Best debit card for kids?

Does anyone know any good apps or debit cards for kids under 13? My bonus daughter wants to get a debit card that she can use at stores for shopping. Like we give her an allowance, or if she does something like shoveling the driveway, we give her money. Instead of giving her paper money (cash), we place money on her debit card. Kinda like a cash app but made for kids. I looked online for some but the ones I found cost a monthly payment.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best debit card for kids?

My sister’s kids have the cash app card

Chase bank has an amazing option with everything you listed as a part of it! We love it! Feel free to message me for more info!

Chime. If you all the get them you can transfer money back and forth instantly

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Look into amscot! My oldest daughters dad is looking into getting her one from there. Says it’s a prepaid debit card and u can reload… not sure if works with cash app and venmo though

Empower will give the kids debit cards with out any minimums

Revolut junior card fantastic and so easy to use and top up and set weekly limits etc

We used greenlight when our kids were this age. The monthly fee was $5. If you bank at Chase though they have a kids debit card that is free. Both are very easy to transfer money in and out of. You can also restrict where they use it.

My daughter has her own bank account through SELCO but she’s got spending issues so what I did was I got her a Venmo card that I could transfer X amount of money to when needed. Idk how it’s going to work now with the money limits and cash apps but it’s worked really well to this point.

Greenlight is great, and card can be customized!! Money transfers happen quickly and customer service always answers!

May be better to set a checking or savings account up at your bank and then able to transfer the money so she can use a debit card attached to that account and then you can transfer as needed


GreenLight is what we used for our kids.

Go to your bank open an account its so much easier

We just got a Chime account for my oldest. I linked it to my regular bank account for easy transfers

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Most Banks do an 11-17 account with a card & online banking free of charge

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There’s greenlight which I think you can track on your phone so she can she what’s she spending or saving up for.


Can you not just open an account at your bank with both your names and tie it to your checking account? That way she can only have access to hers, but you can transfer money from your account to hers. My kids had checking accounts at my bank and they were under 16 as long as my name was on them too. Then the debit card had their name on it.

Greenlight for sure. All 3 of mine have one and I can just deposit money

We use Greenlight and I love that you can customize where she can spend the money too.

We did all of our kids accounts through Chase. Most banks offer free student checking

Capital one its free

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Tangerine would be great for her age.

GREENLIGHT!! We have had them for a few years now, 7 to be specific, and love it. I still have control over card controls, kids can download the app and see savings and spending. Customer service is FANTASTIC, and family can send quick cash gifts easily!

My daughter has had Go Henry since she was 6 and she is now 17. She still uses it even though she has a bank account

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CashApp is now available for kids 13 & older with parental permission. I believe the parent may have to have CashApp too but I’m not sure

I use the step app you can add money to their card and see what its spent on

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Greenlight is what my kids have

I use Greenlight and I’ve been pretty happy with it

We have Greenlight for all 3 of our kids 10, 13, 14 and it’s great!

I use step its a very easy credit card and I can monitor everything with the mobile app on my phone…And it’s free

We use Greenlight and like it. I think it’s like 4.99 a month.

We use cash app his account is connected to mine but it’s his own account and he got to design his own card it works for us

Apple Card u controle and doesn’t cost !

5/3 has a secondary card and you can swap money through the app online, And its free

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Green Light is what we use

I just got all my kids accounts through chase so I can transfer money to them for chores, birthday. You can see all transactions on your account because they are linked

Koho. I can transfer money from my personal bank account. No monthly fee. Cash back rewards.


Venmo u get a card with . I have one so I can use at stores

Td had a free student account it’ll have a fee once she turns 19 though!

Where are you? My bank offers a kids debit card but you only load money once their chores are complete on a saturday. My daughter and bonus baby have one.

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I use Greenlight for all of mine…love it.

Check with your bank or local credit union. They usually have debit card options for kids.

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Most of them do cost a monthly fee as does your bank

We used greenlight until I realized my bank has free student accounts with debit cards.

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Check with your bank. Mine offers a reloadable debit card. I can transfer money into it from my account and my son can only use what’s on the card. He has no access to my main account.

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Check with your bank. I know Chase does a kids checking as young as 6 that you manage. Most banks will have a student checking that an adult would have to be a singer on as well. That would make xfers easy thru online banking and such.


We got ours through our local bank and I can just add money through the app. No extra cost.


I believe chase bank has a debit card for kids

My bank has a bank account for kids my oldest has a debit card, I can transfer to his account easily to pay him for chores there’s no account minimum or fees

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I opened a joint account with my daughter. She has her own card. I just add money to the account. I just don’t touch her money even though I have access to it. She is now 15. We did this almost 3 years ago.

Green light. Or honestly you can get a debit card from cash app and send money to it

Koho. I got one for my son who is 6. I put some money on it every month. No fees and it is nice to save up for stuff he wants or needs

Our bank let us set up an two fold account and we put so much on her debit card and the rest stays in the account with out the child having access

My daughter has a Halifax card 11+

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Green light is our favorite! I love the fact that I can put their chores on their “to do” list and they don’t get paid unless they’re complete. It has an automatic savings side too where it rounds up the change on a purchase and puts it directly into their savings.

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Green light or cashapp

Greenlight. I absolutely love it. You can add money at any time. If she’s out and needs more money she will just text me and bam…I can put money on it right then and there. It also alerts me when she spends anything and I can list the only places I want her to spend.

You or her dad can get a joint account for her. When I had my first job, my mom opened an account for me and I got my own debit card, direct deposit and all. Or if she has cashapp or PayPal they send their own cards you can use as debit cards as well.

Greenlight! It has chores and allowance it also can be sent to the child and they can download the app, teaches them about saving and investing

None get them a credit card with a limit of there debit purchases with them building credit,… it will advance them in life so much


We use hyperjar because it’s free. You transfer money directly from your account into your own HyperJar account and can then transfer it to your own “jar” or your kids “jar” and they have a card for that jar :grin:

Cash app is free and would work but normally if you have a bank account you can get a card for a child or teen and just add money to it kinda like prepaid my grandpa use to do it for me when I was one chool

I gave my 13 yr old cash app with card,

Depending on where you live definitely a credit union. I got my kids cards from the credit union and no monthly costs.

I got my kids Capital One teen checking accounts. There are no fees, it gives them the option to set goals or set money aside, and I can easily zelle them their allowance. They love having their own debit cards. They only have to be 8 for the account, too.


Chase and capital one.

My 11 year old has one from chase linked from my checking account.

Contact your bank most have Jr card programs for kids

Visa card. U pay $5 to activate n u can reload them n they r a card taken everywhere

I did MyDoh and it works great, he can use it online as well for the Apple store.

My son has one from our bank… can only use at bank or atm

I was 12 when I got my own bank account still have it with Wells Fargo

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I got my first account at 12 with the credit union my parents bank at. I still use it! Our account are linked so that we can transfer funds but they can’t get into mine nor me theirs.

My kids have their own student bank accounts at my bank and because it’s a student account there are no monthly free.

We have greenlight. Works fine and easy to transfer money.

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I got prepaid debit cards for myself and gave each kid a card to use as their own because all the kids debit cards I found charged fees.

Chime works great. No hidden fees. You get one as well and it’s great bc you can transfer money in 2 clicks of a button
No required deposits

Cashapp has their own card

Just go to the bank and get one

All three of my teenagers 15,14,13 all have their own cashapp card. I had to accept and agree to them having one. Cashapp sent an email and text requesting my permission… I can log in and I can also set up (if I wanted to) to receive either text or email when they spend their money and how much they spend… They have had it over a year. Has their own name on it and all. Come in handy when they are out with friends are and a fast food place after football games and they want extra(more than the coach pays for) and I can just send them money instantly

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Green light. I like it because I can limit my daughter’s Starbucks spending

We use Step, there are no monthly charges and you can set up an allowance and transfer money at your leisure.

chase debit card for kids…i have my bank account linked to their debit cards…there are no monthly fees

HyperJar is free and very good

Check with your bank. Some have teen checking accounts.

We use Greenlight, I like it

I have Chase and just opened an account with My daughter’s name. I can add money and see all her transactions.

A lot of major banks like Chase offer debit cards for children as young as age 5. My bonus child has one through Chase and is great. Can transfer money, track spending set limits with no fee.

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Capital One card, i can monitor their account from my own .

My granddaughter has a Walmart Moneycard

I got my own account with my moms name attached from Bank of America at like 11 I think I still bank with them now she’s no longer attached because I’m 22 but very happy with them

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My son had Osper, not sure if it’s still on the go x

You can get a debit card from the bank just make her an account my daughters had an account since she was like three years old she got over $3000 in it…
It’s attached to my girlfriends account so she can watch my daughter spends out of it

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Greenlight is great and only $5 a month

My teens have cash app

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We use the cash app card.

Just use a cashapp debit card.

Ask your bank they may have a program that can help you with her

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