Can you have a baby shower for your second?

So is it a thing to do a baby shower for your second baby? I just had my daughter Aug 2019. Or is that a no-no? I just found out I’m expecting. Of course I know it’s early to be thinking about it.


I had one for my second. It’s too celebrate a new life


You can have a bay shower for every kid. Just like she said above me. It’s a celebration of life


I had one for each
My 2nd pregnancy was twins … I never thought you couldn’t do a 2nd shower

I had one for my first girl and my first boy.

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I say do whatever you want. If it’s the same gender then you could do a diaper party if you still have all the clothes and stuff from the previous child.

I had one for my second. I didn’t throw it myself, but others threw it for me. Mine are 4.5 years apart, though. I think every baby should be celebrated

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I feel for your first girl and first boy are fine

I was literally just googling this lol

Every new life and the mother creating it deserves a celebration

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You can do what you want
People will or won’t attend. Some of the older gen will be like why have multiple as you have the stuff for a 2nd kid

It’s been many years since I had my children (I’m a grandma now lol!) but when my generation had their second (or third - I had three) we did have another shower. Maybe not as big. We called it a “Sprinkle.” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I did a small sprinkle with only very close family and friends since I have two girls but they are six years apart in age.

Ofcourse you can each baby is worth celebrating. I had one but I said I do not want gifts I just wanted to have fun doing games and eating yummy food hehe
I had the best day ever I did get a massive amount of gifts which I was so greatful for as my first born was a boy and at that time 8.5years old so we had nothing.
I I honestly loved having the lounge decorated , doing the funny games guessing things and eating all the little snacks and sweets.
It was a perfect day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
You do you!!

I had one for my second and they were both girls :woman_shrugging: they are exactly 2 1/2 years apart so they were born in complete opposite season so a lot of clothes from the first didn’t work for the second, AND we’re a military family and have moved 3 times since my first daughter was born so we had to downsize a lot :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I’ve been invited to “Sprinkles” (instead of a “shower). I usually think it’s OK if it’s for a different gender than the first… but to each their own! If someone else offers to throw you one, go for it!

I called it a baby gathering as i had all the same gender but mainly asked for diapers and wipes and baby essentials

I had one for all 3! I told my family not to do one for my third because it was 13 months after my second and they still had a little get together where everyone mostly bought diapers, wipes, bath stuff. Every baby deserves a celebration

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I didn’t. I figured my kids were close enough together (2 years apart exactly) that I would have most everything I’d need. I stocked up on diapers & wipes— bought a box with every paycheck. And ended up lucky both my kids ended up the same gender
I probably would have had a Baby Sprinkle if the gender was different, but I never was a fan of parties where I was front n center

If you want one… Go for it!!

Of course!! Go for it!

I told everyone no when they asked with the second. My first will be almost 9. This is his first, but nope.

You do whatever you’d like it’s to celebrate a baby.
I didn’t have one for my second, they were only two and a half years apart and we did need anything. We did have a baby meet and greet, people still brought things.
And we had one for our 3rd because its 15yrs later lol we needed everything

I’m having a shower for my second but my kiddos are gonna be over 5 years apart and have different dad’s so I have new friends and family I have gained since then. If I were in your situation I would probably do like a diaper raffle or something small. If people don’t wanna come they won’t. Congrats!

I think every baby deserves to be celebrated.:woman_shrugging:t3:


I had a sprinkle is what they call it. Just like a shower but smaller

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I had a baby shower with my first boy, wanted to do one with my second boy but he came early that we didn’t have time to do so and we just did a baby shower for our little girl who is due in February!:blush: definitely glad I got to do a baby shower for this pregnancy since all I have is boy stuff, I have most baby toys and everything I need for their first year of life due to my second son being 9 months old and for some reason I got neutral colors for his stuff​:joy: so I’d say do one if you’d like!:heart::heart: all life is special and deserves to be celebrated​:heart:

“Sprinkles” are more common for seconds. A smaller baby shower. Always good if you’re having the opposite gender.

I also hear people will do a “Sip and See” instead of a shower/sprinke. So people can come meet the baby and usually bring a little gift.

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Yes. I am not fan of baby shower. So I passed on a second one. However why would you not have if want to

You can have a baby shower for every baby, if you want. It’s your pregnancy so you do whatever you want to do. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


I had a baby shower for all of mine to celebrate a new life! No gift required


Of course you can! Every baby deserves to be celebrated no matter how big or small you go!


Of course! Especially if it’s the opposite gender. I had my first 7 years ago and am now pregnant with my second, both girls but with there being such a large age gap, I have to have a shower lol

My first came early so we did a “welcoming home shower.” My second we had a hugeeeee baby shower.

People usually don’t unless they have one of a different sex, or if there is a big age gap. Some people still at least have diaper parties or something though.

Most definitely have a baby shower anytime u get pregnant


I had a “sprinkle” for my second (i had two boys and they are about 2.5 years apart). I didnt really need much for him, but I wanted to celebrate his coming into the world too. They were, however, complete opposite seasons (one January, one june) so I did end up receiving some seasonal appropriate clothes for him and people had gotten me things like diapers, wipes, and baby wash

I don’t see why not. Just don’t invite distant friends/family that you only remembered about for your first shower :sweat_smile: I’m sure your friends and family would love to celebrate a new life!

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I had 2 with my first(one my friends threw one my mother threw). Then with my 2-5 my inlaws did a sprinkle(very small shower basically just closest family and friends like family). My 6th was 7 years after my 5th and I had given everything away because l was done only haha I wasn’t. I had a bigger shower with her.

I thought it was ok to have a baby shower for any pregnancy

We had Sprinkle showers for all the ones after the 1st. Mainly just close family, gave something new for baby and a little gift for mom like a comfy nighy.

You can do a shower for each individual baby

You can have as many as you want. If someone has a problem with it they don’t need to come. Every baby deserves to be celebrated


I think it would be very appropriate to have one if your having a boy

I decided against one this is my second pregnancy just rather not

I had a shower for my second (also born Aug 2019). If you want a shower, have one. Just keep in mind Covid and the restrictions of your area.

I had a small “sprinkle”…as my grandma would say, every baby deserves new things. Do what you want!

I’m going to have a baby shower when I have a second. I never got to do one with my first because of Covid

We are having a virtual baby shower for our second because this year sucks. We had to have a virtual 1st birthday for my first born in April and its not looking like it will be any better by this coming March when baby 2 is due.

We are having opposite gender but I think we would do it regardless. Any excuse to reach out and celebrate and find some good.

I just had my 3rd baby shower lol the same person did all of them

I had one for all 3 of my kids however my second was a boy and last one was a girl, but there is an 8 year age difference

My family does baby showers no matter if you have 1 child or 20 children. Every child is expensive, so even the smallest gift is a help to the mom.

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if its a different gender, why not? whoever wants to come will come and whoever doesn’t then doesn’t. you do you and be happy :slight_smile:

I had one for both of my kids. But I have one of each, and needed new things, because once I found out my 2nd was a boy, I got rid of all of my girl things.

I didn’t with my second. I already had everything I needed from my first. Clothes and smaller stuff I can buy myself.

I had two of the same gender May 2019 & July 2020 and we had two showers. :slightly_smiling_face: The first one was much bigger of course.

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You can do whatever you want. There’s no right or wrong answer. In the end when having a baby shower you buy food drinks and gifts for the games so it’s like a birthday party, you spend Im having people over and they bring a gift. It’s Not like your just asking people to buy you something. Your hosting an event.

Absolutely! Don’t let anyone discourage you. Some will try, just ignore them and don’t send them the invite :woman_shrugging:t2:
Every baby deserves to be celebrated!

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My mom believes in celebrating every baby lol. I told her no for my second but she insisted bc it had been 6 years since I had a baby. Now there’s only going to be just over 2 years between my second and third (due in July 2021) and I said no and she’s insisting because she wants to :rofl:

I had baby showers for my first and second kids because they were 5 years apart and we didnt have anything from my oldest (I had said I wasnt going to have more kids :woman_facepalming:). My 2nd and 3rd are 15 months apart and for my third we had a gender reveal with family because we wanted to celebrate baby number 3.

Yes i did with most of.mine and they were all about 3 years apart every baby is a blessing and a great girls day at that to

Baby showers are a time to celebrate the new arrival and I don’t see anything wrong with having one for every birth

I honestly feel to each their own really. I never had a typical baby shower. I always did a meet the baby / baby reveal party. when the baby is about a month old. In my experience I received more needed things like diapers in all sizes big boxes of wipes clothes in all sizes, toys for different age stages. Instead of the typical everything for a new Born. And it takes the pressure off of every one asking when they can meet the baby.

You can have as many as you want, or a baby sprinkle

I didn’t because of Covid and I didn’t need anything since mine are 11 months apart. But it would’ve been nice to have a luncheon at least and just celebrate with family without having gifts

Opposite sex YES! Same sex… sprinkle shower because you should already have everything from the first baby.

The whole point of a baby shower is to celebrate your soon to be, new, little one with the folks you care about and love! I have 3 kiddos and I had 3 baby showers. Do what makes YOU happy mama!

Honestly you can have one for every one you have .god bless you :pray:

In my
Mind they can bring a gift after baby is born. To me shower help get what you need for first. Especially since you just had one. Would feel different if there was a bid space in time

When I got pregnant with my second I decided if I had a girl I would have a baby shower since my first was a boy and if it was a boy I would just do a small sprinkle since I wouldn’t have needed as much new stuff …

You’re doing it to welcome the baby, it doesn’t matter how many you have.
Each baby deserves their own welcome!

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Do whatever YOU want to do mama bear :heartbeat: every baby is worth celebrating :heartbeat:

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It is completely up to you it’s what you want to do

I had a baby shower for all 3 of my pregnancies. First was a boy, second a girl and 3rd twin girls. So they were each different.

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If you want a baby shower, have one. Every baby deserves to be celebrated :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Every child should have a shower!

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You could do a sprinkle instead :slight_smile: it’s like a baby shower but just for little things :baby:


All babies deserve to be celebrated
If it’s another girl I would maybe downplay the registry to essentials like diapers and wipes since you will have plenty of leftover baby girl items but maybe include some things like a double stroller friends and family can donate towards

Shit I didnt even have one for my first kid so hell no having one for your second kid is ridiculous

No baby shower for a second child unless they are quite far apart. I know my nephews wife wanted one really bad but it’s just not customary. I just made sure to buy her a gift.


Of course!!! Every new baby needs to have new goodies :smiley: just a way of showing love and affection for them.


Also depends on what you’re having. Like if you had a boy first I think it’s more than acceptable to have a sprinkle shower for a dont need the big big stuff, but you want some girly things!

But honestly if you want to celebrate with you family and friends (covid precautions allowing), who cares the decorum!? Its your baby. Your friends. You are growing a human being, celebrate that shit!


A second baby shower, especially after whatever you received at your first can still be used? I think it would be awesome to have a shower and have your guests donate items for mothers that are not able to afford a shower and need items for their newborns.

YES It’s called a baby sprinkle!!! Don’t let anyone stop you from celebrating your new bundle!!!


Sure why not? My friend had her two about 18 months apart. She got stuff for the second one as well. It’s for the baby.

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Every baby deserves to be celebrated in my book🖤 we always did a shower for each baby in my family, I never even know you were “only allowed one” until I got pregnant and joined a mommy/pregnancy group. I was shocked lol


What? Since when someone decides if it’s acceptable or not to have a second, third or fourth baby shower? Never ever heard of that until now! I have three boys 20 and 22 months apart and I had baby showers for all 3! Would it surprise you all if I told you my first born had 5 baby showers?!!! Yes! 5! Obviously I did not plan them they were all surprise showers, my second baby had 3 and my third had 3 as well none of the showers were planned by me. It was all friends, family, co workers and church.!

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I had a diaper shower for my second. I got every size imaginable plus a few gifts and was so appreciative for the first year!

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Um yes. I dont see why people think its unacceptable to have a shower for the second or third kid, especially if you give your other kids clothes away to somebody who needs them at the time. Nothing wrong with it whatsoever

We have always had “Sprinkles” for second, third and so on, if they are fairly close in age.
The baby “sprinkle” assumes the mother has all of the “big” stuff and possibly some hand me down clothing. So, participants usually bring diapers, wipes, lotions, clothing, etc. it’s not as “formal” as a Baby Shower and a chance for kids to play lol. We had one for my daughter’s second born at the McDonald’s play area. Kids played while moms celebrated a new addition!

I have grandkids most have not had baby showers for their 2nd but one did have a Sprinkle … very cute but not as formal as a shower.

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I would do it and if any says different then they don’t have to be at your baby shower :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s your choice


I see no reason why you can’t. Those that love you will be there. Those that don’t agree can stay home :woman_shrugging:t2:


I had one with both kids. Nothing wrong with it

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Nothing wrong with having a baby shower with this baby too.

Some will say no some will say yes. Personally I say no but you do you.

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We have 6 kids. I had a HUGE babyshower for our first 15 years ago and wont allow another. To me it feels selfish. The babyshower is to celebrate your transition from maden to mother. No one else asked me to have 2, 3 or 6 kids. To be fair I didnt ask for 6 either my iud failed lol. I digress. For us its a babyshower and then after that sip and see with ZERO expectation of gifts.


I’ve seen people have showers at every birth.

I think if you’re having one of a different gender from the first, yes.

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Usually it is just for the first one. If you want one who to say no.