Can I strictly breastfeed after baby is born?

I am a mother to a 2.5 year old and currently 28 weeks pregnant. I have always been grossed out by the thought of myself breastfeeding. I have no problem with others breastfeeding; I support mothers who do it openly; it’s just not for me. I tried with my son. By the time we got him home from the hospital, he wouldn’t latch ever, and we ended up giving him formula. I did try to pump, but honestly, I just felt like a cow attached to a machine the majority of my day. I hated the way my boobs felt; the milk coming out made me queasy to even think about it. All around, not a good situation. So for this baby, I have no desire to even try. Has anyone else exclusively formula-fed from the beginning? I’m worried the doctors and nurses at the hospital will try to pressure me, and frankly, the lactation consultants last time were annoying and unhelpful at best. I don’t even want to see a lactation consultant or pump. How should I go about telling my doctor/nurse team? How much formula should I bring to the hospital? Please, no judgment. No, I’m not going to change my mind; yes, I know the benefits of breastfeeding.


I felt the same way when I had my son and really didnt produce any milk anyway. I dont know about the hospital where you are but the one where I am provided formula while we were there. And my doctor really never asked what I was wanting to do. I would suggest maybe just one can if your hospital doesn’t provide it. I was only in there for 3 days but I’m not sure on hospital procedures elsewhere. As for telling the doctor just be blunt and honest. And dont let them try to sway you, cause the nurses at my hospital tried.

I felt exactly the same, I just hated the thoughts of it (my son is now 10). I tried it once just after he was born and that was enough for me. The next time he was due a feed I told the nurse I wanted to put him on the bottle. A couple of nurses did ask “why I gave up so easily”, I was very firm and just said it’s not for me. If I had been a very young mother (I was 27) I would have felt pressurised into trying it again but I knew it wasn’t for me so I was polite but firm with the nurses and that was the end of it.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can I strictly breastfeed after baby is born?

I did with both of mine and they r both fine


You do whatever is best for YOU and YOUR BABY. As long as baby is fed, you’re doing great.


I exclusively formula fed from the beginning. I told the doctors when they asked if I wanted to breastfeed that I didn’t want to, and it was left at that. Do what makes you feel most comfortable.


Just tell them…it is a personal choice…I TRIED WITH MY 1ST…NO MILK…I bottle fed my second did not even try to breast feed…do what is best for u


Fed is best!! They’ll supply formula at the hospital if you’re not set on one brand…


The hospital will provide formula usually and if you make a birth plan you can put in there if you want to exclusively formula feed or not


Just be straight forward. Tell them formula works best for your family. The hospitals I delivered at provided formula while there.


Pump. And feed baby with bottle. It’s still breast milk.

My 2nd born was formula fed from day 1 because I was too sick. Shes 7 now and perfectly healthy.


Both mine are/were formula fed. All the staff at both hospitals were great and no one pressured or guilted me. Sorry you had troubles with that. Feed your baby, that’s all that matters!


I bottle fed from the very start. They will supply you formula at the hospital so I wouldn’t worry about bringing anyone. They asked me how I intended to feed and I told them formula and besides the lactation consultant no one ever pressured me into anything. And I kindly but firmly just asked the lactation consultant to leave if she was just going to talk about breastfeeding because I wasn’t interested. I had no issues at all and I hope the same for you.


The hospital provides formula. And it should be stated in your birth plan that you give your ob and your nurse at intake. Don’t be nervous. Just tell them you’re not interested in breastfeeding.


I formula fed all for of my kids right from the start and they all did just fine.If you don’t want to breast feed that is your decision and only yours.


The hospital will have formula so I wouldn’t worry about bringing any and they always send every parent home with extra. I know when my kids were born they asked what I planned on doing seeing they do try to get the baby to latch on as soon as there born. I would just tell them I’m only formula feeding and if they try to push I would let them know this is what you choose and what will work for you.


I’m sure it depends on the hospital and nurses with how “pushy” they will be. I breastfed my third daughter for the first day and a half then decided I wanted to formula feed her. I just said I wanted and bottle and didn’t need to speak from lactation. It went well and no one pushed.
So I guess my advice is just stand your ground, express that you are not interested and that you will need a bottle after delivery and don’t have a desire to speak to anyone from lactation.


Don’t worry about anybody trying to shame you!!! FED is best. Simply tell them you’re bottle feeding, end of discussion. I formula fed all my kids and if anybody asked me about breastfeeding I just said no thanks.


If you are giving the doctors/nurses a birth plan make sure you put it in the birth plan and maybe even put it in bold letters. Include in the plan that you do not want a visit from a lactation consultant.


I was EBF for 4 months after the birth of my daughter. I switched to formula/supplementing then because my milk dried up, and felt like much more of a mom. Baby was so much happier. But FED IS BEST. Breast or formula if your baby is getting their nutrients, you’re doing great momma.


I was the same way with my first it hurt so bad I just gave up ! And decided no way I was doing it with my second and I didn’t ! The hospital didn’t pressure me at all . There is no difference as long as the baby is fed !

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I wish I can breastfeed… I couldn’t last 2x… hopefully I can with this baby :heart:

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I wasn’t able to breast feed my oldest bc of the medication that I was on & the hospital supplied me with a case of formula. Just tell them you’re not going to breast feed. It’s none of their business why you choose not to. Stick to ur guns.

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I exclusively formula fed my kids. At the time (99 & 04) “baby friendly” didn’t exist, at least in my area, and formula was provided so I can’t advise on how much to take with you or if you even need to.
As far as telling the doctor, just tell them and have it charted to have the lactation consultants leave you be. You can also put up signs to that effect. Have you spouse/partner or doula advocate on your behalf. How you feed your child is entirely your choice so long as the food is age appropriate. Don’t let anyone try to intimidate you.

I strictly bottle-feed my daughter she’s 8 and perfectly healthy! the nurses really pushed breastfeeding on me and sort of made me feel guilty for not wanting to breastfeed. I had to be really firm with them and let them know I would not be breastfeeding at all. They still had me try and that was super annoying and frustrating for me, until my mom came in and gave them a piece of her mind. I’d say its best to try and have someone there to back you up just in case. you got this!

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Both of mine were formula fed from day one. I never had the desire to breastfeed either child. Do what is best for you and baby. Fed is best!

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With my first 2 babies I didnt breastfeed at all. I was much younger with them and I had a hard time with the first one so I didn’t even bother with the 2nd one. He was one formula from day one. He is 14 now and never had any health issues. Im currently 30 weeks pregnant and I dont know what I want to do. Im nervous to breastfeed since I didn’t do it the first 2 times. So I keep telling myself formula is the way to go for me since I’m having anxiety even thinking about breastfeeding

Your body your baby and it’s your choice. You tell them firmly from the beginning “I do not want to breast feed”. The hospital has formula available for you. You should def look into whether you want to do Milk or Soy based. Another personal choice.

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All mine are. I attempted to with my first because my now ex husband pressured me into it. But she was tongue tied. And we didn’t know till she was a week old (she took a bottle amd drank almost 4oz because they wouldn’t allow me to feed her formula. They kept saying she will. She will. I got 3cc when pumping for an hour. I didn’t get a supply. (My kids will not eat the first 12hrs of being born for some odd reason. Has been like that for all 3. And thats no medication. Natural births.) So baby 2 and 3 were formula fed roght off the bat. And so will baby 4 (Jan 2022)

All my kids were bottle fed. I felt the same, that I didn’t even want to try. My 14 year old is now 5’10” 220. Do what’s best for you!

All 7 of mine were formula fed from day 1… Hospital provides formula while you are there. They will ask you in labor and delivery how you plan on feeding baby and tell them formula fed and they will go from there…

They provide formula at most hospitals.

Well yes you can . I adopted my kids and my daughter was a tiny baby of course I had no choice and she is just fine . Matter of fact I am texted with her now. I understand the benefits of breastfeeding but what’s most important is you being a happy loving mother .

All of mine were formula fed.

Both of my children were formula fed from day 1. You just have to tell them you are formula feeding and not breast feeding. They shouldn’t pressure you or make you feel guilty. The hospital will provide the formula so you don’t have to worry about taking any with you!

They will supply you with formula and send you home with some until you can get to the store to get more.

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We wouldn’t shame a mom who couldn’t produce milk, why should you be shamed? All that matters is your baby is fed. Formula was literally created for just that. It’s not for everyone. ( I get nauseous watching my kids spit out tooth paste) if that was my involuntary reaction to nursing, I wouldn’t bother. Hospitals normally have Formula and bottles on hand, just like diapers, and wipes. Talk with your caregiver about it now, so they won’t try to push you right after the birth. I do strongly suggest the immediate skin to skin contact. :heart:

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I have 5 and my 4 older ones were all formula feed from the beginning. I only tried with my 5th and it wasn’t for me. 3 weeks and my nipples still hurt and I couldn’t get him to latch correctly

I exclusively formula fed from the day he came out. For other reasons also but I always felt the same way before he was born. They tried to push me and I stood my ground. Don’t let anyone guilt you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with. My son was completely formula fed and is 100% happy and healthy to this day!

They shouldn’t pressure you at all. And if they do, put your foot down. Your baby, your choice. Also, the hospital will supply the single serve bottles of formula and likely send a few bottles home with you.

If they don’t respect your decision they can stick it, ask for a new nurse. NOBODY gets to tell you which is best, feed that baby and take care of yourself.

Your baby, your choice.

You just tell them no thank you at the hospital.
They’ll provide formula for you.
You’re the mom, only your opinion matters!

I saw a Mom put a poster behind her that said formula feeding mom in huge print!!! That way they got the hint!

Mine was formula from day one. Just tell them when you go to the hospital and tell them to not even send the lactation nurse. Feed is best. At my hospital you didn’t have to bring formula they provided it. They asked what the plan was while I was in labor. The location nurse was pushy and tried. Next time I will tell them to just leave.

I feel the same way as you. Though I did pump for about 2 weeks before switching fully to formula. Honestly the nurses and everyone at the hospital helped me if I needed and gave me info but they didn’t push me into doing anything. They were ok with what I wanted.

I don’t know where you’re located but here in PA you don’t have to bring formula you let your dr and nurses know that you want to strictly formula feed and they’ll put it in your chart. At the hospital when you give birth you can ask them for the formula and they’ll just ask you what kind of formula you want to give your baby. I did it since I wasn’t producing a lot of breast milk but I kept pumping. I was so tired after I had my c-section that I slept over my baby crying in the hospital and the nurse staff didn’t even bother giving him a bottle so I fed my son formula at the hospital that they provided to me. Hope I answered your question, best of luck and remember it’s your choice so don’t let the hospital staff make you feel bad.

I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience.
As long as your baby is fed that’s all that matters
The hospital will supply formula and send you home with some.

I had a horrible experience with the lactation consultant they are so pushy and wouldn’t let me try feeding my son my way which resulted in him not being able to feed.

I didnt breastfeed for no other reason than I didnt want to. As long as your baby is fed happy and healthy who gives a shit how they get there

Fed is best. Doesn’t matter how you choose to do it. I breastfed mine for financial reasons. I couldn’t afford formula for twins plus all the other expenses that come with two new babies. But everyone is different. Just tell them straight up that you tried with your first and it isn’t something you wish to try again. They should respect that.

If your not going to change your mind. Why can’t just say to the doctors and nurses I am not breast feeding

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i have formula fed from birth with both my children. it’s your decision doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Tell them, “no, I am feeding my baby formula”

You don’t owe anyone an explanation. No one.

I was pressured with my first. I was 17 and never knew anyone to breastfeeding. I thought it was weird. We nursed for 1 week… I pumped for 2 more. I had no education on it.

My 2nd, 3rd, and 4th I became educated and was able to successfully breastfeeding because it’s what I “wanted” to do. I wish I had stood up for myself in the hospital and with Wic.

You’re baby your choice. I feel the same as you do. I let my nurse know as soon as I got checked in and I made sure after delivery the nurses knew what I wanted

Lots of people exclusively bottle feed and if that’s your choice then you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Tell them your choice and stand firm! No explanation needed, if they bring up breastfeeding, tell them this is not your first child, you’ve chosen to bottle feed and you don’t want to discuss it any further thank you.

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Formula fed since the day he was born. Doctors kept trying to pressure me to breastfeed. I kept saying no. So they told my mom to talk me into breastfeeding. My mom asked if I wanted to breastfeed I said I wasn’t. The nurses looked disgusted lol

They usually have formula at the hospital so no need to bring some. As for telling them just straight up tell them you prefer to formula feed and just keep telling them that. They do usually pressure mom’s to breastfeed but if you explain it maybe they’ll leave you alone lol.


I told my doctors I wanted formula and they were okay with it

Clearly state that you wish to bottle feed and that you do not wish to soeak to a lactation consultant they will provide you with formula there they give you the little premade bottles of formula and you can always ask for extra they will give it to you no problem

I tried with my first. No luck. With my last 3 we did not try. In the hospital they asked if I was going to BF. I said no formula. They said ok and asked what brand. They left and came back with the formula. When we were discharged they even gave us extra. :heart:

They will promote it at the hospital after delivery, especially for the first few days because its a natural process.
When you fill out your admission paperwork, it ask if you want to breastfeed, just check no.

There is actually a single dose medication they can give you after delivery to suppress the lactation so you won’t even have to worry much about having to pump or wait for it to stop producing. A friend of mine told the drs she did not want to breastfeed and they gave her the medication after she delivered no problem.

I couldn’t breastfeed after my third because of blood thinners I had to be on and did bottle right after she was born. If you tell them your wishes they have to respect them. So I’d just say I’m wanting to formula feed straight from birth. Good luck momma and well wishes for your new little one!!!

Felt the same. Good for those who want to.But I wasn’t interested. Both decisions are fine. No reason to feel pressured at the hospital. Mother’s make their decisions for a variety of reasons Enjoy your baby as you please.

I was strictly formula for my daughter from the beginning. Just be stern and clear that you do not intend to breast feed and hospital will supply formula during your stay

They will ask you your plan at the hospital, if you formula feed you won’t see a lactation consultant at all. They hospital will also provide formula so take advantage of that, (usually Similac) they’ll even send some home with you.

You just tell them. I fed all 5 of mine formula only! They provide it while you are there!

Just let your doctor and nurses know that you don’t want to breastfeed, they don’t need to know why unless you feel comfortable to explain it to them. And you won’t have to take any formula to the hospital. They will supply you with everything that baby will need. Good luck momma

I formula fed my first after the first day of producing no milk for her. I formula fed my son from birth.

Just state your wishes and they will listen :heart:
It sounds like you have D-MER. Not saying this so you change your mind. Just wanted to give you the name for it so you can understand it better. Good luck with your new baby and congratulations :two_hearts:

I have done formula from the beginning. My doctor and nurses were amazing

I strictly formula fed both of my daughters, never even attempted to breastfeed. I was working full time when I had my first and was working a full time and part time job when I had my second and formula was the best option for us. I didn’t have to bring formula to the hospital either time, they have it there and even sent some home with us. Just be honest with them and tell them you want to formula feed. They may give you the whole spiel about breastfeeding being better but just tell them that you’ve considered your options and you want to formula feed. My doctors never pressured me at all nor did any of the nurses at the hospital. That’s that. Don’t be ashamed or feel bad.

They provide formula at the hospital. If anyone there gives you a hard time about your decision or makes you feel uncomfortable, remember they are working for you and do not hesitate to tell someone that you no longer wish for them to be on your case.

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They usually have it there so they can help give you an idea of what works for you babys belly. And just tell them and if they try pressuring you straight up tell them no. They can’t make you.

Fed is best, mama!

Where I gave birth, they asked while in labor which I was wanting to do & that was the end of it. My hospital also supplied formula bottles while we were there. (I breastfed, but had to supplement while in the hospital bc she didn’t wanna latch w my youngest.)

I didnt breast feed either of,my kids i tried with my furst as well but couldnt and with my second I cohldnt try at all due to her having low blood sugar and not being at a nicu hospital so she was on a strict feeding Schedual for a bit with this one i know I will not breastfeed as well due to lots of,helth issue for the both of,us tell them how ypj feel right away and just stick to it

Oh man. Honestly, I am right there with you. The feeling of it is uncomfortable to me! Like you said all of it! But I will stand by a momma breastfeeding in public and support her! I am all for it! And support it! But for myself it’s just not my thing. I am 7.5 months pregnant and have decided to just try and pump. And bottle feed. Or half and half. I have two children already now (5&9yo) and did it for about a month each child and had to stop. Other reasons too. But now that I am pregnant again I am realizing I do not want to do it But I know I will get shamed at the hospital and I have to have a csection so I will have to stay at least 2 days. Last time I was trying hard to breastfeed and they just attack you if you are having a tough time or suggest a bottle of it isn’t working. And they don’t even give you an option just hook your baby to your boob. Right out of surgery. I couldn’t even move because I was prettt high on morphine and still completely numb from the meds to numb your body so they can cut you and minutes after she was born someone grabbing my boob trying to get me to have baby latch. So they aren’t keen to you making a bottle. :confused: that’s all I worry about. I totally sympathize with you on this.

I decided during my pregnancy that I did not want to breastfeed. Just like you, I knew it wasn’t something for me. My son was formula fed from the very beginning. They will ask you multiple times at the hospital if you want to breastfeed, just keep telling them no, you already decided on formula. There is no shame, even if someone tries to make you feel that way. A fed baby is a happy & healthy baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You and baby will both be fine with formula. Congratulations!

Fed is best and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise . You do what’s best for you

They will give u formula at the hospital normally…and I breast fed my son for the first 3 or 4 months then switched to formula because I couldnt produce enough…so when I had my daughter I straight told them I wasn’t breastfeeding no matter what they said. We did formula from the beginning and it was so much easier

Just bottle feed. Tell them from the beginning your not breast feeding. I had 3 bottle fed all 3.

Just tell them this is what you decide and that’s what you are doing. They don’t like it too bad it’s your kid.

I formula fed from the beginning with my son! I felt the same way as you, breastfeeding was just something I knew I could never see myself personally doing! I’m pregnant with my twins right now and don’t plan on breastfeeding them either. They had formula there for me at the hospital so I didn’t even have to bring any my entire stay! Maybe ask around and make sure they do that near you as well, if not, ask how much you should bring! Just do you. At the end of the day, fed is best. My son is a perfectly happy and strong 5 year old and I’m sure my twins will be perfectly fine as well. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you know you’re not comfortable with! You’re not alone :two_hearts:

Nothing wrong with either way as long as the baby gets a full belly and is happy. I breastfed my first for 3mths. and could not supply enough and with my 2nd he was a preemie and would not latch - the most miserable month after delivery in my life - bc they had to dry up on their own painful - so sweetie you let them know now, during and after you want a bottle ready for that little bundle of love and don’t ever feel bad for your decision or let ANYONE try to force you to do what you don’t want to do…congrats on the pregnancy and wishes for a beautiful healthy baby and delivery.

As long as the baby eats they don’t mind how you do it.

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Both of my girls were 100% formula from day one. Breastfeeding was just not something I personally felt comfortable doing (although I give props to anyone who does it). I just made it clear prior to giving birth what my wishes were. With my first, the lactation specialist tried to talk me into it but wasn’t pushy. Second was easy- she had a partial cleft and needed higher calorie prescription formula so it wasn’t even an option for them to try, especially after knowing my first was a bottle baby. My first went almost 7 years before she ever got sick so I don’t think bottle gave her any less of an immune system.

I have 3 kids and pregnant again and I’ve never been pressured to breastfeed! That’s just not for me!

Be ready for the hospital to try and coax you, especially if they are labeled “baby friendly”. That being said, I have many friends that have made that choice for themselves. I breastfeed and see no reason to shame any of them for their personal choice. Their children are fed and loved and happy and that’s enough for me.

I totally understand. I fully support mother’s who breastfeed. But totally wasn’t for me. I tried once and never ever again. I felt absolutely gross.

Grinds my gears the whole breast>formula debate… if its not your kid its not your problem!!!

I formula fed both my babies, simply because i didnt want to breastfeed… i didnt even want to try! Am i a bad mum for that? No… im a bluddy good mum.

You feed your baby how you want to!! Good on you

I did as i coudnt bare the though of breastfeeding either. Staff where very supportive of my decision when i had her which was lucky i chose to as i was in icu for 13hours after i had her and would of been unable to anyway

I tried to breastfeed by first baby - weighed him at a friend’s house when he was 4 weeks old and he had lost 10 ounces. Put him on formula and hardly knew we had a baby - he was so good - slept a lot - gained weight. Didn’t even try with the second baby.

I strictly formula fed, I just told the nurses I did not want to breast feed nor did I want to consult with the lactation consultant

Remember it’s YOUR choice! YOUR baby and YOUR breasts!! You will always get judgmental people about why you choose not to breastfeed it isn’t for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that!! I remember when I had my daughter 3 years ago and I had a double mastectomy the year before I had her and all I had in there (was in hospital 10 days because she was poorly) was why aren’t you breastfeeding?? Well because I haven’t got nipples lovely :joy: the look on their faces was priceless honestly, but yeah just do what you want hun f**k everyone else!!

Doreen, come check this out.

Both my kids were just on formula. I was to go back to work after 6 weeks, and I knew it would be hard to have breast fed babies, evening with pumping. So, I went with formula

Your body be blunt. I gave mine formula. They was fine. Your choice mama