Can we take a second and talk about 11year old girls and tampons?

Help me y’all because my point of view is “that’s sketchy” . I mean I don’t know I want her getting into the habit of sticking things inside herself. This could get out of pocket quick … my 11yo has s sweet but sneaky. I’m worried about what could come of introducing her to tampons. She has seen them before of course. She knows what they are for but I’ve just told her “pads for now” and you can go through the trouble of tampons when you’re older. I told her there are grown women who find those things uncomfortable. We recently revisited the topic when she was down to 1 pad and with me being 9 months pregnant with a leg injury, I can’t just run out to get her some. We had the replace long before you run out convo and then she freaked out and asked if she could use the tampon. I ended up just having her father grab a couple boxes on his way home. But what do you Mama’s think about young girls and tampons? Is there risks outside of negligence and Toxic shock to worry about with the kid? Or maybe I’m just afraid of my babe growing up…

My personal opinion is for younger girls to wear pads. It’s easier & to me just more appropriate. I would get her pads for now. As long as you give her the right information then I don’t think it’s wrong to let her choose in a couple years which she likes or prefers

Good god! This ignorance and lack of education is why our world is F’d! Why are you sexualizing TAMPONS!?!? Your daughter should be comfortable enough to talk to you about EVERYTHING!!! I pulled up a cartoon diagram of a vagina to show my daughter how to use them(at her request) at 12. Why would you want your daughter to be uncomfortable all because of your own selfish, misguided issues? You should not have to have disgusting, sexual ideas about your child, who you don’t seem to trust. Fortunately I am the complete opposite of my mom and my daughter still talks with us about everything! Even topics that make us uncomfortable at times. Better she gets the real deal from us than some MF’s in these streets! Being evasive and controlling is just going to push your child(ren) away. Get some therapy if you need it but don’t project that weirdo sh!t on your innocent child!

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I agree it’s not ideal. My daughter is very small … she didn’t start till almost 13. Lucky! So we just did pads. I told her about them for situations like swim team etc… she did not want to do it. Then when she wanted to try she said she couldn’t do it and it was uncomfortable…. When she hit 17 she had suffered through such bad cramps forever I let her decide if she want BC. She wanted the shot and no longer has periods. I don’t recommend starting them too young on BC. I have never used BC and don’t like what it does to my body the short time I did use it.

Omg eww your disgusting. What is actually wrong with you that you are sexualizing a TAMPON? What part of your brain thinks that your daughter is going to get used to sticking things inside of her from using something that’s not pleasurable at all?!? I pray that the child your pregnant with is a boy cause you clearly doing need to be raising a girl or any children for that matter with your mind set. If she wants to use tampons LET HER. It’s her body and you don’t get to decide what she can do with it!