Daughter started her period, and her dad won't let me come get her

12 year old daughter started her first menstrual period at school this morning but Dad told her I could not come pick her up from school until after he get off work because it is "his parenting time until tomorrow." What are your thoughts?

As long as she has the necessities I don’t think there’s much you can do if it’s a court ordered thing. You MIGHT be able to go back to court and have your daughter give her opinion on situations like this and maybe they’ll put in there if she wants to come back to you early it should be allowed. And if she doesn’t have the necessities for the situation from him then i believe that would be neglect. But just wanting to go back to your house just because she started her period doesn’t really warrant much concern by itself as long as she has the proper necessities for it.

Why do you need to pick her up because she started her period?
I don’t understand…you gonna go get her with every period she has?

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My daughters dad is just as capable of dealing with our daughters period as I am. I don’t see the issue. You know it is eventually going to start so I am sure you’ve had plenty of conversations with her and have a period bag packed in her backpack, no? If not, pack her a bag with a new pair of underwear, pads/tampons, feminine wipes and some midol. Maybe a small chocolate bar. This is not as dramatic as you are making it sound.

Honestly schools have feminine supplies for girls to use in this event. No need to take her from school what so ever. Yes it’s a life changing event however a man can handle it just fine. I was 7 when I started my first period and I was a foster child living with my grandfather and guess what, he handled it better than the women in my family. If it’s the dads time then it’s his time. I know in the state I live in there is no “child can choose” as it is false. (I know because I went to court with my step kids regarding custody and the judge straight laughed and said that is an old tall tell that does not exist and that unless we have proof the kids shouldn’t be with the mom to get out of the court room.) It’s not about you and you getting the milestone marks. The dad deserves some milestones as well (including first period). Honestly let him be a dad and let him be her rescue. There is no reason for you to take her from school early, or get her sooner than the courts allow.