Best bottles for newborns?

What’s the best bottle for new born? My six days old baby doesn’t like any bottles. I’m having a hard time cause of no sleep.


I use the playtex nurser with drop in liners. So easy to use and keep clean

Have you tried playtex dropin nursers? Also have they checked his suck/tone ?

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It depends on the baby. Some hate different nipples.

My favourite I won’t use any other… easy to clean silicone pouch that sucks flat as babies drink milk squeezing out air

Try mam or Tommie my neice loves mam. My daughter preferred mam over most bottles and my nephew didn’t care at all

Have you tried Dr Browns those are whats going through our family durrently


My daughter liked the Avent bottles or Playtex bottles.

I personally
Liked the comotomo or tommy tipper

I used nuk with my oldest. My youngest I use parents choice

I tried a lot of bottles with my daughter(boon, dr brown, mam, nuk, Tommy tippee) and in the end she ended up loving the evenflo angled bottles

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Dr browns, avent…something with an airflow tube to make eating easier on their tummy tend to help

Well one twin uses Dr Brown’s and the other uses Avent. Funny enough the twinnthat breastfeeds is the one that uses Dr Brown’s regular hippies and the twin that didn’t like nursing uses the wide nipple on avent lol

I use avent my daughter wouldn’t stop spitting up and the milk kept running everywhere so once I switched it all stopped

I used avent with all 3 of my kids. My youngest was exclusively breastfed the longest of the 3 for 18.5 months and she did well with avent while I was at work

Dr brown’s. Both of mine loved them.

Boon, NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottle, Air-Free Feeding, 4 Ounce with Stage 1 Slow Flow Nipple (Pack of 3), Blue

Tommee tippee, the best


This is what we used ! My son was breastfed for the first two weeks and when my supply went down hill I used these with his formula and he took to them well , after three months I was able to switch to tommiee tippiee and dr browns !!

Mam bottles are amazing

Tommee tippee for both my girls. :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Philips Avent are awesome, NUK gave my eldest colic. I changed over and I’m not sorry. Use them for all 3 of my kids cos I can’t breastfeed. I tried everything but the milk dries up in less than a month. The best next to breast for me is Philips Avent

Tommee tippee closure to nature brand …

We did dr brown original bottles not the wide tops. The way out babys mouth was shaped he needed the narrow bottle nipples

Dr Brown. Loved the thin ones.

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I loved the playtex drop ins. They were the only bottle my son would use and could get a good latch on. It’s nice to be able to squeeze out the air in the bottle too

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Take that boobie out sleep with the baby and you’ll be better. I have 7 kids… but dr browns is a good go-to so you don’t have so much gas. Many babies have too much flow and it chokes them or not enough and they have to work too hard.


The one they like. Expect to buy them all, buy multiples of one cause this week they liked it and then next month start again

Oh and never expect to sleep soundly again :joy:

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Gentleflow first essentials by Gerber… believe me I tried so many brands, somehow they love this one. Good luck :hugs:

I love the tommie tippees. They have anti-colic bottles if your little one needs that. I’ve used them with two babies now and they work great for us.

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Depends on the baby tbh. I used Tommee Tippee and Nuk for my first, this baby has used Mam and dollar tree bottles lollll

Playtex drop ins. Used for all 4 of mine. They loved/love them.


It depends on the baby I had to use a cheap parents choice my son was a preemie refused every bottle but parents choice he stayed in nicu till due date because he refuse to take a bottle and I couldn’t Brest feed we tried every bottle known to man but the speech pathologist that seen my son recommended dr brown but he refused it

Tommee tippee worked the best for my fussy baby :slightly_smiling_face:

Dr. Browns. usedfor all 5 kids and grandkids. amazing bottle

I used nuk for 4 of my kids. This last baby is gonna be breastfed and bottle fed so my friends recommended the tommee tippee… so that’s what I bought.

My baby WILL NOT take a regular bottle nipple, I get the bottles that are fat and round, the kind that are “boob shaped”, she loves them.


My granddaughter really likes the Tommee Tippee bottles.

Tommee tippee worked well for my first born hoping it does for this baby too

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My baby only likes DR brown… she couldn’t latch properly to anything wide neck

I used dr browns wide bottles. They seemed to mimic a great more, and are good for preventing gas and other issues.

I love the Playtex air vent bottles


Dr. Brown is the only one I use

Dr browns were my go to… my daughter was super picky

I had a premie. She hated every nipple we tried for the first month or so till we found a company called Dr. Browns

All mine had tommee tippee x

Dr brown with new born nipples. My son was picky with bottles and the Dr brown was all he would accept. If you feel something boob shaped would be helpful try nanobebe. They weren’t our favorite as my son didn’t like the nipples but a lot of others deemed them a saving grace due to shape

Mam worked best for my boys

Pigeon slim neck! Before my newborn has surgery she would take avent teat and then after her surgery she now only takes rhe pigeon slim neck and loves it

Tommee Tippee anti colic

You could try laying down and feeding baby that way you can nap while they are feeding. I understand this isn’t the safest option but this is the only way my baby sleeps and feeds propley

Dr.browns, the NICU even recommends and uses them here

We always did dr brown bottles, however they didn’t go over well with my youngest so we switched to Boon brand bottles and they’re amazing and don’t have as many parts to clean and no little pieces or weird brushes are needed for them. They’re also great for breastfed babies. They’re similar to drop in bottles but they’re shorter and wider and the liners are reusable liners not disposables. They’re also super cute bottles!

Boon, NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottle, Air-Free Feeding, 4 Ounce with Stage 1 Slow Flow Nipple (Pack of 3), Blue

Saving this cuz ima need some soon​:crossed_fingers::grin:

Mam are the all time BEST

It’s trial & error. I had 1 that would only take the breast. 1 was on Playtex. The other would only use the cheap ones. Wish I knew that before I spent all the money on the “closer to breast” type nipples.

Dr Brown for all 3 of mine

Which ever bottle they like. I have 4 boys all 4 did different bottles. There is no BEST. Buy a couple of a few kinds and go with what works. Like diapers and pacifiers what is BEST for your baby is different that others Keep trying until it clicks


My girls switched back and forth between breast and como tomo really well

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Depends on what the kiddo likes. Mine liked Avent Naturals.

We used the nipples from the hospital on the little 2 ounce bottles with both kids for a week or two. Then the oldest switch to Gerber then youngest it took alot of trial and error and we ended up with envenflo bottles only available at Toys R Us :joy:
They both switched to Dr. Brown’s when they got bigger around 3 or 4 months.

I wanted them to like the simple avent bottles but they hated them :confused:

Every baby is different.

My son liked avent my daughter likes Mam

I liked the Avent bottles

My middle used Dr brown’s, my youngest would use Comotomo and I just bought Nanobebe for baby girl due in July…it’s really about trying untill you find one they like unfortunately

My son would only use MAM bottles

Dr Browns are amazing! My baby has a cleft and when she could use a bottle that’s what we had to use for her because they make a special piece for the nipple for cleft babes.

Dr Brown. They help decrease gas.

My oldest liked MAM, my 5 year old liked the dollar store brand and my youngest liked the drop-ins

My daughter only used MAM

Dr Browns bottles! they helped SO much with my sons gas

My daughter loved the mam brand

I had to try different ones with both of my kids. My youngest loved the Gerber ones and my oldest loved the Nuk

MAM and dr. Browns is what my newborn goes between

Tommee teepee. We tried 5 different bottles before we found one my baby would take!

Mam and platex were my kids favorite

Dr. Brown bottles are what I used for my 2 older kids. Pregnant with baby #3 and plan on using the same with him that his brother used. They were the best.

My breast fed liked times tippee when I was working. My son started on dr brown because nicu ( breast milk on bottle) but from that to breast n sippee by 5 months. I just picked one , stayed consistent and never offered a pacifier.

My 1st never took a bottle. My 2nd liked MAM & Lansinoh mOmma bottles

Same problem here​:sob::tired_face:
My daughter is one week and doesn’t like any bottles

Try nanobebe they resemble a mother’s breast, my son is 4months and that’s what I been using for him. The one is for breast milk and the other is for formula.

Avent with the green air free inserts.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best bottles for newborns?

Mam. My breastfed tongue tied babies did well with these

Dr. Browns saved us from colic and offers 4 stages of nipples to control flow


Both of mine preferred Dr Brown when they were tiny and as they got older preferred Nuk (as did I because there’s less pieces to wash lol)

Depends on the baby… some like the wider nipple, some don’t. For me it was trial and error and I used different bottles for each of my 5.

Lansinoh mOmma or mam

Both of my sons only took the cheap $1 Walmart bottles. Spent hundreds on “good bottles” and they would gag and choke or just refuse the nipple altogether

Depends on the baby, my oldest needed expensive bottles while my youngest hated them and liked the cheap ones best

I had to get premie nipples for my bottles and it made a HUGE difference. My son is 8 months and can still only handle the premie flow in the bottle.

Been many many years, but my girls used a disposable liner bottle with a small nipple on it. I think resembled the real deal so they took to it faster.

Tommee Tippee closer to nature

My NICU preemie grandsons had to have Dr.Brown.

My 3 boys did dr browns but my daughter is still doing well with avent

Comotomo were our favorite with our youngest he also liked tommee tippee

There is no one best bottle it’s what will your baby take and not get gas from. Get a couple brands and try then

We bought my grandaughter 6 different bottles n style of nipples. She will only take MAM.

Highly recommend dr. Browns wide neck bottles