Could my 5 day old baby have jaundice?

My baby is currently five days old. Before we left the hospital after he was born, they checked for jaundice, and he passed the test. We had an appointment on Saturday for him, and he was also negative for jaundice. Today, my boyfriend’s stepmom said the whites of his eyes look a little yellow. I was just wondering if other moms had experiences with jaundice after five days and any advice? He’s my first baby, and I just want to know if I should take him to the doctors.


Yes, my son tested for high levels several days after his birth.

Yes go to check again just to be sure an ask about vitamin D.

I was recommended vitamin D drops for the slight jaundice mine had, also lots of sunlight.

Very common. Just make sure it gets better quick

Put him in some sunlight or under a light of course not too close but just so he can get some Vitamin D.

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My son tested high a week after birth.

Just spend 5 to 15 minutes in the sun with him, preferably morning or afternoon. Remember to keep his hands and feet warm but have as much of his skin exposed.

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My son had a little when he was born but they released him from the hospital and at the next check he had a little but it wasn’t enough for them to do anything. It went away on its own. I’m sure it’s possible. I would give his doctor a call about it.

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Sun baths are great treatment for jaundice. I joke around saying that I slow roasted my son like a chicken, but 3 days later his jaundice went away. Just do small period of time once a day on a window that has sunshine, and baby should only be wearing diaper.My son didn’t need the blue light and doctors highly recommend sunlight.

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My son for four month old and got jaundice lots of sunlight

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Yes my daughter was 9 days old I’m a mummy of five

I had to go back to the hospital every day for two weeks because my sons bilirubin levels peaked at either 15 or 17. It took a few days for his levels to climb when we were discharged he was around a 5. Pooping will help 100% to help level his levels. Its not uncommon for babies to be a little jaundice.

Sneak in the poly vi sol drops you were given. Avoid direct sunlight only indirect because his eyes.

Yes. Take him to the doctor

Yes my son was 6 days old when pediatrician sent me to the hospital to admit my son. His levels were high. He was normal when we left the hospital

paarawan mo lang po si lo mo kasi 1month naman po nawawala ang pagkayellow ng baby

Probably. Stick him in front of a window while he naps. And as often as possible. It will take a few days it will pass.


Sunlight for a few minutes a day fixes that real fast.

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Yes, just a few days after my daughter was born I had to take her to the hospital. She tested high levels. Her skin tone was very tan/ yellowish. Definitely take him in to get checked out.

My youngest daughter was born with jaundice , I was told to put her bed by a window and let the sun shine on her. It worked. She was born in 1988.lack of vitamin D can cause jaundice

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My son had this he was born in January so I pulled a curtain up and tied it put him under the sun until it lasted and gave him plenty of Pedialyte he got over it maybe 1 - 2 months

You can call your doctor, but mostly likely, he will tell you to expose him to the sun for 5-15 min a day.

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Could be. Take him out in the sun for a few minutes at a time or leave him by the window that let’s sunshine thru.

Its very common!!

Yes. My son couldn’t get seen by a doc until 5 days old due to schedules not being open and they said at the appointment everything was great but then called us as we were getting home to turn around and go immediately to hospital because his number were 19, damage starts around 22. They had a room ready for us and he was under lights for two days. My youngest was a premie and had it at a week- week and a half old but was already in nicu so was under lights there.

My oldest daughter was one week old. We had been inside recovering for a week and we left to go someplace. I stepped outside with her into the sun and the whites of her eyes were very yellow. We didn’t notice it in our apartment because the lighting was dim
It’s nothing at all to be concerned about UNLESS you ignore it.
They have uv light blankets that the baby can wear under a onesie.
That’s what they did with my youngest daughter and she looked like a glow worm. :sweat_smile:

My daughter had it and had to stay a extra night in the hospital… Take him to the dr and have him checked for it just to be sure

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My daughter had yellow in her eyes, they told us to put her in sunlight for a little bit daily. It went away after about a week and a half.

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Absolutely! Take him in.

I was going to say sunlight while he sleeps but several other people have already said it lol. My son had it too.

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My son is 9 now BTW :blue_heart:

They will have yellow eyes temporarily, my baby had yellow chunks of poop in her stool, from what I have researched it is the primary way jaundice is cleared out!

if they’re EBF they can be jaundiced for up to like… 15 weeks

Yes it is possible. My midwife told me to keep an eye out for signs of jaundice several days after my son was born.

Inexperienced parents that we were with our first son (we’ve three now) we thought he’d been born with a healthy ‘tanned’ look but he was in fact jaundiced & we were told to place him by a window when he was first born, by the midwives. He’s 6ft 3” foot now and soon to be 18!

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My boy had it. The whites appear yellow… but he didn’t have jaundice. Doctor advised to feed well and to put him in early morning sunlight around 7 to 8. It disappeared itself in a week or so


Probably, go set out in the sun!

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Yes. It took my son over a lot bro finally go back to his skin tone. His level rose after we left there hospital but they wouldn’t do anything about it at the doctors office. I just started taking him outside in the morning to get some sun. It took a while but now he’s almost 3 months old and it has completely gone away

My daughter had it she was under the blue light for one day then we got send home but her levels of jaundice stayed high so we went to children’s hospital and they gave us a room and my daughter was constantly under the blue light for 5 days. We never had a problem after.

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My daughter had jaundice and they had a rental light delivered to our home. I’d still call the dr and speak to a nurse, doesnt hurt to have him checked out.

My baby now had jaundice really bad. He had to use the Billie blanket in the hospital, and be seen the following day of us being released. By then his levels was at 17.6 and you could tell, his poor little nose was straight yellow. But the doctor said after day 5 of being out of the womb the jaundice levels usually start to go down and go to normal and if so then it’s okay. My sons went down and is now normal.

My baby had jaundice after birth and he passed the test twice as well. We ended up having to stay another night at the hospital a week later so he could be under the blue light and was fine after that :slightly_smiling_face: I would call the doctor so they can check him out again just to be on the safe side

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Make sure a lot of wet diapers! It comes out that way too! Sun light.

Yes my son had it after a week of been born, nurses couldn’t do much at the hospital wen we took him, they just said take his clothes off an leave him in a nappy an expose his skin to a bit of sunlight.

I’m also currently dealing with jaundice in a 5 day old!
I brought her home Sunday and her levels were low enough, but they wanted to watch her.
Since then we’ve had heal picks daily… we did get re admitted for a night for light therapy… feed baby every 2-2.5 hours. Baby needs to pee and poo to get it out, and talk to the pediatrician, I’m sure they will check baby again if you have concerns :slightly_smiling_face:

Put them in the sun.

Absolutely he could. Would take him in to get rechecked.

I have a week old baby who looks a little jaundice. They tested him but the levels weren’t high enough for them to be worried and he has yellowy eyes too. It’s very common in baby’s to have a slight bit especially if they were born with forceps like my baby and my eldest was and they both had a little jaundice. But if you are worried do what’s right for you and baby if you feel you need to see a doctor about it then do so x

Yes and especially if you are concerned

Not trying to be an ahole but this is useful information for the future rather than asking Facebook literally call your doctor’s office and speak to the nurses they will tell you whether you need to go to the doctor, the walk in, or the ER


Yes my oldest had jaundice by the next day after delivering. If you vaccinated baby it can be a side affect of hep b shot and the vitamin k

My son had jaundice, we had to take him to the hospital to get blood tests 5 times after he was born (was clear in one an a half weeks) … it’s usually if they are feeding, plenty of wet nappies, putting on weight an pooping good (as they actually get rid of the cells from there number 2s. …
if ur worried about anything with a baby take the baby to the doctors, or for advice ring the baby helpline an speak to a midwife

Definitely call your doc to get a check. My 11 day old son is being treated for jaundice. The dr discharged us after birth with ‘high but not concerning’ billi level. It went up during his first few days at home to 22 and we had to use the blue light blanket. He was breastfeeding but we had to supplement with formula to keep weight up. His levels keep going down but it can take a bit. Sun absolutely helps, but you should have the billi number checked to make sure it’s not too high or getting worse.

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Put him in the sunlight for 10 mins a day.

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If you’re at all worried, call your babies pediatrician as soon as they open today.

My son was born a little jaundice. His eyes were a little yellow, he had yellowish white spots on his nose. We took him to the pediatrician 2 days after he was born and told us it wasn’t serious and there wasn’t anything to worry about and just to give him as much indirect sun as possible. We just put his portable bassinet by the window and it was gone within a week and a half.

Put him in the sun light for a tiny bit and dirty diapers

If you can spend some time outside not in direct sunlight but in the sun. That helps if it is mild.

My baby left the hospital after 24 hours she passed her intial jaundice test then she begin to become very very yellow so i rushed her back and at 9 days old she was readmitted for 2 days under the blue lights i attached a picture of her when they initially said she wasn’t yellow

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Back in our day when baby had jaundice they would put it under heat light , but I would see a professional first a doctor , and they would tell you what to do

Call your dr but also Put him next to the window in just a diaper and it helps it go away quickly… 3 out of 4 of my babies had jaundice

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My oldest had to have her bilirubin checked once a week for the first 4 weeks. She’s part Hispanic so I didn’t think she looked yellow but her bilirubin tests kept coming back as she was jaundice. I kept her in light as much as I could with her being born in the middle of winter.

If he passed both tests you shouldn’t worry. But if you’re really concerned call the pediatrician they’re the only ones who can help

My doctor told me to leave him in a nappy near an open window. It helped immensely.

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Yes it is possible and yes take him to get checked.

Its normal just take him to the Dr. Don’t freak out though. Its very common

If it’s not severe yellow tones, I would just call. There’s a type of jaundice they can get from lack of breast milk. It goes away within a few days-week.

Yes both my kids had jaundice a few days after coming home. Call your dr and go in.

If whites of eyes are yellow it could be jaundice…my sons were like that after a few days old. I just laid him down near a window to get direct sunlight throughout the day.

You can sit him in the sunshine and that will help him

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It’s normal for most babies to get it 3-5days after birth. As long the baby isn’t sleeping more than normal and still waking for feeds that’s a good sign. But give the midwife a call x

Yeah it’s totally possible

my twins had a “touch” of it and the dr. recommended naked (only diaper on) sun bathing for 2-3 hours per day by the window and it worked out for us… their touch of yellow, went away by their 1 and 2 week check up.

edited to add: they also said breastfed babies may need vitamin D drops

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Yes very normal. Go to the DR and they can order a heel poke and tell you same day his level

Yes its completely normal

Put him in the sun. Under the lights. In a window. Taking him out in the sun is the best thing. Mine had it. They used special lights…bilirubin I think. But when we went home this was the advice. 32 years ago.:sparkling_heart:

My son tested negative and he looked like he had been under a tanning bed once I got milk into him his colour was alot better if your concerned go to the emergency

Sunlight helps. sat my babygirl at front door. It is helps and quick. With it nice out be outside safely away from others and prayers. He has some going up from our family.

Call the pediatrician and check. Usually light jaundice isn’t something to worry about, easily treated by some time in non direct sunlight but you can’t ever be too safe with a newborn.

Some babies eyes look a little yellow when they are newborn, it’s part of the lack of sun in utero, it’ll clear up as he gets older, just make sure he gets sun and that you don’t stress

I would get it checked asap get labs not trying to scare anyone but this happened with my baby the er kept telling put her in the sun finally went to a different Hospital they did labs she ended up having a rare liver disease I would get it checked!!!

My son in his check up, the dr. was a little worried and got him on the D drops. It’s over the counter vitamin D for babies and he was fine.

Both of my children never had it ! And neither did any of my friends babies ! So I would go in because to much sun is also not good for a 5 day old

My son got it too. The Dr told me babies that are breastfed can get jaundice bc breastmilk doesn’t have vitamin D. I took him to the Dr and they did a blood test. I was told to place him in the sun by a window 30 minutes a day

Filtered sunlight is all the baby needs :heart:

Put him in the sun naked and keep nursing. My first was diagnosed as jaundice by her great aunt who is a nurse after I brought her home

Yes!! The old fashioned way to get them over it was water, sunlight and food. It has become more common since hospital nurseries are not longer build with windows that allow natural sunlight in. Baby should do finein a few days. Good luck!!

Both my babies born early and had jaundice, I kept thier moses basket near our patio doors so they always had light :slight_smile:

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Day 5 you should still be under the care of at least a Health Visitor, either give her a call or mention it to when she next visits.
My second daughter developed jaundice by day 5 even though she was born fine and bottle fed, she had blood tests and after a bit of sun is absolutely fine now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes! This happened with my son. When we left the hospital 2 days after he was born, his bilirubin level was fine. Then 3 days later at his newborn appointment, his bilirubin was critical at 20. Home health had to come in and he had to lay on a biliblanket for a few days.

My son was admitted overnight for jaundice at 8 days so it is very possible. See if you can get him in to the pediatrician

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Take him in natural light and squeeze his thigh enough to blanche his skin (make the skin white), if there is a noticeable yellowing around the area, call the pediatrician immediately.

My newborn had it :cry: we were in the hospital for 5 days and then had to go to the hospital once every 3 days I think it was until it cleared up. He was breastfeed. Stopped breastfeeding and went to formula and it cleared up. :woman_shrugging:

My daughter did the same thing. Pediatrician said as long as she was eating, peeing, and pooping regularly it should pass. As well as some natural sunlight helps. If worried, tell pediatrician to run the test again to see if levels increased since seen at the hospital.

Is he breastfed? If so probably, it’s common and not much to worry about in the first few months :slight_smile:

He’s fine it could be the stuff they put in the babies eyes to protect from infection it takes a few days to go away

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Doesn’t hurt to ask for a video visit with your pediatrician

Can sit by a wind during feedings. Sun light gd

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If your worried take him outside or sit with him close to a window so he can get sunlight, my oldest was breastfeed and had a bit of jaundice but our midwife just said some nice sunlight will take care of it which it did. But also check with your doctor and keep an eye on him


Could happened with my son

I laid my babe in her bassinet near a sunny window for a few days. She was the cutest little plant ever.