Can a 6-year-old start puberty?

My son who was 7, go to the doctors, they will do blood test to check.

Is it normal, totally not.
But it is happening earlier and earlier- our food is loaded with hormones and chemicals. The products we use daily in our houses and on our bodies are loaded with chemicals. These chemicals change and alter our bodies, disrupt the hormones and natural make of the body.


I would check with your pediatrician. My 5 year old has been having body odor for a year or so and his Dr said it’s not a problem as long as he’s not demonstrating other signs of puberty. Yes kids sometimes develop early, but 6-7 seems too early to me. Checking with the Dr will give you peace of mind and they can give you better advice than the internet.

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With all the extra hormones they put in our food these days, girls have started to develop at a younger age. Scary when you think about it.


I had two girls, both started menstruating at 9

9 for my daughter, 12 for me. But 6 :scream:

It’s early but definitely possible.

My daughter started around 6/7 with leg hair and B/O, budding was around 8/9… still no period, she’s 10 and half now. I was told all of the early puberty or growth is do to all the hormones our food these days are full of.

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My daughter developed quicker than I expected also. She got her period at 10.

Talk with a physician


It’s probably just a hereditary thing :heart:

Yes when I was in kindergarten I started wearing deodorant bc of odor then I started my period in second grade. I started developing early on. I was the tallest one in elementary even taller than my teacher I already had breast by 2/3 grade and by the 6th grade I stopped. Thank God.

My daughter had those “signs” around 8/9, but didn’t get her period until 9. My daughter also has hashimotos thyroid tho.

Yes i was around 9,10

My daughter 12 has been shaving her arm pits awhile now… and for a few years we have told her it’s deodorant time… the hair had started every where early … she grew quickly with a bum and chest… but all that happened for over a year now she JUST got her period last week… sooo that stuff can start way before! Hang in there the hormones in this house are raging lol

My mom bought me training bras at that age! By the time I was 9 I needed regular bras though. She may be starting all of this a bit early for you, but momma she’s still your baby girl! You got this :yellow_heart:

Legit probably not related but my daughter has classical cah (congenital adrenal hyperplasia) it’s a genetic disorder and she requires daily steroids etc. the adrenal insufficiency messes with hormones, so to get to the point there’s a version also called non classical cah which they don’t go into crisis and die without medication, but the endo told me to watch for these symptoms in my 7 year old boy I’m not sure what they would do if he did have it and puberty begun so early I assume do something to control the hormones, but so many kids also begin so young these days. But cah is a very unknown and not thought of condition.

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I’ve heard of young girls as young as 5 years old getting their periods now. Most definitely what they are putting in the food nowadays to make these young girls develop faster at such young ages.


It’s the growth hormones on food.


I budded out early as a kid but didn’t officially hit puberty until I was 12. So I’d definitely talk to her and her pediatrician. Let her know she has nothing to be ashamed of.


I wondee if it has anything to do with what shes being fed… alot of food companies put hormones into the food we eat … is it naturally normal ? I dont think so … but it is possibly made to be “normal” after pumping hormones into food and skincare products… even shampoos.


I started at the age of 6, but I didn’t get my period until 12. I had body hair and boobs though! It happens. Take her to the doctor to be sure she doesn’t have a hormone issue that needs addressing. She probably doesn’t, but sometimes it is caused by a hormone issue that can be treated.

The hormones definitely started flowing for my daughter around 7. She’s 9 now and has to wear bras, has fuzz and even started breaking out (very small breakouts). Only thing that hasn’t happened yet is the monthly visitor


Prepare Her Well. For The Truth And Reality

My daughter had this happen and it was called precocious puberty. Have her seen by her pediatrician and they can refer her to a specialist if they think it is that. If it is that and it’s not treated it can cause growth issues such as crooked spine, short height and other hormonal issues. Best to get her checked.


It’s normal to start getting hair but definitely keep an eye on her get her thyroid checked

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My daughter started getting BO in kindergarten she’s 10 no period yet😱


My 6 year old daughter has none of that.

Just keep an eye out. My daughter started getting hair around that age too and she started her period at 9, but everyone is different. I started mine at 12 so I was not prepared at all.

My daughter was young as well. Like, 8ish when the hair started. Shes french/Lebanese so she naturally darker skin tones, and hairy. We talked about shaving, first the armpits, then not really until this year (she’s 12 now) did she have an interest in shaving legs. I got my period at 11, as did she. Hormones do crazy things man. Totally normal, just have a good honest talk with her. I don’t sugar coat things when it comes to life’s journeys with my kids. It is, what it is.

I was 9, with a b cup bra when I started my period

Look up precocious puberty. You may want to check with her pediatrician.

Let ur dr know asap! My niece went thru this. They wanted to do injections to stop her from hitting puberty at such a young age because it’s not good for them to start so early.


I started my period at 8. I already had an A cup by the time I was 7

Talk to her about it. Give her the honest knowledge she needs. The hair and development can start for a while before she gets her period but start teaching her about what to expect and good hygiene. Get supplies and keep them in the house just in case.

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Please contact her pediatrician. Definitely could be precocious puberty.


Started at 8 almost 9 don’t remember the developing part but most likely did prior to starting.

I was super young. Probably younger than that. As an adult I got a load of issues.

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So…my son (7) Def has leg hair. Probably 1/4 of an inch long already and he’s had body odor since he was like 5 and a half or 6 :grimacing: but, he is WAY bigger than the average 7 yr old (think size 12 husky shorts and size 10 h shirts and a size 4 shoe lol he’s 2 inches away from 5ft tall

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People do not realize it’s all of the hormones and chemicals that are being placed in foods. My daughter was taken off formula when she was 8 months old due to a severe allergy. She was on whole organic milk. She is 11 now. No period, no body hair, no odor, she eats clean, drinks water and organic juices, no pop at all, and we avoid Red-40 which is known to cause add/adhd issues in kids. She has zero attitude and no sleeping issues. Doctor said this is contributed to what she eats.


My daughter was 12 when her cycle started. Hair by 8

My daughter is 8. Budding. We wear sports bra or tank top under shirts out. The hair on legs a little worse then before but my side is hairy. Her pediatrician told me to start preparing her at her appointment and by a book last year at wellness just in case. So she’s aware.

Mine was at 6 almost 7. She’s 8 now and features are just getting more obvious… I blame alot on food and meds now days. Just know your not alone on this…


I was only 8 years old when I started my period, but six is awfully young…I’d definitely mention it to your pediatrician

Oh wow I wouldn’t be ready either my only daughter is 6 I hope I have some more years before she starts

I was 8 years old when I hit puberty! I had my menstrual already started and I was developing also.

Talk to her doctor. It sounds like precocious puberty. They can give her blockers if medically necessary. Precocious puberty - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic.

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Not normal. She should be seen by an endocrinologist to check for precocious puberty.

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Your pediatrician can medicate her to delay puberty. I’ve got a friend whose daughter was entering puberty around 6 as well. Medication will delay this for as long as she takes it. My friend’s little girl was on it til around 11.

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They go through two rounds of hormones. One at 6-7 but the big one is yes at 9-12. This one usually isn’t enough to start their period or anything like that but it’s enough to get things moving and being out the sass :rofl:. It happened in my boys. I got maybe 1-2 years left for my daughter. Dr says it’s perfectly normal. Some kids just have a bigger reaction to the 6-7 year old hormones than others. Good luck!

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Kids today seem to be starting younger, so definitely a possibility. I think my daughter was in 3rd grade. It’s very hard to get them to understand when they are so young. Make sure you talk about it as much as possible. Thankfully my daughter got her first at home.

My older kids were definitely smelly around 7. And really in puberty around 9. My 10 year old is in full blown puberty, she’s already a solid A cup, hair everywhere and boy does she smell. My 13 year old has been on puberty since around the same time too. What baffles me is my 9 year old (she just turned 9 Friday) is only stinky and really just recently. No breast buds, no hair, just stinky. She’s also my littlest of the three. My 13 year old is 6’ and my 10 year old is just shy of 5’. She’s like 4’5.5" and I’m pretty sure the last time I measured her, I didn’t take her shoes off, so, she’s probably shorter than that. I don’t know, kids do things when they do things. If you’re super concerned you can always talk to your ped about running a hormone panel.

8 is pretty normal age to start puberty changes even if she doesn’t start her period until later. So she’s not super early but it might still be worth mentioning to her doctor.

They can start this early development but the actual period could still be years out. My 7 year old has stank pits too and hairy legs lol good time to introduce deodorant lol

Children especially girls are maturing earlier now, because she f ingesting hormones in milk. It is loaded


Peds endocrinologist referral


It’s not unheard of. A small percentage of children will begin puberty between 6-8 years of age. Please make an appointment with your pediatrician though, just to make sure that this is normal growth and development, and not an endocrine, or some other medical disorder.

“Precocious puberty is when a child’s body begins changing into that of an adult (puberty) too soon. When puberty begins before age 8 in girls and before age 9 in boys, it is considered precocious puberty.”


My sister got her period at 7 :confused: she started growing tons of hair afterwards, a few years later she was diagnosed w PCOS.


I would say for age 7 it certainly is a possibility but could just be the increase in hormones. Definitely prepare just in case

It’s possible. Kids now are developing faster because of all of the hormones that are in food. :cry:

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I would get a referral to an endocrinologist as soon as possible, there are things they can do to help stop it until you and her are ready 

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Kids start earlier now because of all the hormones in the foods we eat !!!


I started around 7-8 and got my period by the time I was 10 :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

Puberty precocious- you need to see a Peds Endocrinologist and get a hand X-ray for bone age


My daughter is five and she is special-needs she has a lot of brain damage which has caused her to have precocious puberty she has a little bit of hair down there and under her arms and breast tissue I would talk to a pediatrician and get a referral to an endocrinologist.for my daughter we decided to do an arm implant that releases hormones that we have to get done every year and it seems to be helping lower her hormone levels and stop her puberty from happening this early. 


All the hormones in the meat and milk and xeno-estrogens in the environment.

My daughter is 6 will be 7 at the end of August and she has leg hair and odor under her pits she’s been having to wear deodorant for about 6 months now. I also didn’t start my period until I was 13 so I was very shocked and asked her pediatrician if it could be anything else and she just told me it’s a first sign of starting puberty for a lot of girls. I’m hoping we still gave a few years before it happens.

Development is faster and faster. My mom and I didn’t get our periods until 15, my daughter started at 10

Please ask a doctor and talk to her family doctor! No question is a stupid question to a doctor. They can explain things we can’t! And they do need to know every little thing, no more how small or insignificant it may seem.


Yes. It is possible. There are tests and there are medications to stop early onset of puberty.

Chickens for decades have been given growth hormones. Livestock, too. The hormones and antibiotics are supposed to be stopped a certain number of days before the animals go to slaughter but often because of how animals are transported to market, the risk of illness from that close contact and stress of hours of transport, the antibiotics and hormones (they are mixed into the high calorie feed the animals are given) are still administered close to the time these animals are sent to market and then butchered for market. As a result, hormones remain in meat and dairy products. I never did sample and was never involved in research regarding eggs so I cannot speak to those. Early onset puberty, and high levels of hormones in young kids have been seen even in kids who were raised exclusively on organic poultry, by the way. Make of that what you will.

The issue isn’t just earlier maturity and stronger hormones. Our children can impregnate and get pregnant at an earlier age. The issue then, in my mind, next leads to how our schools teach sex education and the curiosity that is aroused if that education is not handled appropriately. Of course there needs to be education(!), but I think the way sex is presented in some schools does lead to experimentation.

More than you asked but the issue, and consequences, should be examined in its entirety.

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It’s possible. The youngest recorded mother was 5 years old.

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It’s because of the growth hormones they put into the animals we eat. They start much younger now.


My daughter started her cycle at 8…so there’s that :woman_shrugging:t5: doctor says 6 years all the way to 12 years kids can hit


My daughter started puberty at 6/7 got her period at 9.
My older sister got her period when she was 8.

My friend’s younger sister got her period when she was 8. This happened 20 years ago. Don’t be scared momma, just early but you got this.

Precocious puberty. Take her to the doctor


Her body is starting to change. That doesn’t mean she will start her period. She may keep little buds for breasts for a while. Just get training bras and her used to wearing deodorant. My mom did not do this with me and I remember getting picked on to the point I had to do it on my own when I started 7th grade. I remember going on a field trip to tour the middle school and kids from other schools were there and girls from another school were picking on my bc I didn’t have a bra on and my boobs looked triangular. I didn’t know I needed to wear a bra until that moment and I found out the hard way.

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The median age for first period in the US is 11. Six or seven is unusual, but not unheard of. I’d speak with her pediatrician if you’re concerned about health implications. They likely also have tips for discussing it with your daughter.

My son started growing hair in his lower region around 7, and his pediatrician sent us to an endocrinologist to check things out. Turned out his bone age was 2 years older. We continue to see the endo doctor regularly to make sure his bone age doesn’t get crazy ahead. My son is 14 now and everything is normal now! I definitely recommend seeing a doctor


It’s called precocious puberty…

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I’d talk to her pediatrician. There could be something messing with her hormones. Also, when girls are molested as young children, puberty can come on early.

I got my period at 8. But started getting thicker leg and armpit hair around 7. Definitely could be puberty.

I was 9 when I started developing. If your really concerned just take her to her pediatrician.

I had my period when I was 9 so did my grandma. I was wearing bras in 3rd grade

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Just because she’s starting to have these things doesn’t mean she’ll start soon. But yes, it is possible. I have a cousin that had her first period at 5.

I’d talk to her pediatrician. Also a lot of foods today are genetically modified and have growth hormones with can also contribute to early puberty. Non the less I’d still take her in to her pediatrician just to rule out no underlying health issues.

I was wearing bras in 3rd grade, had to shave in 6th grade but didn’t start my period until I was 13 and a freshman in high school.


Absolutely. You can take her to a specialist that would give her medication to slow it down. I chose not to. The day is going to come anyway. My daughter started her period at 8


Yes. With all the hormones in the meats sold in stores kids are starting puberty at younger ages. I know I had classmates starting at 8 and 9 yo


I really don’t understand how women are so clueless when it comes to puberty. Hair and breast buds happen sometimes several years before periods come. You have time. This is a normal part of development. Some girls start periods as early as 8 and 9 years old. This is not new. This has been a thing for generations. People out here going “oh my God, they’re starting younger and younger!” No they’re not. If you or anyone in your family started their period at a younger age, then your child is more likely to start their period (and therefore all things that come with puberty) at a younger age.


I started puberty in 4th grade. It also has to do with all of our genetically modified foods and the hormones put in meats. My step daughter is 7 and over the last couple years has gone through some puberty like changes and the doctor said it’s not uncommon anymore for younger girls to go through puberty due to the way we process grow and inject our food.

Take her to the doctor just to ease your mind and get some answers


I have a condition called PCOS I began puberty at 6 some conditions can cause early puberty I would have her checked out with her pediatrician and a endocrinologist good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I started mine at 9.
I don’t knew of anyone who started earlier than me back then.

I started my period when I turned 9 and had breast already, I’m 28 years old now. I think it’s normal but if your worried just talk to her doctor.

My 9 year old has body hair everywhere not a little bit a lot where you get hair she turned 9 end of April. She’s been getting hair since 7.5 8 ish

Può essere che sua figlia ha ereditato questa cosa da vostra madre e la vostra nonna, perché avete scritto Ke hanno avuto il menarca intorno i 9 anni,vostra figlia ne ha 7 ora,bisogna solo aspettare e attendere.:muscle:t3:

Leg hair is no indication of a menstrual cycle starting soon, that’s just a human trait. Both my 5yr old and 7yr old daughters have leg hair. Not to the point of needing to shave but it’s there. Also my older daughter, bc she isn’t super skinny, sometimes looks like she has little breast buds. It’s just regular little kid chunkiness. There definitely are cases of girls starting super early, and there’s various reasons for that. But I wouldn’t be too concerned with just the things you’ve listed.

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I was 8 when i started my period

Yup, my 9 year old started to develop at 7.5.