Can Marijuana Be Detected In An Unborn Baby?


"Is it true it takes a full ten weeks for marijuana to leave an unborn baby’s system? I know they test your baby's first poop at a lot of hospitals. I know it takes 30 days to get out of your system. But what about the babies?"

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"I’m in California for reference, but I smoked through my pregnancy because I had trouble eating. I was never hungry and would get nauseous when I made myself eat. My drs knew the entire time and nobody said anything about it. Had my baby and went home no issues."

"Not all doctors are the same. My daughter's supported her using marijuana because she was sick during the ENTIRE pregnancy. She lost 25 pounds because of " morning" sickness. She was still sick in the delivery room. My grandson is a normal 8 year old with no health or mental issues. Please do the research before you point fingers at others."

"Tell your doctor now that you smoke… they will tell you what you need to do to help you and the baby that your carrying and will know what to expect when the child is born … DO NOT LIE ABOUT IT IT WILL ONLY MAKE MATTERS WORSE."

"Depending on the state you live in, it's perfectly normal and ok, sometimes even recommended. It's 2021. People need to realize there have been multiple studies and tests done about this. Altho everyone is different and it can affect some different than others….. it's perfectly fine and healthy. I have 2 perfectly fine kids, 5 and 7. I smoked while pregnant with both…"

"Marijuana isn't hurting your baby. I'd stop at least 90 days before due date."

"It can happen but I was tested and so was my daughter when she was born and I was positive she was negative."

"If you test positive for marijuana in a state where it is not recreationally legal, they will send your baby's umbilical cord to be tested. It will come back positive obviously if you've been smoking, but the worst thing they will do is open a cys case. Social workers show up, look at your house to make sure you don't have paraphernalia sitting out, make sure you have hot water and food in your fridge, then they leave. Be honest the whole time about it, I guarantee you the doctors won't make a fuss about it unless you try to lie and say you are clean. They're gonna know, and if you hide it, they will treat you like you're hiding other things. Also, if you test positive in the hospital, you will NOT have the option to breastfeed. The best option is to quit now if you possibly can if you're trying to avoid the drama of it all."

"Babies only make fecal matter in the very last weeks. Abstain in the final months. Alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy are a bigger concerns. They usually only test for amphetamines and opiates. If they do test for mj they cannot take ur baby for it if they even try to get an attorney on the phone before you leave the hospital. People are saying they test for it in your ob appt in those strips, they do not. But quit as soon as u can before birth."

"They tested my firstborn at the hospital but I smoked the whole time. The breastfeeding lady said I would have a sleepy baby if I decided to nurse and still smoke. A nurse did stop by to make sure my home was clean and I had everything for the baby. Nothing ever came of it. My second I didn't smoke at all because it didn't help my symptoms just made it worse."

"Most places won’t test for pot anymore. And I’ve never heard anything about 10 weeks either."

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