Can you get pregnant with your tubes tied?

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Anything is possible

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t :raising_hand_woman:t2:


Small chance but yes

We’re they actually tied? I had a tubal ligation expecting my tubes to have been tied and a year after I had my daughter I was pregnant again! Learned Dr only cut my tubes and they fused back together I stressed at my delivery "cut, tie and burn. Been 6 years now no kids so thinking she listened this time

10 years after…first tubal was a band that slipped for 10 years never causing scar tissue… second time they cut, tied, and welded each end as far away as they could.


Absolutely possible
Vasectomy aren’t always effective either. I know a couple that had both and still had a baby.


Just get them removed completely. Lessens your chance for ovarian cancer as well.


Yes you can depend on how you tube was tie

There is a small chance if it happening, but yes, its possible

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Yes, had ectopic pregnancy 6 months after having my tubes tide. Worst experience of my life.

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Back in my day when I had my tubes tied they also burned them but than to many women decided to get pregnant so they stopped burning them

Tied, burnt and one ovary? Anyone??

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I had mine cut, tied and burnt in 2002 and had another child in 2016. The dr removed my tubes completely after delivering my son

Ties, clamps etc absolutely. There is always a risk it can undue, just as a vasectomy is not always 100% guaranteed. The only guarantee is total fallopian tube removal. My OB said she had seen too many pregnancies with ties and if I was serious about doing the procedure to go with full removal.

Yes, I know a couple of women who has had healthy babies after getting their tubes tied!

Yes I know somebody that it happened to aswell. I would go for the full hysterectomy!

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There’s a very rare chance but only the first few years after having the procedure

Karen M Turner Kyle Martin Stacey Young

The point of a tubal is not to get pregnant. Why would you want to get pregnant with a tubal?
They tell you the risks, it could happen. Its a smaller risk then BC. Hence why women get them. When they’re done having kids.
You’d need a revision procedure.

Yes. It’s more common than people think. The only way to be 100% is to have your tubes removed.


Yes my mom had an ectopic pregnancy after having her tubes tied. I had my tubes tired and burned almost 12 years ago and I’ve been good.

Oh bugger i had the clips 9mth ago as medically was best not to have more now im worrying

I had my tunes tied 14 years ago and not have a pregnancy. But did hear it’s possible. My doctor told me that pregnancy with tubes tied is a rare occurrence

My mom had her tubes tied after my sister and 13 months later I was born

It is rare, but has happened.

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Rarely, and if u do, should see a Dr asap because there’s a high risk of it being an ectopic pregnancy


I had a friend who got pregnant twice with her tubes tied


Yes I know several its happened to

It’s really not as rare as many think. Estimated 1 per 1000 after 1 year and grows to 13 per 1000 after 5 years.


My mom did with my younger brother :sweat:

If they tied and burn no

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My mum got pregnant twice with her tubes tied.

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Yes you can I had twin boys but lost them is trying again

Sure can, I know a few people who got pregnant years later!

Yes, I had an aunt that had 2 more after getting tubes tied.

I knew it was possible but damn these comments make me paranoid :flushed::sweat_smile:


Kami Bratcher yes they can lol

I had a hysterectomy on Monday and before the surgery they did a pregnancy test by blood just in case, but I had my tubes completely removed in 2015. They said you never know🤷🏼‍♀️

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Yes and you can also abort it if you don’t want it

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Yep. Damn voodoo vagina.


It can happen but it would not be the norm. There are always exceptions!

Yup!!! Currently 16 weeks prego after having my tubes tied in 2019. After reaching on multiple platforms… this is apparently wayyyy more common than I thought!


My mom had my brother with her tubes tied

Ladys I haven’t had my period in almost 4 months well if I don’t get it before March ends then I’ll be exactly 4 months I’ve taken atlest 2 pregnancy test but always negative and on my records it says my tubes Were clamped :eyes::eyes: so at this point i don’t even know what to think :grimacing::sob::sob:

Sure can. My aunt did

I had mine removed instead of tied or cut. My doctor said removing them reduces the risk of ovarian cancer - win/win.


Mines been tied for almost 30 years… But I got pregnant twice on bc !

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If done right it’s not likely. But, yes. It has happened. If it happens after you just get them done, chances are, you already were. But, the effectiveness of it also goes down a little every year after a certain amount of years. Depending on what kind of tubal you had. Blah blah blah. Anyway…

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My doc said 3 in 200 chance after 5 years and 1 in 1000 if we both got fixed

It can happen! Its not a common occurrence but if the tubal is done improperly- you can end up pregnant… a tubal ligation is better.

What if you have them burned? Or is it better to have them removed?

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I had them burned as well

Yup cuz :woozy_face::woman_facepalming:cause here I am ready to give birth any day now​:woman_shrugging:


Yes but it’s very rare. I was cut and burned, and was advised that I still could get pregnant but the odds are less than 1%

Yes, you absolutely can! It’s unlikely, but it CAN happen.

Yes u can I know of 3 women it happened to

Yes. Happened to me :woman_shrugging:

Yes. My mom had me with the tubes tied

Yes you can if they grow back together

Just get your ovaries and uterus removed if anything. No more periods atleast lol but that’s if you’re 100.% done having kids and your medical provider allows the surgery to remove both ovaries and uterus.

Yes. You can get pregnant with your tubes tied and clipped. My Mom had hers clipped and tied and got pregnant with me. It’s more common than women think yet rate but possible.

I got mine tied almost 12 years ago and no pregnancy but my best friend did it the same year and has a 10 year old so she did get pregnant after the surgery

Yes. My mom had her tubes tied after baby #4. About 12 years later she ended up having a bad miscarriage at home and she didnt know she was pregnant. The doc told her it was an eptopic pregnancy and would have been life threatening if it would have progressed.

Had mine tied and cut and burnt 5 years ago and no pregnancy. My mom and sister had them done the same way and no pregnancies for them either.

Yes, it happened to my mom 9 months after she got it done, she cried bc she thought she was done having kids. We call my youngest sibling a miracle bc of it and shes the sweetest girl ever. My mom got her tunes removed after she was born though.

It’s possible doesn’t mean it will happen but it is possible

Yes, I sure did but miscarried. I had my tubes tied in 93 ended up pregnant in 2000

I told my doctor if I get pregnant he’s the father! Lol

Yes you can. It happened to me

When I got put on nexplanon they told me it was stronger than tying tubes so I think it is possible just very very slim chance

I know someone that did but it is highly unlikely

Yup, happened to my girlfriend

Yep! I have multiple times

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Yes you absolutely can!!

Yea you can. They can become untied or grow back together. It’s a very slight chance but possible, but a lot of the time if you do it’ll be ectopic.

Got my tubes tied! been 24yrs now!

Yes. It happens alot. I know someone who had 3 miscarriages after?getting it done as the dr didnt do it right

YES! Apparently the risk increases after around 5-7 years post ligation.

Not if it was done right


Yes, while rare…it does occur


I plan on getting my tubes tied and my husband to get the snip. We thought we wanted another baby after our daughter (we each have one older child from previous relationships) but now are rethinking the idea.

Yes. Happens all the time.

Yes, I did six months after my first tubal. Eptopic pregancy, dnc, & removal of Fallopian tubes to correct.

It’s more common than you’d think and why most Drs will only do tube removal now a days

Yes, if the tubes weren’t actually cut & cauterized. Happens a lot…

Yes i have since i had mine. I miscarried

Yes. I’ve known at least 3 moms that have.

No. I’m actually in the process of getting them untied

If you’ve had it done but want to get pregnant you can use IVF

I got a double tube removal i don’t think I’ll be able to get pregnant again.

Yes I seen it happen twice cut them instead?

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It really depends on how the doctor did it. Mine was just “clamped” and i got pregnant because it didn’t stay in place.

Kody N Elizabeth Garrett I’m scared now lol

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Yes…i had my tubes burnt, clamped, an tied…3 years later I have a goofy baby boy​:+1::blue_heart::smirk:


Absolutely, yes. I know several women who have had babies after having their tubes “tied”. I opted for complete removal of my Fallopian tubes. No more babies for this girl. Everrrrr.

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Yes you can i have mine tied the statistic that my dr gave before she did them was 1 in 100 that they will fail usually it will be an ectopic pregnancy but there is absolutely the possiblity to carry to term


Yes my sister had 2 more kids after she had hers tied

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I’ve had mine tied for 15 years now and haven’t gotten pregnant but I’ve had many extremely long painful and often unpredictable periods, clotting, cramping, crazy food cravings, hair thinning/ falling out, mood swings etc since it has been done. I regret having them tied at times but am also grateful that I did because having a child from any of the guys I’ve dated or married since then would have been far worse for me.

Yes. My mom did. Welcome to my baby sister…:unamused::unamused: she is 23 now but yes it is possible.

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