Can you be let go from a job you have never been in trouble with?

Can you be let go from a job for something you’ve never been written up for, let alone disciplined verbally for? For example, I’m a waitress, a customer complaint? Something very minor, not like I got in their face and screamed or cursed or anything like that. I’ve been with this company for three years and have been an employee of the month twice and have always been praised by everyone I’ve ever worked for. I got a new manager, and I feel like she and her favorite employee have something against me.


More than likely you are an at will employee which means they can let you go anytime


Depending on what the complaint is, and if there is anything written in employment contract about it, some things they are allowed to have zero tolerance for, but that must be stated ahead of time.

Jobs can let you go without giving any reason.


As a boss… you always have to go in setting ground rules… I always started by expecting the best from the highest praised coworker (cause I dont like the word employee)… if that doesn’t hold to my standards the cuts come from the highest held standard coworker so everyone knows what is to be expected and no one is irreplaceable… including me… with that being said… what did you do to be let go?

If its a right to work state, they dont need a reason to fire you


Depends on where u live. Some states are fire at will and can let u go without cause


Depends on your state. If it’s a right to work state, no they don’t need a reason to fire you.

And depending on the reason why they fire you, you may not be able to collect unemployment either.

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Employee at will in most states.

I’m sorry this happened. The law says anyone can be let go for any reason and also for no reason. It is employment at the will of the employer. What they can’t do is not pay into unemployment insurance to pay fired employees unemployment benefits they are entitled to receive for being fired thru no fault of their own. They may object to a claim for unemployment but they will also have to say why. You are permitted to file an appeal with unemployment if you are initially denied and you will be given a chance to tell your side.

Depends on where you live and what the industrial laws are in your country/state.
Are you on an EBA or an award agreement? Are you casual/fulltime/part-time?
So many variables.
Here in Australia if you are casual you can be let go at any time for any reason


They can let you go for what ever they want!

If they fire you you can collect unemployment

Being let go from a job hurts no matter what reason. Unfortunately they.can let u go and not have to give u a reason which is bad cause how do.u know what to.improve in. Good luck in your next employment

Well it depends. Is your state an at will state? Where I live, we’re an at will state. And they can fire you for absolutely nothing. As as they don’t give you any reason. There’s nothing you can do🤷 you can be fired just because your boss doesn’t like the way you looked at them.


An employer can fire you when they see fit . Just move on is all you can do .

In the U.K. to be fired like that it’s usually gross misconduct, assault, theft usually you have a 12 week trial then they can get rid of you …they have to give you a verbal warning and written warnings too …depends where you work and what the contract states if you have one

It’s the way it is, everyone is a number, chin up buttercup you’ll find a different job.

A right to work state needs no reason. You can however, file a complaint with the owner or corporate office as well as with the labor board. Sometimes even if unfair it is better to just walk away.

If your from Texas it’s an at will state. They don’t have to have ANY reason to fire you.

One thing I have learned in my 58 yrs.Everyone is expendable!

They can but you can still file for unemployment if needed because there were no multiple write ups, no warnings. If employers don’t want to pay unemployment they should have disciplinary records to prove the employee is unreliable,insubordinate,etc.

Depending on the state you live in…some places are allowed to dismiss you without an explanation :woman_shrugging:…is sux…in your case people sound jelly cause you are a good worker

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Most states are a right to work state so you can be let go at anytime & there dont have to be a clear reason given

You may be in a “at will employment” state.

We are an at will employment country, so in most cases, yes. However, in many states even if you were fired “for cause” they have to prove they had a policy against whatever they say you did and that you explicitly knew about the policy, or you can still get unemployment.

Does she live in an at will state?

Depending the state yes you can. AZ for example is a right to work state and you can be fired for any reason (as long as it isn’t illegal like for being a certain race, gender, pregnant etc).

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Yes if you work in an at will state.

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It depends on what state you live in, but yes, you can be fired for no reason. It’s called at-will employment and it’s sucks if it happens to you. I’m so sorry.


Depends on the state yes. But you can always bring it up to corporate and ask for someone to look into it for you maybe

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Depends are you at will employee if so they can fire for anything but race gender religion and sexual orientation or disability

You need to find a new job this happened to when all new people were hired and i wasnt liked and seen as a threat and everything was done that i never deserved and i finally quit

Ask the bitch if theres an issue :blush:

If they fire you, you could have a law suit depending on the state you are in

Yes depending on your state .

If you’re in a right to work state you can be fired for anything. My sister had this problem as an assistant manager luckily she spoke with the supervisor over the manager and let’s just say she wasn’t one of the people let go.


Wow, I can’t believe this is even something that is legal. In Australia, employers have to do a whole lot of verbal warnings followed by written warnings to fire Anyone. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you and I wish you luck in finding a new job.


File for unemployment … I know in Texas… our unemployment is big on proper termination procedures.

If you work in a state that is at at will state you can.

If it’s a work at will state, yes

I live in Ohio employers can fire you for whatever they want!

Depends on the state. In Alabama, an employer can let you go for no reason at all.

Depends on the state in P.A. they don’t even have to give you a reason on why you are being fired. But I would start to document things going on at work.


Depends on the state. Where I live, they can fire you at any time without reason. You can quit at any time without notice as well.

Cali equal wrongful termination lawsuit

Depends on the state. If in a at will state, you can be fired for any reason. Management don’t like your shirt? They can fire you.

Georgia can fire you for anything they want to

If your in alabama then yes. We have a law where they don’t have to have a reason

I quit my job for same reason, I walked OUT the job, o called unemployment and got it.

Yes depending on ur state. For example. IDAHO is a right to work state, they dont need a reason to let u go.

Is your state a right to work state? I worked a job for 3 years and the fired me for sleeping on the clock when I was on break… But it was a paid break… Also had a new manager who did not like me. Everything was great till he go there. I never got in trouble or anything until he arrived. I hope you are fine with your job and it all works out. But if your state is a right to work state they dont really have to have a reason to fire you. If they do get unemployment.

NC is an at will employer

Depending on the state they could Litterally have no reason to fire you.

Depends on the State… if its an At Will state then yes

They don’t have to have an excuse to fire you. They can just do it. If they did not give you a reason ask them for a separation notice and they have to put an excuse on that. Depending on the excuse they put you may be eligible to draw unemployment.

I recently got fired because I took some of my personal affects home

Depends on your state. I’m in ND and we don’t have to have a reason to fire people.

I got fired from being a waitress bc someone complained one night on my best night…there were me & another girl with my name but they fired me bc a new restaurant opened bc they were already losing business so they fired anyone who had a complaint or a problem with the customers.

I live in an at will state. I was fired at 6 months at a call center because they didn’t like my phone voice.

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Depends what state you’re in. In Michigan you can be fired for blinking wrong.

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I got fired because I wouldn’t allow a co-worker bring drugs in my personal vehicle. My pink slip said “creating drama at the workplace” :woman_facepalming:t2:

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You can be fired in Ohio just because they dont like you

Depends on the state in Nv it’s a right to work I got fired for making too much money of commission and making more than managers

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All bosses got their favourite in all job

Depends on the state. Contact HR if any questions.

They can fire you for anything. But you can go higher up the ladder. Talk to HR & go up from there.

Yup. You can be terminated for any reason they see fit unless its discriminatory, ie. race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation

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Here in Australia you can’t. By law you have to have a official warning letter

Ask her if she has a problem with u !

If you are an “at will” employee and don’t have a signed contract, then you can be fired without reason.

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My state is an at will state. Employers can fire you for any reason and they don’t have to tell you why.


Well I live in MI, it’s an at will state and they can just fire you. They don’t even have to say why.

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Wow glad I don’t live in America!

In U.K. you have to have verbal warning first , then written warning then final warning before they can fire you ( unless you have done something which constitutes as gross misconduct in which case you can be fired immediately this is usually things like stealing etc)


You need to find out the laws in your state. Such as Illinois is an at will state. The employer at their will and you work there at yours you can be fired or quit at any time for any reason. however if you’re fired without adjustable cause you could collect unemployment if you meet other criteria.

Sounds like your better off girl. They obviously let go a loyal employee. My parents always taught me " your employer is lucky to have you, not the other way around"
My mom probably chokes on those words were she has been my boss for 10 years now lol she thinks I say things to her I wouldn’t say to anyone else of they were my boss.
I went elsewhere to work after some personal reasons and well mama… your words followed me there too.
Honestly, their loss girl

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When you start a job, or even on the application paperwork, somewhere it will state that you are an at-will employee. Then, you can be let go for absolutely no reason at all.


In my state you can be fired for any reason anytime. Check your state laws!


Yes, you can. Most states and employers have at-will employment. If you have never been disciplined, you can file for unemployment. If contested, the employer will have to justify your termination.


Had it happen to my state they can let you go for no reason and they lie and distort things.i worked for 8 yrs there and the manager started hiring younger staff.laws should be more fair!


If your in a right to fire or right to hire state they can fire you for “just not working out”.

In my experience with at will states, specifically CA which is the worst… you can always be fired without a reason anywhere. The question is if you have a case and can sue them for it. It’s sometimes safer to just not give a reason than be sued for the actual reason.

If you’re state is an at will state - they can fire for no reason. The only good thing is - if you have no paper trial of write ups or issues etc - they can’t really bar your from getting unemployment

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If you live in a state with an at will state…they can fire you for no cause.

Unfortunately yes, depending on state laws. There are some states that have a “policy” that is basically you can be let go for whatever reason the employer sees fit… forgot the exact name. But if you’re so worried, contact HR and look for a lawyer and look up state laws. Wish you the best!

Depends on the state. For example In Florida it’s a right to work state. They can terminate you for no reason.

You can be fired for anything at anytime if you live in an " at will" state. There doesn’t even have to be a reason


Depending on the state… most are at will states which means they can fire you at any time for anything

Move on and call it a day from that job. Not worth it. It will never get better if they are doing this stuff now. You deserve better.

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Unfortunately they can fire you for whatever they come up with, but if there’s no documentation, or proof showing they gave you a chance to fix said behavior, then you have a great unemployment case

Ohio is an at will state an if you work for a private owned business it’s even worse . Best to work in a union company. At least then you have someone that will fight for you

I was at my job as a server for 4 years. Made more in sales on a nightly basis than other servers. Had a loyal following, and got let go because a customer complained that I brought them their check after they had completed their meal, said they didn’t want anything else and were sitting at the table for 30 minutes without ordering while we had a wait list with 30 names on it.

When I broke my spine while at work and it took more than 4 months for me to recover I was let go. Basically, unless you have a case of blatant discrimination/malfeasance/ect., and the funds for an amazing lawyer, you really have no recourse.

Even an at will state requires a good reason for termination to prevent the employees collecting unemployment. They can terminate you, but they will have to pay unemployment unless they have proof that you didn’t follow policy or had a serious complaint. You can also go to the labor board, but unless you’ve been discriminated against, or they are a unsafe work environment, its kinda pointless.

I have been with a daycare for four years and out of the blue, I got fired. The soon to be director ( who I thought I was friends with) decided I wasn’t worth keeping and accused me of actions that never happened. I now realized we could have cleared me name if we watched the video.

In florida you can sneeze wrong and they can let you go. We are an at will state.

In this country, you can be let go with any company, at any time, for no reason at all…unless you have a contract. Even then, they can buy you out of any contract.

If it is in maryland, they can fire you for nothing. It is called work to rule. It sucks, but if let go unfairly you can get unemployment.

If you work in an ‘at will’ state they can terminate you for whatever reason. Likewise you can leave a position for whatever reason

Many states are right to work states so yes, they can fire you if they don’t like how your shoes are tied. I live in Las Vegas where there are thankfully mostly union jobs so it’s a progressive discipline.