Best treatment for eczema?

My 4 month old has been diagnosed with eczema and the doctor suggested some hydrocortisone cream and Aveeno eczema cream. They worked well to clear up her skin but as soon as one area clears another starts. If we don’t put the creams on it just comes back. Her doctor mentioned referring her to a dermatologist if we can’t figure it out.

I’m wondering what other moms have tried and what worked? She’s breast fed and we’ve changed laundry products and bath soap but it made no difference.



Have you tried oatmeal baths as well?

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Yes, see a dermatologist.
My sons started out with eczema as babies.
Now as preteens, they have psoriasis.
It’s ointment everyday or just comes right back.

I agree with Sara see a dermatologist my eldest son had the same problem and found out he had food allergies
Sounds like something that a dermatologist can help you with more

What are you feeding your kiddo? If it’s formula, you may want to consider switching up the brand.

See an allergist. My son had this as well & I would lotion him head to toe but he just kept getting worse. Ended up he was allergic to eggs/nuts. As soon as I eliminated them from my own diet since I also breastfed he completely cleared up.


I myself had it as a child. We found that dryer sheets would cause breakouts as well as scented soaps.

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This cream is a life saver

It is recommended for babies as it contains NO steroids

Eczema is a condition that requires the Mama/Dad to put in the extra work to “keep up with it”. It is common for it to pop up somewhere else. Unscented laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, dish soap, body/hair wash, lotion. Cerave in the tub is wonderful. Baby gets a bath every day to keep down on the colonization of bacteria which can exacerbate the eczema. If the baby has a good day with no flare ups, skip on the hydrocortisone. It will eventually come back but the breaks are nice. Most babies outgrow by age of 1. You’re doing great, Mama!! :heartpulse:

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Oatmeal baths try to avoid thick lotions oil based is best I personally like coconut oil mixed with a little vaseline let them sleep with it on them covered in pj oatmeal baths will help soothe skin make sure ur using fragrance free soaps and detergents

My little girl has the same, we use dermaid when it gets really bad, also just use qv wash and cream religiously

Dove eczema lotion and coconut oil in baths. Hydrate the skin. Also helps with itching so double win.

Oatmeal bath! I’ve always had it bad and my son got it to. Fill a sock with plain oatmeal, put it over the tap of the tub as if fills, once it’s full take it off and just keep squeezing water out over and over from it like a sponge, I squeeze the sock with oatmeal directly on his skin and rub it in. Let him lay in that for awhile then rinse him and I also use Aveeno . His skin only has two little spots now :blush:

My youngest had this as a baby. We figured out what caused it. It was the heat. Ocean water did wonders for him

We slathered our lil boy in the Aveeno night time balm all day everyday for months. Its much better now. Still comes and goes.

We tried everything! We found out that he had a dairy allergy.

Free and clear everything. Unscented everything. Luke warm baths. Heat can bring it out and it can also be brought on by an allergy. Good luck mama!

So a derm will tell you to give her bleach baths, and steroid creams. Also you need to get her a full spectrum allergy test. Good luck. Sorry your baby has this.

Be careful with Aveeno, it has alcohol in it. Always read the ingredient list and if you see alcohol, it’s drying and will make eczema worse.

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Aquafor or coconut oil after a bath. My son has had steroids only during a severe outbreak I couldn’t clear up. Right now pollen is bad so I just to aquafor and an allergy med if he seems sniffly or like it’s rougher… seems to work now that the exacerbation is under control

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My son had horrible eczema when he was a baby. The only thing that made it go away was if I cut some dairy out of my diet while breastfeeding

My son started showing signs of eczema at 1.5 and he’s 3.5 now. Basically the same where if we don’t keep steroids on it (alternating one kind during the week, different one on weekends) he flares up bad again. We were sent to an allergist who won’t put him on that new Eucrisa stuff because his is “too bad”… even if we get it cleared and want to use it while it isn’t flared up :roll_eyes:

I may fight for a referral to am actual dermatologist because I feel like keeping steroids on a toddler constantly isn’t good.

Breastmilk applied topically and breastmilk baths✨

Also, check the environment. Candles, fragrance, plug ins, chemical cleaners, polyester clothing/blankets, air fresheners, perfumes all cause eczema and are terrible for health.

Since breastfed, very possible she’s having a diet reaction. Cut dairy from diet for 1 week and see what that does. You can also try eliminating eggs, wheat, caffeine, or soy from your diet as well.

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I suggest getting him tested for milk allergy

I put vasaline coco butter lotion on my niece and I think it works great for her

My son was breast fed, and had eczema. I noticed it was worse when I ate dairy. Doctors told me I was crazy, essentially. He was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy when I quit nursing. So, I almost wonder about an allergy? (FYI- he outgrew it by 3!)

Oatmeal baths and do not bathe everyday, couple times a week at that age. As soon as they are out of the bath put the steroid cream on the breakout spots and then put vaseline all over 2x a day as needed. My little one went through the same thing. If we dont keep up on the vaseline she flares right back up. Also check with a allergist. Thankfully they ruled out allergies for us.

This worked well for our son. I just recently switched to using a cbd oil based salve and it’s seriously the best!


V -my friend has had great luck with an oil she uses on her 1 year old with eczema.

I’ve tried everything and this is the only thing that work.

I am an adult, who has struggled with eczema from birth. I have seen every dermatologist, pediatrician, and eastern medicine/homeopathic doctor around… mine is completely stress related. (My parents did everything in this feed and much more: lard, essential oils, prescriptions, diet elimination, coconut oil, etc.—it all made me MISERABLE). Check to see if it could be her stress levels. As an adult, I have been diagnosed with OCD. When my OCD and anxiety flares, so does my eczema. And almost thirty years later, my parents are connecting the dots of how stress has been the cause of my eczema all along. I would check for emotional factors. Mine is completely dormant when my anxiety and stress is being managed. I know, my parents and doctors meant well, as a child, but the creams made me miserable and resentful. Consider all of this and reading about adults who have struggled since childhood and see what they have to say. Good luck with your little love bug! :two_hearts:

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Vanicream is the best to use dermatology told us about it and it works miracles just slather it on all over don’t have to worry about steroids and use everyday also use this line of soap and facial cleanser it is all great stuff. Can get at Walmart or Walgreens

Dairy or wheat intolerance maybe especially since breastfeeding

Try breast milk! Oatmeal bath… put the oats inside a ladies stocking/pantyhose and drop in water, less mess! Also, my daughter was allergic to the fire retardant placed on infant/children clothing, blankets. Wash in hot water several times to remove fire retardant. Worked immediately for us. Good luck!

Cut out all dairy, try a lactose formula. Thats the only thing that helped my little one unfortunately.

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You can find Vanicream at Walmart or Target. And use ONLY Dove Senstive bar soap. It has to be the bar. The wash formulation is totally different. Only use hydrocortisone on the really bad spots and for no longer than a week.

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Please look into food allergies! My son was diagnosed with severe eczema at 3-4mo. We saw an allergist at 9mo and found allergies. Once we controlled that, the skin cleared sooo well. We still have a regimen for his skin, but it’s super important to seek out food allergies!

For the skin, our team at Hopkins recommends daily baths, using soap 1x per week. Dove baby is the most sensitive. After bath, layer in Vaseline. At diaper changes, we used Raw shea coconut oil lotion. We have 3 steroids prescribed for bad times, but you can use 1% hydrocortisone OTC as needed.

I am in the same boat. Hydrocortisone 2x a day lotion all the time. Oatmeal bath every 2-3 days. We have tried A variety of creams and its getting worse for us. We have also tried everything breast milk and already tested for allergies.

I agree with checking into allergies. Maybe even get a referral to an allergist. Or you can experiment with eliminating certain things from your diet.

Until then, use the aveeno all over every day, especially after baths and just use the hydrocortisone where she has the eczema. Make sure her soap is sulfate free and fragrance free, switch to free & clear laundry detergent/fabric softener if you haven’t already. These are things that help with my own eczema.

My son has had awful ezcema since he was born. Hes now 2. Please DONT use hydrocortisone cream. It makes ezcema itch worse. We have literally tried everything to keep the flare ups down bcuz he would make them bleed. It would be all over his body. We have done steroids, oatmeal, allergy medicine. Nothing. The ONLY thing that has worked, we found recently. He hasn’t had a flare up in over 2 weeks. His skin looks amazing! Its Neosporin Ezcema relief. It is the only thing that stops the itchiness of it. Hydrocortisone cream actually makes it worse for ezcema, please dont use it. I swear by this neosporin stuff. It is seriously s miracle in a bottle.

My son’s doctor said to use Dove body soap for sensitive skin

Dermatologist my son has it very bad on his face legs and inner elbows. Derm was the beat decision because pediatricians arent well known for that area. We use hydrocortizone we have prescribed hydroxizine which helps prevent itching. No dyes or fragremces in amything used on the baby. You can do oatmeat baths and our son takes bleach baths. Itll tale a awhile to see a difference. My son is 2 now and hes starting to have flare ups less and less. We also use LUSHS dream cream. And aquaphore works real well you want to keep them moisturized as much as possible we lotion every diaper change and right after a bath

Check your own body wash/soaps and laundry detergent that you use for yourself and other family members. We tend to forget the items on ourselves can affect our babies too!

My son had the same problem! We tried everything including the cream and oil and it would go away then come right back after we used the prescription and I just couldn’t put it on him daily. I was too afraid it would affect him in some way with all of the medication in it. We ended up at the dermatologist after a year and a half of trying things. California baby soap and ceraVe lotion were the only things hat kept it off. He did outgrow it by 4 though.

My twins have eczema. We use the eucerin cream and it works wonders!

It maybe a allergy as your breast feeding you could try cutting dairy out your diet see if that helps xx

My son was diagnosed with this when he was little on the back of his legs and nothing has helped, he is now 12 and has scars from all them all over his legs, I just ended up with it on my hand 4 months ago and that cream did not help what so ever!

I have eczema and all I use for my skin is unscented Vaseline and i works perfectly for me. With my son getting it I used coconut oil and it helped. With my brother we used Bennett bath drops and it helped him… It’s different for each person.

Eczema doesn’t go away I’ve had it since I was a child, just try to keep affected parts out of direct sunlight.

My granddaughter could only use dye free laundry soap and Aveeno baby wash and night time cream. They could not have ANY smells. I was so sad to not have the lavender scent. It took a few weeks and hers is clear. She is 2.5 years old can still cannot have any scents. As long as we stick with Aveeno she rash free.

My daughters trigger was dairy, me consuming it as she was breastfed. She’s 7, still can’t drink milk. She’s okay with dairy that has been cooked.

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It’s almost always a food allergy. Usually grains or dairy.


I use coconut oil on my son and myself. It get so bad during the winter time for both of us. After using it for a couple days it’s gone. You can get it unscented so you don’t smell like a coconut all the time! :rofl:

My doctor said short nightly baths and after the bath to lather them in aquaphor. It’s seemed to really help.

I use eucerin eczema lotion and I just put in on my sons whole body after baths and it keeps him relatively clear.

Depending on how bad it is use a pea sized amt of cortisone w aquafor to reduce the red inflammation for a day or two. My son, my #6 was so horrible nothing worked. Now i use triple filtered coconut oil from trader joes and switch off w aveeno only. Massage in after bath. Oatmeals baths as needed. Nothing scented. Seeing an allergist helped though bc at 6 mos old we found out he was allergic to cat dogs plus… so now we use avoidance measures. It all makes sense now. Allergist said babies change every 2-3 mos and can dev allergies very spontaneously…

Allergist does not like aquafor though… She says it has lanolin in it which some people can be allergic to. She prefers something called cerave if im spelling it right. The thing is the aquafor did wonders so Im finishing the bottle.

Remove dairy from your diet. See if that helps

Our dr recommended hydrocortisone cream with Vaseline over top twice a day or immediately after taking him out of the bath. She also recommended bleach baths but I never tried it.

My oldest has eczema. He bathes everyday with dove sensitive skin or aveeno eczema baby wash. Followed by lotion (aveeno excezma). We used nothing but Arm and Hammer sensitive skin laundry soap.
He’s 12 now and still has moments when it flares really bad. It’s a battle but it can be controlled.

Aveeno does not work. We use baby dove sensitive wash and lotion only thing that keeps it away. We also wash everything in a free and clear laundry wash.

My son had severe eczema starting around when he started teething, his saliva was irritating his skin and would break out his face so badly his entire face was just red! His Dr had us try a medicated lotion called desonide .05% and it was a life saver!!! He still gets spots if his skin gets a cut or any type of open spot, and the lotion clears it up in a day or two. I also have to use aveeno soap and the lotion if his skin gets dry feeling. Picture is from when it was worst.

Aquaphor. Give them their nightly bath then slather them head to toe in aquaphor. They will be greasy but just put pajamas on and by morning it will be gone. My daughter hasn’t had anything bigger than a dime sized spot here or there in almost 2 years. Before this it was constant and the stuff the dr was giving us never worked as well as this has anyway.

My kiddo is going through this as well. We are using an Aveeno cream and a steroid cream from the Dr. We were letting her sleep in her diaper after we lathered her up, but found putting her in a onesie after being lathered made a massive difference

Acqufor helped my son

We went to the dermatologist and they gave us a prescription cream that worked wonders!!! My daughter had extremely bad eczema

Not sure I spelled it right

I used witch hazel and also salt suites help reduce inflammation as well

My 2 year old use to have it awful. I literally tried a million different things. These 2 things have been a LIFESAVER for us!! He gets a nightly bath with the soap and then I cover him head to toe in the cream. Haven’t had a flare up in months!

I have eczema really bad also. And people can say what they wants but I have never found anything better then using an athlete’s foot sray. Eczema is a fungus. Yes it sounds nasty but it’s a works extremely well and clears it up completely. Worth a try.

Try cutting out dairy for a while too, see if that helps. Eczema is a sign (and can be the only one) of a milk intolerance. Also if baby has a lingering cough that will help with that too.

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I found that Hemp Lotion works really well.

Change soaps. My daughter was constantly breaking out until we switched to a hypoallergenic laundry soap.

Are u drinking/eatting dairy…cuz that can cuz eczema…cut it out and see if that helps.

Let me tell as someone who has been through this in the most severe way… your ped, the derm and even the allergist know very little about this particular problem and every kid is different. I would start by cutting top 8 allergens from the childs diet, triple rinse clothing, use sensitive soap with no fragrance. Feel free to private message me if you want. We saw all the doctors and paid all the money and recieved no help. Momma had to take it into her own hands.

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Try some breastmilk :ok_hand:

If you bathe a baby too much it can also make it worse. If they are active but aren’t crawling around much they honestly dont need a bath every night, at that age it was maybe every other day (like 3 times a week) when he got a bath. But aquaphor is awesome for that stuff as well

We were referred to a pediatric allergist. Food allergies and eczema go hand in hand usually. I haven’t found any cream lotions or ointments that have helped. We’ve changed everything.

I noticed my son gets really bad if he eats eggs. No more eggs for him.

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I don’t know if you will see this message amongst all these others, but I urge you, please have your child tested for allergies. Fair warning, long post. Sorry.

My son had that same problem when he was a baby. His was horrible. He was covered head to toe, literally. In was in his hair on his scalp and ran over his entire body. It started a few days after birth. It was weepy and would bleed a lot and it was inflamed. My poor baby quite often couldn’t be in clothes because with all the weeping, the clothes would stick to him and it was painful for him to remove them. The bleeding didn’t help. All of that would stain his clothes and it was hard to get clean. Those I couldn’t clean had to be thrown out. It itched and he would scratch and make it worse. Socks didn’t help, they stuck to him and at some point, he figured out how to get them off. We tried every cream on the market, tried mixing and creating our own, tried all natural products, tried aloe, tried oils, tried prescriptions, tried oatmeal baths, salt water baths, everything I was told, researched, and could think of. He was miserable. It broke my heart.

My son was also breastfed. I changed my diet so many times. The doctors made me quit dairy, then foods with acids, cut out meat, cut out this, cut out that, add this, try that, it went on and on. I changed all soaps to dye free, scent free, hypoallergenic. I changed my body washes, shampoos, no sprays or perfumes, changed to all natural cleaning products. You name it, I tried it. At some point, neither one of us were getting necessary nutrients or eating enough and I was going crazy. So then they told me to stop breastfeeding for a while and try formula. He still had the problem, only this time it was coupled with lots of horrible vomiting. He would eat, but it wouldn’t stay down. They switched formula again, but then he started developing another rash between his eczema that was painful for him. Switch again, he was fine for a few days, then one day during a feeding he stopped, hurled exorcist style all over me and everything around us, he stopped breathing, and his lips turned blue, rushed to the hospital. They were able to help him, he’s fine, but was terrifying. Needless to say, I stopped the formula and went back to breastmilk. Made an appointment with pediatrician asap and convinced him to refer me to a specialist.

He sent us to an allergist/immunologist. This doctor asked every question imaginable. Wanted and needed to know as much family history as possible. He didn’t judge me, didn’t make assumptions, and he didn’t pass off what was happening as something unimportant. After talking and asking questions, he ran tests. He drew blood, he did poke tests, he did breathing tests, he did something I don’t even know and haven’t seen before. He tested for food allergies and environmental allergies. When all the results came back, I was amazed how much they found out. Turns out my son is allergic to certain foods. One of those is peanuts and and pine nuts, and this is the big one. This allergy is bad enough he can’t have anything made on the same machines as those products, can’t be near it, can’t touch it, can’t look at it (that last one is an over exaggeration) He is allergic to eggs, but only certain parts of the egg and in certain forms. It’s weird. He’s allergic to certain pollens, certain grasses, dust, certain insects and their stings, mold/mildew, cats, dogs, and other animals. Basically, my son needs to be in a bubble. Lol.

We have found what works for us, finally. He is on medicine he take daily to help manage allergies of stuff we can’t help that he’s exposed to, we carry an epi pen everywhere for the life threatening ones, and every two weeks, he goes for his allergy shots that help with a lot of the other allergies. It’s been a journey, but I’m glad we found him the help he needed. He is so much happier and healthier because of it. Once we got it and made necessary adjustments, his eczema cleared up. It was like magic.

I apologize for going on forever and ever. I wanted to share this with you so you would understand where I’m coming from and why I’m urging you to do this. It quite literally saved my boys life.


We use triamcinilone(sp) ointment works wonders

Eucerin baby eczema cream. Every day, all over.

My grandson has this. For him, anything with milk in it triggers a reaction. He’s very sensitive. Maybe there is something like this for your girl?

Coconut oil! Its helped my daughters eczema a lot!

My youngest had it real bad on his face as a baby. We actually used a psoriasis cream from Walgreens which cleared it up.

Check ingredients for fragrance. Go fragrance free on soaps, shampoo and lotions and see if that helps. My mom and oldest have a allergy to fragrances in that stuff and it causes excema on them.
If it keeps up definitely go to dermatologist as they have better tips

You just described my son. He’s two now and his eczema was barely present this last winter. I pray that your little one grows out of it as well.

Ask about eucrisa. It’s non-steroidal and it works for my eczema.

Dominic look at this thread.

I know of several people who have used this and it worked!!

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My son has eczema has since he was 5 months old hes now 18 months old. I use coconut oil with some vitamin e oil mixed in and I throw some lavender essential oil in for a calming scent because I out it on before bedtime. I tried the hydrocortisone and the aveeno I even tried eucerin and they did nothing, 3 days of using coconut oil the redness was almost gone and the inflammation and rash looking spots were completely gone. I told my sons pediatrician and he looked at my sons eczema within a week of diagnosing him with it and said he was going to start telling other parents with little who have eczema to try it. And a few months later said hed had several parents try it and be very happy with the results. Especially because its something you can use every day and it’s all natural and rather cheap.


Used Vaseline all over my granddaughter that works for her ,bathe every other day.

Child farm is really good

Some kids just have eczema. You could also check with an allergist.

Rub some of your breast milk on it. Works wonders

Dream cream by Lush works wonders

See a dermatologist, dont waste time and baby comfort.

Head and shoulders or selsum blue worked for my baby girl. Also applying breast milk in the lotion right as you’re rubbing it on.

She could be sensitive to milk. My son had to go to soy

Breastmilk!!! Fr!!! I have psoriasis and when i was nursing the Breastmilk made it so much better…its an old wives tale that hapoens to work!!

Olive leaf extract is great for eczema. I love products. They’re now selling a lotion!
Remedy Skin Repair Cream with Olivamine - 4oz Tube #MSC094424

Put breast milk on it! It cleared my daughter’s up!