Did anyone get a tubal done straight after a c-section?

I’m pregnant with my 3rd child. This will be my 3rd C section. The first child had complications that ended in a c sec. I’m thinking about getting a tubal ligation done during the c section. ( so I don’t have to be on hormonal birth control again) I’m almost 30, and I’m done after this one! My question is for women who have had this done during a csec… did it make surgery much longer? Did it go relatively smoothly? Any issues after? Thanks for the input, ladies!


I had mine done . It was an emergency c section but I had already planned having it done. No problems at all.

I had mine’s done hours after vaginal child birth, my daughter’s after c-section. Have it done togerher because it will not add to your recovery unless you have other complications. I did not have any complications than or now. My daughter also.

I had my tubes tied after my 2nd c-section just because 2 was my number… but since I was open my doctor did it all one time… the pain was a little stronger than my first c-section

I had a scheduled c section with my last one and had my tubal done at the same time 3 days after i was driving my car doing the normal with some weight limits

I also had mine done after c-section and I believe it took a little longer than it would’ve if I wasn’t getting it done. I also had 3 c-sections so it was a lot of scar tissue. So far I have not had any issues and my child is 5, but everybody’s body is different (just keep that in mind).

I had mine done. I don’t feel like it took much longer at all. Maybe 15-20 minutes. No problems after. Same as healing after my first c-section.

It only adds a few min to surgery… I had mine done and they did it while they were getting what they need to with baby done!! It didn’t feel much longer than previous sections… healing was the same…

Added about 8 mins. Nothing to bad. Im glad I did mine. Having some killer monthly visits but 2 c sections were enough for me. Good luck momma.

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I had mine done after my 2nd c-section birth. It went extremely smooth, no issues and it was the BEST thing I ever did - haven’t had to think about birth control in 15 years!! :yum:

I’ve had a lot of issues since I got it done but then again everybody’s body is different

Yes I did n no regrets - after both kids were c sections I was done :white_check_mark:

A tubal does not cause premature menopause only a total hysterectomy will do that.


My daughter did . Easy peasy

I had it done during my csection and it all went smooth and didnt take much longer

I had it done and my periods are really bad know and extremely painful which was not an issue before but that’s just me I wish I didn’t do it

I had it done 14 months after my last child. The surgery and healing was easy but the monthly visits from aunt flo is 90% worse than before!! I’ve heard this from several others also!!

I think everyone is a little different, but I done this after having my daughter. My surgery went smoothly and it didnt take long at all. I had no issues as far as surgery or with the healing.

I had one. You will barely notice the time. The only complication I had was an extremely heavy period afterwards. But it’s only that first period after

I was in the room during my clinicals and watched the procedure. It looked to be the easier route. It didn’t take but a few minutes

I had it done. It’s the BEST time to get it done. No extra time for me. My Doctor knew what I wanted and he took care of it.

I did,best thing I could do.

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I had 3 c-sections and did my tubal during my 3rd one. I didnt notice really.

I was 38 and on my 2nd C section. Tie em up please! No complications. Increased surgery time by 12 minutes. Good luck :+1:

I had mine done. With c section alot easier. Don’t take. But a couple extra mins an healing time is the same.

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Me and mine was as Jessica Stevens.

I had mine done. For me it was an absolute blessing and I was glad to not have to deal with birth control anymore. The recovery was harder I’m told but for me it was worth it.

I had it done…
Surgery wasn’t much longer. Healing was same as first section.
Periods getting shorter but insanely heavy on day 2 and 3
Skin is clearer

I had it done after my second c section. No complications at all. Did not extend surgery or recovery time. Periods are better now than they were before too. But you are going to get a different answer from everyone honestly because everyone’s situations always different.

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I did and the recovery was no worse than the csection recovery itself. However, my periods are now a crazy mess! Heavy and long and intense cramping.

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I haven’t had it done yet but my dr is doing it with my c-section as well she said easy to do

I had 3 as well the surgery took a little longer but otherwise went well no issues afterwards

I just had my 4th c section and had a tubal. It took them about 2 hours to complete the surgery and my belly was a little tender but it didn’t change anything significantly for me so far

I had it done after my first and only c-section. No negative side effects, didn’t add much to the time I was in the OR and no recovery issues.

I have not gotten it done but I’m having my 2nd and last c-section in 25 days I will also be having a tubal. My OB told me it will only take an extra 5-10 minutes to do and babe can stay on my chest, so long as he is good health wise, while they do it. He said I wouldn’t have any extra recovery needed either. He said he removes the whole tube because studies have found that leaving a part of the tube can actually lead to ovarian cancer, which runs on my mothers aside of the family. My mother had it too so I see it as a blessing! Also NO MORE BABIES!

If you research PTLS you may change your mind. It is not covered by insurance to have the procedure undone. I completely understand the want to not be on BC but the majority of women do have lasting side effects that lead them to pay tons of money to reverse the tubal. Upwards of 10k. I had mine done at 23 and will forever regret it. All I advise is do your thorough research!

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Do a little research into tubal ligation syndrome before you jump into anything. There are less complications for men getting the ol snip snip than there are for us lady folk.

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I did April 11th I’m just fine… not heavier periods etc. It all depends on the person bc everyone’s differeng went to work after 5 weeks too.

I had it done straight after my c section no complications nothing

I did! February 25th emergency c section! Added 7 minutes to the surgery no extra complications at all!! Would do it a million times over again!

I had mine done during my c-section. Everything wen’t fine, recovery went fine and no different than my other 2 c-sections

I had my 3rd C and tubal sept 2018.
Surgery didn’t seem to take much longer. The healing is a little different, the inside of my hips hurt I am guessing bc of the tubal. Sometimes my periods are WAY different and then normal. I was 28 when I had mine done.

I did it. It added 45 mins on after the c section. Recovery was really no different and so far my periods have either super light or not there at all

I did! It went smoothly and it really didn’t seem that much longer (my OB said it only adds about 5 minutes to the surgery). I was in the room with my husband and baby before I knew it! Recovery was the same as my first c-section.

I had it done during my 4th c-section. No issues and the recover was the same as it would have been with just the c-section.

Surgery is a little longer but no issues

I would to do this but the hospital at which I am delivering doesn’t allow it.

Had it with my 3rd. No complications and it didnt take long.

I just did it a month ago after my 6th baby was born it was not much longer and really not any worse then recovery from the other c sections

Surgery was slightly a little longer. I regret doing tubal which I believe lead to adenomyosis.

Had cesarean both time. Didn’t get the tubal. Recommend the hubs get a vasectomy! You had the kids! Let him take one for the team!


I haven’t personally had this done, but a close friend of mine did. Her surgery wasn’t really much longer at all and she had no complications. I helped her a bit watching her other kids while she recovered but she had a really good and quick recovery.

Went fine. Minutes more. Very quick. I personally suffered more with my periods after. More pain and much heavier.

Im getting mine done after my 3rd c section end of august

I had mine done 11 years ago when I had my twins via C-section and had no complications or anything

The doc told me it would take him about 30 seconds longer. I didn’t notice a difference in the surgery lengths between my two c-sections. I had no problems whatsoever after. I did hurt more in the hospital this last time, but that may be unrelated to the tubal :woman_shrugging:

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Yes I did, had 3 c-sections and had my tubes tied the last one, almost 22 years ago. It was a breeze might as well have it done since they have you open. My daughter in law had it done 3 years after my grandson was born and she wished she would have just had it done during her c-section

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9 months PP currently and had it done during my cesarean. No real complications for me. The only thing that is different is my periods are heavier.

Yep! I did! Best decision too! Knocked both the csection and tubal all in one surgery. A little extra time but recovery wasn’t any different.

They prefer to remove the tubes now. I had mine done. No issues. Didn’t even need pain meds.

I was 33 at the time and had 2 c sections… I had the tubes tied and didnt feel like it was any longer than the first one… recovery w my second was alot faster I was up and moving myself around 2 hrs after having her… only issue I had was a heavy period that was irregular after. So I had ablations done and I havent had my period since which was done 1 year ago…

Not long at all. It was no difference in my opinion

I had a tubal after my 2nd c section and it didn’t take much longer. Maybe 20-30 min max. The healing time was longer and I was in more pain than with just a c sec but I’m glad I got it done because you knocked 2 things out at once and I knew my hubs wasn’t going to get a vasectomy

Following bc this is my exact situation to a T lol. 3rd pregnancy, 3rd section and almost 30 and done! :joy:

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I had it done after my 4th c-section and it did take a little longer. No issues but recovery was a little more painful but not much. My periods use to be a breeze and now its awful. I regret having it done now because I want another baby…

My bestie did. I had to go back bc i had mine vaginally.

:raising_hand_woman:t3: me!! Exact same age and circumstances as you!
I however chose to go under anaesthetic as I hated both c sections which in UK is not advertised as baby needs help breathing as they come out. Because of the previous c sections I had extra scarring so it does take longer initially to get to baby. But in regards to tubes done. No difference in usual after math of c section!
However my experience after third c section to be aware of was not being able to feel bladder! Took me 8 months to feel the urge for a wee. Ended up just going when I thought I hadn’t been a while!

Literally meant to be extra 5 minutes my friend had it done and was awake. No extra pain, discomfort or recovery!

Goodluck though :kissing_heart:

I had mine done after my third C-section. Didn’t notice it taking much longer and no other problems or complications for me. I also regret having mine tied.

I had two kids c section and a tubal after the second. No problems same recovery time and never regretted my decision

Just had my tubal done 4 weeks ago during my c section. Went good during surgery, but was in more pain during my hospital stay definitely a tough recovery but I did feel much better at the 2 week after!!! Now I’m 100%

I had a tubal after my 3rd C-section and the recovery was totally the same as the first two. No additional time in surgery, pain, recovery time…

Please look up tubal ligation syndrome, I never knew this was a thing, been suffering over 10 years, now waiting on a ablation or hysterectomy as a result :frowning:

I didn’t but looking back, I wish I would have

No problems here and didn’t notice any surgery time difference with the added procedure

My daughter had hers done during her C-section her Dr had her done and closing her up by the time they got my granddaughter ready to go to the nursery for her pediatric assessment (she was a premie)

I did. My surgery went for hours, but I had other issues like previous scarring. From what I can tell, it was quick and easy. Pain was…well, second ceaser and I bounced back 100x times faster and easier this time than I did my first.

I was 30 and had my 5 csection it was an emergency one and had my tubal done. It was more painful healing for me and my periods went from 4days to 7days and a heavier flow with horrible cramps. I dont regret it tho.

Consider looking into the hormone free IUD. You’re still young and that way you can have it removed if you change your mind and want another child. I know so many people who had their tubes tied and regret it now.

i had one during my 2nd c section and it didnt seem like it affected me at all. i didnt even notice they were doing it already it went so fast! and i dont think i had anymore pain with the second than the first

I had a tubal after my 3rd c-section. The surgery itself wasn’t any better or worse. It took a little longer than my first two c-sections (of course). But other than that, I didn’t notice any difference. Just that it took me longer to get to hold my last baby. The aftermath though. Ughhhh! I picked up weight after my tubal, like a good bit, and my periods are now brutal! They used to be like 3 days, low flow. Now I bleed for what seems like years and there is enough blood to believe someone was murdered! If I could do it over again, I wouldn’t have gotten a tubal. I would have gotten another IUD. All my babies were birth control (pill) babies. When I had the IUD, I had no babies, no period and no weight gain.

They told me my tubal took 30 mins, after vaginal birth. I’d imagine it’d be faster after c section bc ur already cut open.

Yes I did February this year after I had my daughter

I’ve had 3 c sections and thought about getting this but my husband decided to get done as much quicker done and easier healing etc x

It’s the worse pain we’ll for me I regret it. I never had so much pain before especially when you get ur period but everyone is different tho

I had my tubes straight done after my last baby as well. My 3rd. My recovery process really didnt change that much. The first few days you’re more tender.

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I had mine immediately following my third c-section. The process was longer and I felt more tugging and pulling and got really nauseous. I did feel much more sore afterwards than with my other two. But definitely no regrets lol

Mine was done when I had my 3rd csection it was maybe 30-45 mins longer and really didn’t notice until they push on your stomach

I had it done when I was 29 with my c-section.It did feel a little more uncomfortable but otherwise I just had a bit of extra wind in my stomach because my stomach was open a bit longer but it otherwise was easy as over and done with Good Luck.

I did. I didn’t feel much of a difference from having the tubal compared to just having a csection. It took longer in the operating room of course but I think I was up and driving, doing my regular housework and stuff in the same amount of time. Everything went well for me except I didn’t heal right in one spot with the dissolving stitches but it wasn’t a huge deal. I had a lot of scar tissue from my first csection so it took longer for delivery but no issues with the tubal itself. I think my first period afterwards was a lot heavier but has since settled back to normal for the most part,

I had my tubal ligation done after my 3ed the dr had to do it due to complications with all my pregnancys it was the same recovery as my last two c sections and he said it was easy to do it due to me getting it right after they took my son out my stomach so they wouldn’t have to do another cut

I work in the operating room. Its literally just a little clip on each tube. Adds 30 seconds to the procedure. Its super simple if they’re already in there anyway. If you weren’t already having surgery I would say let hubs do it. But during a section is super easy for you and them if that’s what you want.

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I had my tubes completely removed with a csection. It didn’t take long at all and recovery was just normal of that with a csection. I don’t know if it would be different having them tied rather than removed but my periods are awful now. Very heavy and a lot of cramping that I never had before having the procedure

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I had my tubes burnt and tied at the end of my csection it took maybe 5 minutes when they were closing me up. Recovery seemed the same as my previous csection and I had no issues.

I had mine done with my c section. I was in a lot of pain but I don’t know if that was from the c section or the tubal??? Perhaps both? My first c section was a breeze in comparison.

Tubal after my 2nd and aside from a bit more cramping during that time of month i have not notice anything aside from the normal ‘bed’ rest the 1st week.

I had one. Went smoothly. I was knocked out but I didn’t have any issues

I did…it was easier because they were already in there

I did mine during my c section. Surgery time was about the same since I was already open… and healing time seemed similar to first c section

Yes i got my tubes tied when I was already cut open from my c section. Not sure how long it took but it was simple. Burned a little bit during the recovery and healing process but other than that it was piece of cake! Good luck!!