Can you get pregnant if you haven't had a period?

Can I get pregnant if I haven’t had my period in a few years? I stopped getting my period due to malnutrition caused by an eating disorder. I’ve been back to a healthy weight for some time, but my period hasn’t come back. I’ve recently started seeing someone, and we’ve been having unprotected sex. Is it possible for me to conceive?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you get pregnant if you haven't had a period? - Mamas Uncut

Yes. Get on birth control…?


I recommend going to your gynecologist and see if there’s a reason it hasn’t come back and go from there.


Yes ever time I’ve gotten pregnant I didn’t have my period. My last pregnancy I hadn’t had my period and the dr put me on medication to start one but I ended up finding out I was pregnant after.


Not likely. If no period no ovulation. If your really at healthty weight and you dont have it. I would ask ob/gyn and blood work done

I have PCOS so I rarely have periods. I conceived 2 of my 3 kids without having a period for months.


Yes you can…
You need to ovulate to get a period
When the egg isn’t fertilised (around halfway through your cycle) it will come away hence you bleed/have a period
Ppl think you need to get a period to get pregnant when in fact it’s ovulation needs to happen to get pregnant
If you ovulate and fall pregnant you will not get a period as the egg is fertilised


Any time you have sex you can get pregnant

Yes you can. You actually need to ovulate to have a period and you need to ovulate to get pregnant. Therefore if you ovulated before any “missed” period you could be pregnant. This happened to me with my 2nd. I was 3 months pp and hadn’t had my period back after birth and found out at 3 months pp I was about 3w pregnant.

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Yes absolutely! You ovulate even without having a period, so its a very real possibility. Go to your doctor and have a blood test done.

Yes… I had a surgery on my stomach which caused me to go malnutritioned. I lost 40 lbs in 2 months at 15… had irregular periods or just wouldn’t have one for months. Went to the doctor for an outpatient surgery at 17. Couldn’t do the surgery because I was pregnant. I was 16 Weeks when I found out… didn’t show signs of being pregnant til around 30 weeks

Yes the first time I bled in over a year was probably implantation bleeding because according to my due date I got pregnant right about that time. I have had maybe one light period a year since 2016. Maybe 2x a year before that. Malnutrition was also a factor. Dr would ask and I’d say idk but no further questions have been asked past that

Yes. I hadnt had a period in months when I got pregnant.

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I’m sorry if my response seems disrespectful or rude, but this is definitely a question for a medical profession not a fb page. I think you should see your doctor and he or she will be able to run test that can determine if you can get pregnant or if you are pregnant…

Yes. You can. Ive seen some people say it isn’t likely, but there still IS a chance.

Yup. You never know exactly if or when ovulation will occur.

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if you’re having sex, always a chance to get pregnant…

The fact that SO MANY women who are old enough to conceive have to ASK this question is just sad. If you understood how menstruation works you would know that the answer is YES of course it’s possible to get pregnant without a period. Periods happen from NOT getting pregnant after ovulation. You have the world at your finger tips. It would take 2.5 seconds to Google it. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Yes It’s possible… however, you should go see an ob/gyn who will explain it in details and perhaps put you on progesterone (Medrox) to start your cycle again.


You should start tracking ovulation

Read a book called taking charge of your Fertility and look into FAM (Fertility awareness method)

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Ask a doctor before hand ffs🙄

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Considering your period could come back at any time, yes, you can get pregnant. Definitely start tracking your symptoms in case it does start coming back. There are lots of period tracking apps out there and you don’t necessarily need to have a period to track your symptoms. I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and often don’t ovulate, but I still track my symptoms on an app in case I do ovulate. I don’t like being surprised and bleeding all over everywhere. I highly recommend Period Tracker.

P.s. Also, research some birth control. Get on what is the best option for you, your medical history and lifestyle… unless you want a baby. How well you know this guy?

Anyone that laughs at this post is a terrible person


I know the answer to that, I was not having periods for about four months, well found out when I went for my annual that I was 21 weeks pregnant!!! So to answer your question YES you can!!!

Ask your OBGYN because they’ll know better than a bunch of moms on fb


No unfortunately. You would need to have your period at least once before you can conceive. The only time you can conceive without having a period is straight after having a baby

Definitely still a chance you can ovulate at anytime

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Yes. Because you never know when it will come back. I was trying for my second and I was afraid that I would have trouble because I didn’t have a period for six months, it took six months to get pregnant but it happened, thanks to Jesus.

Yes and and huge F U to all those who laugh reacted. Immaturity at it’s best!


Possible, maybe not right away but eventually

Yes still a chance. When I got pregnant I hadn’t had a period in just under 2 years

I stopped having my period for about 5 months so I went to a specialist my doctor recommended and I was about to get a 5 year birth control put in so my uterine wall wouldn’t become cancerous and he had me take a blood pregnancy test before I got it put in and he came back to the room and told me I was pregnant
I was only a month pregnant when I found out and I’m currently 5 months pregnant but it was definitely one of the biggest shocks of my life :sweat_smile:

I talked to my regular doctor about how it happened if I wasn’t even having a period and he said that’s how a lot of women end up getting pregnant


You still ovulate even if you don’t have periods. I know many women who have been able to get pregnant that don’t get regular periods(haven’t had one for months).
See an OBGYN if you’re trying to, or get on some sort of BC if you’re trying to avoid. Every body is different…

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I would go see your GP

Lol two kids later for me & absolutely possible. I would go 6 months without a period… (pcos) super common for me to skip 3/4 months at a time… longest I was without is 6… your body randomly ovulates even without a set period :woman_shrugging:t2:.

No u can not it is scientifically impossible


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you get pregnant if you haven't had a period? - Mamas Uncut

You can but your chances are much lower as your eggs won’t be releasing as frequent. Your period is basically a guarantee that an egg will release 1 a month! If your BMI is 18.5 the minimum then it should come back eventually. But I would go get some advice from the doctors, as they could maybe offer help with you having issues with your body in the past! Xx

Yes, you can. The period is your uterus expelling the lining of your womb & the egg because it didn’t get fertilised.

Yes you can, if youve only just started seeing the gentleman try and use protection and ask him to get tested so you know you are atleast safe against STDs

I fell pregnant both times without a period first no period for over 5 years and on contraception. Second no period still breastfeeding

Yea I stopped my pill and hadnt had one for years! Less than a month later I was pregnant

Yep. I got the bar out and didn’t have a period yet, fell pregnant straight away.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you get pregnant if you haven't had a period? - Mamas Uncut

If you have the parts to get pregnant & they have to parts to impregnate you could end up pregnant if you’re not using contraceptives. It is also possible for STIs & HIV to be transmitted back & forth.

Are you wanting to get pregnant? Is this your first child. I mean woman that have IUDs and don’t have a period still get pregnant. And woman that get them removed and don’t have a period for a year or 2 after stopping still get pregnant. Anything is possible!

I was told you will ovulate before you bleed, so therefore yes you can get pregnant without having a period


It is totally possible if your body is still doing its “thing” of ovulating/releasing an egg. If you do not want to be pregnant, or risk it, I would use a few forms of protection. If you would like to, I recommend talking to your doctor and it wouldn’t hurt to track your ovulation either with ovulation strips to see if you still ovulate :heart:

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That’s one likely explanation another would be that you’re still not ovulating there’s lots of reasons women stop ovulating other than being unhealthy (stress and even exercise both play a role in your cycle as well)

If you have the parts to get pregnant and are having sex with someone who has the parts to impregnate you- it is always a possibility. I recommend watching some Momma Dr Jones, she says this all the time.


Yes it’s possible for you to pass an egg without a period. It’s happened to me

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Please see your doctor and DON’T have sex without protection because the longer there is between sexual encounters ups your chances of getting pregnant. However your eating disorder may have caused you to be fertile so see your doctor and use protection


If you aren’t ovulating then it will be difficult to conceive. Then there’s God and miracles do happen so the only suggestion I have is protect yourself. Good luck to you!

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I hadn’t had a period for almost a year when I got pregnant. Get a test and just try to be careful in the future.


Yes. Better start using protection for more than just preventing pregnancy. Stds are rampant


Yep! I have a 12yo as proof of that. Had not had a spot of blood for more than 6 months and wham I got pregnant. I’m guessing my body had decided it would start up again and I ovulated without realizing it.


If you have ovulated, you can get pregnant. You ovulate before your period happens. So technically, yes you could get pregnant if you were to ovulate


Unless you have both been screened and have decided to be exclusive, you need a condom either male or female not just say the pill for unwanted pregnancy. HIV is very permanent antibiotics don’t make that go away if your careless. Unless you have had a hysterectomy you can get pregnant. Even women who have had there tubes tied have fallen pregnant, so yes you very much can.


I’d recommend going to your doctor and talking to them about birth control. I mean if it’s a new relationship maybe a condom 🤷


Very likely you could have ovulated and got pregnant meaning your period never showed up. A pregnancy test and doc appts will help you know for sure


Just because some STIs can be treated, doesn’t mean you want them.
Be careful =)


Yes it is because you could start ovulating again and get pregnant before you would get that first period back on, you can get ovulation test strips pretty easily and affordably if you wanted to stay off birth control…


I would check your fertility with a fertility doctor and see where you stand. No one on the internet is going to be able to tell you what your body is capable and not capable of doing


I’m pretty sure she didn’t ask about STDs or protection. My goodness.

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It’s 100% possible. However I don’t know if you’d want to risk that with someone you just recently started talking to.


I had my last child at 43 yo and hadn’t had a period in 13 months prior.

I didn’t have a period for a year when I found out I was pregnant. Didn’t even think it was possible, but apparently you can still be ovulating.

I have a friend who was 6 months pregnant when she found out she was pregnant because didn’t have a period for over a year

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Yes, have a friend with the same scenario and she was 18 weeks pregnant before she found out and wasn’t even showing

I really don’t think she was asking about BC or STD education folks. Stick to the subject sheesh :roll_eyes:


I have concieved 8kids and a set of twins and i have never had a period. I am beyond blessed but the doctors have never been able to figure out y i dont bleed

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Medical advice or needing questions answered on Facebook is not going to get you what you need. Go see your Dr!!! And if you just “recently starting seeing someone” for crying out loud use protection! The last thing you need to do is get pregnant especially if it’s a new relationship!!! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Yes I have a 12 year old whom I was 3 months pregnant with when I found out I hadn’t had a period for more then a year before that

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You sure can I have a 6 year old as proof, I hadn’t had a period in 13 months when I fell pregnant with her.

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Yep! Never had a period regularly, I’m talking zero period for years. Always been that way. 3 babies later. And my periods are still not regular.

Yes as you could get pregnant just as your cycle is returning

Yes ma’am!!! You will ovulate approximately 2 weeks before you start to bleed.
I got pregnant right after my second baby that way!! :woman_facepalming:t2: I had no idea. I thought it was the other way around- I thought you bleed first then ovulate 2 weeks later…

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An aunt of mine was told she would never have children. She and her husband went to mant specialists, was prescribed the pill for a while, which brought on periods temporarily, but the finally accepted it wasn’t going to happen. In their 25th anniversary year, she developed frequent sickness, tutned out she was pregnant at 45. Her ‘baby’ is now 40 and has 2 children herself.

Yes I never got my period when I got prego with my youngest. We planned on trying and got pregnant first shot!

Possibly but also a possibility is an std

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Ovulation happens before a period… you can get pregnant from sex period.

Yes it’s absolutely still possible :ok_hand:t2: been their I was told I couldn’t have kids !! I’m like crazy fertile!! Like birth control plan B still got pregnant with four babies lol

Unless you’re ovulating, or do ovulate then no

You might ask a doctor when you go see one

Yes. I hadn’t had a period for a whole year when I got pregnant with my son. Got pregnant then got period :weary::woman_facepalming:t2::rofl:

Yes you ovlate before even having a period

All 3 kids i have and I don’t get my period either

I haven’t had a period in 9 years! I’ve been pregnant 3 times during that time.


Unprotected sex is the leading cause of pregnancy, and STI’s.

U should probably ask your dr

You can get on BC to help start your periods first then try

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I didn’t have a period for almost 3 years and I got pregnant with my first child.


My first daughter I didn’t get my period for 4 months still got pregnant. The pregnancy I’m going through right now I was on birth control and didn’t get my period for 6 months. I’m not five months pregnant. Never think you can’t get pregnant.

I never had periods except once in a blue moon(8 months or so) I stopped taking birth control(did not play a factor in my periods my body just never had them regularly even with birth control to help) and I was pregnant within a month. So yes very possible.

Period and the ability to get pregnant are 2 different things. You can still ovulate without a period. Ovulation is whaf you need to follow.

I did… Gone over 8 months without one due to early onset menopause at age 27… I have 2 daughters now at 35.

Just because you dont have a period doesnt mean you’re not ovulating.

Yes. I have pcos and have two spawns :grin:

Always consider it a possibility