Best bottles for breastfed babies?

What’s the best bottle to give a breastfed baby I’m a ftm & currently 26 weeks I wanna be as prepared as possible & don’t want to confuse baby w artificial bottles & then her not want the breast


I use dr brown and avent and mam baby doesnt get confused make sure u dont introduce bottle until after a month tho

Comotomo amazing but expensive

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We really love Dr Browns
So far she hasn’t had any issues with gas which is something the bottles are supposed to be designed to protect against.
We try and do 1 bottle a day so she doesn’t refuse them if she needs one and I can’t breastfeed

Smilo are the only bottles my baby will take and they are AMAZING!!!

I breastfeed and formula feed since I don’t produce enough milk to exclusively breastfeed. I use Avent. Zero nipple confusion.

I breastfeed and bought SO many different kinds of bottles and my child won’t take a paci, bottle or sippy cup. Just strictly breast. Hopefully you have better luck!

We’ve always used Avent, both the natural and the anti colic. When I was breastfeeding, she had no issues with nipple confusion and we used them right away (NICU babe)

I used Avent. They are amazing!

I use these for my little one and he loves them

Nuk/advent. I believe have nipples that mimic the breast. (Wal-Mart has some in baby eisle in Other brands too I believe) Try and get one looks most like ur breast size so easier for baby to adjust from your breast to bottle. What I did with my daughter I breastfed her.

Ftm here. I used Avent.

Medela allllll the way!!!

Honestly we can all give you suggestions all day but you have to find what works for your baby! I literally bought every brand… EVERY BRAND!! Munchkin Latch was the only one my daughter took after being breastfed. Good luck to you!;


Tommee tippee closer to nature is the only bottle my baby would latch onto after being breastfed for 2 weeks. Unfortunately I had to go on medication that wasnt breastfeeding safe, but a fed baby is best. Goodluck momma.

You’ll need to find a bottle nipple that closely resembles your own nipple. It’s a lot of trial and error

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She won’t want a bottle! That was my experience. She learned to drink out of a cup really early!

I use avent bottles and both my kids loved/love them… never had an issue with. Ipple confusion or with them taking either the breast or bottle

Lansinoh momma bottle

The small brown nipple that comes with formula samples.

Dr browns with preemie nipples.

Make sure you look at your nipples and compare, to many bottles nipples are the same texture and shape.

Always start with the slowest flow.

Learn what pace feeding is and do it.

If you’d like there’s a group called milky momma’s on here and they’re amazing help!!

Tommee tippee with straw for air

I used avent naturals and Mam for my kids. Each kid is different but they will let you know if they don’t like a certain bottle.

I have a lansinoh hand pump that came with a bottle and my daughter did well with that one

My baby will drink a Nuk Natural bottle, bit still prefers breast. No other kind of bottle though. I think as long as you introduce the bottle soon enough, then you will be okay. I had to supplement for a day in the hospital so I think that’s why my son will take Nuk bottles, that’s the kind of nipple they gave me to supplement with.

The first one mine ever liked was Mam but she was about 3 months old and it still took getting used to it. By 6 months she had no preference and I used modela.

I use the tommee tippee and haven’t had any issues

Tommee tippy. It’s shaped like a woman’s breast

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best bottles for breastfed babies?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best bottles for breastfed babies?

After my daughter started biting I used AVENT. Those were amazing! And the only bottle she would take.

Following, ive tried minbie, mam, tommee tippee, nuby, munchkin 360, doidy cup, nuby sippy cup and mam trainer cup.

I gave my daughter the NUK Simply Natural

My care taker and I struggled for about 3 weeks to get her to take it… at first she would fuss a lot but then eventually got used to it… she was breastfed for 14 months…

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We use platex never had an issue going back and forth

Most moms cant get a baby to take a bottle bc they nurse. If someone else does it they will adjust.

Both my boys was breastfed and they both took avant bottles…I got the slowest flowing nipple…they also took the dollar general brand and the walmart brand bottles

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best bottles for breastfed babies?

Tommee tippee or avent naturals! Ps- if you have a Burlington baby depot close by, they have bottles half the price of Walmart or target :two_hearts:

Mam bottles worked great with my last 2.

Nanobebe or Comotomo

There isn’t a specific bottle that works for every baby. You just have to keep trying until you find one baby likes. Be persistent have someone else do it. My daughter was breastfed for five months and she will take any type of bottle. It also helps to introduce a bottle early to a breastfed baby around a month old so they won’t refuse it. Also try warming the bottle because fresh breast milk is warm like your body temp.

Mam bottles worked best for my breastfed baby. We tried a few brands before that one. If your baby takes a pacifier make sure you try that same brand also.
Get someone else who is patient to try giving the bottle. It’s best if you aren’t in the house, especially not in the same room. Baby can smell you and then won’t be willing to try because they would rather have the real thing. Good luck, keep trying, you’ll get there!

We fell in love with mam bottles

I’m not sure its the bottle, rather the nipple. My babies were fussy about the nippy.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best bottles for breastfed babies?

When you breast feed you should be giving baby orange juice in a bottle they get use to the test then you have no trouble when you change over

Its not the bottle so much as the nipple. Also baby will usually prefer the breast. Just be relaxed and patient and keep trying

How old is the baby? I exclusively bf for 18 months and we went straight from breast to cup. We used NUK brand and she really seemed to enjoy the cup and had no problems switching. I also heard that Dr. brown is a great transition bottle as well

my daughter had this problem i had to get the bottles with the nipples that are kinda like breast and nipple shaped just keep trying it took mine forever to start taking one just keep offering it try pushin the nipple to the top of there mouth when you give them bottle sometimes the bottle dont fit right in mouth so this helps

My baby is breastfed and he’ll only take the tommee tippee, have tried a lot of bottles but this is what he took too.

My solely BF baby only took a Tommy Tippie.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best bottles for breastfed babies?

Mam was great for us

Only bottle my son will take and you can use them and still breastfeed. Theres no nipple confusion what so ever.


I went from breast feeding to supplementing with bottles and my baby took the 3 pack bottles at Walmart :joy:

Dr browns or minbie xx

My son took nuk simply natural bottles and breastfed.


It’s trial & error. With my 2nd I tried several different bottle & nipples before I just gave up. My 3rd took the first bottle I gave him.

Mine never would take a fake nipple

My 3rd baby would never drink from a bottle. He would go 8 hours without eating while I was at work.

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Nanobebe or Comotomo

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Boob brand or Tommie tippie

There isn’t a specific bottle that works just have to keep trying. I like to introduce a bottle by at least a month old so the baby won’t refuse it in the future. If you wait too long to introduce the bottle baby will refuse it. Have someone else try to feed the baby the bottle away from you a few times. Also try to make sure the bottle is warm like when baby nurses

All my kids had Tommy Tippy

My baby only likes Mam

Nanobebe was the only kind my daughter would take. Once I stopped breast feeding she would use any play bottles and try to drink from those though :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t3:

NUK was the only brand my babies would take after breastfeeding. The nipple is supposed to be shaped how are nipples take shape in their mouths to be more natural. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Playtex has always worked well for our babies

Try buying one of each brand to sample. My daughter was picky as well. Playtex drop in, Avent and Nuk were all she would take without gagging. Also, try having someone else test the bottle. I couldn’t been within sight of her or she wouldn’t take a bottle.

Kiinde are phenomenal even for non breastfed acid reflux kids

My daughter uses the Philips Avent Anti-colic bottles.

there isn’t on best bottle its the bottle YOUR baby likes or will take.

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i used Nanobebe bottles, & Philips Avent

Nanobebe are pretty good, my soon took it so well and he would continue to latch onto my breast

So I found that it was the nipple that mattered. If you buy any standard size bottle you can try all of the different brands of standard size nipples. It is way cheaper than cycling through bottles to find one your baby will take. It should be noted that this will not work on wide mouth bottles, they all have different sizes.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best bottles for breastfed babies?

Nuk natural or the lansinoh momma

Mine liked avent with the natural nipples


Mine took super well to Philip’s avent natural. Just make sure u line the vent up the right way.

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Mam bottles are good

Every baby is different. Our oldest loved Tommee Tippee and Avent. Our 2 month old only likes Parents Choice over Tommee Tippee/Avent/Nuk. He’ll tolerate Nuk and Mam sometimes.

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Mine only likes evenflo bottles

MAM were the only bottles my breastfed twins would take really and their pacifiers were the easiest for them as well

There is no best. You just have to try a variety until your baby finds its fit. One of mine liked fancy vented bottles. The other liked loonie bottles from bargain bins.

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I couldn’t either. So I ended up strictly breastfeeding, 2 years later still going strong lol

nanobébé. They are made specifically for breast feed babies. Highly recommend!!

Never had an issue with Avent bottles some of mine didn’t like the tommee tippee ones

Tommy tippee, nuk or avant :roll_eyes:. How is a question on the www helpful :thinking: :rofl::rofl:

I tried a lot with my baby girl, she’s 8 weeks now, but the avent worked best with a 0+ nipple. The avent bottles attached to the pump as well. But every baby is difference. My son would only take the kindde ones that came with the pump bags

Nuk Simply Natural is what worked best for my baby girl and my nephew

The only ones my son would use were the Dr. Brown’s but he had colic and that’s what worked

We only used Dr. Brown’s.

Pigeon. No nipple confusion. We breast and bottle fed

Kiinde the nipple shape resembles a breast. Only set my son used and my daughter uses them also. They will send you a sample from their sight

Dr. Brown was what my daughter preferred when I didn’t nurse

Nuke nipples are the best.

I love the Avent bottles with the 0 nipples - they work great! Used them for both my babies.

Lanisoh momma bottles

I used tommee tippie but word of warning infants can be picky! My son refused dr browns! You might want to buy a few different brands and once you know what ones they will take buy more!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best bottles for breastfed babies?

Good luck - my middle refused - take a bottle !
My last took the walmart bottle - sometimes ’

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