Is it true they can detect marijuana in an unborn baby?

Is it true it takes a full ten weeks for marijuana to leave an unborn baby’s system? I know they test your baby’s first poop at a lot of hospitals. I know it takes 30 days to get out of your system. But what about the babies?


Yes. My sil is a social worker and has had several cases added to her load recently because of this. A lot of places test the baby right away at birth regardless but will for sure do it if there are suspicions as well. I’m all for recreational usage, but not pregnant and not around the child. You should not be making that choice for them. Smoking while pregnant seems very selfish to a baby that didn’t ask to be brought into the world.

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Babies poop can show if you have smoked at all during pregnancy. Typically hospitals will test you first if you are clean they won’t test babies pee. If you test positive they will test babies pee. Most states that are recreational won’t care if you have smoked. They will pay a home visit and see if it’s a good home. Test your for any other drugs but you’ll be fine don’t stress yourself

A lot of obygns are for smoking while pregnant for many different reasons. It’s not selfish at all and does no harm to the baby

No one said it harmed them
Everything you do while you are pregnant affects your baby, including smoking weed.

Smoking pot is absolutley harmful on a growing brain of a child.

No it’s not. Look at the studies done in Jamaica.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it true they can detect marijuana in an unborn baby?

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Ugh. Why is this even a question? How about NOT doing drugs while pregnant unless under a doctor’s direct orders and care?


first of aall why would you even ask this and yeah they can tell lay off the drugs


Really? Ugh, how sad😔


They test the umbilical blood and it goes back to 20 weeks maybe further


Damn y’all it could just be a genuine question :confused:


Girl I smoked every time before my monthly appointments before I went in and never had anything to said to. And they didn’t say anything to me at the hospital after he was born.

it helped so much with the morning sickness and it made me hungry because I couldn’t eat.

Most hospitals don’t test u less there is a concern for drug use in the mother


You know humans make mistakes right? People need to lay off the assumptions


Yes they test most of the time it’s only if they have reasons to

One she didnt say she was smoking. 2. You can get it in your system just by being around ppl smoking it just like cigerates. Yes I agree if u are doing drugs and ur pregnant pls stop you can do some serious harm to ur unborn baby. If u need it medically thats one thing but doing it just for the he’ll while pregnant is a big no no. They can tell. They do test there blood when they are born if they suspect it.

As far as know 30 days

They’d be looking for.hard core drugs, like heroin… but they can test you or the baby.

They don’t test baby poop unless there is a history of drug abuse in mom.

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While I believe marijuana has alot of medicinal purposes and I know some people use it in early pregnancy for nausea. I’m not sure about if they could even test in utero. Its passed through the placenta and also found in breast milk. I read that usage past 20 weeks can cause neurological complications. :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:


Marijuana technically isn’t a drug and it’s only labeled as such because the government decided it was. It’s better then pharmaceuticals or anything people’s made in my opinion. Don’t come at me either I will always stand by that. People smoke and stuff that have medical issues medicine don’t help them. Like epilepsy and lots of other medical things.

meconium testing can detect marijuana use in the last four to five months of a women’s pregnancy. If the meconium tests positive, child protective services (CPS) may be notified. Additional drug tests on newborns also include blood, hair, urine or umbilical cord blood or tissue samples.

Nope the first stool of an unborn child tells everything you done. They won’t do that for Marijuana though. Only harsher drugs.

My dr prescribed it to me with my youngest one due to health issues I was having and the hospital tested her and never said anything

Why are you asking???)

So many of y’all need to research how much it helps with shit like morning sickness. MARIJUANA IS NOT A DRUG. Smoking it may be the worst way to ingest it yes, bc of the smoke, but edibles would be perfectly fine.

They automatically do a test on the baby in my experiences


actually babies get their blood drawn when they’re born and so thats how things are detected. smh.


How do yall know she ain’t trying to educate herself so she can back herself up when she confronts someone… Jesus, some of y’all can’t help but be ugly.

Most hospitals test the umbilical cord blood and can detect it. Keep in mind that drug use while pregnant is not considered child abuse legally.


Thc does not go through the placenta! My dr told me he’d rather me smoke weed then smoke cigarettes!

Cause more complications for your baby doing so, I know someone who did his all the way through pregnancy and he is autistic, has digestion issues and was premature :disappointed:

I’m just saying, just because something helps with nausea or weight gain doesn’t mean it’s not a drug. Until it is fully legal, it is classified as an illegal drug. No matter what way you try to spinet. Do I think it should be legalized? Absolutely! 100% it should be legalized but tobacco is also just a plant that happens to be smoke and we all know the dangers of it even before they add all of the chemicals and other bull crap they put in it.

Our own personal experience…my daughter could only treat her hyperemesis with weed. It’s funny most these folks and her doctor were ok with her trying different pills while pregnant for it, but not smoking… anyway. She tested positive, cps was sent to our home day of discharge, but baby did not.


U don’t need to be a parent period


I like to smoke weed ……but just because weed doesn’t kill you doesn’t mean it can’t harm the baby …….especially if your smoking swishers and wax pens ……I feel that when you get pregnant you have to sacrifice a lot ……I don’t understand how not smoking for 9 months is hard for some people ………if you can’t make those type of sacrifices then maybe having a child wouldn’t be a good idea …:woman_shrugging:

Omg look at you bloody Karen’s in this comment section, calm the hell down, she never said she excessively smoked the shit she was just asking.

Stop being so judgemental, the poster also doesn’t stipulate that she smokes all day everyday.

Far out anybody would think she just announced she’s smoking crack! Instead of being judgmental just answer the question and move along :woman_facepalming:t4:

If you cant control your stupid vices while pregnant, you have no bussiness being pregnant.


Not trying to be that asshole but it is technically a drug but so is caffeine so those saying “do your research, it’s not a drug” are incorrect. HOWEVER there have been many studies showing weed use while pregnant is not harmful. My doctor and I tried every medication under the sun to stop my morning sickness because I was losing so much weight and the only thing that ever helped was weed, he said when they do the drug tests they are just looking for other substance abuse. Now this is also NOT every doctor.

The law changed where I live that every baby that is born will get tested for any type of drug. I didn’t know that it changed and when I had some son, they found a small trace of thc in his system and I had a 6 week dsf visit because of it. Yes I told them I smoked before coming before I didn’t know I was in actual labor and thought it was Braxton hicks and i didn’t want to take pills to help. That law wasn’t around when I had my daughter

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It can actually take longer than 30 days to leave your system depending on how often you smoke and how much and also how much body fat you have and if you are active or not


Y’all… :flushed: Seriously… why are there so many judgmental comments on this post? Some people don’t even realize that they are pregnant… and even when you do half the time you are 2 months pregnant already. Instead of telling her she shouldn’t have kids, maybe we should just stop judging. Either answer the question… or keep scrolling. Y’all don’t have anything else better to do?

All welfare insurance tests …
And all urine at the drs office gets tested …if its small amount if weed is found they won’t say anything til after baby is born …
If the amounts are steady DCF will called before baby is born


They do test, but only if mom has a history. I would know. Me and my brother were taken because they found drugs in my brothers system when he was born. Long story short our grandparents adopted and raised us.

I smoked until 2 weeks before birth and my baby came out clean

For everyone jumping to “you do drugs” WHAT IS YOUR CIGARETTES YOU SMOKE AROUND YOUR KIDS THEN ARE YOU KIDDING ME IT GROWS FROM THE GROUND. Saddest part about this is, my obgyn knew I was a heavy smoker before I was pregnant and Being told I had preeclampsia and literally puking to the point I lost more than gained thruout the whole time, he advised I smoked less into the pregnancy, worse that can happen is a CPS worker talking to you and that’s it. Learned experience. You won’t be able to breast feed and you’ll have to sign a waiver stating you won’t attempt to breast feed in the hospital or at home. I had then went to my local WIC office and they had advised me in the safe use of it, how to pump and dump and what not. Do not let these people scare you girlie. Mama knows what’s best. First lesson ive learned is EVERY MOTHER ON THE PLANET IS RIGHT AND YOUR ALWAYS WRONG

One thing I will say is that for years many women smoked cigarettes while pregnant, and it seems as if many babies came out fine. (Note: I do not condone smoking cannabis while pregnant, unless science proves it to be beneficial in the future).

They do a blood test…
And other tests too…
It takes time to get out your babies system too…
They test for everything
In NY child services will be at your door as soon as you get home…they don’t need permission especially because your admitted into a hospital😩 it’s protocol
And they will put you through all kinds of shit
Good luck with that bs

The last month of your pregnancy you shouldnt smoke , yes it will be in the baby’s system then .

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The judgment in these comments is gross. I’m sure half the people bitching about a pregnant women smoking weed also smoked cigarettes while pregnant tho :skull::joy:

These comments are hilarious af. :rofl:

Most hospitals test umbilical cord blood. If you are in a state where it’s legal recreationally or medically, they don’t test for it.

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Baby blood test might show up

Ergghh the ignorance on this thread…yuck!! Don’t smoke a natural herb but inject your babies with poison… Mmhhmmm makes sense


They “taped” a bag on my some with some cotton balls and collected his first urine for a drug test

I know it’s not post related but if you eat everything bagel seasoning steadily, it WILL show up as an illicit drug due to the poppy seeds.


Idk how long it takes to get out of your system since they have many ways to check for it even past the 30 days but in my state if they even think your taking/smoking something that’s not per doctors orders they call child protective services and will have you sign over your rights temporarily until you have gone through a rehabilitation and can prove your clean in order to get your baby back. Also it may be helping you feel better but they don’t know the long term effects on a fetus so personally I wouldn’t be taking or doing anything that puts your baby at risk :woman_shrugging:t3:

Ppl talk to much shit if yu ain’t here to give the lady advice keep the negative shit to yourself :unamused::roll_eyes:


They can test up to 5 months back from the meconium. Which is 20 weeks roughly. If you’ve tested positive for ANY substance or have admitted to using substances in the past during your pregnancy, they can test the meconium. My son is 7 weeks old I admitted to using marijuanna and quitting when I found out I was pregnant. They drug tested me in the begining, but then again later on to see if I really ended up quitting. The first one was positive, second negative. They still had a social worker talk to me but they never told me what the plan was. Instead they put it in their notes and tried to keep it a secret and said they’d test his meconium and have another social worker come talk to me. I called the social worker out and said they’re supposed to discuss a case plan with me. From what I believe, I could be wrong, they are legally obligated to tell you a case plan if they create one without your knowledge. Because I was never told and I tested negative the second test they never checked the meconium. If you’re using marijuana try stopping if you’re worried. If you test negative after testing positive there’s a possibility that they will let it go. If they still test baby and baby tests positive they could leave it alone because you did quit and have the proof of quitting in your medical file.

I have 7 kids. First 3 were not tested for anything. But the rules changed and baby 4,5,6 and 7 were tested for every drug even though I’ve never used or smoked. At first I was offended when I found out they tested without my consent, but its a rule now I guess and happens right after birth. They don’t need permission, its just done

Honestly the CPS visit wont even be that horrible if it happens. They’re more concerned with more harmful drugs. They’ll visit your home, make sure its a safe environment for baby, and tell you if you’re going to continue using, make sure you have a sober person present to help with baby.

Those people who are judgey, maybe mom isnt smoking during pregnancy. You can use topicals and still come up with thc in your system, while not getting “high” at the same time. Cannabis helps with insomnia, morning sickness and appetite, as well as emotional/mental issues. There have not been enough studies to deem Cannabis as harmful, however CPS still has to do their job.

I used to smoke wax/weed before I got pregnant and it took THREE months for me to have a clean pee test. I was shook that it stayed in my system for SO LONG.

They test your baby for every single drug and everything else. Duhh. You talking about testing poop they do blood work also. Everything you put in your system goes to the baby and I hate to tell you this but whatever drugs you take will be in the baby system and will maybe have withdrawals from your drug use alcohol use and even when you smoke cigarettes. :woman_shrugging:t4: this is why doctors tell you when you first find out you are pregnant stop doing whatever it is that you are doing so that your baby will have a chance and the chances are higher of not having withdrawals

All the karens comin out to be judy mcjudersons.

Most hospitals actually don’t do drug tests on babies unless you tested posting for drugs at any point in your pregnancy. My son was drug tested because when I moved to Minnesota from Colorado I had just found out I was pregnant and tested positive for THC. My daughter was not

This is a good question to ask in my opinion. I still don’t think you should smoke while pregnant unless your doctor says that you can. For me, I can’t stand the smell of it while I’m pregnant so I stay away.

Cannamoms Of Tiktok :breast_feeding:t4:👩🏻‍🍼


My doctor suggested that I smoke weed with my son. I was puking constantly and pot was the only way to keep food down.


It just depends on state and hospital if they get tested I think. I’ve known women that have smoked the entire pregnancy and not just marijuana other drugs too and quit 30 days before delivery and nothing was ever said to them. I don’t know from personal experience but best of luck, hopefully everything turns out ok and you don’t have any problems. Ignore all the negative comments nobody’s perfect. I’m not saying it’s ok to do drugs but marijuana is no big deal.

If you’re worried about it, you shouldn’t have done it. Jesus, I can’t believe you had the audacity to even put this out there. You really shouldn’t even be a parent. You’re worrying about yourself and not even considering what you could have done to your child. Start having protected sex because you most certainly DO NOT deserve a child

Well first of all apparently your not supposed to smoke weed while pregnant because the baby’s brain is still developing and it can be dangerous for baby… however I know 3 people who smoked weed during all their pregnancies (1 has 7 kids, 1 has 3 and 1 has 2) and the kids were never affected. Second, yes it does take 10 weeks for the weed to be out of babys system (give or take). And yes, they can detect pretty much anything in an unborn baby. I personally think it all depends on the mother and her needs. But there is definitely a risk to smoking while pregnant. Just like with cigarettes, not all babies are healthy or lucky.

I’m not judging just going to say if you are worried about something probably shouldn’t be doing it. My ob doctor told me to drink a glass of wine at the end of my pregnancy to help me relax to start labor and thats alcohol coming from an ob doctor.

People are so close minded and refuse to educated them self prior to commenting comparing a crack head to someone who smokes weed :rofl: a lot of doctors are totally ok with women smoking while pregnant no research has been found that weed causes birth defects.

I quit at 34 weeks with all of my pregnancies and had no issues. All babies were born happy healthy and full term.


I actually watched a vid about this same topic this morning and it basically said that your baby gets high aswel wich is not good at all… The weed is not bad the high is… Loads of women smoke wile preg due to illness or ptsd


Dam dude yeh My friend stopped smoking like 26 days before She went into labor 6 weeks early and lil man had came out positive for cannabis in his urine. Smh but he’s cool smart and normal so it was not harmful for sure but yeh some places test for no reason especially county hospitals

Yes they can and they said they can detect it up to 25 weeks. 2nd daughter was positive with it and that is what they told me

I smoke up until 26 weeks …had my daughter full term … also my daughter is 10 months now and did everything early… crawling… walking ect …


I was told to stop at six months but where I live they test my urine the babies first poop and the umbilical chord and it takes 3 months from what my doctor told me to get out of the babies system but she also suggested it because I was very sick and couldn’t keep food down

I know they didn’t with my son as far as I know cuz he shit on me as they putting him on me but yes normally they do.

They test the baby when its born and if you smoke your last month of pregnancy they will call cps and you don’t want that . I had horrible HG during pregnancy and smoking was the only way to hold down anything (I started smoking after my 4th hospitalization for dehydration since I couldn’t hold water down )unfortunately even if a doctor recommends and its legal in your state its not federally legal and cos will try and take your kid or even kids that you already have . Don’t smoke the last month and a half to be safe .


Yes they test the umbilical cord blood as soon as baby is born.

All these years. …tht weed been out …so in 2021…sht .:rofl::rofl: Ignorance is a bliss
They need to to stop.

Where’s the nails :nail_care:t3: though? That’s the page I liked


The amount of time it takes to get Marijuana out of your system actually depends on how much fat u have in your body and the amount u smoke and how often. Since thc is stored in your fat cells it can stick around longer than 30 days. When I quit smoking I was also being drug tested and it was 86 days before I had a clean test. I was a heavy Marijuana smoker at the time. So the timeframes really just depends on your biology. If ur worried about it better to error on the side of caution.

I have no idea what they test for. But i know someone who smoked weed their entire pregnancy and nothing happened. Also their kid is hella smart. She will be graduating with her masters at 21. Honestly I’ve never even heard of someone having a case because they smoked weed during their pregnancy. I think you will be alright. No worries

I smoked with my youngest son and he’s the best out of all my kids LOL he’s calm relax my other kids are crazy LMFAO I smoked til I was 7 1/2 months pregnant recommended from my stomach I didn’t get in any trouble

I’ve had 4 kids and they were never tested…


People are forgetting that there is more ways for thc to entre your body rather than smoking. She could be eating it, using lotions for muscular issues, etc. Let’s not assume or judge. We don’t know why or how she is using it. But I still don’t recommend smoking it while pregnant just because smoking anything can harm the baby.


7 months. Quit at 7 months. also YOU DONT HAVE TO PEE for your doctor. They work FOR YOU not the other way around. My doctor supported my marijuana use due to circumstances outside of my control but knew the protocol and legalities so she told me how to get around them

Yes babies will test positive for longer than we do

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Smoking weed can have the same issues as smoking cigarettes. Say what you want but you shouldn’t put anything in your body while growing another one.


Not sure but even if you smoked the entire time and after it wont affect baby at all


THC alters the brain chemistry ergo the effect of feeling “high”. The human brain is not fully developed until about the age of 25 and therefore anything altering that development through chemistry changes CAN permanently effect the undeveloped brain. Just as adults have different reactions to weed so can an unborn child. Fetus’ are susceptible to everything the mother ingests including tobacco, alcohol and medications. Most people don’t consider nicotine, caffeine and alcohol and even sugar as drugs either but they can still affect your unborn. While the mother may benefit from its use there is no way to know if or how it will affect the baby’s brain development. If it’s worth the risk? Go ahead but keep in mind if there is a negative effect there is no do-overs, no oops I wish I hadn’t. It could have a life long impact on you and your child. There is no undoing brain damage.


You should be ok. Dont stress about it :blush: if they do happen to test baby they’ll have you go to classes and if your breast feeding they will continue to test you.

It does not harm the babies


Yes they can. You shouldn’t smoke during pregnancy. Even cannabis can create tar in the lungs and limit oxygen to the baby. You’re better off vaping or using edibles.
And if you’re in a state where it’s legal I don’t think they can do much about it