Could my boyfriend be cheating?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7+ years. He’s 31. I’m 28. I have never caught him cheating but I have caught him acting shady and lying a few times. Part of me doesn’t think that he would ever cheat on me, but here recently he’s got me curious. He just started randomly working out(so he claims) He says he works out every night when he gets off of work. Here’s the kicker… when I call him or he calls me after he gets off of work… he’s never in the gym. I have never once saw him in a gym our entire relationship. He says he’s in his room when I call. He’s not lying because I video call him and he’s laying in his bed. I ask him why he didn’t go workout and he says he will after we get off of the phone or that he didn’t feel like it. We talk on the phone then he tells me he’s tired and he’s going to sleep. (Never goes to a gym that I know of) I don’t know if he’s lying about what time he is getting off but I have never called him and saw him in a gym. He also never works out while he is home. He only claims to workout after work. Sometimes I call him and he says he just got off of work and that he’s on his way back to the room then he will call me back 10-15 mins later, which is definitely not enough time to get off of work and go to the gym. I’m wondering if he is actually getting off earlier than he says he is and he has some girl waiting for him in his room that knows about me and doesn’t care. I have also seen transactions being sent from our bank account to Venmo and cash app, etc. He never tells me anything about why he’s transferring money over to his other accounts. I feel like he is hiding money and possibly sending someone else money behind my back. He’s never brought it up to me and I haven’t brought it up to him. Another thing, he started taking all kinds of male enhancing pills. He takes them at home and at work. He also got a package in the mail today for some intimate hair removal cream. Keep in mind, he knows I like him having hair down there(trimmed)I don’t like it clean shaved/bald and I don’t like it bushy. (I shave mine) It’s been this way our entire relationship… so I’m wondering why he randomly bought intimate hair removal. It threw me off when I opened the package. I’m getting to the point where I’m getting worried and curious but I don’t want to make something out of nothing. Everything is just so weird and random. He used to talk to me about everything. Now I feel like he is making all of these moves and I’m not involved in any of it. I have questioned him about the male enhancing pills and he says they help him gain muscle. I’m not sure if that is true or not. I’m not exactly sure what he is taking but I know it’s 3 different pills. Again, I have never seen this man in a gym… never!!