Did anyone bleed a lot with the depo injection?

I’m currently on the depo injection (birth control) and been bleeding now for over four weeks, has anyone else had this? Is this normal?


I bleed for six months doctor tried different pills to get it to stop to regulate my hormones

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I did for an entire 6 months, I had to stop getting it I was anemic and needed iron it was so bad

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I bled heavily for 4 months straight and got off of it

Yes I had that happen to me. I spotted everyday and I ended up switching birth controla

I bled for 3 month straight. The entire time I was on it.

Ugh yes I was on it years ago and was always bleeding all the way until I got off it but I heard after being on it a couple years your period stops all together :woman_shrugging:

I bled the entire time I was on the shot. Got second shot bc Dr told me it would make the bleeding stop and in fact it made it worse, my pH got all out of wack and I kept getting yeast infections and Bacterial infection. Had to take iron for anemia. It was awful

Yep. They told me if I got the 2nd shot early it would stop the bleeding.
I bled or spotted for 7 months straight.

No that’s not normal…sounds like the road to becoming infertile…id change immediately or stop altogether and give your body a chance to reset its hormones

Every day for 9 straight months until I quit getting it. Doctor said just keep getting it and I’d stop bleeding eventually.

My sister almost died from the blood loss after the depo injection. So please go to doctor/hospital and have it checked out. Ended in long stay in hospital, blood transfusions, scans etc.

I sometimes spot for about 4 weeks just depends on my stress level but have been on it for a few years and my periods usually dont come unless its close to when i need another shot

I’m not bleeding😩 it’s killing me. Im in so much pain whenever my period date rolls around. Id rather bleed than scream cause of cramps

I only got the shot once and bled for three months straight. It was awful

I just got my first round of it and almost due for my second shot and I haven’t bled at all. My periods are nonexistent at this point and I’m thankful for that right now.

I did the first 3 months then never bled again

Hated the depo shot. Get off!!!

Really? I was on the depo and never had a period. This was also 10 years ago :thinking:

I didn’t bleed on it but I got pregnant on it

I bled for 6 months straight!!! And still haven’t lost the weight… I was 13 when I was put on it!!

I had no bleeding at all for 5 years on depo

Yep up til I got second shot then stopped all together for 10 years

It normally stops after the second injection at 3 months, yes it’s normal.

I didn’t bleed at all. The whole 6 years I was on it.

Mine stoped all together when I was on it

I just got off cuz i was having spotting all the time. But if ur heavy id check with Dr. Could be something else

I bled for the first 6 months and gained 40 pounds.

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Yep… lasted for a over year…

My cycle stopped after 1st shot, was on it for 5 years and had to get off it due to high blood pressure and got a tubal.

Everybody reacts differently. I would double-check with your doctor just to be sure. When I went off the depo, I was bleeding for an entire year straight with a handful of days not…I was told it was normal by 3 different doctors. It was awful.

The depo shot was the worst choice I ever made. Destroyed my body and made me miserable. My doctor didn’t tell me a single side affect or lasting side effects. if I had known I never would have taken it.


I didn’t get a period for 12 months and then had one for four or five months…which is when I went back to the pill.

I did for months even after not getting 2nd one

Yup I bled for 6 months and got off it will never use it again

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I would talk to your Doctor

I bled for 6 weeks when I first got back on it

Yep - nonstop for MONTHS - didn’t quit until I went on the pill.

When I got my first one I bled for 4-6 weeks then didn’t bleed again for a year and a half I stopped at a year and it took 6m for my cycles to start again

I bled for 12 weeks after first dose

I bled for 6 months. The dr kept saying my body would regulate and it never did.
Hated the entire time.

I bled for 4 weeks after each shot I got :smirk: I went to a few different drs when I would need a new shot and they all said it was normal and every woman’s body is different. :woman_shrugging:t4::roll_eyes:

When I first got on it I did but now I only bleed light when I’m due for the next needle

No but I got pregnant on the depo

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I spotted for about 4 months off and on. It’s worth it to me because I have absolutely no migraines (used to have them 4x a month or more), no cramps, no period (used to have super heavy 7 day periods with major clotting), and no weight gain. But it’s different for everyone, I’m glad I gave it time, though.

My hair was falling off while on depo…no bleeding just hair :frowning:

I’m on the shot and the only time I bleed is right when I’m coming due for my next shot.

After getting the first shot I bled for about 3-4 weeks and and haven’t bled since. I’ve now been on it for over 6 years

Before pregnancy, I didn’t bleed. After pregnancy I bled for 3 weeks. Never got it again

I had 3 days in 3 months that I didn’t bleed

Had bleeding for 6 months and it made my hair fall out. I had to get off it.

I had the shot and regretted it. I bleed off and on for 3 weeks then finally stopped all together but the part I regret is I put on 40lbs in a years time. I was 120 when I started on it when I stopped it a year later I was 160… Supposed to take like 8-10 months to get pregnant again well I went off it end of May, I was pregnant by that July… And had complications carrying my son… I wond up with Pre Eclampsia and delivered my son at 32 weeks… at 3lbs 4 oz. And I still say it was from the shot and the crap it did to my body…


I had the shot 1 time. Was bleeding for over a year with consistent cysts. Finally went away after 18 months

I did at first but after the 4th set of shots I completely stopped bleeding and haven’t had period or spotting anything in 3 months

Happened top my daughter for 75 days then no more period with next one. My other daughter bledel for a yr then got I’d to stop it

I had severe bleeding and horrific hormone imbalances. Never get the depo shot. After my daughter, I got the mirena iud, never had any complications, helped with cramps, after 6 months I had a very light period, and I will def get it again when it comes time. Such a different experience than the depo shot.

Some people react that way. I have not had a period at all on it. A friend bled for 3 months straight

I bled for almost 8 months straight and then after the 9th month it stopped completely and it’s been over a year with no bleeding

I got pregnant on it and had my shot 1st day each time I was aloud

Ive never bled once on it and ive been on it before i had my kid and after i had him.

I’ve been bleeding since I got it back in February, needless to say I won’t be getting it again

I’ve been on it for years and haven’t had a single period

1 shot and bleed for 9 straight months

7 straight months. Didn’t stop so I quit the shot. Then took a year to get a regular normal period. I also had extreme rage and mood swings. I couldn’t even stand to be around myself

Yes I stopped after when I got my 3 shot

1st time i used bleeding stopped completely. 2nd time after my daughter i bled heavily for 7 month’s+ absolutely awful :cry:

3 months straight after my first injection and then everything went back to normal

It stopped my periods but when I got off it my periods lasted longer than usual but I want bleeding too much.

I bled for a year straight. Hate depo!

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Super common to bleed for a couple months and then nothing. I didn’t do well on it, lost a lot of my hair (visibly bald patches) plus I had horrible migraines and gained 45 lbs. But I have known people that did perfectly fine!

I was on it several years, no bleeding at all, after about 4 years, started having my period again, ran a fever and passed huge blood clots the whole length of my period. Ended up having to have a D&C to have fibroid tumors removed.

Yes and ended up having to have a tubal and ablation surgery to get it to stop

I did it and it was horrible. I had a period for 6 months straight.

I had that shot back in my twenties I was suppose to not have my period after receiving the shot. However my body reacted definitely and I basically spotted for a year straight. Talking about that sgot with others I found iut uts not that rare what happen to me happened to almost everyone. I always wonder if that shot was to blame for my fertility problems earlier on. Can’t know for sure and not at all angry what I went thru bc my body finally balance out hormone wise in my thirtys and I have 2 little ones

I bled for a year only one shot. Refused to get the second!

Typically depo stops your periods all together or makes it very irregular coming not on going bleeding. I would ask a Dr or stop getting it. Depo did make it hard for me to concieve my daughter and gave me early onset degenerative bone disease in the back. A nurse that worked for the health department begged me to get off it because of the known side effects, I didn’t listen.

I bled alot on the depo. Very irregular. My hormones were crazy and I lost my sex drive. I was on it for a few years. I got off last year in July

To add I will never be on the depo again.

The 1st shot I ever got made me bleed an entire 3 MONTHS STRAIGHT… i never got another shot…f*@k that

I am on the depo injection and dont bleed at all.

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My step daughter bled for 6 months straight, after only getting one depo shot.

Yes!!! I had like month long periods was always spotting and bleeding :drop_of_blood: on the depo!!! Never again!!

I was on the depo shot for for almost 15 years and loved it. I never got a period and only spotted for a few days like every 4-5 months. I went off it for about 6 months and had no issues getting pregnant. I do know 3 other people who tried it and had similar problems to you with bleeding though. I will say you gotta give it some time to get in your system and regulate itself but I think it’s like the lottery how your body and hormones will react to it. Good luck!

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Yes me. Then it took me 15 years to be able to get pregnant. I lost one before I got on the shot. It was just alittle bleeding it was heavy all the time and did that for almost a year. I hated it

I didnt bleed at all, was on them for 12 months (4 shots) have been off it for roughly 4 weeks and have just gotten my first period back. Although i may not have bled, i did suffer hella weight gain, like 30 odd kgs in the first 8 months so please, please be careful! X

Get off it if you can :sparkling_heart:

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The first time I got this injection I bled for nearly two months before it started to tapir off and then stopped completely, I was getting that injection for over a year and took a break from it and my period came back right away and then the second time I went on it the bleeding stopped right away x

I’m almost done with my first round I spotted for 3 days and nothing since no complaints here!

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I bled for a year. Doctor kept saying it’d get better and to wait it out. Nope.

I did two of those shots, 6 months worth. Never stopped bleeding :-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3:

Yep I bleed for months after having one shot. It was a nightmare

I did for month then was gone for good after that.

My doctor told me it takes 3 shots before everything regulates. I spotted for weeks at a time off and on for the first 3-6 months. Then the next few months I had one week of spotting half way between shots. Now I’ve had 4 shots and hardly ever spot.

When I was younger and hadn’t had a child yet the depo instantly stopped my period. So different circumstances change things with it I guess.

I’m happy with it now. The nexplanon made me an emotional wreck. I did like the patch but just got tired of it, especially in the summer and I work in a very hot factory.

I’m on depo. Stopped bleeding after the first shot. Haven’t had a period since…which is crazy.

I had one once that gave me back pain and ovary pain for 2 months straight. Gained 20 lbs everytime I went on it. Major mood swings. I know lots of teens who have used it and bled for months. I think it just depends on person.

I HATED that shot. I randomly bled on and off till it wore off. Never kept up on that form of b.c.

Talk to your doctor!! This could be symptomatic of something more serious.

Rare side effects. For some people you nonstop bleed. I had to get off mone and didnt stop bleeding until 6 months afterwards.

I had depo for a year with no periods then all the sudden nonstop for 3 months. I took it out!

No it is not normal best to go see your gp as soon as possible because it could be something serious ok if the bleeding doesn’t stop