Can you get pregnant on birth control?

Has anyone on here gotten pregnant on the patch? My grandpa said his ex-wife got pregnant on it twice. I’m wondering if it would cause a pregnancy test to be negative from being on birth control and also if it would cause you to still have periods because of the way the patch works the three weeks on and one week off? I’ve been having headaches, getting motions of feeling sick, and can’t get enough of a couple of foods like spaghetti we’ve been eating and a lot of spaghetti and also hamburger helper lol but what is weird is my stomach has gotten big, and it’s not like a fat big like its real round and sticking out, and I’ve been having some like a small pain in my stomach that I’ve not felt before. And it happened overnight. It seemed like lol I woke up and noticed I had a big belly, and it looked weird. I’m just wondering if I’m just going crazy and I’m just getting fat😂 please, no rude comments.


I have a 17 year old son and I was on the patch when I conceived him

My sister got pregnant on orthotricyclean

Yes you can get pregnant when on birth control, I was on the Ortho Novum 777, I took them everyday at the same time and got pregnant with my son that is now 28 years old, I was still having a regular period. My grandmother was the one that told me I was pregnant, when I went to the Dr I found out I was 4 months pregnant, so yes you can get pregnant while on birth control.

Both of my kids are birth control babies lol

My sister got pregnant on the nexplanon

Both of my nieces are BC babies

Prolly want to make a dr’s vist


What the hell does this have to do with nails???


It would never CAUSE a negative test. Research it. Go see a dr if you HONESTLY have those symptoms


Any person can get pregnant on any form of birth control

Best thing to do is have the man snipped :+1:t2:

I got pregnant on the pill 2nd time round

I got pregnant while on the pill. NEVER missed a dose. NOTHING but abstinence is fool proof.

I got pregnant on bc and after I took an ECP but remember the patch messes with your hormones so it’s normal to have pregnancy symptoms and not be pregnant. If the test is negative you’re probably not pregnant

Definitely can get pregnant on birth control. More susceptible if you take certain anti-biotics as the effectiveness of the BC will be affected.


My mom was 41 on the pill and got pregnant with twins.
Some medications can mess with the pill. My mom wasn’t on medication though.

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My sister got pregnant on the patch.

Yes you can get pregnant on birth control.
No BC is 100%

Yep! I did but I was also on an antibiotic and didn’t take other precautions

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Another thing that is in the warnings when I was on the patch was you also cannot eat/drink grapefruit as that effects a lot of different meds as well. I had headaches and pregnancy symptoms rarely while on the patch, but wasn’t prego. I recommend seeing your doctor to get your levels checked. I was on the patch for over 10 years for my PCOS to regulate hormone levels and monthly issues and worked great but I found that sometimes I would get bad migraines and such, almost like withdrawal symptoms when I was on the 1 week break. Your doc should be able to help you with that.

I have gotten pregnant before on the depo-shot! It caused me to have tumors and I got really sick & lost 24lbs in 3 months. I had to have the pregnancy terminated. The condition I had was called hydatitative form molar pregnancy

All 4 of my kids I was on birth control🙃

If your stomach is suddenly big, you might have to go to the doctor. You might be pregnant or you could have fibroids in your uterus. They can make you suddenly get big. I should know, because I have them.

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Yes. My mother was on the pill when she got pregnant with me. And my two younger sisters. Then she went and got her tubes tied. She said hell no more

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Oo yes I have 3 kids from birth control
My oldest I was on the pill my 2nd I did the patch and my 3rd I was on the depo…

I have a niece and nephew who are condom/by pill babies!

Only way to ensure you never have babies is a hysterectomy!

I got pregnant using the contraceptive films and I think I’m further along than we think… still waiting on dr appt to confirm but my last “period” was 3 Days of cramping heavy and spotty bleeding which is not normal for me whatsoever. I had a large ovarian tumor removed 3 months prior… however no birth control is 100% effective except not having sex to begin with. There is always a chance of pregnancy.

Absolutely it’s possible, I got pregnant on the patch and the pill!

Go get blood work done . BC is definitely not 100% effective.

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I got pregnant on the pill

I got pregnant on the pill & shot.

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Yup I got pregnant on the pill with my first

If you don’t know that BC is not 100% effective, you probably shouldn’t be having sex :joy:


I got pregnant each time on the pill…I went to tanning bed and it made the pill worthless

Yes you can. I got pregnant on birth Control and morning after pill. She will be 5 in August.

Get an HCG done to see what your levels are. That is the best way to confirm pregnancy. I had a friend get pregnant on the pill and still have periods with negative test and when she was 5 months did blood work and found out she was pregnant

All 3 of my kids are birth control babies. ( Patch, IUD, pill)


My Mirena baby just turned 4 in March


Sometimes a woman’s hormones aren’t at a higher enough level to enable getting pregnant. The hormones in the birth control pill sometimes kicks the hormones up higher enough to get pregnant. I had a friend with this problem and both her kids were conceived while on the pill.

My Depo baby is about to turn 10

I’ve been pregnant on multiple forms of birth control :woman_shrugging:t4:

I would say just go to the doctor’s to make sure

nothing is full proof except not having sex. I got pregnant while taking birth control pills with my daughter 30 yrs ago.

No birth control is 100%

Take a test if you’re pregnant the hormones will set it positive. It’s always possible to get prego off BC. If you get a negative test and still are worried go to the dr and they can do a blood test and or help you through your symptoms

Please take pregnancy to test. No form of both control is 100 percent except absence.

I got pregnant off of birth control the urine test missed it 3 times until I had a blood test. Go get tested for pregnancy so you know for sure

I got pregnant on the pill and the patch

I’m a pill baby. They’re not 100%, lol. :joy:

Got pregnant on the pill. You should just go to the doctor just in case.

My oldest, i was on the pill.
My second, i was on nuvaring.
My third, progesterone only pill due to me getting blood clots on combined hormone birth control.

Yes I got pregnant on the pill and one ovary

Well My mom called me her little birth control suprise​:woman_shrugging::sweat_smile: so I’m gonna go with yes!!!

Could it be a lot of things. Make a blood test and that’s 100% sure

Doctor put me on antibiotics without telling me it canceled birth control!
My son is now 33…ack… lol

I got pregnant whilst using the patch!

Nothing is 100% protected against pregnancy or stds. So yes it’s possible to get pregnant on birth control.


Just take a pregnancy test. That will solve the guessing game.

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Yeah you can my mother in law got pregnant with all her kids while on birth control. I’ve even meet 2 ppl who got pregnant with thier times tied

If the pregnancy test shows negative then go to the GP for a blood test as they’re more accurate.


I got pregnant twice with twins 1st the pill 2nd the shot :flushed::flushed::grin:

Has anyone gotten pregnant with the 5 year IUD I forget the name of it. Lol :laughing:

Could be a health issue, or yes you can be pregnant.

How old is your grand pa and did they even have the patch back then??


Go to the doctor. We can’t tell you if you’re pregnant or not. Only the doctor can.


For sure, I got pregnant on depo shots!

Yessss you can I did on the pill and the patch :joy::joy: i have 5 children the only thing that had worked is the implant in my arm

I got pregnant on the Nuva Ring. I was 9 weeks before I found out because I was still having a period, just a little lighter.

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I got pregnant with my 6 week old last year whilst on the patch, Evra. My Dr said I was the 1st person he knew who did.

I was on this contraception before and was getting terrible headaches from it (I suffer from migraines) and the doctor thought it was the patch causing them as they are a side effect I was on it for about 3 years never got pregnant on it though :thinking::thinking:

I got pregnant with my first daughter when I was on the pill and then I’ve got pregnant with my second daughter when I was on the injection I’ve known a few people to get pregnant on the patch

Thats cura i got pregnant on birth control 3times

Yes. It is possible!!
My last pregnancy I was consistently utilizing the patch as I had successfully done for almost 6 whole years.
Even after the pregnancy ended (lost pregnancy at 15wks) I resumed the patch and have not had any ‘ohhhh fuuuuuccck… uhm,whoopsies’ moments since - almost 3 years since then-
Also antibiotics pretty much make birth controls useless so if you take an antibiotic you should double up contraception and I wish more PCP explained that to patients ** or taught in health class/sex ed!!**

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Nothing is 100% so take a test


You can get pregnant on anything i even got pregnant with my tubes tied


The patch is relatively new (2002) and you said your grandpa stated this?

Yep, my son was conceived while I was on the pill.

I had the patch and now have my son. He was conceived with me wearing it. I found out I’m allergic to it. I also had the same symptoms after I had him I found out I have obstructive hydrocephalous

All 3 of mine were on birth control. The pill, the patch, then the Nuva ring. Then had the IUD which perforated and almost died from sepsis so went with a tubal lol luck of the draw I guess

Birth control affects everyone in a different way, but can definitely cause the weight gain. But you can get pregnant as no birth control is 100% effective. Go to the doctor if you think you might be. Then you don’t have to question it

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Yup…got pregnant on Depo shot and again on the patch

The dr told me that usually if a woman is not on antibiotics and gets pregnant on bc it’s because of her weight and what she is on. Sometimes if you are overweight the hormones aren’t enough for your body and it makes them less effective. But only one dr told me that because I had asked because of a friend of mine. She said it also happens with the morning after pill too.

I got pregnant on the patch and on depo

I got pregnant on birth control, the father had a vasectomy and I was told I would not be able to have kids. I had my period the whole time

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I got pregnant twice whilst on contraception (depo & implant)

Yes you most certainly can! I have 2 beautiful daughters to prove it! One is 33 other 32♥️

I have 5 children and each time i got pregnant :pregnant_woman: i was on some form of birth control… when i stop my birth control i stop getting pregnant

I got pregnant on the birth control pill. A doctor is the one who would be able to tell u with a blood test and u sound

I got pregnant 8 years after I had my tubes cut, tied and burned. She’ll be 38 this year

My friend was on the pill and used a condom…son is 36…ooops

I don’t think they even had the patch during anyone’s grandpa years


I got pregnant while on birth control. But it had to do with taking antibiotics and not being told the clean birth control out your system.

Pregnant on the nuva ring

Pill patch and the implant. All three of mine are birth control babies❤

Both my kids are bc babies. And we’re 3 of my 5 miscarriages. All a different kind. So everyone is different and nothing is 100%

I have twice as well

Patch, depo, pills. :woman_facepalming:

I got pregnant on the patch before. Idk if pregnancy tests can be negative from the hormones (ive always wondered that as well) id just schedule a doctors apt! Your gyn can do blood tests and ultrasound. Also an internal exam will tell them if youre pregnant as well.

I got pregnant on birth control now I have 2 Adorable kids 7 year old son and a 16 month old daughter.

Yes I fell pregnant on the depo shot