Did anyone get pregnant after getting a tubal?

Have any of you ladies had a tubal at a young age (24) , then later, gotten pregnant naturally? I know it’s not so common, but I also know it DOES happen…


Yeap… tubal, then natural birth, and another tubal

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I had one in 2012 I was 25 haven’t gotten pregnant :crossed_fingers:t3:

I got mine at 30. I’m now 47 and no problems

My cousin did. She had a tubal around 26 or 27. Then had a son at 30

40 when i got mine. I still get scared it i dont have my monthly. Hell no… no more kids. So far so good

Gosh nearly 30 some years ago, mine burned not tied. No births.

Had a tubal 6 years ago, wish I could have 1baby with my husband now

I know of 2 women that had tubal then ended up getting pregnant both within 4-5 years.

Had a friend with 5 kids got a tubal with that baby, baby #6 came one year later, was meant to be she’s a doll, no more babies , totally got tubes removed

Had mine done at 23. I’m now 48. No issues.

Yes twice and I had miscarriages both times

No, but I was born couple years after my father had a vasectomy. He never went for his check up. When they found out I was coming he did & his “swimmers” were still active. :woman_shrugging: I was MEANT to be! :muscle: :rofl:

Had mine cut and burnt 29 yrs ago and I’ve never had any problems

Had mine clamped at 23 in 2006 and no pregnancies

Had mine done 3 years ago and I’ve had no issues

Nope mine was done 14 years ago and no issues now 40

I think you need to clarify “tubal”… some people are responding to tubal pregnancies (ectopic) and others are responding to tubal ligation (removing/tying tubes)…:joy::woman_shrugging:t2:
Yes on the ectopic, no on the ligation


Yep, got pregnant 4 times after my tubal ligation

Yup tubal 2016, pregnant year after then after that had another tubal and haven’t fallen pregnant

Yes it can happen, it regenerates and nornally is like seven to ten years but is no rule to everyone, depending your overall health and recovery

I had 3 children and one termination and decided to get tubes cut tied and burned. Or so that’s what the hospital told me. 9 yrs later I had miscarriage #1 and found out they were only clamped and one clamp came completely off while the other was barely hanging on. Then miscarriage #2 a few months after that. This one happened to be a tubal pregnancy that ruptured almost causing me to die. After surgery I was only left with my right tube and ovary. That was 2010. No pregnancies since. I am now 42 and going thru menopause

A tubal 2yrs later pregnant naturally 2yrs after that pregnancy another tubal


Had mine cut and burnt in 1989 no problems


Had my done at 28 and no problems! I would be in tears. 4 babies is enough for this mama

I had mine tied at 23. I’m 41 now. No problems here

Had mine done when I was 23 now 44 no problems …

Mine cut and burned at 23

Not after a tubal ligation, but I’m super paranoid bc I did get pregnant 5 months after my ex had a vasectomy

I went to ante natal with a woman 43 pregnant after a tubal, I still trust it lol

Adrian Kabcenel haha snip his

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Had mines tied at age 28 …I’m 37 now no problems

Had mine burned…in 3 separate places…in 1992. No issues.

Yes!!! I had a tubal in 2009 and just delivered a healthy baby boy in September of this year!! Mine were cut, tied and burnt. This time they removed my tubes all together.

I got pregnant after 3yrs of my tubal ligation. Baby didn’t go beyond the tubes. You sign a form because they can reattach. They took my tubes out after this pregnancy and I still had to sign a form that it’s not :100:. Go figure. I was 33

My aunt had hers done and got pregnant with my cousin. So I know that it can happen!

Happened to me after #4. I found out the day before my 40th bday, I cried for days lmao

My ex mil did 2 times all her other kids were grown lol

my sister was 29 when she got her tubal, she was 32 when she got pregnant again. she sadly lost that baby.

My mom had my little brother 7 years after getting her tubes tide but they have changed the way they do since then I have had mine tide for 13 years and thank the lord no more babies… I have paid my dues to mama hood :joy:

It can happen, if it happens soon after it’s usually a ectopic pregnancy but I was warned at the time of my surgery that they could potentially grow back in about 10 years and I could end up getting pregnant if they do.

my cousin had 5 kids. got a tubal. she now has 6 kids

Had my tubal ligation in 2013. No problems.
I told my Dr. I wanted cut, burned, tied, and foot taken off each sides.

I had my tubal pregnancy (etopic) at 19, I’m 26 now and have had no luck convincing… going to a fertility specialist is my next step at least.

Cut and burned at 28, pregnant at 31 but miscarried

Wow this is like one of my biggest fears…
Had mine done 6 years ago after baby # 4! No problems but I mostly stay single lol. Scary!

Clips on in dec 2014 …
Baby born in Aug 2015 … no issues since … yep pregnant when they did it.

At age 26 had tubal then 4 years later got pregnant miscarriage at 12 weeks . Was told afterwards you are suppose to have the dye check every 6 months to make sure it sealed completely no one told me that . The dye test is where they shoot dye through a tube in you’re private area at the same time they do a scan. It’s more common than people think within the first 5 years to become pregnant after a tubal (my were cut, tied, and burnt )

If you’re referring to ectopic pregnancy, I had one at 21, I’m in my mid 40’s now & have never been pregnant again, heartbroken

Had mine at 23 haven’t got pregnant and I better not either

If you only get them tied then you can get it reverse .If you get it burned and tied than no.I have heard of people getting pregnant when they are just tied. Like you said , rare.

Yes i had a tubal pregnancy before stitches were out i was pregnant again

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I had a tubal two years ago so watching this hahah

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I had a tubal after I had my daughter January 2012 and found out I was pregnant that mothers day and had my other daughter Dec.26 2012…it happens


My aunt had a tubal in 1990 after having her son, she was young. And got pregnant 12 years later!!! After having her she got them tubes burnt & clamped lol.

Do you mean a tubal pregnancy or tubal ligation?


Are you asking if people got pregnant after a tubal ligation, or after a tubal pregnancy?


It depends on how it is done. If they’re just clamped it’s possible, or even cut depending on how. Mine were cut, burned, and turned away from each other… There’s no coming back from that lol


My friend had a tubal Pregnancy and had a child afterward…not sure if that’s what you mean though?
I’ve had my tubes clamped for 20 yrs…no more babies for me…just Grandbabies :heart:

Nope i was 23 im 36 now my daughter will be 13teen soon and nothing

Hope it never happens to me!

Gosh, I hope not it’s been 27 years

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Depends. I had my tubes removed not clamped/burned. My Dr. Assured me there is no chance.

Just got tubal ligation a couple days ago and hopefully it doesn’t happen to me.

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I just got mine done, now I’m scared! :eyes::joy:

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I’ve got 5 kids, had the tubal ligation done 5yrs ago plus the novasure ablation and no pregnancy thankfully

My mom has her tubes cut, tied, and burned after having my brother, and years later ended up having my baby sisters (they are 14 months apart). The same doctor delivered both and couldn’t believe it. He called them his miracle babies and wrote it in their charts.

I’m 23 and I asked my dr to clamp my tubes after baby is born in 5 weeks and she said I was too young and she wouldn’t do it and goodluck finding a dr who will at my age. So can y’all give me your drs names who have done a tubal for you in your early 20s :sweat_smile:

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Had mine done in March of 2016 at 25… so far so good.

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I got my tubes removed, I’ll be highly upset if I end up pregnant lol been having unprotected sex with my husband for the past 5 months with no problem though

I got pregnant 7 months after essure. She’s almost 10 now. She is my miracle child :slightly_smiling_face:


Had a tubal July 2018 and got pregnant in February 2019. I had to have the tube removed and it damaged my left ovary.

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Had my tubes tied at 28, I’m now 35 and not even a scare. But, I wish it would happen to me! Lol. #babyfeverishigh

Had mine tied in July 2019, no pregnancy yet and hopefully never. Almost died with my last child


When I was 22 (im 30 now) i had already given birth to two daughters (one stillborn who would be 10 now nd one who just celebrated her 8th bday) I had them clamped when my 8 yr old was 9mos old. So far i haven’t had another pregnancy but I’ve had a couple scares lol

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I’ve had both of my tubes removed… (asked to just have them tied so one day I can untie them if I wanted more kids & came out the surgery with none :rage:) now I can’t get pregnant unless I try IVF…

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Not me, but someone I know of did.

It is possible but unlikely. And if you get a positive test you need a sono right away to make sure it’s not ectopic

Yes it can happen. I got pregnant 4 yrs after having my tubes tied

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I’ve known several woman who got pregnant after a tubal

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Had an etopic pregnancy 8 years ago. I have a 4 year old son. It does happen. It can. It just makes it more difficult to conceive

When you get a tubal done, every year after that your chance of pregnancy goes up by 1%. I had my tubes tied two years ago, so technically I have a 2% chance of getting pregnant again. It happens more than you’d think. Google the statistics of pregnancy after tubals.

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I had a tubal ligation after my last child back in 1996. I was told by my OB/GYN that 1 out of 100 women do get pregnant after having one. I never had a problem and my periods did not increase in pain or flow. They pretty much stayed the same.

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I had a tubal cut burn and tie in 2016 when I had a section with #9. Hopeful that I could have another…don’t tell my hubby lmao

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If your thinking of a tubal just go ahead and request a hysterectomy 90% of woman have more pain and issues after a tubal that leads to a hysterectomy. I was one of those 90%

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I’ve had a tubal after having an ectopic. it’s been 10 years lol I’d be SO.SHOCKED if it happened now I didn’t think it would be possible at all! I am shocked it can happen

I jad mine removed and biggest mistake ever due to hello bad peripds and my hormones are WHACKED

I was 29 when I had my tubal ligation in January 2014. My last baby was 6 weeks old when it was done. He’s now 6 and no more babies.

I had my tubal in 99 cut, tied & burnt after my last wos born in 98 l hav no probs until the last 3 yrs now goin thru premenopausal & no babies yet but l hav heard of 1 lady in my town where l lived that she got pregnant exactly 1 yr after her tubal

Heard it can happen if tubes grow back together. I had a tubal pregnancy which burst my tubes so no chance of getting pregnant again after that. My son was 5 and I was 32.

I had one 38 years ago no more kids no period problems no early menopause … absultly no problems of any sort …

Melissa Elwood the shit happens…ijs :woman_shrugging:t2:

I had a tubal ligation done and got pregnant like 6 months after. They suggested a shot to dissolve my pregnancy but I wanted to wait so they forced me to get the shot anyways but I miscarried before I got the shot. After that I’m on birth control a year later. I’m sure I’d get pregnant again if I wasn’t on b.c. And the periods are horrible so glad I’m on b.c. for that too

A tubal pregnancy or ligation?

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I was 26 when I had my tubes clamped after my third son. And I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant. So yes it does happen.

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I was 21 when I had my tubes cut and burned it is 7 years later would love to fall pregnant I remarried and hubby would love one of his own lol

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I had mine cut out and burned about a year ago. My period schedule changed a little but other than that I’ve had no issues at all. I told my doc I wanted long term low maintenance birth control. I was 35 and had 2 boys over 10 already. It took a couple hours some morning. I missed 2 days of work and me and my boyfriend couldn’t be happier with the results (no more babies!!) It may not be for everyone but I highly recommend it

Tubal at 35. 6 months later I was pregnant with twin boys.

I had a tubal ligation after 3rd child 3 years ago. Now am 21 weeks with boy twins naturally. I didn’t do a reversal. Never expected since the six week check up nothing passed throught the tubes during testing. So there is always a that 1% chance. So hubby and me are taking it as a double blessing.


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