Baby name ideas that start with S?

Hey mamas, I am set to give birth in a few weeks and we still do not have a name picked out. We are wanting something that starts with S and isn’t so common. We do not know the gender of the baby so we are needing names for both! Thank you!


Always wanted Stella if I had a girl…

SAM…Samantha for a girl Samuel for a boy

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I like Sly (Sylvester) and Skye

My girl is Isabelle Sage. Always loved the name Sage

Susan , Sandra, Sandy, Shirley, Shoshawna, Samuel ! Steve, Shawn ,

My daughter is named Savannah

I’ve heard the name Solon once in my life. I think it’s cute.

Story, Stella, summit

Scarlett and Sébastien



Sierra/Siena for a girl :green_heart:

My son’s middle name is Sylas with a Y. We love it!

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Stanton (boy) Sally (girl)

Soleil ( means sun ) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Shiloh, Shane, Stella, Starla,

I’m having a boy and we’re naming him Sebastian

Sumner, shayla, shaylee

My daughter’s name is skyler

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My sisters name is Shylah

Shiloh, Sebastian, Safayah, Stevie

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Sadie, sharlett, stella, sailor,skye…those are girls.


Shelize for a girl. Pronounced shēleeze.

Syrus, Selene, Shae, Sutton, Sage, Samirah, Sicily, Sabastian, Sadler, Sander, Saxon, Seager, Selleck, Shepherd, Silas…

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My daughter’s name is Sloane. It means Warrior. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sam for Samuel or Samson or Samantha …,. Sandy … Sunni sonny … Stacy Stacie … Stormy … Shannon…Sean shawn …Shane shayne

Sienna Sierra Silas Samuel

girl: solange, starla, sandy, samantha
boy: saber, samuel, sayde, shaine

My grandsons nane is schyler

my middle daughter is Samara, oldest is Sidney. I liked Saylor, and Spencer for both sexes as well.

Skyler could go either way

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My best friend is naming her little boy Slater

Sydney and Sebastian

Sterling, Saylah, Sebastian, Sirrus… those are a few from the top of my head

I think some of yall missed she said NOT COMMON :rofl:


Saor (means free in irish) Shay, Sean, Skye, Saoirse,

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I’m naming my daughter Spencer :heart:


Savannah , Sam

Samuel, Samantha,Sarah or Sara,Sebastian,Savannah,Seina,Starla,Steve,

Keep it simple. Steve, Sam. Actually Sam works for both a boy and girl. Sally also works. Seth, too.

Sierra, Sienna, Simon…

Sybil, Stevie, Si…

Shane Samuel Samara Saul Sean Simon Sylvia Sophia

Sebastian or Skylar or Seido

Sable, Sunday, Skylar, Sebastian, Sydney, Sawyer

Stella, sabashiston, silas, sierra, sutter

Sharna sinead Sandra

Skully,Skeet. Savett

I know it’s a basic name but I’m pretty partial to Sarah :joy: but it has to have the H!!

saylor, shane, shannon (not common with new babies), salem



Samuel Samantha savron Saroya Sonya

Shevelle. :slightly_smiling_face: my daughter name

Sloan, Sylvester, Shyloe, shyla, Shania

Stella, an oldie but nice

My granddaughter Sierra Skye. Born weight l pound. She is now a junior in high school and perfectly healthy.

Shandee or Shandy :blush: not of us out here

Boy or girl…Spencer

Stark, Sholana,Shandra,Sterling


Shay,Shayla, Starla, Spenser ,Shaylee Sloan

For a girl-Saoirse, Stevi, steff
For a boy- Seamus, Shay, Shane

Seamus( shay-mus) for a boy

My daughters name is Stella

I have a Sawyer :blue_heart:
Sutton Is also cute

Shilo Skye Sylvia Slade

Sadie sawyer seraphina sahara spencer

Skyler can be a boy or girl name

Soren, Saul, Soul, Shem, Seth, Scout

My sons name is spencer and my daughters name is skylah

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Santanna is a good name lol

Saylor, Sadie
Samson, Slade


Sullivan. Samson. Seth. Sheffield. Savanna. Sloan. Seraphina

My sons name is Sakai and my daughter is Sania

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Works for boy or girl
Always and forever my favorite name

Simon or simone, Sadie,

Summer, Stuart, sylvia, Sunny

Shiloh, sadie, sam, shauna, shaun, shayla

My friend named her son Sylas

Sanela for a girl.
Seaman for a boy.

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Sharla ~ Congrats :yellow_heart:

My husband and I dont know the gender of ours either yet but if we are having a girl we are going to name her Scarlet

Sterling boy or girl, Spencer,Shayla Shamus

Sarah sara shay shonna sierra stacy shilpa…if its a boy shawn sam shane samson

Stella is a pretty name

Seth for a boy, Shailer for a girl

Skylynn, Silas, Sephiroth, Sandi, Sapphire, Slater, Sterling.

Savannah, Sawyer, Shane, Serenity

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I have a niece named Stassi :revolving_hearts:

Stetson for a boy . Sheena for a girl.

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Sharon, Shauna,Sophia,savanna,sharnice,

Girl: Scarlett, Sarafina, Skylynn
Boy: Simon, Sebastian, Skylar

Sierha or Samara girl
Soren,Sirius,Slade boy

Shariah or stella for a girl! Skyler or seth for a boy

Saphyre or Sapphire.

Keeping it classic (and i may be biased): Sarah for a girl, Sam for a boy

Silas, Soraya, Samara

Girl: Sheveah, Saanya, Saachi, Sadaf, Saina, Sibyl, Stesha

Boy: Salus, Samouel, Sanders, Saint, Savio,
Solaris, Spyros,