At what age did you stop using baby monitors?

At what age did you stop using a monitor in the kid’s room? My toddler can open doors now, and sometimes I don’t wake up until she is in the hall crying, or she will just come to get in bed with me, then it’s too late to check the monitor. At this point, I’m just watching her sleep. At what age did it become creepy to watch your kid sleep?


I never done the monitors where i could see them. That just freaked me out :joy:
I stopped with my oldest when she was around 3. She wasn’t getting out of the bed at night and if she did she was coming straight to our room.

My toddler is 2 and we still use the baby monitor. She can also open doors, so we have a baby gate at her door (which thankfully she hasn’t figured out how to open yet) and we turn the volume up at night so that if she cries in the middle of the night, we hear it. I don’t think it’s creepy at all to watch your kid sleep. My 6 year old shares the room with the 2 year old and honestly, it’s a comfort to see them both on the monitor at night.


My son’s 3 and I still have one in his room. It’s how I know if he wakes up on the middle of the night or something and I just like to be able to have it in case anything happens. I plan I keeping it in there as long as I can, certainly as long as he’s a toddler. I just like to be able to keep an eye on him.

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We still have one in the room with our 4 year old and 18 month old (they share a room)

I kept it in the room till about 3 not really for the overnight times but it kept my mind at ease during the daytime when she’d want to play in her room or if friends came over to play just so I could check in more often and make sure they weren’t doing anything bad

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My kids are 6 and 2. When my second was born we were just getting to the stage where we didn’t need it anymore with my oldest but I kept it in there anyway because lil bro. I’ll probably keep it in there until he’s about 4 as well.

I never used them. I do however have safety things for my son. I have safety knobs where he can’t open the door. I do have a baby gate in his room so he can’t close the door at all

I never had a video monitor with any of my 3 :woman_shrugging:t2:

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My son is 6 months old and I do not use a baby monitor. His crib is in my room, or we leave the door open while he naps, I listen for him and check on him regularly. My baby will yell mom also if he is upset and no longer just playing or napping.

My son is 2 almost 3 and I still use the monitor for him

My boys are 2 and 4 and share a room, sometimes my oldest stays up later than his brother and he plays quietly. But my 2 year old is almost always up before my 4 year old and I’d never know without it. Don’t see us getting rid of it for a while

Never used them always just kept them close and checked on them constantly

When it broke lol mine broke around 4 yrs old :woman_shrugging:

Keep it untill you dont want to use any more, hell use it till they leave home its your castle after all lol

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LO is 3 and a half and we stopped using it nightly after we converted him to a toddler bed. We use it now occasionally, but only if he’s sick

I have never used them
Had them for 2 of 4 babies but never used them! :woman_shrugging: Youngest will be 3 soon!

We have it in our 6 and 3 year old room. We hardly use it. I use it for if they are playing in there. Or during nap time just to make sure they lay down. At night til they fall asleep then I turn it off. And if they are sick then All night so I can listen better

Iv never had any monitor i dont share a room ether my youngest is 7 months old and i can be dead asleep and still wake up quickly to him

I never used tgem. I taught my kids. They do not get out of bed unless i am awake. Its too dsngerous to have a toddler / child running around the house.

Still use it for my 2 almost 3 year old. But she’s in a twin bed won’t get out on her own and calls for me when she wakes up. She’s a rare breed! She says momma I up! She’s a good baby! Too good! My first was the completely different!

I stopped when they moved into toddler beds

I have a 3 year old and still have one in there.

i never used one with my oldest (he’s almost 4) but we got one when we had my daughter (now almost 11 months). so it’s still working for us :woman_shrugging:t2: i think only you can answer when it’s a good time to stop…

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I stopped around 18 months… when they became able to get up out of bed and open doors I put a baby gate in their doorway at night to make sure they dont wander the house while I’m asleep… now they just stand at the gates scream mom when they wake up lol

We just put a new camera in our 6yos room. I’m a light sleeper so I hear the alert most of the times, let’s me know if hes left his room or not. He has a habit of letting his 70lb puppy out of the kennel and those 2 would destroy the house without supervision.

We never used one at home. We have a cheap one that picks up sound that we take when we go to my moms and she is upstairs while we are still awake downstairs. Do what you’re comfortable with.

I having stopped :face_with_hand_over_mouth: 5yr old got one and 1yr old ones normal ones camera

I used it for the first 9 months, he slept through the night at 3 months so looking back I probably could have stopped at that point.
However, if he was sick I would put it on until he was about 2 years old

My girls are in a room I have to walk through to get to my room so I dont need a monitor a lock I do

I am a stalker. My daughter (7 autistic) I have one in her room.

I used it until i started to forget to turn it on… So maybe 3ish?

My daughter is 2 and I still have one in her room. And her room is next to mine. She can open her door but can’t mine. When she cries at night I can’t hear her without the baby monitor.
Plus she won’t sleep in anything but her crib. And she hasn’t learned to climb out yet.

My 13 yo is asd and I use it still at times because she would escape or get in to food and everything else

I have a video monitor in my 2.5 year old(3in April) room and have a second one to put in my newborns room when we move her in there…I love having it and will continue to use it for a long time probably…

My son is 2 and we still have a monitor. It’s only a plug in one tho x

I used mine until it died on us she was like 4 :joy:. That’s how we found out she was in the powder :scream:

when you find out they no longer need you Lol

It’s probably creepy when they’re 10 lol

I haven’t used one for any of my three boys.

4.5 for my daughter. She wakes up crying on occasion, but I use it mainly for our elderly dog who can’t get off the bed on his own and I don’t want him to wake her up with his whimper bark.

Never used one my babies slept in the room with me

When ever you feel it’s time to stop

When I had kids there was jo baby.monitors.Im outside toilets and well water old

I have a monitor in the living room that I keep on in my room… when they get up I hear them crying or whatever… it echoes the house is quiet. Helps me feel secure and watch multiple kids and the doors :slight_smile:

I stopped when my daughter got a toddler bed and could open her own door. So probably around 2 1/2.

First one, about a year. Second one, only used if I was going to be outside. Third one, didn’t even own a monitor.

I still use ours!!! I’m sorry but if my daughter still needs me in the middle of the night I still want to hear her. She knows that she can’t whine over it because I will turn it off. It’s for like “emergencies “ I guess you could say… also my daughter has horrible nightmares and I want to be able to comfort her if needed. It also helps when you want to spy on your children to make sure they are behaving lol

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My son is 5 and there’s still one in his room

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How old are we talking. Unless your house is crazy baby proof i wouldnt trust a toddler to be out in the house alone at night. My boy is 2.5 and figured out how to use the door so we put the door handle child proofing on it. If he ever figures that out i think id want a different method to keep him secured. We still use a monitor with that as well.

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We don’t have any in our home. We have a 5yo, 3yo and a 4mo

I have a baby gate in my daughters doorway and use the monitor sporadically

We just use Alexa, so… forever?

I have a video monitor I use for my 2 year old, he and my 5 year old share a room but I have the monitor on my 2 year old. Once he starts waking up and not crying, just coming to my room if he wants then I’ll move the camera to just show their room so I can keep eyes on them

I stopped using it at night around 3 or 4. Continued using it during the day when she was playing in her room to make sure she wasn’t getting into trouble. :rofl:

My girls were almost 5 before we got rid of monitors.
My girls is what I called feral children. And my youngest had night terrors. It didn’t matter how many times you disciplined them , how many times you talk to them they would get into the fridge a d dump everything out, they would pour out shampoo , animal food, get in to child locks. By 2&3 to they could get into almost any child safety locks. Even their car seats, scared the crap out of me. I’ve Worked with hundreds of kids, nothing prepared me for my 2, 15 months apart.
For their safety I had to finally put safety knobs on the interior of their doors at night so they couldn’t get out and into stuff. I kept the Monitors so I can hear them better.

My daughter is three and I still have one in her room and one in my room she is so quiet when she gets up in the morning or even when she is crying I’m scared that I don’t here her so keeping it there for a long time lol x

We still use our for our 2 and 4 year olds. But we also watch them while they play in their rooms sometimes.

I’ve never used a monitor, but now that I’m considering transitioning him into a toddler bed I might just so I know if he’s actually IN his bed :stuck_out_tongue:

We just use cameras and a gate for our 1&3 yr old

Never have used one. With either child.

They are never too old to just watch them sleep (unless they are in their own house and don’t know you’re there lol) but seriously I never used them on the first 4 and only used one in#5 cause it was given to us and he is almost 4 now and we don’t need it anymore cause of he wakes up he just runs to our bed and climbs between us to sleep.

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Never used one. I just had my ears. But then again she slept with me till she was five.

I stopped at about age 2 years. But it was killing me to keep it cuz the monitor enabled neighbors to listen in on our phone conversations! Weird!!! This was 1986-1990!

We had them in the room till about 4, more for during the day when they were playing so I could listen(I never had the video ones).

I use a non-wifi voice only monitor and always have used that type for my girls. My 4yo still has one in her room because she has bad dreams and she won’t leave her room so she will sit there screaming and we are far enough away with fans in each room idk if I could hear her is she cried so we have it in there still. Plus my 9mo sleeps in there with her so yeah lol

Never used one. But my 4.5 year old is asking to go in her own room sooooo we’ll probably get one when she goes in her own room. Lol. I want a non-wifi one though.

I never used one… EVER, and I have three girls that are now grown and have babies of their own. Only one of them used a baby monitor and only because they recieved it as a gift ay their baby shower.

My daughter is 4 and she has asthma so I still use one to hear if she has a coughing fit during the night and I have to give her a breather

My kids are 4&6 and there’s still monitors in their rooms. Only used after they go to bed while my husband and I are downstairs watching tv until we go to bed. I don’t bring the handhelds to my room, I shut them off when we go to bed. I use them because our house is pretty big and sometimes the kids got scared if they didn’t find us if they woke to use the bathroom. Usually only for 2 hours or so when we are down there.

Never used one. Kept it basic in every way

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Never used them. Or the owlets. Or any kind of device… The movement/cry of the baby was enough to wake me… My kids have always been in my room until they were old enough… My 2 yr old has a bed in my room… I wake up every single time she moves an inch…

My sons 3 and I still have a baby monitor hooked up lol

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My kids are almost 7 and almost 4 and still have one in their rooms


I’ve never had a baby monitor. This is what my toddler does too. She’s fine on her own but will come find me if she needs me :heart:

We never used one and never had an issue, we are about to put the child proof things on the door knobs tho so he can’t open the doors on his own

Share a room with my 2.5y/o daughter and i have a camera one lol idk if I could survive without it :joy:

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Never had a camera one could just hear if he started crying. Stopped around 2ish

Got a two year old daughter & the Only time I’ve ever used one is when I went outside while they were sleeping. Other wise she just comes wakes me up in the morning’s.

If video monitor. I have one in the playroom so I can keep an eye on what’s going on.

I just recently stopped with my 2 year old but only because we moved into a lot smaller place and there was no need for one.

2.5 and still have a camera to check on her. We did put a baby gate on her bedroom door so she couldn’t leave and wander about until a few weeks ago. But she’s so used to having it and waiting for me to get up she still waits in bed and just chats to her bunny teddy until she hears me awake

My kids are 4 and 2 we still have one in each room but they’re on a different floor of our house. If they were the same floor we wouldn’t need them

Never used one :joy: second baby on the way and still don’t feel we need one.


had one untill I heard the neivhbor across the street on it. They had one too. I t was weird hearing them and them us. no thanks

My 3 boys share a room. 3, 1 and baby due in a few weeks. I have to cameras in their room to cover all 3 of them. It’s a huge room. My daughter is 9 and i stopped using montior around 2.5 with her.

I still use a monitor and my daughter is 3.5.

My daughter is 2 in a week and we stopped using ours about 6m ago. Our house is small but my parents house is old with thick walls and you can’t hear anything upstairs when you’re down so we gave it to mum to use at hers now x

I still have one in my 5yo room, to be fair she shares a room with the 2 yo.

Mine is almost 3 and we still use ours. Daycare taught them to stay in bed until they’re told to get up, so she does the same thing at home. She usually just tells us when shes awake, or I can hear her if shes supposed to be napping but shes actually playing

Please don’t let anyone make you think it’s creepy to “watch your child sleep”. You do what you think is best for your little one.


The beginning of when my son turned 3 … wait maybe even when he was 2 1/2. He gets up every so often but I put him back to sleep and he’s fine don’t need the camera anymore

My baby monitors are still attached to either side of my head and they still work at age 71!

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We have:
1 Camera Facing our bed and his crib
1 Camera above our 1.10m baby
1 camera in our 9yr olds room, when the baby is there.

Odd one out but I’ve never really used one :joy: 6 kids, I’ve owned a couple but they never really helped me.

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We have one baby monitor and it’s set up in the kitchen. Our room and our baby room is on one end of the house and the other three bedrooms are on the other end of the house. The kitchen is about center. Nobody is going ANYWHERE without me knowing it and the oldest that still lives at home is 13. The baby is 14 months.

My oldest child is 4, I will let you know when we get there lol

I’m sorry it is not to creepy to watch your child sleep. I’m a first time mom I do it all the time. My son is 11 months almost 1 on the 10th and I watch him all the time and even check to make sure he is breathing becuase some times he is so quiet.

My son came upstairs some time
I through it was grate because in morning on sat ir Sunday we would lay and talk

My son is 3 and I still use a wifi video monitor in my sons room. I can watch him sleep or see what he is up to