Can you drink mountain dew while pregnant?

hi mamas, so i’m 35 weeks and 6 days prego sometimes when my hubby leaves diet mt dew in the fridge i take a sip like 4 times a day when i open the fridge. i don’t like sit there and drink a 2 litter or a can. but now i’m craving it so bad!!!
is that bad?! did any of u go though this or drank pop during pregnancy? i didn’t drink pop at all with my first.


I drank Mt dew while pregnant. Not exclusively or anything. Lol

I had pop with all my kids it’s ok to have a pop if you want

I drank Diet Coke & baby was fine

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It wont hurt. I drank coffee, dr pepper etc

I drink a good bit of coke and sweet tea

I’m 36 weeks and my husband has had a Mountain Dew in the fridge for almost a week :roll_eyes: I’d take a sip or two but I have gestational diabetes.

Don’t beat yourself up over it. You’ll be fine, everything in moderation. Just don’t sit there and chug or make it a bad habit lol

I drank Dr Pepper my whole pregnancy. Pop is fine in moderation.

i drank coke with all my pregnancys

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Regular soda is better for u not diet stay awaybfrom the diet

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I compensate that need for soda sugar for juices. Like apple juice, cranberry juice and even grape juice. Or try eating fresh fruit when you get a craving. I’m only 18 weeks and so far I’ve kept off the soda and coffee.


I drank cola the whole time…now my husband put a limit on me lol but I was able to drink 2 cans a day lol I just had to choose a time wisely lol

I lived on mt dew my entire pregnancy. Literally all I drank. My daughter is 9 and perfectly healthy, happy, and unbelievably smart

I’m horrible at drinking soda while pregnant I did it with my first and now doing it with this one I do drink 6-8 bottles of water a day but I drink about a 2 liter in a week🤦🏼‍♀️ I feel like a bad mom sometimes but if I stop I feel horrible on the good side though both my pregnancy were healthy and I had fat happy babys😅

I have gestational diabetes and my diabetic specialist said diet sodas are fine in moderation. I drink coke zero sometimes.

Ur human. Just drink plenty of water when ur done sipping the mt dew

I drank like a 6 pack of coke a day o.o

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I drank Pepsi my whole pregnancy. I still do and she’s 21 months and Stoll breastfed as well

Youre fine hun! Caffine is completely okay in moderation. A can a day will not hurt you or the baby at all but i would recommend a non diet.

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I craved the craziest stuff with all 3 of my pregnancies :person_facepalming: I HATE seafood, but that’s all I wanted…salmon in particular. Lots of Dr.pepper, and don’t laugh…pickles rolled up IN FRUIT ROLL UPS​:scream:

I drank soda x 3 kids, no problem.

Try sparkling water. Not like deer park sparkling water like target brand, or store brand where it lists “sparkling water beverage”

Ehhh … If you aren’t having any health problems… whatever. If you can have wine, I’m sure it’s fine! I CRAVED Coke and I gave in and would have a whole can every once in a while… I would say maybe skip the coffee that day if you want more than a few sips… Just to be aware of caffeine…

I had soda as often as I always did while pregnant (i don’t drink much… maybe one or two a month) but I did have coffee and tea (especially tea) while pregnant. Baby is 2 months old and healthy.

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I drank non caffeinated pop. Lol caffeine isn’t that great but a small amount every once in a while isn’t going to hurt anything. I ate whatever as well healthy foods and non healthy and my daughter is perfect. :slight_smile:

I lived an Sprite and saltines with both of mine. Like a can or two a day. All was good. Just with mt dew gotta watch the caffeine. A lil is ok as I drank coffee with both and docs said it was fine

Drink the whole can, you and baby will be just fine.

I lived off Dr. Pepper when i was pregnant

I drank pop my entire pregnancy, cherry pop of any sort. Wild cherry Pepsi, cherry coke, red faygo…

Girl I drank Dr Pepper like there wasn’t going to be any tomorrow

Just make sure you drink plenty of water. It helps with everything. And you’ll def need it.

I drank soda through my whole pregnancy. Not a lot though, but I was also drinking a lot of water too.

I’ve been drinking pop my whole pregnancy (38 weeks) and my doctor hasn’t said anything about it :woman_shrugging:

I drank dr pepper with all 5 of my kids

i drink my daily morning cup of coffee and sometimes pop with my supper…doctor told me 1-2 cups of caffeine is fine. :confused:

:joy: I drank regular mt dew with all 4 of my kids whole pregnancy and they are all PERFECT :yellow_heart: CRACK A CAN MAMA

This is the sweetest thing! Oh honey what dedication you already have! A glass of pop isn’t gonna hurt just drink twice as much in water

My friend drank big gulp cherry Pepsi like the 64 oz a day her kid was fine

I drank soda the entirety of all 3 of my pregnancies. All of which produced perfectly healthy and normal children who are now 9, 7 and 4 tomorrow.

A McDonald’s coke is one of my top cravings

I drank mountain dew, sweet tea, coffee whenever I wanted all through pregnancy

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I had one soda a day when i was pregnant with both. You can drink caffeine just not in excessive amounts

I craved Red Bull with my youngest two.

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Aside from soda being super bad for you whether your pregnant or not, as long as you aren’t over doing it on the caffeine there shouldn’t be any problems.

I drank soda and sweet tea my entire first pregnancy! Granted, my daughter is now the most active child I’ve ever seen, but I doubt it has to do with what I drank while pregnant

I drank Pepsi almost every single day​:woman_shrugging: or orange crush :joy:

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I never drank mt dew before n my life til I got prego with my son, drank it the whole pregnancy almost mostly 2 n 3rd trimester only way I got energy

I drank pop my entire pregnancy

Diet soda is not good for anybody because of the aspertain. I would suggest regular soda but in moderation

I always bought caffeine free soda and drank to my hearts content!

I drank soda and coffee with all of mine. They came out relatively normal… i think. Lol


Shoot all four of my pregnancies the only thing that helped with morning sickness was pop i puked every day till i gave birth but i could keep a meal down if i had a coke

I craved orange soda with my youngest she’s 6 weeks old but before her I went almost 5 years without drinking soda other than gingerale when sick

Don’t feel bad! Drink a can! My doctor told me just to try and drink a little extra water if I drink caffeine!

I always had pop while pregnant with my son. Same with this baby too. as long as ut isn’t red bulls or monsters your good i would still try to limit yourself like 3 or 4 a day if possible

It’s fine! But good for you for maintaining your convictions that long! I’m a caffeine addict and managed to cut it out for all of maybe 2 days… I drank Diet Coke and coffee my whole pregnancy, just not in excess. My biggest craving was those bottled Starbucks vanilla frappes and salt and vinegar chips. My husband still cringes at that combo :joy:

It’s okay to drink soda, but pregnant or not, you shouldn’t drink much in general.

My doc said its okay to have a can a day. So go for it!!

I worked for an ob . Doctor and he told his
patients not to drink diet drinks because they cause the fetus to have seisures.


Mountain dew drank the time prego. No problems she is now 37 years old an nurse. Just take easy one a day!plus couldn’t get enough veggies the freshes the better.

Have a coke, just don’t add jim beam…etc. no smoking either😑

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For me I got hiccups every time I drank soda while pregnant so I didn’t drink it often. But I did on occasion. And I drank coffee every day (one cup to stop the caffeine headaches) and my kids are healthy. My Doc said its fine in moderation. Only thing to really worry about is your sugar levels. Just don’t drink a lot of soda and you’re good.

I never had a pregnancy diet just took my prenatals everyday. My daughter turned out fine. 2 months old crawling a trying to push herself up to walk​:person_shrugging::rofl:

All I drank with my son was mountain dew lol

It’s okay to enjoy yourself a can if that’s what you’d like. Doesn’t have to be everyday but you can spoil yourself from time to time if you’re craving something mama! Just make sure you don’t skip out on water intake

Diet is nasty. Just drink regular sugar Mountain Dew

Lmao. I drank pop my whole pregnancy. Is there really women out there that thinks pop is that bad? Lol


I craved coffee so bad! Once I got up at three in the morning and drove to town to get a cup because I was out at home! Baby was active and he loves coffee still at 17.

I drank soda coffee and juice thru my whole pregnancy

I stayed away from coffee which is funny because coffee puts me and my one year old to sleep now…: but I did drink a lot of dr. Pepper especially when I ate

I basically only drank soda with both of my daughters. I never have liked Milk and only take my water with my Coffee. I had 2 healthy, no issues physically or mentally. Dr told me cut out Diet soda but at the time thats all I drank. I think it has a lot to do with the genetic makeup cuz others I know have ADHD kids or something yet both mine 9 and 14 are perfect in every way and really don’t even like drinking soda

I drink pop mainly cause of the caffiene my doctor just said to limit my self like dont over do it. Like a 2 litter would be a bit much but 2 cups through out the day wont hurt

I drink soda every day. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I drank so much pepsi during my 1st pregnancy!! All was fine with the baby. I was 18, and that was 50 years ago.

For me, I hate every soda now except Pepsi. I love those things. I’m 29 weeks tomorrow

I drank ginger ale it helped with morning sickness 2 pregnancies

I drank soda and coffee with both of my boys; they and myself were fine. It was only energy drinks that I cut myself to a few sips every one in a while during both of my pregnancies.

It kills me how people think drinking a soda while pregnant is THAT bad. I literally drank whatever I wanted while pregnant with both my kids, I didn’t drink a lot of coffee and NO energy drinks of course. But sodas were a regular part of my diet. Its not gonna hurt for you to drink a mountain dew


I drank coke weekly. You’re fine.

I didn’t even like soda UNTIL I was pregnant lol.
I don’t think a cup a day will hurt the baby. Just drink it in moderation and even it out by drinking water/100% juice

I drink pop all the time :joy:

I wouldn’t drink litter either :nauseated_face:
I drink coffee and soda I’m 34.6 weeks

I had a caffeinated can of soda a day with my pregnancies. I couldn’t survive without it! Nothing wrong with a bit of caffeine.

I drank caffeine with both of my pregnancies… but diet anything isn’t good for anyone…diet drinks contain aspartame…

I drank coffee and soda my whole pregnancy with all 3 kids. I would have 2 cups of coffee a day (one in the morning and one when I got home from work) and soda in between. Nothing super crazy, but enough to help me get through the day. All my babies were just fine.

I drank alot of caffeine while I was pregnant with my second because I work at a coffee shop. He is perfectly healthy!

Didn’t with the first, drank coffee and pop with 2nd they are fine

Yoire aloud to have a certain amount of caffeine a day to be honest I think as long as it’s not something ridiculous like laundry soap or something your really not supposed to have if your baby wants it eat it I’m in my last trimester and my baby if complete healthy and I eat whatever I want

I drank coffee and soda the entire time I was pregnant with all 3 of my babies and their now 5, 4, and 1. One thing about pregnancy that most dont say though is this…every woman and every pregnancy is different one way or another. Doctors and other people will tell you sometimes not to do this or that as a precaution but that doesn’t mean something bad is going to happen. All 3 of my pregnancies were healthy and absolutely no problems with any of them and I drunk however much soda I craved or wanted. Do what you feel is best for you and your baby because nobody in this world knows your body like you do.

I crave coffeeeee and coca cola with this one lol

I craved Corona when I was pregnant. Took one sip of it and I was satifyed. Anything in moderation is OK.

A little caffeine is fine but I’d stay away from diet

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Diet Pepsi was my favourite drink besides water. You’re fine. There are far worse things than pop a person can have while they’re pregnant!


Caffeine is not the only issue here. Caffeine is safe during pregnancy up to 200mg a day. However, soda is full of sugar! Avoid as much as possible.

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I had 1 Diet Coke can a day lol

If it didn’t have alcohol in it I drank it… Best part of being pregnant was I could have what I wanted :joy:

I drank pop and coffee

I drank 1 diet pepsi per day with my son, I just wanted it so bad!

I drank anything with caffeine with my first 2 & my current. Everyone is fine.

Pop is the only thing I craved my whole first pregnancy. I just tried to go easy with it and you’re talking about taking a few drinks a day that probably doesn’t even equal out to a full cup. I believe they told me try to keep it below 2 cups of caffeine a day. I know sugar is an issue too but again, you’re talking about a few drinks of pop a day. Lol. I think you’re in the clear! Lol