Being pregnant with an iron deficiency

Has anyone ever been anemic/iron deficiency and went on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby? I’m 29 weeks and at my appointment today the doctor said that my iron levels came back low. It’s around 9 when it should be 11 which could explain the reason for my lightheaded, tiredness and being out of breath so easily. What could bring my iron levels up quickly beside iron pills? I haven’t took iron pills or prenatal vitamins with this pregnancy (my pregnancies are back to back) but I plan to start today.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Being pregnant with an iron deficiency

I had that issue my kids were just fine but everyone is different

Yes Iron pills help alot but The constipation is real!! Definitely take the prenatal pills God forbid something bad happens to your baby that can easily be prevented!

I’ve been anemic my entire life and my pregnancies made it worse. Lots of spinach, cereal and leafy greens.

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I had low iron with my first was at a 9 too. Took the iron pills and he’s a healthy 4 year old.

I took Iron supps and tried to eat healthy. Lille baby was fine.

Yeah I was but wasn’t bad enough for them to do anything. No issues even when I had a csection with my iron deficiency. Recently cause it was extremely low I was given iron infusions. I can’t stomach the iron pills. You could try and get it from food if you aren’t severely deficient.

I had to get iron transfusions during my second pregnancy with my twins and they were healthy.

Yes, iron with Vit C combo are great the vit C helps with iron absorption

I was anemic with my 3rd. I took over the counter iron pills (I can’t remember the MG’s though) and was just fine. She is going to be 10 on the 26th and is just fine. :heartpulse:

Yes. All my pregnancies I was anemic and had healthy babies

I received 3 infusions when I was pregnant with my twins, the pills just didn’t help much

Had to get iron infusions. Wasn’t bad at all, and my baby girl is perfect

Yeah , no big deal they are just going to give you iron, nothing to worry about

It’s pretty common. I had it with my pregnancy with no issues. I had to take iron pills 3x a day. Take it with a vitamin c pill. Also stay away from dairy products 1hr before and prior to taking iron as calcium blocks the absorption of iron.

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Red meat and dark green veggies :leafy_green:

What level was 9 your hemoglobin?

I was with both of my girls and recieved iron transfusions. Red meat!!

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I was anemic as well. I doubled up on my iron supplement everyday and my son and I were just fine. He was born 3 days early and is very healthy 8 month old.

Yes, me and both my kiddos. The oldest one was over 10 lbs.

Low iron with both my pregnancies (had PICA with both as well- lucky was I just couldn’t get enough of ice cubes. That’s how I knew with my second one I was low iron again).

First pregnancy just had to take iron tablets. With second I ended up needing an iron transfusion cos the tablets didn’t help.

But all the transfusion is, you’ll go chemist/pharmacy buy it (you should get a prescription), you’ll get hooked up to an IV and it takes about an hour, then you’ll have to wait like 15/30 minutes (can’t remember which) while they check your iron levels before you can go.
(I’m from Australia, so could be slightly different if in another country)

Both pregnancies (and babies) were completely fine and healthy.

I think almost all pregnancies have some level of anemia

All three of my pregnancies…and all three came out healthy.

11? I don’t know what country you’re from or how they count it but in Australia the healthy range is said to be between 90 and 200. Mine was 11 in December and needed an iron infusion, it got down to 9 last month and I had to have another one…this really doesn’t sound right.

Just start taking your vitamins. Also green veggies have iron. Baby will be fine! It is very common

Yup! Had a healthy 7lb 7 oz baby girl that was born the day before her due date lol

Biogaia PlantForce

Leafy greens, red meat, beans

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Yes. My first sucked up all my iron. Spirulina was my saving grace. He was born a healthy 7.1pound baby boy :slight_smile:

While pregnant with my twins, I was anemic the whole time and my babies are healthy and all is perfect! I just had to take iron supplements which truly did not raise it much. You do have to take your prenatal and the iron at complete separate times.

Just take the iron pills they give you as my dr just explained to me 2 weeks ago they are giving me the iron pills to try and prevent having to give me a blood transfusion if I was to lose too much blood! The baby is taking everything from you so the vitamins are more for u not the baby… I’ve always had issues with my iron but the beginning of my pregnancy my levels were fine but now that I’m getting closer I’m 32 weeks my levels have been low for a few weeks so they have me taking iron pills until birth

I had a iron transfusion and it was such a game changer. Make sure you take your iron pills consistently

Eat fried liver and onion

My midwife said to have a orange juice or orange/mandarin when I take my iron pills as vit c helps and to eat atleast 1-2 meals a week of red meat , and daily servings of leafy greens. I have spinach.

I had anemia with my 4th pregnancy. I was completely exhausted. I took iron supplements and felt much better. My daughter was born healthy

Spinach, beets, red powder that is a vegetable type of powder. My hematic drops on and off all the time but when I drink a “red” powder mixed with water 2-4x a week, I have very little issues. Liquid iron and vitamin c works great as well.

If you dont or cant take the pills just eat alot of greens and other food that contains iron in it. I had two pregnancy with the same problem and they turned out to be great and now im going through my third with the same issue as well. On top of iron issues im known for high risk pregnancy regarding other stuff so if that works for me im sure it will work for you. My third makes me hate taking any pills as i would have the taste at the back of my throat and no matter what i do it wouldnt go away and i just kept spitting every minute because of it.

Plus im also addicted to ice cubes.

I have a form of severe anemia resulting in me entering pregnancy with it. My numbers are low. Iron infusions always help. But they will likely try you on oral first. Eat foods high in iron. It is extremely commonly in pregnancy to become anemic.

Why are you not taking prenatal or Iron pills…that will clear that up…

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I was anemic before pregnancy, but now in the last month my irons Gotten down to 5.5 so I’m now on iron ivs

Yes. My OBGYN Doctor put me on prescription iron pills and low dose asprin due to my levels and numbers on blood tests and bp tests. My son is 8 months old and he is healthy.

I had low iron with my first pregnancy and had to be put on iron pills. My son was born a healthy 7lbs 9oz. Ask your doctor if you could take iron pills.

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I had iron transfusion. Mine was 6…. I craved ice like CRAZY!!!

I was anemic & had iron deficiency with my first. My water broke at 31 & 6 & stayed in the hospital till I was induced at 34 weeks.

Iron pills supplement or spinach ,lentils , beets have a good amount of iron take as well vitamin C for the good absorption of the iron. I was anemic while pregnant and had a healthy baby

Take maltofer tablets they are great and don’t give you a bad tummy. Or an iron Infusion if needed. My iron dropped so low my last pregnancy I went on maltofer and baby was fine . She’s almost 2 now and I’m still on them now lol my iron has never gone back to normal.

Yes both of my full term pregnancy I had low iron an was prescribed iron pills threw out my whole pregnancy’s. After birth it went back to normal an had very healthy babies😊

I was and had to have two blood transfusions because of it.

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I had low iron all through my second pregnancy and my baby was fine. I just had the tiredness. Eat iron rich foods and try the supplements with vitamin c and iron. Also don’t take them with dairy or right after eating dairy as it can slow the iron absorption.

Dont miss ur iron pils , u can losse alot of blood at birth i almost needed a blood transfusion

But iy willl cause u be light headed

I was anemic too. Had a healty baby! Eat red meat, lots of iron.

I was with all 3 of my kids and I couldn’t take prenatal at all I would throw them right back up I had to take a bunch of vitamin D and iron and stayed in hospital for 4 days after but my girls were 7lbs 11oz and 7lbs 15oz and my boy was 6lb 9oz. (My boy I had gestational diabetes and they had me induced in fear he was to big!!)

I had it with all three of my pregnancies. The third one I had to get a blood transfusion. I’m not sure if it’s bc I lost too much blood during my c-section and tubal ligation or bc I was anemic and the iron pills made me sick. Red meat is great for iron!

Yes, I opted for iron transfusions over the pills because they work faster.

I was induced. I was anemic, at risk due to age (35), hemmorage risk due to amount of kids (baby was #8) as well as past hemmorages. Baby is great

6 kids and every time I was anemic. All Drs do is up your iron pill. No worries

My Dr told me to take iron supplements with oj in the morning bc vitamin c helps with absorbing iron. Red meats, leafy greens, lentils.

I was put on iron pills. I got the slow release ones and they are small bc I hate taking pills but they are good

Yes! I was super anemic through my pregnancy, everything else was low risk and I have a beautiful healthy 10 week old :slight_smile:

Just had to take iron supplements!

My oldest son… He took ALL of my iron and he was healthy as can be

I have 3 iron transfusions with my 2nd baby as I was extremely low in iron, but he’s happy and healthy as ever now, I would try and eat as much red meat as you can tolerate especially venison if you can get your hands on some as it’s extremely high in iron, make some smoothies with spinach and eat lots of nuts :relieved: hopefully this helps

Yes I just had a baby may 17th, he’s perfectly fine and I’m still taking my iron pills while breastfeeding . You’ll both be just fine :blush:

Take the iron, lots of green leafy vegetables & fiber—prenatal scan cause constipation so take in extra fluids & fiber

I sure did! I had to take iron pills and get a couple extra check ups done but everything turned out fine!

I had to have iron infusions for 5 weeks starting at 30 weeks. I was anemic and for some reason I could absorb over the counter iron.

My first pregnancy I was very iron deficient almost to the point of having to get iron shots. With iron pills break them in half and they will get into your system a lot better. The coating on the outside it to thick and they digest before they fully break down. It didn’t effect my baby just made me more tired and dizzy. I will get tested this next week as I am 28 weeks.

It really depends on you and what you prefer. My baby’s doctor keeps telling me red meat. I tend lean on Ritz cheese crackers, but ultimately the iron medicine is necessary when your pregnant. My doctor never discussed my iron when i was pregnant with my baby. I thought I my food intake was helping it, but turns out it wasnt and my baby has an iron deficiency now. My oldest I ate high iron foods, took my prenatal, and took iron religiously. He does not have any problems with his iron. A common sign of low iron is craving ice too btw.

I was anemic my whole pregnancy with my son. I was put on iron pills on top of my prenatal vitamins. No major issures.

Mussels or silverbeet are good sources

Up your vit C, use cast iron skillets, eat liver

Both times I was pretty anemic. I just took extra iron and everything went smoothly.

iron vitamins…liver….and bitter gourd

Both of my pregnancies I was anemic, so I just took iron pills along with my prenatal vitamins. Had no problems both of the babies came out healthy

At 29 week there is still time to be 11 or above. Hi dose iron and your green leafy veggies. Take vitamin C with your iron as it helps with absorption. It was a bit careless though on your side for not taking supplements prior or as soon as you knew you were pregnant. I hope with the next pregnancy you will do better. All of the best to you

I was anemic while pregnant , didn’t bother to take my iron pills because they made me sick. Rest of my pregnancy was healthy I had an easy labor and my son was born healthy as well!

I am always anemic while pregnant and my girls turned out fine. Just take the meds the dr says and eat lots of iron enriched food

Iron tables with an orange juice or a vitamin c with make your body hold onto the iron longer and take the pregnancy vitamins with my 5 th I was low iron and I took iron vitamin c at the same time and Elivite which i didn’t have to do with my others but it worked

I had the same thing with my first pregnancy.I had to take pills.

You can buy an iron fish and you add it into your foods while they cook and it adds iron to your diet, I was anemic both my pregnancies and the iron pills made my stomach so upset, but the fish worked pretty well for me :slight_smile:

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I had my baby 3 weeks ago, emergency c section cause my anemia got down to 7 and I was getting pre eclampsia then it dropped even further down after surgery so they had to give me a blood transfusion but then I had a reaction to that. It was a shit show. Get it taken care of now. My OB wouldn’t listen to my concerns the whole pregnancy and it ended up a bad experience. Good luck girly. I’m on vitamin b12 shots right now too to help the iron absorb better.

Yes I was prescribed prenatals. Little pricey but tbey helped so much and were also much easier on the stomach than ovtc prenatals. Talk to your OB.

How do you not take prenatals?? Those are for both your benefits. Please listen to your doctor🫣

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I’ve been anemic my whole life. Take iron pills prescribed. Eat/drink lots of greens. Sunflower seeds. Almonds. Also take Vitamix c & vitamin d they help your body absorb iron.

Yes, i was anemic… had a perfectly healthy baby :heart:

I was anaemic and have a perfectly healthy baby. Plenty of greens, iron pills and eating red meat on the regular brought my levels up to a safe point :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been anemic since after my teen years now I’m my 30s and just took prenatal pills throughout all 3 of my pregnancies Dr did prescribe iron pills but did not take due to sideeffects and all 3 babies are just fine . Was to to eat more green , meats and still really don’t as I am not big on meat so I take iron gummies over the counter as tolerated

I was very anemic in my first, I found kale, spinach n watercress upped my iron loads, spinach in salads, watercress soup and spinach/kale smoothies became my faves

Yes! I ended up needing a blood transfusion to prevent a spontaneous miscarriage. Then I was ordered to get iron transfusions every so often. Healthy baby is now a 4yr old

Tons of iron rich foods you can have. I was anemic with 3 out of 4 pregnancies and they are all healthy young kids.

I did on my last they prescribe you iron tablets

Spinach, bacon and chocolate all good for increasing iron levels.

Maltofer tablets over the counter at chemist :slightly_smiling_face: they are the best and strongest. They won’t do iron transfusion when you are pregnant as it’s too risky unless it’s life threatening and dior. Diet can help so much but if you aren’t absorbing it and already so low you will need an extra boost. This is coming from someone who has been at your levels in two of her pregnancies :slightly_smiling_face: xx

I was so anemic I had to have 6 iron transfusions before I had my planned csection with my last baby
I was also on iron pills since 20 weeks and took prenatal pills my entire pregnancy and they weren’t working

Greens liver and cok in cast iron

I’ve struggled with anemia forever. Prenatal and folic acid are a must. Eat iron rich foods such as spinach, kale, red meat, cream of wheat. Iron supplements help, but make sure you are drinking a lot of water as they can cause constipation.

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I got prescribed iron pills and luckily they helped so I could still have my baby at home as planned. She was happy and healthy

I’m 36 weeks my iron IS LOW they gave me iron pills not working either.