Did you get the TDAP vaccine while pregnant?

How many pregnant moms out there have received the Tdap vaccine (whooping cough vaccine)? Do you recommend it? I’m scared of the side effects. I’ll be 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I’m supposed to get the vaccine.


I got it and had no side effects.

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I got it and had no side effects

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I got it and was fine.

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I got it in my baby got one of his two month Check up he’s perfect and so am I

I was given all my updated vaccinations that day after i delivered upon discharge

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I got it with both my kids and no side effects. Just got the second one last week

I got it and i had no side effects.

I just got it two weeks ago didnt feel the shot at all but my arm was a little sore for a couple days.

My daughter got it as well as her husband and my husband and I . It wasn’t bad.

My doc gave me mines the day after I gave birth.

I got that and the flu shot every time

i got it, had no problems other than my arm hurt for a fucking week

Considered a Class C drug, and not tested on pregnant women. Research and make an informed choice.


My whole family got theirs. No issues at all

I got the shot the day i was leaving the hospital from having my son

Just got mine yesterday. Second pregnancy. No issues other than a sore arm.

I got it no side effects.

Yup. Got any vaccines I needed and so will the kids and my S.O

Ive never been offered the dtap or flu in any of my 3 pregnancies nor do i know anyone that has.im in Canada, we’re all fine. No shots when pregnant


I got it and there were no affects.

Got it with both pregnancies along with the flu shot, no side effects.

I got it even my husband did

Pretty sure I got it. No side effects that I can remember.

I got it. Only side effect was my sore arm.

I got it. All that happened was a sore arm the next day or two. Went away quickly.

yes, the side effects aren’t as bad as they make it out to be it’s only a sore arm and you need it so baby is safe

I got it both times (2008 and 2020) and both babies got it. So did dad and my oldest daughter who’s now 12. My parents also got theirs. I was told every 12 years. it’s best anyone who will be around baby to get itm better safe than sorry

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You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than having an adverse reaction to any vaccine given at any time…
They are safe and effective preventative care, and trust and believe, you do not want any child of any age to contract pertussis

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i had it…the only side effect was my arm was sore from it.

Yep I’ve gotten it with my first 2 kids and will this time too. I’ve never had any problems with it.

I did and I made my husband and my parents get it too.

I was required to get it, but I got it the day after my daughter was born.

Had mine both pregnancy

My husband and I got it with no side effects.

I got it when I was pregnant, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had to get boosters or some thing with each pregnancy ( I am on number 5). Never had a single side effect, and actually have made my significant other get them as well as my parents because they were main babysitters for us

I got it with my pregnancy. No side effects

I got it and didn’t have any sides effects besides my arm being a little sore

After I had my daughter

I got mine when I was pregnant about 5 years ago. Definitely get it. Children can die from whooping cough - it’s serious and preventable. No side effects other than a little soreness in my arm. Similar to a flu shot.

I got the tdap and the flu shot with all 4 pregnancies never had an side effects other than a sore arm

Got it with both pregnancies. No issues. Everyone who was around my babies that needed an update got one too. Whooping cough is very real.

I got it with my first and will be getting it at my next appointment for baby # 2. Didnt have any side effects. Hooe this helps!

I was never told I needed it during both my pregnancies I didn’t find out until a newborn visit at the pediatrician after my second that that was even a thing :grimacing::grimacing:

Yes. It protects both you and your baby

i’ve gotten it three times in the last four years bc i kept getting pregnant :rofl:

I got it at about 30 weeks and didn’t have any side effects besides a sore arm

I’ve had 1 with all my pregnancies and had no side affects

I have for all 4 of my pregnancies, most recently 2 weeks ago. A sore arm is worth it to know my baby won’t get whooping cough.

I did and also my mom
Since she will be babysitting

I got it, no side effects other than a sore arm for a few days

I got mine at 19 weeks and all seemed good but couple days later I went into preterm labor and lost my child. My next 2 pregnancies I refused and both babies came out healthy. My advice is if you don’t want it don’t get it don’t do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or feel pressured to do it because everyone does it. Do what you feel is best for you and your baby. My babies also didn’t get the Hep B vaccines either because you can only get that through sexual intercourse or sharing needles. Just saying. You do you.


I got it with my first pregnancy but never got it with my second and probably won’t with my pregnancy now

No, I was given it after delivery in the hospital. There’s no way I’d take it while pregnant.


I got it with all 4 of mine.
Vaccines are there to save people.


I got it no issues other than sore arm!

I declined any vaccines while pregnant. Wasn’t comfortable with the possible risks.


I had with all 5my kids no side effects

I got mine when I was pregnant :grin: I didn’t have any of the side effects. Plus it protects you and baby! :heart::kissing_heart:

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i got it with my first and i got it again a couple weeks ago with my second! only side effect i had was a bit of a sore arm for the rest of the day


Never and I have 2 girls…only time I got the shot was in my childhood vaccines.

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Get it and encourage anyone who is routinely around baby to get one as well.


Got it with both mine-no side effects. Better to get it while you are pregnant so that it gives your child some immunity to it while waiting to get their own vaccine. Whooping cough is the reason you are cautioned to not have everyone kissing and touching your new baby’s face because it can make the severely or fatally ill. Not meaning to scare or give out bad thoughts by any means.


I did with my first and had no issues

I’ve gotten it 3 times now while pregnant. No side effects

I did both pregnancies

I got mine at 26 weeks I’m now 37 weeks pregnant had no side effects

Yup got it. Was fine.

I’m 28 weeks also, I just got it yesterday and I had no issues besides a sore arm but I don’t even feel it anymore!

I got it with my youngest, it wasn’t recommended when i had my other two. It protects you and baby. It will transfer to baby. Only side effect injection site was very sore for about a week.

I got it. No problems

I did with both pregnancies and had no issues or side effects.

Last 2 pregnancies had it & no problems

I got it with no side effects.

I had it with my first child, no issues. It was 10 years ago. Pregnant again right, 22 weeks, and will receive it again. No harm to baby.

I got it no problems, to me the benefits out weigh the risk


Absolutely, got it all 4 pregnancies including current one!

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Never have
Was never even asked to but I wouldn’t have either way


I didn’t get it with any of my 3 babies

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Yep! You get it while pregnant so a small amount of the vaccine goes to baby to protect it from getting whooping cough.

Only side effect was my arm hurt for 3-4 days.

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Two pregnancies the last two years and got it both times with no side effects. Also good to gave anyone who is around baby often have it too. They don’t have to get it every pregnancy just the mother does. Your arm may be sore for a day or so but that is about it.


I did with my last had no side effects

Just had twins on the 29th an I got it. Arm was extremely sore for like 2 weeks but i had no other side effects.

I got it. No side effects but i wont be doing it w my next. Too many unknowns

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I got it and made anyone who wanted to see my son get it. No issues.

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Do it. It will protect your baby after birth. I’m a mother and a nurse. :heart:

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I’ve had it with both my pregnancies and no issues

I got mine at my Obgyn’s recooemndation. I had no issues with it.

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I was never asked about it with both my pregnancies

Got it and the flu shot, always do. No issues


i’ve had it with both of my pregnancies. no issues.

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No side effects lmao

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Nope I waited just went with my gut


I did. Zero side effects.

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I got the tdap and didnt get the flu shot lol for some reason the flu shot bothers me

I had it, no effects. Just a sore arm after.

I was never asked :woman_shrugging:t3:

Had to get it after I gave birth only bad thing was that it hurt like hell after the epidural wore off and I couldn’t lay on that side for about a week.

I got mine and had zero issues!!! It’s going to keep you and the baby safe after it’s born :blush:

I did. I was a bit unlucky and faced the moderate side effects. Just had a pretty sore arm for a day and felt a bit like I had the flu. I was perfectly fine the next day though!