Best way to boost a toddlers immunity?

We got vitamin C, elderberry and cold calm In rotation due to it being flu and cold season.

Her daycare just shut down till the 6th due to covid cases with 2 of the teachers and we loose our insurance next week. So i can’t afford her to get sick or anyone in our house at the moment.

With kids it’s hard, especially at daycare or school they all get each other sick. Make sure they eat healthy, they wash their hands correctly and frequently, no sharing food or drinks, taking a bath after getting home / not wearing “outside” clothing on the couch or bed, staying warm. Oranges/orange juice helps my husband & daughter a lot when they’re starting to feel icky. For adults that emergen-c or whatever it’s called stuff is good. It’s that powder you add into water… my friends got me in the habit of drinking it basically everyday just to have as a precaution.