Did you have to take your nipple piercing out when you got pregnant?

I’m curious how many Mama’s have/had nipple piercings when they got pregnant. Were they forced to take them out at some point? If not, how were they kept while breastfeeding? I’ve had multiple conversations with him telling him I need more from him and that I don’t feel like we’re a team, but he hasn’t made any effort to change. I feel like all respect is lost in our relationship.


I’m 29 weeks and still have mine in. Dont plan on removing them either. However I’m also not breastfeeding


Nope ! Not unless you have a c section or breast feed.

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I wore/am wearing mine. They have larger/flexible ones to put in while you’re growing and feeding

Just take the jewelry out while BF and put it back when done. They are a choking hazard if you don’t take them out during feeding


I took mine out to breastfeed and put them back in after she was done eating.

Seems like there’s 2 questions in this post that have nothing to do with each other


I had it during pregnancy. I planned on nursing so I took them out. I’ll probably get them again after I’m done having babies. I wouldn’t nurse and have them, that’s to much germs and thinking of mastitis .


Hey I took mine out when at 20 weeks but only because I was breastfeeding. I did find that boob leaked alot more milk than the other x

I’m 21 weeks and I still have mine, dr laughed and said just take them out breast feeding as a precaution so the baby doesn’t swallow any part of the piercings

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Is this about peircings or your partner?


No. I would unscrew and remove them during breastfeeding on whatever side my daughter was feeding then put them back in so they didn’t close.

How did that go from nipple piercings to relationship issues?


I kept mine in. I was going to keep them in while I breast fed but after 3 days I got so irritated taking them out and putting them back in so much so I left them out

I took mine out when I went into labor. I didn’t feel like having to take them out then back in all the time

Your nipple rings are disrespectful?
How rude :wink:


Who TF is “he?” How did we go from breastfeeding with nipple rings to some man in the relationship not supporting you,? I’m seriously confused!


I’m so confused. Are you having serious discussions with your breastfeeding baby?


The first half of this and the second half.of this make no sense together… I kept mine in until delivery but then wasnt able to breastfeed anyway as nothing would come out of one side at all and the other side was not making enough to keep baby fed so I put them back in and was done with breastfeeding.

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I took mine out at the beginning of my pregnancy just so I wouldn’t have to worry about complications later on.

My OBGYN made me take out all body jewelry when I was admitted. I did not have csections.

I think whoever’s Is reposting these questions is messing up somehow…the passed few posts seem off

This is the second time I’ve read a question like this and I feel like maybe the OP is maybe using the first one as kind of cover in case “he” is looking over her shoulder.


Took mine out a month before He was born, should have taken it out sooner

After awhile I just took them out. They never closed up so I put them back in later on. Before labor my doctor told me I had to take all metal out anyways. Just as a precaution. But he didnt tell me that on my second kid

This is the weirdest shit I’ve ever read lol

Uh it hurts like hell so I took em out.

Wait. What?
One, take the piercing out when breast feeding. It will hurt and it’s a choking hazard.
Two, what’s going on with the last half of this post?


I wasn’t forced to take them out but I did. But I’m not really sure what answers you’re looking for since you went from nipples to some random “him”


OMG why is this even an issue? Take the darn things out til your baby isn’t breastfeeding anymore. Put them back in after…if it’s that important to y’all. Worry more about your baby right now. As for the relationship problems…talk to him. Don’t whine or nag. Sorry ladies, not the greatest terminology. Just have an adult conversation about your concerns. Listen to his point of view. Be adults and PARENTS! See if that helps.

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Im starting to think the admins are trolling us :joy:


I think who ever is in charge of posting these is drunk. #wineoclock

Never had my nips pierced, can’t answer.


Mama’s uncut lay off the meth. You’re confused! Then repost when you get sober. Not until then should you use social media .


I’m totally lost on this post


Kept mine in. Take it out for nursing tho.

I’m confused by this post


You’re planning to breastfeed with them in?
Even though they can fall off and into the mouth of your baby, who would swallow and choke on them?


I’ve been told it’s safe to keep them in and just take the ring out for feeds. But I took mine out when i was pregnant with my first and never put it back in… I have no response for the seemingly seperate subject of the second half of that…


This is exactly how my expressions changed reading this.


Take them out, after a while they kinda hurt as your breasts change and and they are a choking hazard. Plus it’s not sanitary at all. To the other part I’m guessing you’re doing most of the changes to accommodate having a child in your life and he isnt?? Speak with him about the concerns, it’s a hard change. Guys take longer than women to change their habits for parenthood.

It seems like you have a lot going on in your life! As far as the breastfeeding I’m sure since you asked your concerned about your babies safety, I would say as long as they aren’t causing issues keep them in and remove during feedings, as for the second half of this conversation , becoming a mom and dad is hard we lose a large part of ourselves and it’s replaced with parental instinct unfortunately sometimes being a couple gets lost along the way, try talking with your SO again, try suggesting counseling, it sounds like you really love and care for this person so fighting for it is worth it, if he doesn’t respond then sadly maybe it’s time for you to focus on you and your new little one.

I kept mine in all through my pregnancy. But once I had her and started to nurse I took them out. Scared me that she could choke. I tried to find something I could wear while nursing but decided not to even go that route. I couldn’t get mine back in once I took them out though

I took mine out by 3 months pregnant. They started aching. Wasnt worth it to me to keep them in :joy:

Half this post is a totally different topic…


I took mine out, I had a fear of a ball coming loose and my baby choking. I got them re done after I had my fourth baby. As a piercer and a momma who breast fed all 4 babies, I would never recommend keeping them in while breast feeding. My suggestion again is to take them out…

What do you mean if you don’t mind me asking? I’m lost on this post !!

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I’m sorry your nipple rings dont support you and work with you as a team and do more.


I willingly took mine out at about 2 months pregnant because they started to hurt so bad. Save yourself the pain and take them out. You can always have them repeirced later

I didn’t “have” to but my boobs hurt and itch so bad that i did. Plus, nipple rings + breastfeeding is not the most comfy combo lol

In 25 weeks and still wearing mine. Im not going to take them out unless i absolutely have too

Just skipped over the whole story and got straight to the point after nipple piercings.

With my 1st n 3rd I never took them out… I did with my 2and out of preference because I was so sore… the only time u have to take them out is if u choose to breastfeed

Your nipples change through out pregnancy and nursing. My advise take them out and wait to have them back in when you’re done nursing. I can’t imagine it being easy for the baby to even latch and nurse comfortably and would worry about the baby swallowing and chocking in the ring.

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I had mine done and took them out years before I was even pregnant. When I was breastfeeding and my boobs were too full, my milk would squirt out the side hole where it used to be pierced instead of the center :joy::joy: not helpful I know but funny af


Took them out during labor and after i got out of the hospital they wouldnt go back innnnn :sob:

I never took mine out even breastfeed w them in

Prepare for breastMilk shooting out sideways from the holes of your piercings…

And just know they close up pretty fast.


I wore mine up into the operating room :woman_shrugging:t3::joy:

Common sense would tell you to remove them!

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I’m picturing super sore and infected nipples and choking hazards.


Omfg this you cant breast feed with them

All I got is… Ouch!

I’m confused. Is this 2 questions combined? Or 2 different ppls questions?


Only bc I planned to breastfeed and did. But if I didn’t I would have left them in

This ia definitely 2 different stories… what is even going on?


I kept mine in the whole time

I took mine out when I was 26 weeks with my now 2 year old and milk STILL shoots out sideways, I took them out because they were painful but my OB said there was absolutely no risk of having them in while breastfeeding

I kept my piercings in. I only removed them before breastfeeding & then put them back in after it :ok_hand:t3:

My hood was pierced during my pregnancy but during labor I had to remove it. I’d imagine due to it being metal and incase of complications it’s for safety measures

If breast feeding I wouldn’t suggest having your child suck on the them. The ring is dirty no matter how much u clean them and sucking on something that tastes like a dirty quarter isn’t good I assume. If the ball were to come off and it can easily , it goes thru the baby but i hope u catch it before the bar goes down their throat. Just like tongue piercings when u are in labor they make u remove them for the chance u can swallow the bar from straining so much while pushing.


I kept mine in and I didn’t have milk shooting out. Oh my that’s funny reading that and it would hysterical to see. :rofl:

I kept them in. I would take them out to nurse and then clean them and put them back in.

I kept mine in thru pregnancy but removed the jewelry while nursing however they never closed up I put my jewelry back in when I was done nursing baby for good.also you lost me after that ? You got first half one question n second half or a second one like what


I look at it this way would you like to try to drink out of a cup with an object blocking your way you would get frustrated trying to drink what comes natural to that baby is not having to suck on a metal object to get nourishment so put yourself on your child’s place

Everyone’s got the piercing thing covered but you also need to re-evaluate your relationship and communicate your feelings with your SO.


Which question are you asking here? :thinking::joy:


there is no reason you can’t have a nipple ring in, but remember there is always that chance of the baby suckling & possibly loosening it & swallowing it, which will not end well. Then as your , whatever, not listening to you, I think what you are trying to say or maybe not. If he isn’t listening, then leave,

As long as it doesn’t bother you it can stay in during pregnancy. The hospital will likely have you remove it during labour in case a c-section is required. As for breastfeeding you should definitely remove it. It could be a choking hazard.

I had too only because I got them done 6 months before I got pregnant. My breasts grew way too fast for them to heal properly. So I just took them out.

This is so confusing…


I wanted to breastfeed and you just have to take it out while hes drinking, however, I chose to take them out,period. I took them out when I was about 4 months along and it took A LONG time for them to fully close, it was annoying. Milk literally pours out involuntarily, and you go through pads like crazy. The sooner they close the better in my experience :grimacing::roll_eyes: but if your partner is forcing you to do it, and you dont want to. Then it’s fine if you keep them. Just keep them clean, before/after feedings and make sure you never have jewelry in during sessions. Oh plus, the flow is increased. So the baby might have troubles keeping up with how quickly it comes out. It’s a learning curve for both you and them.


Wait, how does nipple piercing and needing to be a team tie in together? Regardless, if you want to breastfeed, they need to come out ASAP. YES milk will come out of the holes if they arent closed, and baby canNOT suckle with jewelry. MAJOR choking hazard (duh!).


I took mine out early on in pregnancy, I had to exclusively pump for 8 months( feeding issues with my child, not because of the pricings) … They were out almost 2 years… before I was curious enough to try and put one in. It didn’t go. I didn’t bother again with it.

I had my got nipples pierced not too long ago, before I knew I was pregnant or else I wouldn’t have, I still have two more months, but I took them out after realizing some stuff, 1. Leaking obviously but more important 2. You shouldn’t be breastfeeding while your piercings are in, so you would need to be taking that piercing out of your nipple every time you breastfeed, so it would be a very big struggle, besides the fact, the holes will close up almost instantly after you take them out, no matter if you’ve had them in for a few days or years, they will always close up if you don’t have that piercing in! So I let mine close up, and waiting until I’m done breastfeeding to get them re done.

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This does make sense. However I think you will need to take them out. Not sure the baby will like them

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I surprising asked about this, I have my nipple done and considering breast feeding they said it doesn’t make a difference just means they get a bit more milk but nothing to worry about my little one took an allergic reaction to milk so never tried it but my midwife ensured me I didn’t need to take it permanently out and it wouldn’t close up, you just had to take it out for the feedings.


I took mine out during pregnancy because of how sore my boobs got. By the time I would have been able to put them back in the holes were pretty much closed

Yeah what hahaha talking nipple piercings then talking man problems? It’s like two conversations got meshed :rofl:


I’m pretty sure she is talking about her husband . But I don’t think you should ask him that question . If you are really wanting to know ask your doctor or someone that can answer your question . But I wouldn’t breast feed my baby with piercing on my nips cuz it’s gross he’s sucking the earring and then also what if the ball comes of . And he swallowed it . Don’t know I don’t have piercings there lol

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Ditch the man and the piercings. If he wants you he will make sure he has you.

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They might make you take them out during labor and delivery in case emergency section, you cant have piercings in OR.
You can keep them in though and take them out during feeding.


I’m confused what your nips have to do with his lack of support…


It’s probably a good idea to take them out as it could be a choking hazard to baby

I took mine out because my body rejected all of my piercings when I was pregnant. I would have taken them out to nurse if I had kept them, though

Nipple rings are a huge choking hazard while breast feeding


I had my piercings done back in 2003 and gave birth to my daughter in 2008. I was afraid that if they didnt heal before I had her, milk would squirt out of three holes. So I took my piercings out (like during my first trimester). After I had my daughter, breast feeding was fine and milk flow was normal. But when I decided to put them back it, I couldn’t because they had grown back up. So I got them done again and I will say, it fucking hurt because getting then redone had to go thru scar tissue. When I had my son in 2010, I did not take them out until the day I gave birth. Breastfeeding wasn’t any different and my milk flow was normal and no, my milk did not go out three holes like I feared during my daughter’s pregnancy. And putting them back in after everything didnt hurt. I will say, I never breastfed while they were in…I feared that it would have been a choking hazard.

As far as a team player, I’m confused.


I do not. They say you should. But like, i alreadychad to let a total stranger do it in the first place. Unless they cause me problems im not taking em out. Lol.
Im on my 2nd pregnancy of not taking them out and havent had any problems

From a feeding standpoint, the jewelry would need to be removed before feeding starts, can be put back in after feeding is done. If I had mine pierced, I’d personally take them out and eventually have them redone post nursing stage. I’d think it’d get out real old real quick having to constantly take out and put in, especially in those first few weeks of nursing.
Regarding your partner, if they’re trying to demand you remove them, I’d tell them to get bent but that’s probably just me 🤷
Nobody can demand you do anything with your body you don’t want to do.

I think she is talking about her OB.


This post was kind of confusing…I dont have nips pierced but I would be cautious enough 2 take it out 1. 4 fear of choking hazards 2. sore boobs 3. What if baby has a reaction 2 the piercing?

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