Did anyones daughter start their period around 8 or 9?

Has anyone’s daughter ever started their period at age 8 or 9? I took my daughter for her eight-year check up the other day, and the doctor was already seeing pubic hair and warned me that girls now are starting around eight years old. She’s still a baby! I know how horrible I feel about my period and don’t want my eight-year-old to go through this. We have talked about it, and she’s prepared for it. But I’ve been researching, and it can mean nothing, or it can mean other things are wrong. What is your experience with it? Help, please! I’m freaking out.


My daughter started showing signs at 8 but just started her period at 11

My daughter was at 10, signs starting a lot earlier, like by the time she was 8

I started my period at 8 years old. Never had a talk about it , it just started. Then I was educated on what it was. Since I did start early I plan on talking to my daughter early on about it so shes prepared , since I didnt have the chance to be.

I started when I was 7.

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I started my period at 9. And was fully developed by then. It will likely be irregular for a long time when she starts that early x

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Not my child but I started mine just shy of my 10th birthday. I had heavy periods that I used birth control pills to manage. Other than that I’ve been healthy and had a normal healthy pregnancy 2 years ago.

I started at 9, have had trouble all my life I am 36 now.

My daughter started hers a week before she turned ten. I freaked out, she was so calm and collected… But dr said everything was okay… She does have pretty bad cramping, but nothing too bad.

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My niece started at 9 and bled for a month straight. A girl at the day care started at 9 and is wearing a bra already

I started mine at 7, a weeks before my 8th birthday. My daughter started on her 9th bday and has been consistent for 3 years

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I was 9 …and was totally traumatized because my parents thought they didn’t need to have the talk with me because they thought it would come later… but when my daughter hit 8 I was in fear that she would be traumatized if not told early about it… so I told her and educated her…sure as rain she had it at 9 …
She was upset because she didn’t want to be a woman yet…but she just turned 13 and it’s now becoming a regular on time thing…before that it was all over the place sometimes twice a month or even skip a month

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I started at 9 while on vacation with my entire family. My mother announced it to everyone.

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Well if u complain about it shell probably do the same. Lol just get her prepared for when it happens. Have positive talk with her. And get her to carry a pad with her for when school starts or if shes sleeping over somewhere. Dont make it all nagitive frim the get go. Everyone’s body is different.

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Same. My sister did have a period a 8 though

My daughter is 10 and started this summer. It’s extremely irregular. She had signs starting for the last year and a half

How much does your daughter weigh? Sometimes being overweight can factor into the early start.

I started when I was 7

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Mine was 10. 5 years later still irregular. When her pediatrician saw the signs she suggested we purchase the book “The Care & Keeping of Me”. It was fantastic.


It starts early in my family. I started at 8, my daughter at 9. It happens I ended up having pcos but she seems to be going normally. So don’t fret if she’s not regular for now it’s ok just keep her doctor informed

If you took her to her doctor and they aren’t concerned about it then I’m not sure what exactly you’re concerned about- periods are natural and they are starting earlier for girls but it’s not the end of the world. Maybe you need to talk to the doctor about what your concerns are but it’s normal anymore. You just need to get ready to answer questions honestly and be there for her.

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My oldest was about 11, younger than me. I was 13.

I started mine in 4th grade so probably around 9/10

My oldest started with pubic hair around 8 and just started at 10

I started mines at 9 years old, my mom was so worried when mines came on & mines to this day is horrible I can’t even get out of bed because of the horrible cramps and I’m 36 soon to be 37 but good luck

My daughter got hair a few years before she started and she started at 10

When my daughter started showing signs of it, I took her to the store and we got heard the American Girl all about me book , and we had the talk. My daughter is unusual she’s a very a matter of fact type of girl what happens happens she got her cycle at 10 and a 1/2 At camp and didn’t even tell me about it. Luckily I saw the signs that it was coming and prepared her with supplies for camp.

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My daughter is 12. Got hers this past april. She’s has pubic hairs since she was 9. My other daughter is 10. Has them. And has no period yet

Not a thing wrong with that!

I was 9 turning 10 just have open communication with your daughter tell her everything and be honest about

I got mine 3 months after I turned 9

I was 12 when I started

I started when i was 9 years old. I was already a C cup by 9.

It’s the food today all this processed crap


Geez I have one girl shes the youngest 4 and im already seeing hair on her legs i was shocked… i can’t imagine getting pads for an 8 or 9 years old… slow down girl lol wishing you the best of luck! It deff sucks but its what we all deal with … fingers crossed for her and you that it won’t be that soon… i don’t even remember when I first got mine lol

I got mine about 5 months after I turned 9

I started showing signs by 9…pubic hair, fuller upper body…but mine didn’t start til a month before i was 11

I started mine at 9.

That seems insanely young to me. I was in middle school. 7th grade so like 12. Wow.

One daughter started at 9 the other at 11. Definitely way earlier than I expected. As long as you prep them and keep communicating about hygiene they will be fine.

I was just 10 years old. This is a normal age. Just be honest and keep an open line of communication with her.

Both of my daughters started at 12

My niece started a week befire her 10th birthday

Cows are treated with a growth hormone which when we consume stuff like milk/dairy/beef we tend to start puberty and stuff sooner. Buy meat from a local farmer if you can, and makes sure your milk says not treated with rbST.


Mine started getting pubic hair at around 8. She was the size of a five year old then. She didn’t get her period until she was 13 1/2.

My niece started about 9, so sad. That’s to young.

I got mine in 5th grade

I started mine at 11yrs old. My grandma told me her sister had hers at 9. Just prepare her for it ya know.

I was in the 4th grade when I started. Its possible

My sister got hers at 9, I was 10. It’s normal, why are you freaking out about it?

My daughters were 9 and 10. They started for the first time, 3 days apart. :exploding_head:

I was 9 when I got mine. My niece was just a month from 10 when she got hers just a few years ago… It does happen. I hope it takes it’s time. Good luck!


My pediatrician told me girls are starting to have to have it earlier due to the hormones in the food. She also said that the period normally starts around 6-12 mos after pubic hair starts coming in. That was accurate for my oldest daughter. As long as they know whats coming and what to expect and what to do and use she’ll be fine. Make it seem as normal as possible so if she has any questions/concerns she won’t hesitate to come to you.

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I was 9 or 10 when I started mine.

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I was 8. I had 2 sisters 7 and 10 years older and between them and my mom it was never a big deal so it wasnt a big deal to me

I was 14, one of the last to get mine in my group of friends but I’ve always been over weight & was eventually diagnosed with PCOS. I remember my senior year, in life management, my teacher said he has taught pregnant 10yr olds in the past.

Mine started at 11, so did my moms and her mom’s

Why was the dr looking there anyways?

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The crap they put in our food. These girls that start early also tend to go into menopause pretty early too. It’s sad because the government does not care. They prefer people sick and needing to go to the doctor often. Early periods are definitely part of it.


I started when I was 9 :flushed: my daughter started when she was 12. She had already grown out of a training bra and had “hair” for about a year or so before she got hers.

I started mine at 10.

Thats normal to start puberty normally between 9 and 13. I started late at 14.

I was 9, and my daughter was 9 x

One of my cousins was 7 :confused:

Mine started having to use deodorant at 6, had pubic hair around 8/9 and started cycle right before 11th birthday

I got mine at 9 and when I tell you it felt like someone was stabbing me in my stomach id scream and cry because of the pain and nobody would do anything. Don’t be the parent to tell everyone “she’s on her period” because that was the most hurtful thing growing up when nobody would understand the actual pain


I started at 10 :woman_shrugging:

Some girls just happen to mature faster then others. When I was in school for Medical Administrative Assisting, I remember reading that girls can start as early as 8 and as late as 16-17. Once she starts don’t be surprised if you two become in sync because I have 2 daughters and we communicate when one has started because once one starts for the month, the next 2 soon get the visit from aunt flo too! Fun times lol

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I was 9. My girls all started later than me

I started my period around 12 but I had pubic hair for maybe 2 years before and i started getting bigger boobs in 3rd/4th grade.

My mom started at 9… I started at 12

My daughter started getting hair at 8 but did not get her period till she was 12…

My youngest daughter had signs around 9 started at 11.

I started right after I turned 10

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I dont think anything is wrong because of the age she starts her period. A lot of that has to do with hormones and things that are out of our control. All you can do is support her through it no matter the age she starts.

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I started personally before 9.

My daughter started at 9. Public hair and breast came when she was 7.

I was 12 but all 3 of my daughters were 9 when they started.

She was 8 and was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, 9 when she started. She was told everything and I mean everything. She had to be aware of her body and know how to take care of herself at a young age. You need to loose your worry and be honest. Your worry, (problems) shouldn’t be hers. And if you don’t have the answers both of you need to ask a reliable source.
Celebrate It !


I heard of a few kids starting at 8! Poor babies that’s too young

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My daughter has had pubs since about 8 ,she’s got an A cup at almost 11 and still no period :woman_shrugging:t3: I got my period at 9 and full DD at 12 . Sucked. Just be very open and honest with her and tell her all the scary details because you want her to understand the good bad and ugly

My girl just turned 12 but started getting hair when she was nine. She hasn’t gotten her period yet but her body is definitely maturing so it shouldn’t be long.

I was about 9-10 years old in 5th grade when I got mine.

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My daughter started hers a month before her 9th birthday.

Mine started just shy of 10. Make sure you talk to her about it now and as sad as it was and even though I knew she wasn’t doing anything, I had to make sure she knew that she could get pregnant as soon as she started so that she wouldn’t let any boys talk her into anything.

Don’t freak out it’s all normal. I started mine right after I turned 9 and I even started seeing pubic hair at 7-8 too. I was made fun of at school (for having a few hairs under my arms). I didn’t have my mom around at that time but my aunt bought me a razor and taught me how to shave. Be prepared and talk to her about it. It will be ok. Let her know it’s all normal and a part of growing up.

My sister started at 8 and she was fine lived to be 70

I started mine early. But not to be rude, how was the doctor able to see pubic hair on an 8yo during a checkup? I know with boys they check for hernia. I never had a doctor check me down their until I saw a gyno in my teens!


I was 11 when i started my daughter is 11 now and havent started yet.im not mentally prepared for her to start no time soon ugh i couldnt imagine a 8yr old starting a period.bless her heart

I have 2 daughters age 7 and 10. I don’t have any advice mama but I know too I’m not ready for all this😢

I started at 17 so everyone different, I heard it’s when girl reach 100 pounds

Wow I was 13 glad I didn’t start that young, that sucks for some. Maybe something in the food? I don’t know at 8 so little.

Im 36 years old and I had my first period at the age of 9 a lot of my aunts also had their menstrual cycle at an early age so my early development was hereditary as long as your daughter practices a well balanced diet and hygiene she should be fine please do not have her use tampons I’ve heard of parents that have put their young daughters into tampons and they had side effects.

Mine was 9 when she started and I just noticed my 6 year old daughter is starting to get pubic hair!?!?

Periods are completely natural & normal, there’s no reason to be concerned. Just have the talk with her, maybe show her a video & take her to the store to make a “to go” bag with her, Incase shed start anywhere but home, of course they’re no fun but they’re a part of every females life & she will be okay!

I was 8 my daughter got hers 12

Money was 8.5 Autisic, will in diapers. Pediatrician put her ổn shot. Ít turned out when she turn 16 we found out she usd thryoid problem sterming from brain damage at birth. Hormone over active. Her sisters didnt start until 12 and 13.

My sister, 2 years older than me, was 8. I wasn’t aware of it until 2 years later when my mom talked to me about it, to prepare me for it just in case. However, I was 14 when I had my first period. The doctor just shook her head and said “well it just happens like that sometimes” of course it was over 60 years ago. A lot of things were unknown. Neither my sister nor I ever had any Gyn problems.

I was 9 when mine started. My daughter is 11.5 and has all the signs that it could start at any moment. She’s read the American Girl book a few times and is prepared for it. If you don’t make a big deal about it, she won’t either. Good luck!

I was 9 nothing bad. If you are Hispanic, most of us start at a very early age. I was reading that hormones in milk are making girls develop breast faster not sure if it can be the same for periods?

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