Can I Sue My Ex Wife for Using My Surname?

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"Can we sue my ex wife for using my surname? Divorce with no children and it was messy as hell. She made a big show of making sure her surname was changed to her maiden And I’ve recently been shown her using my surname still My current wife and I have children and I think it’s super disrespectful to them I’ve asked her to stop using my name but she refuses"

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"This is exactly like a ring argument, unfortunately you gave it to her…"

"Nope. If you were married, it is now her name even if you divorce. I mean, if it bothers you THAT much, you should offer to pay for a name change"

"People can legally change their name to whatever they want. Probably not gonna win this one."

I guess if it was actually written in your divorce she goes back to her maiden name but if it wasn't then no

"Why are you still even checking up on her? Move along. Plenty of people probably have the same surname as you. Get over it."

"You’re divorced with no kids. Therefore, no ties. Why you so obsessed with what she’s doing? Focus on your current wife and your children."

"No u can’t. Unfortunately that was her last name legally. I would say pick ur battles."

"She doesn’t have to. You can literally change your last name to anything."

"If it bothers you that much, Offer to pay for her to change her name back."

"Unless your order stated she had to, there’s nothing you can do."

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Lol this question is extremely petty. Is his current wife doing a good job at being his wife? If so mind your business