Baby name ideas?

Help! We are having our baby girl in August and I am struggling with baby names. I really love greek god/dess names. I was thinking Hera or Aphrodite…but know these are very uncommon… thoughts?


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I like Aphrodite but kids may use aphro as a nick name

I love the name Calliope, Callie maybe for short?

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Our daughter is Rhea which is greek and I absolutely love it.

Athena is a cute one too

I like Ilithia.

Currently trying to name our boy
Husband likes Spartacus and I like Leonidas :sweat_smile:

My son’s name is Odin, I love the idea. Just make sure you look into what each one stands for. Aphrodite is a beautiful name but she was the godess of sexual love, hera is the godess of marriage and female life.

I named my daughter after a Greek goddess. No regrets. Her name is Eris.

Astraea was one of Zeus’ daughters

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I love the names Daphne and Pheobe

I like Nyx

Persephone is pretty

My daughters name is Elizabella

Thena or Athena maybe?

We were going to use Helena Estelle or Lenora Louetta for a girl. We had a Jordan and a Benjamin(2 boys) instead!

Freya or Freyja Norse Goddess of love and war

I loved Hedi for a girl or Harris & Harvey for a boy!. I Really struggled with a baby boy name too but in the end I called him Marcus :slight_smile:

Remember that this child has to grow up with the name you pick, don’t go to far out there. Some children will be embarrassed by unusual names and it will cause them to be introverted.



If I would have had a girl he name would have been Hynley Nicole

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Uncommen is the way to go

My daughter is Athena

Remember, your daughter has to live with the name you give her. Be careful what you decide to call her.



Cassandra. Cassie for short :grinning:


Arsinoe’ - Cleopatra’s sister

It’s not greek or goddess I don’t think, but one of my daughters name is Roselynn (pronounced- Rose-Lynn)

We are naming our new little girl Amarii :heart: uncommon names are cute


My daughter’s name is Calliope (could be Kaliopi) she is the Greek Muse of Poetry and the name means Beautiful voice. Poppy is a popular nickname for girls with the name. My daughter will answer to Calli but prefers her full name Calliope. ( we pronounce it ka-lee-o-pee)

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I wanted to name my daughter Hera. Elora was my other choice. We named her I’La tho :laughing:

Don’t let anyone talk you out of a unique name. Maybe people should be teaching their kids to be accepting so kids don’t gotta worry about being made fun of for a name :unamused:


Thalia is Greek that’s what I had picked for a girl but I had a son and picked Thalon as his name that’s also Greek :smiling_face:

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Augustine or Augustina since she will be born in August :grinning:

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Damn, reading some of these names, not gonna lie, I sure as hell wouldn’t want that…

In case you missed it, ATHENA lmfaoo, get a baby book, I’m sure you’ll find much better options.


My daughter is Alexis

Athena is a gorgeous name. Thalia and Selene are also pretty names.

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Name a girl a name that you know she will be able to live with from the time she is born until she dies at 100. Think of people teasing her and others scoffing and making remarks. I grew into my teens as people thinking i was a male. I later used it to my advantage but as a child why do you have a boy’s name. So think before you name they are not pets, they are humans that have to live in this untame world.


Name your baby whatever you like,now days I think some people just puts the alphabet in a hat and pulls some out,and says that’s my babies name.



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Take it from a Greek, the American pronunciation of these names actually destroys the beauty of these names. Hera in English honestly doesn’t even sound remotely like it should and also a little fun fact Hera is the most popular name for female mean looking dogs in Greece…I would bet at least 75%.

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Phoebe is a cute name. Stephanie is also Greek.

My daughter name is weird. Lol
But it is a Greek goddess of love and fertility.

Her name is Freya
And her middle name is Austyn

Freya means Norwegian goddess
Mirhimah princess of sun and moon in Turkish
Amarah princess in Arabic

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Hera Artemis Athenis



Myname is ASPASIA… greek, and although its unique…ive hated it forever…no nametags here…lol

Hermione is the daughter Hermès

Whatever happened to BARBARA, Susan, linda, kathy, mary?


I named my oldest Thalia after a muse

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My cousin named her little girl Athena, super cute!

There was a celtic woman in the middle ages whose name was Blayde, I thought that was cool but I like Leather or London Rain

How about attention seeker?


Gaia, Athena, Pandora


My 9 month old daughter’s name is Royalty. It’s a love it or hate it kind of name. But a lot absolutely love it.

Remember your daughter has to live with the choices


My daughters name is athena ( goddess of War)

Our daughters names are Kira and Chloe :blush:

We were going to name our little one Freja. Not Greek but Norse :slight_smile:


Adrian Green Alythia

My 2 are adelynn eldora and jocelynn joyce

I love the name Ophelia


What about Iris or Selene

I love Greek Gods and goddesses and the 8dea 9f using their names

My daughters name is Althea, it’s Greek!

Andromeda (Rome or Andy/Andi for short)

Remember she has to learn to spell it whatever you decide.


Andromeda, Cassiopeia Athena

My daughter’s name is Symphonie but at one point I was gonna do Presymphony.

Not Greek but I love amethyst

This name is going to be used for school, resumes, college, careers etc.

Try to find a balance, try to picture your child at all stages of their life using that name.


I always liked Athena and Artemis


I named my 4th child, Nyx.

Thalia is pretty :purple_heart: Pronounced Tal-ya

My sister was ALMOST named Aphrodite. It’s still the biggest joke and it’s not even her name


Lathia ( lah- theee-ah)

What about Persephone/Kore? She was Hades wife. I’ve seen the roman version of the names too like Venus, Juno etc. My daughter has a friend named Juniper

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ophelia, calliope, and eleanor. and these aren’t greek, but i really like imogen and esme.

My daughter’s name is Lacrissa. I haven’t seen her name in a baby book.

We have an Athena and Odin in the family. You choose what you like, and everyone will come around when they see how gorgeous your baby is.

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Athena is cute and can be shortened to Thea

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I’ve always loved the name Zianna (like mount Zion from the bible but femme)

Kids make fun of kids with odd names…

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Calliope is one of my favorites but hubby shot it down

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When naming a child, think ahead to his/her resume, college applications, job interviews. While I love unusual names, if it’s too long, hard to pronounce, hard to spell it could cause issues in the future. With that said, my daughter’s name is Scarlett. Good luck & congratulations


My daughter’s middle name is Iris, Diana, Freya and Athena are other good names. My favorite name as a kid was Astaria I thought it was so pretty. It’s not a God or goddess name but I always thought it would be a great one.

Not a Greek Goddess maybe, but I loved the name Kaia for a girl if I were to have had one. 3 boys, and happy now lol.

Charisma is one of my favorites.


There’s a Calliope and a Frey’s (Norse) that go to my library!

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Name her Augusta, Agustina, Augustine

Not Greek god name but we named our daughter Honor. Middle name is Fathe.

My daughter’s name is Jolene

Iris, Selene, Athena


Not a goddess but it’s Greek. I have a daughter named Briseis.

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Lilith or Saiorse. Not Greek goddess but extremely unique


Remember it may sound exotic on a birth certificate but it also has to be read off aloud in a room full of kindergartners and other grades. Don’t put anyone through hell on the playground just cause you felt like being different.


We have a Hera, a Persephone, and an Odin

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Athena or persephone