Could my anxiety have me thinking something is wrong with me?

I’m 31 and relatively healthy. Around January, I started developing weird headaches that are at the base of my head and into my neck. They are almost debilitating. I get lightheaded and dizzy with them occasionally - often. I also get nausea and am very irritable. Massage/stretching of my neck seems to help a little bit. I get really anxious and short of breath when it happens, and it seems to happen more when I’m stressed, per my husband. Today at Costco, I was fine. I was sitting down eating pizza with my husband and son, and I felt like I was going to pass out. I was extremely close to it. I’m not sure what to think anymore, but this is a daily thing. I’ve monitored my blood pressure and blood sugar just to see if that were a cause in all of this, and it’s been normal! I had an MRI of my brain in March, and it showed nothing acute. Could this all be caused by stress and anxiety? I feel like I can’t even go to my doctor anymore about this. Not to be dramatic, but I feel hopeless and like I’m never going to feel good again.


I have a condition called occipital neuralgia. The pain is so bad that it causes me to not be able to see and bad nausea, etc. Please go see another neurologist and ask them if this is something you could possibly have.

My sister went years without a diagnosis so I’ll tell you some steps she took. My advice is to keep a symptom diary to carefully keep track of symptoms and the duration(also your diet noting the food that you’ve eaten prior to episodes), try migraine relief remedies to see if those work if not log it in your diary, move to next step and see a chiropractor to make sure you are physically aligned and note if it helps, do all this while working in conjunction with your doctor (do not do this without being under the supervision of your provider) that way he can run your blood panels to rule out other causes (such as deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, and thyroid). Also have your husband make notes because he may notice things that you do not. For example: this happens after caffeinated drinks, or extended time in the sun, her eyebrows furrow prior to symptom onset, note your moods as well etc., This gives your doctor a full work up and not parts of the story you can remember. It will help to note each detail including how you felt to rule out any anxiety related issues. Keep in mind many migraine sufferers have anxiety due to migraine onset, however there are many triggers for the condition and people experience varied symptoms. Make notes for questions you may have for your doctor. On occasion we forget when sitting in front of them. Good luck on your search for a diagnosis.

It kind of sounds like a CSF Leak. I would look that up for more information. I had it about 3 years ago after having my son. Typically they are caused by spinal tap/epidural, but they can and do happen randomly as well. My headaches would start in the back of my skull and neck. Sometimes when I stood up it felt like I was being hit in The back of the head with a bat. I would stay hydrated, caffeine and Tylenol/ibuprofen.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Could my anxiety have me thinking something is wrong with me?

Stress and anxiety can cause debilitating issues - keep seeking help and get answers!!!


Have your thyroid checked.


I get the same headaches…on top of anxiety & stress, they last for days then it starts all over again. My doctor prescribed me migraine medication, has seemed to help.

I’m going the exact same thing but all my labs cane back normal but an x-ray showed arthritis in the back of my neck.

Yes this could 100% be stress and anxiety
See your Dr & ask to be referred for anxiety management

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Yes it can and your doctor needs to listen to you

Panic attacks are HORRIBLE.

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Try a deep tissue massage in that area. May be more than one thing. Area sounds like a tension headache, which may in turn be bringing on anxiety attack or panic attacks.

Ok. This may sound crazy. But find a chiropractor. Go and see them. I use to get this and still do time to time. But a good chiropractor fixed me.

Migraines could be. But I would still go see a doctor. If you aren’t sure about something always go see a doctor

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May have a blockage in your heart sounds like the same symptoms I was having or could be having a mild heart attack get to your health care doctor

Same with me…I’m sure it’s your anxiety. I take a Xanax to help when I feel like that and use a handheld massager for my neck. It helps

I’m going through this now and have been in and out of the hospital with little to no answers and every test done my iron is low so I’m working on getting that back up but with talking to others going through this and lots of research it does stem from anxiety when you keep telling and thinking that there is something wrong it triggers your brain and nervous system try and do you best to put your mind at ease that you’ve got good news from all your tests and keep your mind busy when you start to feel that way do something to distract yourself from think about it if possible I know easier said then done!
Just helps me but also talk to your GYNO you could have a hormone imbalance

Anxiety can cause it. Stress can cause it. I deal with it too. And then you stress about it and it gets worse.

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I get really bad migraines that sound like this but worse! And mine is stress/anxiety related. Cold pack to the back of the neck (a bag of frozen vegetables work the best) it’s not instant relief but it slowly starts helping. I’ll throw up for 15hrs straight if I don’t do a cold pack at all. And the coolness helps you relax at least for me it does

If you sit at a desk all day you can start to develope fascial pain from tight stuff muscles. 🤷 But I dunno your situation

Been going through that plus some fore 5 years. It’s horrible. I feel helpless

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You should seek medical advice. Nausea , headaches, dizziness are things that could be serious. Get blood work done and keeping looking for answers. Stress is horrible for sure but these seem more medical related.

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If you’ve had covid, you could be a long hauler but yes anxiety and and stress can mess you up,!!!


Your neck might be out chiropractor could help

Sounds like it could be Vagal Vegal Syncope…it’s your blood pressure bottoms out …I would check with your physician…I have it …

I’ve been going through this for months, I also got covid in January. I’m constantly lightheaded with nausea, headaches :weary::weary::weary:

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Don’t come here for advice. Get to a Dr asap.


That describes my when my sugar drops. Next time you feel it coming on, try popping a piece of candy in your mouth and see if that helps. And I don’t have diabetes or anything, just every now and then, it’ll plummet. I pop a piece of candy or a glucose tablet and I’m good to go…

I’m not gonna say to much with what happened to me but I had the same symptoms for quite a while last year and it was at last minute when I had another mri brain scab it showed up I ended up transported to addenbrooks hospital in an ambulance for an emergency brain surgery but I might be wrong with your symptoms

I’m going thru the same thing. My doctor also told me everything looks fine and gave me migraine medicine. My vision also goes blurred for a couple seconds it’s very scary. All this after having COVID a year ago and vaccine 3 months ago

I am not a doctor, but sounds like migraines with the side affectts you are having and yes you would need to go see a doctor since they would be the only ones to help if drugs are needed. Feel Better

Had the exact thing happen several years ago, and it took them almost a year to diagnose me, test after test showed everything was normal. Finally I seen a Dr who sent me to the MVP center in Birmingham. I was diagnosed with dysautonomia and mitral valve prolapse. 100% treatable anxiety goes along with these as well.

This happened to me last year… i am also without health conditions but one morning at work i felt “off”. When it started that morning, it was a numbness in my face with an eye twitch. I went to the restroom to put cold water on my face and returned to my desk. Then, it was a stronger numbness, across my entire face along with the headache. I went to the restroom again and a few minutes later felt like i was having a heart attack or something. I yelled to my coworkers to help me because my body completely seized up. It was hard to breathe. I had no pain aside from the headache, and i was very alert and conscious. I remember thinking to myself that I had to stay awake and aware of things. I was rushed to the hospital while being filled with fluids in the ambulance. End result, I had a major anxiety/stress attack and was dehydrated.

This was after a long relaxing weekend and i was feeling great that Monday morning… i have never experienced anything like this before. Never dealt with anxiety or stress issues but it came in very suddenly for me…

What does you neurologist say?

Sounds like extreme Anxiety. Go to your doctor’s hun ,as soon as possible. Anxiety usefully follows with depression.

You could be having cluster headaches.

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I think I was supposed to come across this. My son went through this but also had bad shakes. MRI/cat scan with/without contrast. A chiropractor, Dr. Nielsen on 91st Ave and Indian School, behind QT, figured it out. There was a nerve pinched at the base of his neck. So thankful he figured it out.

Yep and feeling like you can’t swallow sucks and brings more anxiety on … Plus I have a slow thyroid… I’ve had a lot of symptoms you just mentioned but hardly have headaches … And acute panic attacks are horrible I wouldn’t put that on anyone …

Definitely stress. I use to get tension headaches allllll the time. Had mri and everything too. Try smoking weed.


Tmj issues, clenching and grinding can trigger muscle aches in your neck and also cause really bad headaches

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Feel similar with the pain but not about to pass out. From what I’ve Googled…(cuz I thought I had brain cancer) it was a tension headache. Had it for 3 weeks straight…maybe yours is more severe?

This happens to me. It’s usually a tension headache but I get it when I feel stressed or anxious.

See a Psychiatrist. I have dealt with this and knew something was wrong with me. It ended up keeping me in the house for about 3 months cause I didn’t wanna pass out in public. Drs. Only did so much and prescribed what they would normally. Yet that did not help after checking over all my blood work and test. All were fine.
So I went to a actual Psychiatrist. By the list of my symptoms it was panic attacks and high anxiety stress. They knew more about it and medicine to help because that is their field of practice. It’s not gonna hurt to at lease check it out. Don’t ever stop seeking help. You are your best advocate. May God help you find healing.

Yes it can be brought on by stress and anxiety…I have anxiety and have horrible headaches and carry alot of tension in my neck and that is where alot of my headaches will start up one side of my neck up to the bottom of my head. Definitely would talk to your Dr about this and possibly getting on medication for anxiety

Age could be a factor anxiety attacks are no joke speaking from experience the only solution is medication to take the edge off i suffer from this and it’s almost scary u feel as though u r dying pls pls breathing slowly seperate yourself from people and situations that may cause this u r in my prayers.:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Have you got breast implants? If so, it could be breast implant illness. There’s lots of groups on Facebook you can join with loads of information.

My cousin went through something similar, turned out it was something in the area where the skull meets the neck (I can’t remember if it was muscle, nerves, or blood vessels) but one of those kept inflaming and causing him terrible migraines. To the point of passing out. I think he still gets shots every few months for them.

Ask for a MRI of your neck.

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I was having same symptoms as you. I recommend you go to the doctor ASAP and explain the whole situation. Anxiety and panic attacks are not joke and if you don’t do something about it they will only get worse. Good luck!

I’d get a second opinion and even see a chiropractor.


Health anxiety. I have it too and its horrible. If you have had things checked and nothing is untoward, it’s very possible for it to be anixety. People underestimate the affect anxiety can have on your body physically and mentally x


Try botox. It’s approved for headaches, insurance will pay for it. I used to have headaches 3 weeks a month and now maybe a couple days of light ache.

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Might be migraines… I am prone to migraines passed down from my father. Started when I was pregnant with my son at age 22. My migraines are triggered by foods especially pizza! ANYTHING fermented! Dough, wine, cheese etc. citrus fruits are thee worse. I found that out Late! Oranges was my biggest trigger. 14 hour migraine. I have hemiplegic migraines. You get every symptom with that one. Vision lost, stroke symptoms, vomiting etc. there are numerous types of different migraines. Do your research & ask doctors. You might be prone to migraines & headaches. I also started having anxiety attacks with my migraines when I went to the ER after being giving morphine. I couldn’t take being that high. Now I get anxiety attacks all of the time with migraines. Nothing helps with migraines sometimes except time. I’ve learned of clinics that do massages, hot & cold packs behind the neck & on the hands to stop the pain within a couple of hours. But that’s about it. Hope this helps

Get your thyroid blood work done ASAP.


Definitely go to the doctor. Even if it is, it can provide relief to know that it is not a maggot health issue which can help with your anxiety! I actually went to the doctor a couple of months ago bc of chest pains(I could have sworn I had a mild heart attack). Had them do an EKG just to be told it was stress/anxiety related. Since finding out I have worked on controlling my stress and it has completely gone away! But before the doctor, not having any answers, I stressed even more!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Could my anxiety have me thinking something is wrong with me?

Went to my doctor for the exact same thing. Tension headaches caused by stress. She recommended a massage every week or as needed.

Have you tried a chiropractor? I get headaches likes this when my neck is out of place and/or a nerve is pinched in my neck or shoulders.

Maybe get thyroid levels checked


Have you had the arteries/veins in your neck checked for blockage?

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Sounds like you’re experiencing Cervicogenic Headaches (I also experience them). My neurologist relocated a couple of years ago (out of state) so my family physician now prescribes the meds for me- 50 mg Topamax and 8 mg tizandine at night.

Have you had your ears checked? Could be ear blockage or infection. Going to sound weird but I get head aches sometimes because I need to poop. You know your body and something isn’t right so don’t stop till you have an answer


Oh sweetie it sounds like subluxation! See a chiropractor! Super helpful!


If it is just in the base of your neck, you could have a pinched nerve or something. Possibly developing migraines (I now have migraines pretty much every day to every other day as of 5 months ago).


Migraines and tension headaches have those type symptoms.


Following because I have been goin thru this exact thing if not a little worse at times for 4 months an my doctor can’t figure it out at all :pensive:

This sounds very similar to how my migraines first manifested.

I can tell you that my anxiety got so bad that I have had chronic headaches,neck and shoulder pain for 14 years. I never realized that it was anxiety until this year. I am getting help for it now. I have went to several doctors and have had several test. Ive been to physical therapy 3 times. I have been on several different medications that made my anxiety worse. I get regular massages and go to regular chiro visits at the least once a month. I am also in an anxiety medication that is helping me out a lot. Do you clench your teeth? Are you holding tension and stress in your body. The neck, jaws, and shoulders are where we mainly hold in anxiety and tension.

Anxiety can do very, VERY weird things to your body, especially when it develops into a panic disorder. Maybe talk to a therapist or psychiatrist.


I had this exact problem…
I actually ended up in E.R. because i was unable to wake up more than briefly,slurring when i spoke, and couldn’t control my limbs.
They said i eas having tension migraines.
Occasionally i get milder ones, depending on ym anxiety and stress. But i try to manage it better now

Ask to get ur pituitary gland checked. If stress is making it worse it could b releasing more hormone than normal. That can cause what ur describing.
Doing simple relaxation stuff can help.

Those ARE signs & symptoms of anxiety but also a number of other things as well. Go to a chiropractor and take their version of an x-ray. The fact that stretching helps may indicate a bunched up set of nerves or a screwed up spinal column. If you do tense & release upper body stretches, that will help align things in the meantime. Whatever your chiropractic spinal xrays show, bring it to your doctor as well. And vice versa. Follow others advice about what your physician can order. See if both chiropractor & your PCP will act together as a team for you. There’s lots a chiropractor can do & Rx that your physician can’t (or he/she could lose their license to practice), so if they’re willing to team up for you, you’ll be ahead of the game & perhaps save you from invasive surgery.


Dehydration can also cause migraines


Do not give up trying to find an answer. I had drs tell me it was all in my head until one day I woke up and had lost the use of my legs completely. I was rushed to the hospital where they discovered that the pain and issues I was complaining about was actually the onset of MS.

Just to be clear my symptoms were nothing like yours, just the journey of them not finding anything wrong until it fully exposed itself. If the Dr would have taken me more seriously, they would have found it with 1 test but the Dr thought I was drug seeking. I had an addict parent, so obviously I would be one too jk.

Be consistent. Follow up, keep asking for help, keep directing them to look deeper. There are some great suggestions above. Ears, neck, stress can cause a tension migraine but you shouldn’t get them daily, blood pressure, hormones, blood flow issues, monitor your oxygen too (I’m saying this now so I don’t forget).

Oh what are you doing to clear the headaches? Could it be a rebound headache? Dehydration?

Keep searching Hun, you will find the answer.

My mom was getting those and it was from a lack of oxygen when sleeping like sleepapnia or however u spell it but she has to use a CPAP machine and her headaches have disappeared

Definitely anxiety tell the doctor and they can prescribe something


Get a massage and go to chiropractor and get X-ray

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My neck and shoulders get SUPPER stiff when I’m stressed or having a panic attack or anxiety is extra bad that day. Let your doctor know EVERY symptom you are having and your thoughts that it might be tied to your anxiety disorder. A good doctor will do the tests they have already done and sense there is nothing physically wrong they are seeing via tests snd scan should be willing to give you a low dose of an anti-anxiety med and referral to a therapist

Second opinion? I’d go back to your doctor if you don’t for a second opinion.

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I have the same experience.Its migraine. Avoid coffee and chocolate.

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Best go to the Doctor to get a professional opinion asking on Facebook won’t give you a right diagnosis it’ll just give you more anxiety and give you more unsure thoughts or advice. Good luck

You need to have your heart checked ASAP!


Get checked by a Chiropractor as the symptoms can be caused by being out of alinement.
I know for me chiropractor is the only thing that helped me as all tests i was put threw for years always came back as clear

See pain management. May be able to inject

It sounds like it could one of many different symptoms of migraines. I’m not a doctor, just going on experience. Try getting to a neurologist and see what you all can come up with together.


Have you had the vaccine?..


This is absolutely crazy it sounds just like what I’m going through. I had an MRI in my brain and everything came back okay. I’ve had so many tests done It’s absolutely crazy. I went to a chiropractor for two years that didn’t help. I’ve even been in and out of emergency rooms because of how bad my headaches got and they told me it was anxiety and I needed to take medicine for that. So I got medicine for my anxiety and my depression and I’ve been on it for 2 years and I still get these symptoms. I’ve been to specialists. I’ve had test done on my heart. Everything really that you could think of. And still no answers. I’m trying really hard to push for an MRI of my back though and think that it could be a neurological issue. Maybe check into that. Hope you find answers soon. I know the struggle and it affects my everyday life.

We all can speculate and give you a hundred different reasons but however the best option is to visit a doctor…

Sounds like when I get a tension headache. Over the counter pain meds, hot bath, stretching/massager, heating pad, ice packs. Good luck.

Have another mail. I had a blood clot in my brain that started with the same symptoms and git progressively worse. Had a brain catscan and it didn’t pick it up bc it was too small. 3 weeks later after symptoms persisted I did an mri and it picked up but it was TINY.

Seems like a panic attack due to anxiety from a multitude of things. I am not a dr tho so if you feel like it’s something more plz keep pushing them for answers. I had terrible anxiety and panic attacks for years. The symptoms were severe much like yours. Thankfully mine are in remission and much more manageable using only natural remedies. I hope this doesn’t come across as judgy… I most def got treatment including medication and therapy when i was unable to manage myself. I hope things get better and you can find relief.

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Keep a record of what you are eating, doing and what’s going on around you and inside of you (arguments, tension, holding in feelings, and good stuff, too), when you have PMS and period, daily for a while. Enter in when you are having these symptoms. It will help you to determine what may be triggering it and help you and your doctor figure out what’s going on. You may have a food allergy, it may be tension or anxiety related, or migraines. A chart will help.


Do you work? If so, are you looking at a computer screen and sitting most of the day? I definitely recommend conveying the importance and seriousness that you feel to your doctor. If he’s not responsive, seek a second opinion. GOOD LUCK!!

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Definitely get your eyes checked!! A lot of conditions are diagnosed with in depth eye exams!! I attest to that!! Especially ones connected to migraines…

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Go get checked for Vertigo!! A lot of people think they have panic attacks and anxiety when vertigo is literally every symptom you have.


I had something very similar to this happen to me about 10 years ago. I noticed it was worse when I got stressed as well (I was going through a divorce). It ended up putting me in the hospital, due to it being debilitating, I got so bad one week, I couldn’t talk or walk. To ease it off that one night, just so I could hold my eyes open, I ended up with 12 different shots. They admitted me…. During my hospital stay, I ended up with 7 spinal taps (they couldn’t get cerebral fluid) and 2 MRI’s. What they found was…. When I was getting stressed, it was causing all the nerves from my shoulder blades up to the base of my neck to tense. I had a herniated disc between my C-3 and C-4. When all that was tensed up, it caused the disc to bulge, putting pressure on the spinal cord, which reduces the oxygen to the brain. It’s sort of a stenosis. I can tell you…. Chiropractors were amazing. Your dr can also prescribe muscle relaxers to help. Mine is much better today than it was, even a couple of years ago.

Rest and Put an ice pack on your neck, this helps me when I get those nasty headaches. Make sure you tell your doctor about this. Mine is caused by pinched nerves

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Have your ears checked, perhaps you have fluid in them and it is causing vertigo symptoms. An antihistamine nasal spray may also help. It does sound like migraines also though, and they could be stress induced. Peppermint and ginger essential oils may help.


I had all the same, was shocked to see you spell it out so clearly. I was finally diagnosed with a vestibular migraine. They don’t really understand it but it seems to be the body objecting to inflammation likely caused by stress. My personal self diagnosis after listening to the doc is life long anxiety combined with extra stressors in the past couple years and trying to make a healthy long term big life decision = more than my mind body could take. For you maybe a different cause….Emotional, food, environment or …you kinda have to eliminate and make changes to see what the cause is…plus there’s and…I’m in a Study involving MBSR to see if it helps. Best to you! Hope it gets figured out. I liked a bunch of comments above of what helped me get this far, and it’s getting better! Definitely journal and track the spikes.