seat. So I guess it depends on the hospital honestly. But in my 15 years of.being a mom I never heard you had to have a car seat that you carry over one that permanently stays in your car.

I had to use a car seat and prove that I can buckle my baby in before I left the hospital so they could check the straps to make sure he did all right I don’t know I think it just depends on the hospital

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It Hass to be compatible for an infant if it can change to a toddler later that’s fine as long as it can be set up for an infant. Now in our case the baby was premature so we had to buy a special car seat for under 5 pounds


Well I know here in TX where I had all 3 of my kids, yes you have to have a infant car seat.

I had a rear facing convertible car seat. My son was born 12/31/20 and was a preemie. He wasn’t big enough for an infant seat

You are required to have a proper car seat does not have to be infant can be a convertible

As long as the convertible one goes down to the 5lb minimum like the bucket seats it’s perfectly fine

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Some carseats are like a grow with mw. They go from newborn to boosterseat. It doesn’t have to be just a infant carseat. As long as it’s fits the newborn. Most if not all hospitals check the carseat before releasing the child to go home.

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All of my kids had to go through a carseat test before leaving the hospital

Umm yes. We are carried ours out in the car seat after the one of the nurses checked it.

Depends on the hospital. In California mine checked and they had us put her in the car seat before we left to make sure we did it right (this was my first kid 9 years ago, and I was 18) so it may just have been the staff I had that was on it and so helpful

I had to bring mine in so the hospital would test it out

I have 3 kids and yes I had to prove I had a car seat with each one of them. It didn’t have to be a infant seat. A nurse would follow you out and check your Convertible car seat. My oldest is 19

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Each state has their own laws

It’s based on the car seat’s weight requirements. Most convertible car seats say they’re suitable for rear-facing infants weighing 5-35lbs (idk what max weight is I just picked a number)

As long as the car seat can be able to hold the baby (ie said baby is 4 lbs, car seat must be able to hold a 4 lb baby) doesn’t matter of it a convertible or an infant

It depends on your state laws. I had to have one and show it to the hospital before leaving when one of my children was in NICU. They needed to make sure it was suitable for my baby’s size since he was born early or I would have to buy their car seat.

Infant car seat, 5 point harness. It can be convertible. I would have your support person have it at the hospital when you go in, in case the baby needs a car seat test before discharge.

No. 5-____ pounds is all you need. Convertible car seats do this……the fact none of y’all google but sitting here debating not knowing is scary. Some places you bring it in to hospital to have it checked as well.

Nope! As long as it goes down to their weight and can be brought into the hospital for the test. My babies left the NICU in giant convertible seats. The nurses walked us out and looked over their buckles and sent us on our way :heart::heart::heart::heart:

As long as it has a proper placement for an infant you can use it. My sisters car seat is a convertible. It passed the car seat safety test before leaving the hospital we were required to do.

Here in Nj my hospital has nothing to do with car seats or checking them. We had a convertible and an infant seat with a base. we used the infant

I live Iin South Africa and my grandson had to be put in his car chair before leaving the hospital

We had too bring it in and show the hospital