Can I hear your c-section stories?

I’m about pregnant & due in February; I was wanting to hear other c-section moms’ stories on having two c-sections. I wanna hear about the surgery itself to the recovery & all of it.


Following. I’ll have my second in may with a busy 2 year old as well. I’ve heard the second is a slower recovery than with your first though :smirk:

My second delivery was easy, overall. I was nervous, because I was out to sleep for my first( it was an emergency). But it wasn’t bad at all.
Make sure to get your belly band and put it on before you get out of bed.
My recovery was pretty good too. I knew what to do, how much to walk, I knew to take the pain meds even if I felt like I didn’t need them, I knew to take the stool softeners, to not lay down flat at home.
It was pretty good, overall.
I’ve had 4 c sections, and my 3rd delivery was the worst.

Following i will have my 2nd c section in June as well❣

My second c section was easy. I was sitting up in bed hours later. It just felt like I had a major core workout. My second c section was the first c section I was awake. When I came home I still did my normal activities with my 3 year old just take it a little easier. Everyone recovers differently.

You will do fine as long as you get out of bed and walk as soon as possible. The worst pain comes from gas accumulation which you will be able to get rid off if you walk. Use a belly pillow when you cough. Use a abdominal binder when out of bed. Take stool softeners every day. Do not carry more than 10 pounds for 6 weeks

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I have had 3 my kids are grown now but my first one was the worse And the other ones got easier I was in the hospital 5 days with my 1st baby but other ones I was only in there 2 days they all so cut me from my belly button down which I didn’t understand I had 22 staples that I had to get removed so my first one was my worst one…I had a baby in Jan and in August and Nov .

I’ve had 3 c-sections and the 2nd was the worst. First one was super easy, hardly any pain afterwards. The second one was so painful I could hardly walk. I mostly shuffled around hunched over. Third one was a mix of both. I don’t remember much about the surgery itself, except I barfed on the anesthesiologist every time.

Following! I am having my second csection January 27th

Second was way better then my first!!!

Worst experience ever. Its not easy. They literally cut through your stomach muscles. I had two naturally and then an emergency c-section. The natural babies- I was up and moving within minutes. C-section baby had me down for several days.

My first csection was an emergency so all of it was just awful. I was in alot of pain and my feet swelled up. The second one was a plannee csection (because of previous csection) and it went so smooth. Thank goodness because it was this past march and I was panicked from covid. But all was good. Little pain and not alot of bleeding. Second csection was definitely so much easier. Good luck mama!

Every body is different I had an injury to my csection 1wk post partum.had issues after that

My first was easier than second. First was emergency after 12 hours of induced labor. Second was planned, they gave me a different epidural and it was awful! I was sick and nauseous for 4 days! I also had a very slow recovery the second time. I was more slow, tired and blah…

My second section was easier! You’ve got this! :blush:

My second was easier than my first. Even with a 2 year old AND a newborn. I was up moving within 9 hours of the second and I think that’s why. With the first it was closer to 18 hours before I could stand and walk.

I’ve had 3 c-sections. They weren’t that bad except for the last one because of them going over the existing scars from the others I did not numb well in that area. They ended up giving me morphine. My scars still itch 30 years later

My second csection was a way better experience than my first!

My first was awkward more than anything.
I assumed that with the spinal you wouldn’t feel anything, I was not expecting to feel people’s hands under my ribs. It didn’t hurt, it was just…weird. I had a mild reaction to the spinal (very nauseous after) but they gave me ondansetron for that.
Recovery was not too bad - a few days of taking extra strenth tylenol and it was over.
Things I will remember for this time around:

  • Hospital pads are massive.
  • Load up on extra pairs of the mesh panties. They are amazing things.
  • When they are sticking thier hands in and warn you that you may feel pressure, it is the weirdest thing I have ever felt.
    -Take the pain meds
    -And the stool softeners. Take those too.
    -Find pants without elastic to wear home.

Personally the more you have the easier they got. You know what to expect how it feels etc. Yes it is harder having more than one child but mentally it was easier.
I do suggest where ever you end up sleeping (I slept on couch for several weeks we have a high bed) to set that shit up how you want it. If you are bottle feeding have bottles filled with water, diapers, formula etc every thing RIGHT THERE.

My second didn’t hurt at all. I didn’t take any pain meds with my first because I was scared i wouldn’t hear the baby. I couldn’t lay down comfortable or anything. My second one I couldn’t feel anything at all because everything around my scar is numb and has been since my first. I was able to lay down like I hadn’t had anything done at all. I will be having my 3rd in February :grimacing:

My csection was horrible. ( i only have 1 kid) the pain everytime i had to get up… oh gosh :sob::sob: that was almost 2 years ago. And it still gets red and then it burns. Thats the reason i wont have any more kids. Iam terrefied of having another csection. It was hell.

Same as the 1st. The spinal did not go well though they didn’t have a long enough needle tried didnt work had to wait for a nurse to go hunt one down took about 10 minutes then tried the shot again had to have it AGAIN because I could still feel them poking half my belly. Otherwise it was the same. I have spinal stenosis and have had back surgery in that area so all 4 of my spinal were horrible. Scar healed nicely. Good luck!

My first was an emergency several hours after my water broke and my son’s heart rate dropped. I was very sore for a couple weeks after but my recovery wasn’t terrible. My second was scheduled due to my blood pressure rising, and my recovery was easier. Baby was born Friday afternoon and I was grocery shopping on Tuesday. I did have an epidural the first time and spinal for the second. The spinal made me nauseous during surgery but the staff quickly gave me meds to relieve that and I didn’t have any other issues. I delivered at a different hospital the second time that let me eat right away after and encouraged me to get up and walk sooner, so I think that also helped my recovery.

I’ve had 5 with a surprise all natural vaginal delivery thrown in after my first 2 c-sections
Speaking strictly for myself my c-sections got easier and easier, I was up and walking with no catheter or assistance less than 3 hours after my last one
For me the worst labor, delivery, and recovery were all from my vaginal birth

I had my first pregnancy cut short by 6 wks early my placenta was abducting so emergency c -sec needed . I got epidermal so I was awake you feel tugging . They had to make a t incision as it was hard to get him out .the worst part after was gas pains . I missed my shower as it was held that day . My second c-sec was planned because of having t incision . 730 in morning all went well . Third son came 5 days early , they ended up scraping his forehead with scalpel . Otherwise all went well Britt him home dad left and two more kids Came over . Had house guests come too!number 4 came 15 days early a girl this time . My eldest son came (11) along. I went back to work as school yard supervisor after 3 days . My parents stayed 3wks with me. I got mastitis and she got pink eye . I have been very blessed .

My 2nd c section was awful. I had 36 hours of labor before that and I tried to do too much at home with my 2 year old. Made for a miserable recovery. But my 3rd c section was the easiest recovery I had. Harder delivery- dr suggested that I have no more babies because of it. But I was up walking without shaking within hours and I felt great at home. The worst part of me entire experience at the hospital was that I vomited afterwards and it hurt horribly!

I have had 3. First babe was an emergency section due to her being stuck on my pelvis, which hurt so bad. Recovery was quick, I was up walking around that night. Second babe, my Dr gave me a choice and I was quick to say csection. I didn’t want to take a chance of feeling that pain again, that recovery was quick as well, again up walking around that night. My third I also was quick to choose csection. He came really early. I was up walking around but I was in more pain due to the walking I did every day multiple times a day to the NICU. I had pain in my shoulder which the nurse said was from has, weird but ok. But everyone’s body is different…

My first csection ended up being an emergency so it was definitely rough. Recovery was aweful. Worst pain I ever had. My second was planned and was so easy and not nearly as painful. It was a breeze compared to the first one. I’m getting ready to have my 3rd cesarean in 2 weeks. Hopefully this one will be easy as well!

First 2 were natural second 2 were c sections I would choose another c section anyway over a natural

I went into labor morning of my scheduled induction got there at 3.5 cm. Got epidural got pitocin because my body wasn’t dilating it stalled at 6 cm ended in emergency c section lost half of the blood in my body. Hemorrhaged again a week later went back to the er for blood transfusion to top it off a bladder infection from the catheter :upside_down_face:

I just had my 6th csection. The first one was the hardest. All the others a breeze. You got this mama!

After three uneventful vaginal deliveries, my fourth delivery ended up sn emergency c/s and my fifth was a scheduled c/s. Recovery was so easy. I was shocked. I was walking and eating regular meals the same day. I had some swelling in my legs and feet, which is common, but it was gone by 10 days pp. I felt like myself in under a week. I was careful about lifting, and followed doctor’s instructions of cleaning my incision with mild soap and water. Over all, it was so much easier than I’d expected.

So much better with a scheduled c section after laboring and going to an emergency c section!!

I’ve had two. My second recovery time was definitely shorter and easier. I felt more at ease too cause I knew what I was going into.

I’ve had 3, the 2nd was my best.

I had my first C section in 2015 when I had my twins and the recovery was hard, it was very painful taking care of the babies while healing. I swore off having any more kids. I had my 2nd c section in 2019 and it wasn’t as painful as the first. Both were scheduled and no complications.

With my first I had preeclampsia and went to get induced. They were running pitocin and magnesium (to make sure i didn’t have a stroke) at the same time, but overdosed me on magnesium. The pitocin couldn’t work with the amount of magnesium in my body so I had to have a c section the next day. I wasn’t told i lost a lot of blood or that I was anemic, but I definitely felt like i had no blood in my body and i was white as a ghost for about 3 months after having her. Luckily my second pregnancy i had a lot better doctor who noticed i was anemic from the start and we avoided preeclampsia again and a c section and i got to have her naturally :two_hearts:

As soon as they clear you to get up, walk and walk alot! Best advice I was given.

I had a really bad reaction to the second c section, I had to go back in and. Have my blood put back into my spinal cord, via spinal tap cause I had a headache lasting more than a week

I’ve had 4 and none of them were really that bad. They were all pretty great actually

c section easier than labor

The second one was a breeze!!!

My 2nd child I developed toxemia and we moved to induce me. I labored naturally to 9cm and then I got the epidural because his head was stuck and we were swelling. No one was in distress but after an hour there was no change so we decided to do a csection. I was nervous because my epidural took away the pain but I still FELT. I could move my legs and touch my skin and feel it things just felt heavier. I was scared I’d have to be asleep and miss my baby but the anesthesiologist came and told me the medication they use for csection is much stronger. It certainly was! I was prepped, wheeled into the OR, and my baby daddy came to my side. He began chatting me up while I was waiting for them to start the procedure. All of a sudden the nurse looks over at me through the clear screen I requested and says “lots of pressure here ok hun” and pressed cpr style where my ribs met my bump. I had no idea I had been cut open! Then my baby was flashed to me and taken to be looked over.i did vomit afterwards. My baby immediately latched and my milk came in 3 days. The recovery was hard. I was alone in my recovery because of covid restrictions and baby daddy had to tend our other kids. I had to move even when I was in immense pain. I didn’t want to take pain medication but I did because it hurt so bad. I chose to wear my own special bought undies lol. I’m like a month and a half post partum and I have no more pain and it scarred up nicely. I did have an apron tummy afterwards and developed a slight yeast infection from my incision not drying out after showers or if I sweated. It went away though no problem. It was hard and easier at the same time. No vaginal pain/swelling. My feet lost the swelling faster than my vaginal birth recovery as well. You still bleed but I didn’t bleed nearly as much. I would do a csection again but I also never want another baby lol it’s a complicated appreciation I have for the procedure

I’ve had 2, although the actual surgery took longer the second time around I was up and about in days the second time. The first was rough, with lots of pain and a longer recovery. The second was just a world of difference, much easier recovery. I honestly couldn’t believe how much easier it was! Good luck momma.

My first was an emergency and very stressful, I had labored and recovery felt like forever… second c section was scheduled and a breeze!! Much better experience the second time than the first

Both of mine were emergency c sections but found the first really bad but second was easier. Dont stop bleeding for a had loads of clots but wasn’t that bad lol

It’s cold in operation room but after epidural u begin to feel warm. It’s been a great experience with my dr. Being very skilled and caring.
Incision area is Nerve pain
Extreme pain
Took gabapentine both c sections. It helped so much. No pain while on these meds. Was able to come off the meds after 4 months.
Also… when u get off bed or couch make sure u push in on the corners of ur incision… u will eliminate any kind of stabbing ripping shock pain. Works and also I would put penacillan cream on incision when it was get sore rash (make sure u dry it well enough after shower) take off that strip of tape… that pulls skin and it hurts. Uses Tylenol and ibuprofen around the clock especially the first 2 weeks. Of course I’m giving u worse case scenario as I have fibromyalgia and it messed with my nerves. But i was doing very well after a month in half. No need for pain meds.
I would do a c section again.
Vaginal delivery is much more painful since all tears and ur bleeding on it also hours of labor being induced is no fun.
Anyway don’t life anything and wear a supportive tank top to hold tummy. Be patient with urself as u nurse it’s harder to nurse with incision. Just supplement. And lay sideways while nursing.

I had 3 first in 69, second in 75 and third in78. I did fine with all 3 no problems. I hope the same for anyone else.

My first was emergency and horrible, I got an infection and I was exhausted from being in active labor all day, my body was so sore.

Just had my second (scheduled) 10 days ago and so far so good.
It was scary as hell going back into the OR not gonna lie. The spinal block hurt but was amazing because I could barely feel anything for 4 hours after. I expressed my concerns to the doctors and anesthesiologists before going back and they were all super sweet and caring. They give you all the feel good stuff while back there and talk to you the whole time to distract you. (Didn’t happen during my first)
I did ask for my incision to be higher, sorta below my belly button this time so it would be easier to take care of, and less chance for infection.
I think this is actually helping me heal faster. I’m still sore, mostly at night but honestly have been cooking and doing things around the house since we got home from the hospital.

My daughter’s 3 was a c section but he only weighed 1.12 pounds her 4th was a c section and she freaked out cause of the pressure on her daughter in law had 4 c sections last one the Dr nicked her bladder other wise it was ok.

Take the meds prescribed and don’t try to push through the pain. Get up and walk but do not over exert yourself, too much too quick and you’ll regret it. Hold a big pillow on your belly when you have to laugh or cough. My second was better than my first bc even though I didn’t plan on it I knew what to expect. My third was rough bc my body reacts differently to epidurals than spinals. The spinal made my bp drop, I passed out and the Dr’s got her out quick.

Just had my 2nd c-section a month ago. 1st was 18 months ago. 1st time I was induced and ended up needing to go in, 2nd was just going to be a c-section no matter what. It was so easy going in and getting everything ready to go. It was a great experience for me. The worst part was having the spinal blocker put in, but it felt like a pinch. The anesthesiologists was great and we chatted while my hubby was back in the recovery room snuggling his new princess.

That said, the nurse’s kept asking how my pain level was, and I was only in pain when I went from sitting to standing or the other way around. The nurses looked at me like I was crazy when I said my pain was at a 2 max, but I do have a high pain tolerance and I do heal up quickly. Just take it easy and listen to your body. The thing I was most nervous about was my girl wanting to come out early.

I had my tubal along with my c section my 2nd go around and to be honest, the recovery was harder. I’m not sure if that’s due to the tubal being done as well or what but it was tough on me. But from what I understand, labor is worse. I was up walking on day 2 and that helped a lot.

Swelling after the surgery got pretty bad in my legs after (had 2) but water pills from dr. Helped. Ask for them to have on hand so you don’t have to drag yourself to dr.

I had two scheduled csections and both experiences were fine. I knew that any type of anesthesia made me nauseous going into it (I knew this from previous surgeries) so I let the anesthesiologist know and both times they kept the nausea meds going and it helped a lot. During my second csection, my baby had complications which caused me to freak out and my blood pressure to sky rocket so that made sick despite the nausea meds- that was a terrible feeling to have in the middle of surgery. Other than that, I really didn’t have a terrible experience either time. My recovery with my second was harder than the first but I also had an 18 month old to care for and was in and out of the NICU visiting my son. I know that everyone is different, but based on my experience both times I’ve never understood why people act like they are the hardest thing in the world.
The most frustrating thing for me was not being able to shower for almost 24 hours after. With my first they would not let me out of bed or shower for almost 24 hours. With my second they let me up and about 8 hours later to get into a wheel chair to see my son in the nicu, but still wouldn’t take the catheter out or let me shower until almost 24 hours later. I know that both times I would have slept so much better that first night if I had been able to take a shower.
My advice to anyone is that if your doctor tells you that a csection is a strong possibility (in my situation with my first I was technically given the option, but was told that either way I would probably end up in a csection due to my babys size) go with the csection. I’ve heard that emergency csections are a million times worse and I can only imagine that going through the pain of labor would be rough enough alone and then to have to have a major surgery after that would just add to it. I am very thankful that I chose a csection for both of my babies and truly believe it was what was best for them and myself.

First one was hard bc I had an emergency c section after going through labor and all. Second scheduled was a smooth process.

My first was an emergency and due to circumstance wasn’t all that great but I feel like if I was expecting it, it wouldn’t have been so bad.

Easy Peasy! Pretty typical abdominal surgery but the incision is down pretty low. You’ll be sore a few days but not sore enough to care for your baby. Congratulations!

1st c section surgery was easy went well recovery sucked really bad didn’t know what to expect gas pains and trying to take ur first bowel is the worst don’t laugh it will feel like ur ripping ur stitches open. Second c section knew what to expect with recovery much easier but during spinal block shot I had a newbie trying to inject she tried2-3xs before I yelled I needed someone who knew what they doing thank god she didn’t mess my back up. I’ve had 2 natural no drugs no epidural and 2 sections definitely would choose natural if u can choose but get luck and speedy recovery to which ever direction u go!

I had two c sections. It is much better to get up as,soon as possible so you don’t get stiff. My husband went into the hospital for chemo the day after I came home. I had no help. My mother in law broke her wrist and my parents had gotten the flu. It was just me, my two year old and my new baby. We managed. You will to.

My 1st was great in every way. Recovery with my second was slower. What Shawn Urban says is precise plus also use the pillow to hold on when you laugh. :rofl: You’ll thank me :grin:

Everyone is different Mama never compare yourself or hard on yourself for it. Take it easy and enjoy what really matters.

I’ve had 2 c sections and preparing for a third in a few months. The 2nd was so much easier then the first. Recovery time for me was much faster the second time around too!

It was a breeze. I was up and walking within 4 hours. Within 48 I was sore but normal. Within 7 days it was like nothing ever happened… the key… stay moving and stay hydrated.

I have had 3 c sections.i was in a little sore but its because i over did long u follow the drs rules.

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So much easier the 2nd time!! But more scar tissue. 🥲

As soon as you get the ok to start walking then keep moving.

I’ve had 3 c- sections. And honestly I recovered the best on my second one. I think the numbness from the first one helped with recovery for second one. I was up moving around and able to take care of my baby better. But definite move around as soon as you can.

I had a c section and a natural birth without anything I was so scared for the c section and it wasn’t too bad just get plenty of rest and listen to the doctor

My 1st was an emergency c-section, and was not pleasant during surgery. The worst part of recovery for me is the gas pains. 2nd c-section I was much more prepared, but still the gas pains were terrible. 3rd c-section I actually went into early labor so trying to get the epidural during contractions was a real nightmare, however after that again only the gas pains are what sucked. Actual recovery seemed quick and easy. Good luck & prayers to you.

I had two c sections. One in 1985 had to have it because my son weighed 10lbs 4 1/2 oz… they made me lay in hospital bed for 5 days til I “passed gas” from the anesthesia. I lived in an upstairs apt. I had to stay at my moms for a week before I could walk up the stairs. My second one was in 1990, and the reason being I had twins that were 7.0 lbs and 6.5 lbs. They has me up walking that afternoon, and I healed so much faster than I did from first c sections.

1st c-section okay :ok_hand: & 2nd/last c-section better. It’s major surgery, so take it easy for 6 weeks for incisions to heal. Ask for continued epidural setup for pain medication, if not already done. Sit-up exercises won’t happen for awhile while abdominal muscles heal. Use pillow to hold abdomen while coughing or sneezing. Enjoy your baby, and allow people to help you. IT’S MAJOR SURGERY!

My first came 3 weeks early and was removed. She shit in me on the way out. Docs had to clean me and put my organs back. It took me almost 2 years to heal up. They kept having me pack and try to keep dry. Which failed and resulted in several doc visits from different people that gave me the same line of crap. Because my body didn’t bounce back and my belly forever hangs down instead of a little pudge belly.
Baby #2 came a month early. Was not expected. Recovery was 2-3 months. I got 2 hernias. I also got tubes tied at this point and vomited in my breathing tube and surgeon crammed it in my nose. Fucker. Like i wanted vomit in my nose. :sweat_smile::expressionless::unamused: I dont like the stupid belly wrap the hospital gives because its itchy and not snug enough unless someone does it for you. So i invested in a tie dye wrap on etsy to hold me nice and snug with baby number 2.

My second(and third) csection was so much easier than my first. With my first, they put me to sleep when they were stitching me up. With my second, I was cracking jokes with my husband and tut anesthesiologist. The only bad part was when they took forever to give me an update on my son. He was a preemie, and was rushed to be cleaned up and taken to the Nicu. The recovery was fairly easy. I was up and walking a few horse hours later.

I had 2 but my 2nd was harder. They were both emergency, but the 2nd was 3 weeks early because he started ripping through the hole they cut the first time. Apparently it’s very rare with horizontal cuts, but it still happens.

My first c-section was more traumatic for me as I was out completely under (emergency surgery). I took me a while to heal. My second one was a lot easier. I had 2 medications put through my epidural and I was awake. They used a “wound vac” on my incision the second time… I was up walking (slowly) that night. I had zero discomfort and pain within less than a month post surgery

I had my first c-section in 2011 just had my 2nd on on Thanksgiving. The 2nd one was so much easier than the first. This time my hospital gave me a small wound vac for my incision, and I have just had to rotate tylenol and motrin for pain. Also I felt as if I was able to do things faster this time.

I had 2 csections… the 2nd one was way easier… I knew what to expect and was in a lot less pain… only took ibuprofen for the first couple days after coming home. No complications at all…

I had two c sections. The second was definitely easier! Like I was up and walking in a few hours with no struggle. I was able to go home after 3 days but my baby had to stay a month he was a preemie.

Pooping was the worst!!!
My daughter is almost 2 and the incision still itches and becomes numb from time to time.
Horrible experience will
Not be returning!

My first was super traumatizing. So we won’t go there, all special crazy circumstances.

The second though.
I was awake and it wasn’t bad.
The feeling of them sloshing your organs around is pretty weird, but not painful.
Just nauseating.
Recovery in the hospital sucked because the nurses were trying to be narcotic nazis, but once I had the doctor come in he was like “wait, they’ve been refusing you pain meds this entire time other than tylenol and ibuprofen?” He was PISSED and went and got me an order for narcotics and the nurse came in super salty.
I had awful nurses. I didn’t even enjoy being there after the birth
At home recovery was nice. I only needed narcotics once. And then it was a breeze. It also depends on how your doctor closes. Some use staples still. Some use sutures and surgical glue.
Sutures and glue, is awesome. I was sweeping floors after a week with both.

Don’t look up csections on youtube. Im having my second in february and made that mistake recently lol. Honestly it’s a very common procedure and you should be fine!

Every person is different. Don’t let others scary stories scare you. I was nervous going in for my first one. Had a hard time getting the spinal in but after 7 times they got it. Took longer to heal from 1st the second one. 2nd time though it took longer cause they had to get through scare tissue. Pain management is key. Some need strong meda and some just need tylenol. Everyone reacts different. I had pain meds for a few days then it was just tylenol as needed. Avoid stairs, and laying completely flat. Have a pillow handy for your coughs and sneezes. Helps to hold on the belly. Make yourself get up and move. The more you move the better you feel. It will feel like you did 1,000 crunches down there but it subsides

My first was an emergency and absolutely horrible. Recovery was horrible as well. I was petrified about having a second one because of my awful experience with the first, but second one was planned and so easy and I wasn’t in nearly as much pain as the first one. Recovery wasn’t as bad either.

I had 4 C sections… my first was not planned but I didn’t dilate past a 2 and waited 22hours. I was exhausted and a nervous wreck. They started prepping me at 8 am and my son was born at 920. I felt some tugging and little pressure. The worst part was the spinal injection to numb your body. Felt it all the up to my nose and it takes effect super fast. My other three were my choice. I had fast and easy recoveries with all of them. I started gettin an infection with the third one. It was caught before it got bad and had to take an antibiotic and use a cream. All good with 4 very healthy kids

I have had three the worst part for me was the spinal the best advice I can give you is walk as soon as you can even if it hurts just try to get walking it helps so much :blue_heart:

During…it’s fine…You might get chest pains though. After…omg I haven’t been in that much excruciating pain in my whole entire life that I honestly thought I was gonna die. The people there treated me as if I wasnt in a bunch of pain

My first one was rough as it was an emergency. The second one went really well as it was scheduled and I knew what to expect. I couldn’t stand to have a catheter in so I started walking around within a few hours so they would take it out. I had a very quick recovery my second time and third too. Not really sure if it’s because I immediately starting moving around or if my body just knew what to do because it was not the first time. The nurses would cring but I insisted it felt better with a wash cloth over it I did it all 3x seemed to really help.

I had my first section in 2016 it was an emergency section so It all happened super quick! I found the first 4 days to be the worse but was back to getting around rather well week 3 ! I just had another on October 30th, it was planned. I found that the first 3 days were the most painful , once I was home and able to do things at my own pace and not there’s it was a lot easier recovery wise ! By the 9th day I was doing very well , my fiancé was able to go back to work and all. I’m currently a month in and I’m still a little tender but I’m able to do everything I normally would do ! I did find this time to be a bit more painful but I think that’s to be expected when you have another child your having to care for as well! You don’t really get the rest you got on your first. I’m saying that I didn’t have any issues recovery wise on either of my boys.

I have had 3 c-sections not one problem with any one of them… Piece of cake

It was very chilled out, despite not being my ideal plan. I had a spinal which is a single injection. They told me I’d feel a tug whilst they located the baby. The tug was them taking it out! I was too busy looking at my new born to notice them stitching me up and dissolveable stitches. My husband held ours first and was in the room the whole time.

My mom had two c-sections. With me it was an emergency c-section and she was out for the 6-8week recovery time. With my brother, she explains it like “they just cut along the dotted line, pulled him out, and sewed me up” then she was out mowing the lawn 3 days later :rofl:

I had three csection and all went great. I had no issue.

Worst pain I’ve ever been through. Recovery slow and long. Gas build up i was never told about and I still have problems now. Still in pain 10 months on. Most terrifying thing an emergency c section if you can go natural I would. I don’t understand how anyone could say a c section is the easy way out

I always got nauseous because of the pain medication and anesthesia. The only thing you might feel is a little pulling, but that was only with one of my babies. When your in the hospital you will most likely feel great. Days 3-5 were the most painful for me but I was also trying to not take as much pain medication. I have also had more back issues since my second csection. Yoga helps with that a lot! I have had 3 csections and my third was my most painful recovery.

First was an emergency c-section at the age of 25. I already had an epidural and the anesthesiologist administered more meds as I was being wheeled down the hall. As far as the surgery itself, I don’t remember all the details because of the panic and worry associated with the emergency aspect of it. I do recall the pressure and tugging for sure. It took longer for the numbness to wear off but once it did I made a point to get up and get ambulatory (which was the following morning and I ended up peeing on the way to the bathroom after waking up ready to burst). Delivered on a Thursday evening and went home the following Sunday evening. Overall I felt it was a pretty good recovery.

Fast forward to Halloween of this year, I ended up having to deliver almost two weeks before the scheduled date due to pre-eclampsia, but it was decided the previous night so there was time to mentally and physically prepare. The physical element involved getting up at the butt crack of dawn to shower with the anti-microbial soap for MRSA prevention as well as getting my iv and catheter. I walked to the OR and got the spinal block done by a resident but she did a great job- it was less discomfort than the iv. During the surgery it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and I had a headache but the anesthesiologist had prepared me for that so it wasn’t much worry and I was able to remain calm the whole time and truly enjoy meeting my son for the first time. Within a couple hours the feeling started coming back and I was able to have the catheter removed and go to the restroom before I went to bed that night.

Now as far as recovery this time, I’ll be honest I was scared to death. We’re talking 13 years later and I’m now 38, not 25, but it turned out I had nothing to worry about as I was in so much better shape. I walked or bike 1 to 3 miles almost every day up until the last couple weeks when my center of gravity radically shifted and recovery was a breeze! I was able to leave the next day so long as I scheduled both a two week and six week follow up. And my Dr used the new aqua-seal dressing so no staples and steri-strip combo. It was basically a giant clear adhesive that you take off after 10 days or sooner if it gets wet. It made bathing and other basic everyday activities so much easier and less stressful. So my biggest recommendation to anyone pregnant and not on bed restriction would be to get those steps in because you’ll be so glad you did later on!

Had two! First was emergency so I don’t honestly remember much of it simply from the urgency that was going on around me. Second was scheduled. Remember almost all of it. Main issue was that I actually was in labor while waiting for them to be ready. The hospital had an emergency that needed to be worked on before I got to go in. My son was actually in the birth canal and ready to come out. The nurse/surgeon(can’t remember who now) had to climb up on my chest and kneel on my chest so she could pull him out. The worst part honestly was feeling everything that they did but not feeling the pain. You can feel the pressure from the incision being done. The moving of the organs. All that good stuff. When she was on my chest I could feel her weight crushing my lungs and had trouble breathing right. I felt her grab and pull my son out of the incision. I could feel the suction as he popped out. Then he cried and I cried :joy::joy: went home 3 days later but he had to stay in for a bit. 3 days later I went back in to the triage and was admitted with postpartum preeclampsia and stayed for another 3 days which worked out great because my son had to stay for a total of 9 days too. We both got to go home together and it was nice. Recovery for me was really easy both times after we all got home. I was living with my parents and sister both times I delivered so I could have the extra help since I had the surgeries. I’ve had many surgeries and the pain never really bothers me. I healed pretty well. The first time I ended up having a stitch that didn’t dissolve properly and had to be cut out but that was easy enough that I did it myself with no problems thankfully (I wasn’t very smart at all at that time). By the 6 week postpartum period I was pretty much all healed up and back to the normal routine of mom life.

A few things I learned from both experiences is that you’ll still bleed afterwards even though you didn’t push the kid out. And that your uterus contracts and feels like kicks :flushed:that freaked me out more than the amount I bled after.

Ask about the procedure. See if you can watch a video about the way they do it. Talk to the entire team and any substitutes they will have on hand at that time. Get on google and find questions that you can ask. There’s never a dumb question when it comes to pregnancy and surgery. Use the pads and panties the hospital provides AS LONG AS YOU CAN! They’re super comfy tbh. I actually bought overnight pads for the bleeding and used them to cover the incision as it healed so my pants and underwear didn’t rub and rip stitches. Make sure you have somebody that can do heavy lifting. You won’t be cleared to carry anything bigger than your baby for a while

4 girls, every time, c section. Each time was different. I bounced quicker with my last one for some reason :woman_shrugging:

They encourage you to get up as soon as possible so you can start to heal faster. They also encourage you to take it easy for the first 2, 3 weeks. I kept my baby and everything I would need closeby so I can care for the baby easier.

Good luck with your little one! :heart:

My first and second c-section were the same recovery time. But my oldest two are only 15 months apart so that could have to do with it? My 3rd and last c-section was 7 years later and ouch! Recovery time a lot worse. I had a hard time walking to my 2 week appointment. I had a hard time getting up for the baby in the middle of the night. But instead of being 24 & 25 like the first two, I was 32. Age might be a factor too.

i have had 4 c Sections, my first was at 23, surgery was emergency, but everything went well. The recovery was quick. My 2nd was at 24, i would explain, but to emotional. Anyway the surgery was planned and went well, recovery wasn’t to bad. My 3rd was at 27, surgery went well, recovery a little tougher, cuz i had a 3 yr old also. My last was at 32, surgery went well, my recovery wasn’t bad, just my baby was very sickly, do the stress made things harder. He is wonderful today at 25 yrs old. As long as you don’t lift anything heavier than the baby, rest, and take it easy recovery should go smooth.