Could this be implantation bleeding?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year, and I went back to the doctor today, and I didn’t have a period in May or June, but the past two days I’ve been lightly spotting and the doctor said it could possibly be implantation bleeding and made me a follow up for a few weeks from now. Has this happened to anyone else? Could I possibly be pregnant? I don’t want to get my hopes up again and be disappointed again.


I didn’t have a period in March and April and had light bleeding in April and found out April 15th I was pregnant I’m now 13 weeks + 1 day

Happened to me both pregnancies.

Implantion bleeding at 2 months?

You could be pregnant but take a day at a time.

Just wait and see. Everyone is different. Don’t get discouraged, but also don’t get your hopes up.


Did you take a pregnancy test?


Yes I did that with my first baby.

I had 2 light periods and I was pregnant the first time 43 yrs ago

Take a test… you would be able to know after 2 missed periods


I had bleeding for all 3 but it was before my first missed period.

My husband and I tried for almost 4 years to get pregnant! Took millions of pregnancy tests that were always negative and heart breaking. My periods would be so irregular… I’d spot. Eventually I gave up trying because I figured it would never happen for me. Right when I started to tell myself it would never happen I took a test and it was positive and now I have my little angel :blush: I pray you get as lucky as I have

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Think positive and wait and see, I’ve had a similar experience almost every other month but doesn’t seem to hold for longer than two weeks. Think happy and don’t give up!

Yes! At 7 weeks I had a rush of blood. I was so scared that I was having another miscarriage. My doctor said it was a hematoma where the placenta implanted. I was on bed rest for the weekend and it resolved itself. I am now 21 weeks with our baby girl! Hang in there

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Did you get bloodwork to confirm? Your doctor should of

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Take a test, I had some implantation bleeding

Yes Ma’am happened to me!!

Why dont you take a pregnancy test? I had implantation bleeding but it was early in pregnancy. Just get an at home test to confirm

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I had spotting then a couple days later my boobs got really sore. Realized it was implantation bleeding then went on to have my daughter 8 months later.

My mom bled for 4 months with little brother. She thought they were normal periods and she missed the 5th one so she went and they told her she was 5 1/2 months

You could be pregnant. Spotting could mean implantation bleeding yes. But don’t give your hopes up yet listen to your doctor and wait at least a week and test. Spotting could mean your period is coming too if you have negative pregnancy test. Don’t think about it so much it will come when your really not trying. Enjoy yourself and your husband plan a little get a away or something and say to yourself I’m not trying anymore if it happens it will happen. It usually happens when your not trying. I thought I could never have kids I had irregular periods and all. I went on birth control for 2 years because of ovarian cysts and when I stopped because I was getting sick from the birth control I ended up pregnant 4 months later without even thinking about it. Now I have 3 kids under 4. It will happen for you. Sending baby love

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That’s what happened to me!

Implantation bleeding is very normal. It’s usually coupled with cramping (like period cramps) but implantation bleeding happens early (first week or so) and wouldn’t occur after two months of missed periods. Was there any explanation as to why you didn’t menstruate for two months if thr doctor thinks this is implantation bleeding?

Side note, with my daughter I had my period normal for two months. By the time I was 1 week late and the doctor confirmed my pregnancy I was estimated at 11 weeks 6 days. Further into the pregnancy they think I was actually 13 weeks along at that point.

With my son, I got implantation bleeding 3 weeks before I got a positive home test. The doctor confirmed the pregnancy at 5 weeks

Implantation happens before your missed period or right when your period is due. If you’ve missed two periods you should have a positive test already.

Happened with my first :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For those saying just take a test, ‘implantation bleeding’ generally happens before many pregnancy tests show a positive result, which likely why her doctor is having her come back in a few weeks. (With my first, my tests didn’t show positive until 2 weeks after my missed period)

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With my daughter I had spotting off and on during second trimester. They never figured out why. They did different ultrasounds and some blood work and everything came back normal. I think it just happens in some pregnancies. But always always always get checked and you should always always always go to your doctor before resorting to social media.

I remember this feeling and I did take test after test wanting to believe. I tried for nearly 5 years. When I did fall I also bled and lost a baby then bled and kept my next baby. Is so hard to say for sure what’s going on. Just try to stay positive believing it will come. And keep talking to friends and family because I can honestly say this was the darkest time of my life. Balance is key and hope must remain xx

Sending all my good vibes and hopes to you today. I know how devastating it is to go through this time. I was told I might never be able to have kids and I now have my fourth coming soon. Don’t give up mama :heart:

I had implantation bleeding with my first. The dr told me to come back 3 weeks later. It was positive I ended up going to the early pregnancy unit due to bleeding and they said I was about 5 weeks

I have bleeding around 8 or 9 weeks w my current pregnancy. They said I had a subchorionic bleed or however it’s spelled. Pregnancy tests had confirmed I was pregnant a couple weeks before that though.

So you didn’t have a period in May but you havent taken a pregnancy test… I’m confused why you nor the doctor thought of doing a test.


Ask them to draw your blood and check you HCG levels. Best way to tell if you’re pregnant or not when it’s too early for a pregnancy test.

I had implantation spotting and a lot of cramping. I didn’t take a test for 2 months because I figured my period would come.
I would take a test.

You’re a month late and have yet too a test :thinking: and now spotting, i’d say go get a test u know just common sense 🤦


The dollar store has effective urine tests for a dollar, it’s worth a dollar for a little peace of mind

So firstly all you folks the post says she didn’t have a period for two months not one , her doctor has made a follow up appointment so that’s covered and she can do the preggy tests that’s it waiting game now .

I had three periods with my daughter. Told to have bed rest whenever l had them. But yeah get tested

The only way you’re going to find out is to take a pregnancy test.

maybe you should wait a bit more to find out :pray:t2::pray:t2::pregnant_woman:

If it was implantation bleeding it would show up on a test. I don’t understand why some people’s first instinct is to run to Facebook and social media when all they really have to do is take a test. WE DON’T KNOW AND WE CAN’T TELL YOU!


I did with my 1st baby for a day or two and that’s what they said it was.

Yes you could be I didn’t have this but my sister did for a few moths

A friend of mine spotted some when she was pregnant with her baby

Take a test and find out!

I had it with two out of my three pregnancies

Take a test and u will no :woman_shrugging:

Why not take a pregnancy test?

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I had this though 7 days over due.

Did your doctor do a pregnancy test?

With my daughter (now 5) no bleeding. But with my current pregnancy I had spotting on and off for 2 months starting at 8wks. It was very upsetting, but I’m 7mos now and everything is going smoothly. Bleeding does not necessarily mean anything bad. I’ve also had a miscarriage at 8wks, I was bleeding profusely. So as long as it’s just spotting and not gushing blood, in my experiences, it should be okay.

Definitely possible and I have 2 friends that never did get positive results on a home test. One was in labor and they actually thought it was a kidney stone!

I don’t want to get your hopes up but here’s my situation…I had a positive pregnancy test in march, pee on a stick x 2. Then I had 3 negatives. Went to the doctors & had a blood test which was 0 HCG in my blood so I had miscarried. I didn’t bleed the whole of march or April. They gave me a course of provera for 10 days which I took completely & to the letter. After I had finished I felt so poorly but still no bleeding. Went back to the doctors, they did another blood test which had my HCG at 41K+…two days latter I had another blood test at 73K+…had an emergency ultra sound scan & I am pregnant. I am now 11 weeks with a ridiculously strong, healthy bean. Ours is an absolute miracle. My fingers & toes are crossed for you. Remember anything can happen & my baby #3 bump is proof!! Good luck :heartbeat:


It’s very possible that you’re having implantation bleeding.
Wait about a week or so and try an early pregnancy test if you don’t want to wait until your next appointment.
Best of luck to you :heart:

I had that with my oldest, but i wasn’t late. Started what i thought was my monthly friend. Only lasted a couple of hours and it wasn’t my normal. Took an at home test and it was positive.

It happened with my first one. But don’t wait a couple weeks, especially if the spotting continues. Mine was probably two or three days and it was only sometimes, not constant. I did a home test then blood test at the hospital.

This happen to me in two out of my four pregnancies :heart: good luck

I had to be referred to the Medical college in Augusta to ding I had a tumor on left tube. Took it out and put in a plastic tube pregnant with in 3 months

I had this for both my pregnancies and back pain and cramps. I thought I was having my period again and it turns out I was pregnant. Also the stick did not work for me as well. I had to do blood tests for both my pregnancies.

I few years ago I was having trouble getting pregnant. We had been trying to conceive for over a year. My cycles were a mess. The doctor put me on progesterone pills and I got pregnant the second cycle. It was a healthy girl.

I had it with both my pregnancies. Good luck

I am pregnant now(8 weeks) and I lightly spotted twice in the last month. I spotted and cramped with my first son as well. If it’s spotting, it’s fine.

Don’t trust pee stick I had one at health dept. They said neg I ended up two weeks later in her going to emergency surgery they did blood test for pregnancy it was pos and ultrasound confirmed it but it had attached to my tube not in the uterus. Go make another appointment ask for blood test to find out that’s what I did the following year when told I would never conceive with just one tube but my son is now 30

Yes it happened for me with both pregnancies

Take a pregnancy test. From the store they are pretty good at detecting, it detected my pregnancy at 7 days pregnant. then if it says yes let your hopes get up if is says no act like you are until the doctor confirms your not or you start your period. I had slight bleeding each month while pregnant.

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Yes it has happened to

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It could be from having your iud removed. I know it’s hard not to get excited but try to occupy your mind with other things and take a test in the time frame given and go from there.

Depending how long your iud was in…could be just old blood. My iud eliminated my period for two years, and took a year and a half to get baby #2. Buy everyone’s different🤷🏻‍♀️good luck!!

It could be old blood, it could be implantation. I bled a little bit the day after my mirena was removed, turns out my conception date was prior to my removal :woman_shrugging:

I conceived my 2nd child, 6 months after having my iud removed.

I bled after having my IUD removed

I had a period the month after my iud was removed and 2 months later I’m pregnant with a baby girl.

Normal for having a iud removed

That’s normal for IUD removals. We do these at my office. Pretty common to bleed after.

I’ve never had an IUD myself, but I’ve been told that removing one can cause some light bleeding and cramping as your body adjusts to the change. Could just be that since it’s so recent.

I’d suspect IUD removal, sorry. You should only have minor spotting with implementation bleeding.

Could just be from getting IUD removed. Or your gearing up for a period.

I bled after having mine removed, took 1 month to get pregnant. :slight_smile:

I had that happen after removing the iud light cramping and small amount of spotting.

I would be more likely to guess it’s from the IUD coming out.


Thats from the IUD. Your body takes time to regulate and release eggs again after having an IUD in. Spotty bleeding is common for up to three weeks after having it removed.

Most hormonal birth controls take time to clear out of your system. Unless you’ve had a period recently and ovulated it’s super unlikely that you’re pregnant. Implant bleeding happens 5-10 days AFTER you’ve been intimate assuming you were ovulating and had sex on that day. However implant bleeding is usually pink or brown and only shows on TP and doesn’t require the use of a pad or liner. If you had it removed Monday there is no way you ovulated and would have implant bleeding this soon.

I have a question too I usually have a regular period I’m on birth control pills but I took myself off of them cause they made me gain some weight but I havnt been taking them for a month or 2 but last month I was having bad back pains in my lower right back and really bad stomach cramps and what I think it’s a period idk cause it was bleeding alot more then I usually do when I get it

I would think it’s more likely iud bleeding. But you could wait a couple weeks and test.

I usually bleed when I get mine removed.

I had this happen after having my IUD taken out. But we were pregnant within 2 months! 3 months to find out obviously

Sounds like a period.
I never had cramps

Could it be related to having the IUD removed? I had a lot of implantation craving and I think I even had a “period” for 2 days.


I had that happen to me. I had mine out December 17 and within the week I was pregnant. Took me years to conceive my other two.

I had implantation bleeding with my current pregnancy and horrible cramps along with it. But it could very well be just from your IUD being removed. Best to wait a few more weeks and keep close contact with your doctor.


Hard to say for sure. I had cramps and a little bleeding shortly prior to finding out I was pregnant, but I’ve also had it when I wasn’t.

I bled and cramped for a couple weeks after removing my IUD. Took us a couple months to get pregnant after removal.

I had mine removed and had similar situation. However, it took less than 90 days for me to get pregnant after it was removed

When I got my last IUD out, I had bleeding like that, intense nausea and what felt like implantation cramping… I swore up and down that I was pregnant… nope, just side effects from the removal. I will say, we got pregnant the next month :slight_smile:

I had my iud removed oct 30 and got pregnant Nov 13th.

I took my iud out April 10 because it was going into my uterus but the doctor said I was going to get pregnant fast I didn’t believe her. I waited had a lot of fun with my hunny and got pregnant in June right before father’s day. We were excited. I hope u have luck and God bless you and your family. because we lost our July 12 2020.

When I had my iud removed I started bleeding a day after and was told to hold off on sex till I had a normal period cause getting pregnant right away after removal is very likely to result in a miscarriage due to the uterus not having time to heal and develop a new layer for the egg to attach too. I think it’s just bleeding from removal of the iud