Did you regret getting your tubes tied young?

Has anyone regretted getting their tubes tied while being in their early 20s? I have two kids and really feel like I do not want anymore…but dont know what to do


nope happiest i ever been

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Got mine tied right before i turned 25 worst decision i ever made. Ended up spending money to reverse didnt work and then had to pay for ivf. Now 6 months pregnant. Just use birth control until you’re 1000% sure


I got mine at 26 after 4 kids I wish I had it done sooner . :sleepy: but that’s life only issue I have with my tubes tired is my periods pains are so more intense since .


Yes I was 25 when I had my tubes tied. I wish someone had told me before “You never know what you will want in the future” because now I wish I was able to have another baby.


Yup I’ve had mine done for 11 years and i regret it :pensive:


I had mine removed but I had two preemies and two pregnancies I was extremely sick and almost died from hellp syndrome. So no regrets here.

If you’re in doubt then maybe you should get an IUD. You can have it removed if you decide to have more and a non hormonal one is good for 10 years


I regretted it after my third and I was 30. If I could go back I wouldn’t have done it. Wish we had tried for baby #4!

I had mine done at 23 and 13 years later haven’t regretted it. But I also knew if I got pregnant I could die so there is that.

I was 36 not young but no I don’t regret it.

I considered it after having my boy and girl (I’m 23 now). However I knew there was no way I could 110% say right now that I absolutely will never want more so I didn’t follow through. Having it reversed isn’t a guarantee to be successful. In my opinion it’s better to wait and have the opportunity to have more-or not have more down the road

I do and i dont… If i knew then what i know now i probably would have NEVER got it done and that was 12 years ago… No i dont want more kids already have 4… But my menstruation is worse NOW than B4​:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang: And the phantom kicks or whatever u wanna call them has me always 2nd guessing… Plus i knew that i wouldnt be able to handle another C section… Already had 2

I was 25 and had 3 boys. Best 4 hours of sleep I’d had in 6 years.


I was younger and I don’t regret it at all!

If there is ANY doubt don’t do it.

I got mine when I was 31 and I regret.

I was 23, I am getting ready to turn 27 & I still don’t regret it. It really depends on how many kids you prefer. I wanted 2, a boy & a girl & that’s what I got so I am completely satisfied.

I don’t know if I regret it. I had my daughter at 25 and twin boys at 28 (tubes tied) but I’m pretty sure three was enough for me.

I tied my tubes barely 12 hrs after I had my second child. I was 19 when I tied my tubes. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m 26 now and I don’t regret it. I told myself if I ever want another child, I’d have money for ivf or adopt some.

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No don’t do it. Hold off

I went through some sadness but I ended up adopting 3 kids from foster care so our family is now complete! My hubby always wanted a little girl and I was able to give that to him through adoption, she was 5 months when we took her and we adopted her at 2! Our boys were 5 and 6 and now they’re 12 and 14! God is good!


Yes!! I had mine tied on my 24th Birthday!! This is the ONLY regret in my life!!! Seriously… My doctor told me that he was “going against his better judgment” and that 'I’d be begging him to untie them in 10 years" and guess what? He was right :white_check_mark:
I ended up wanting more and did IVF unsuccessfully 3 times…

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At times…but not because I actually want a baby lol it’s because all 3 of my kiddos are teens now and when they were babies they were much nicer​:rofl::rofl::rofl: I got mine done at 24 and couldn’t he happier! No more sleepless nights, no more dirty diapers etc lol

I regretted it. I was 22. Can’t untie them without paying $10,000

I got mine at 27 and I regret it big time

After reading the comments I am confused. I had a child 30 and another one at 32. They didn’t want to tie mine at that age. I had always wanted 3 but , I felt like I was getting to old, and I had tried to get pregnant earlier in life , but I guess it was not in the cards.

I’m 34 had my 4th baby and I got mine removed. I cry on the daily and is my biggest regret. I feel like I’ve lost a part of me and I’m mourning. Also I bleed so heavy for 4 days of the 8 days of my period. I bleed so much I have to wear 2 pads and a depends. I have felt so off since having my baby and I’m trying to pin point what’s going on. I would highly discourage removing tubes. As far as tying I don’t know. Good luck

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I was 21 and 15 years later I regret it. Just went and had mine untied and it cost 7000 dollars and only have a 10% I can have another.

I got it done at 30. Two kids and I definitely don’t want any more pregnancies. Possibly adoption in the future but i hate pregnancy. I wouldn’t have done it had i not been totally sure though. I had the option to have it done during my second C-section but didn’t feel completely confident, ended up being sure by the time my daughter was a year old and getting it done then. It’s been a couple years now i have zero regrets, I’m very happy that i had my tubes removed and it’s so nice not worrying about contraception or pregnancy.

As someone who was debating in my 20s, I was happy I waited. If you are unsure at all… don’t do it. Wait til you are 100% sure!!

I don’t regret it, I was 24 . And my first grandson is due on February 14th, I’m stoked. I get all the perks and then get to send him home :smiley:

Of ur questioning it, Don t do it.

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I have two kids had my tubes tied at 25. I Do not regret it. Best decision ever.

I was 22 and I regret having it done. But I have three handsome boys.

Nope. I got mine ties at 23 and I’m happy with my choice. If I really get a wild hair up my ass later abd want more kids there are plenty in the foster care system to adopt

I knew I couldn’t afford more than 2 kids, and didn’t want more than that so I had them tied while I was still in the hospital after giving birth to my second child :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: when you know, you know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I didn’t get mine tied until 28 but 4 is enough for me. I knew I didn’t want any after 30. My husband is a little sad that I did but it was way too many C-sections for me. I don’t regret a thing , I have travel plans when I’m older .

I have 3 kids and and am 31 and DONE. Got my tubes removed 7 days ago. No regrets. Not a single one. :sweat_smile:

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If u don’t know what to do then I suggest not getting them tied until you fully know what to do. Think hard about your decision and then decide.

Regardless of anything- do your research. Tubal ligation is real and permanent

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I had mine done at 28. The ONLY regret I have… Is that I didn’t completely remove my fem parts. I’m blessed with one of each. More than enough for me. Plus I had my 1st at 20. I’m looking forward to my “me” time. And I won’t be too old to enjoy it. :blush:

Don’t do until you’re 100% sure. I got mine tied at 24 after 2 kids but I cancelled my first appointment because I had doubts. After a few months i decided i didn’t want to have any more children and made the second appointment and I don’t regret it! Get baby fever sometimes but lord am i glad I can’t have more :joy:

I regret it. 29 years old when I had mine done, wish I had waited.

Getting your tubes tied is reversible. Getting a tubal- is not

Definitely should wait

Got mine tied in 2020 after my second child. I got mine cut/burned. No clamps. I don’t want anymore kids. Still don’t. Sometimes you just know. I have 4 kids all together with my husband. I’m now 25. Still don’t regret it

If you have doubts, talk to your gyn about long term options instead(IUD, implant, etc). Then if you still want the surgery after 8-10 years, do it.


I had my son at 23 and thought I would never want more. Around 29 that changed. Had my daughter and can’t imagine my life any differently.

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A lot of my friends had their tubes tied in their 20’s and ALL regretted it later.

Nope. Do not regret.

I had to fight to get mine done at 26. I have no regrets. My whole thing was if their dad and I didn’t stay together and I got with someone else if they didn’t like the idea that I couldn’t have anymore kids then it wasn’t meant to be. Not only that I bleed so much that it did help to a point. When I finally found a doctor that would listen to me and I had a partial hysterectomy my then boyfriend was behind me all the way. He was the first to stand behind me about it. I have a son and a daughter and he has a daughter and we both agree that that’s enough. It’s all on how you feel about it. Don’t leave people put you down or tell you what to do. It’s your body. Like I have told people before in this day and age I wouldn’t want more than 2 children. I wouldn’t of cared if I had 2 girls, 2 boys or 1 of each. As long as they were healthy.

I almost got mine done at 21 with my second baby. I ended up choosing not to a few weeks before delivering. I really felt like I was done having babies and I was content. And I really was. My husband started getting the baby itch right after my 2nd turned 2 and i was not on board it took him over a year for me to give in but we had our 3rd baby THEN I didn’t feel done so we left the option open for a 4th. We now have 4 kids and are 30. He got a vasectomy when we were 27 and it will always be sad that we will never have another baby, but I also don’t want anymore. We made the right choice but I’m glad we made in later in our 20s

I only regret it due to having to suffer from post tubal ligation syndrome :sleepy:

Got my tied at 24 and nope

I got mine tied at 28 and I regret it everyday

If you have to ask this than you aren’t ready. Don’t do it. You will know without having to ask when you are ready.


You quite possibly will regret it. Especially if you’re single or in a not so sure relationship

I know someone who did it in her early 20s after having 2 kids then later on she wanted more. My advice, maybe get the 5 year birth control implant or something like that.

Nope. I got mine tied during my c section with our 2nd.

I have/had mine done at 25, tried to get it done sooner but couldn’t bc of covid. I don’t regret a thing. I was one and done and had mine removed so it couldn’t come undone or fix itself. It’s something you have to sit and do your research on and be positive you want to do it, then find a dr that will do it. Mine was perfectly fine pulling mine out after only having one kid, I’ve heard of some drs that won’t do it unless you’ve had at least 4 kids. Depends on your area and the dr you see. I still see my obgyn from when I was pregnant till 3 yrs later (where I went if I wanted anything stronger than the birth control pill I had to see her and I was happy to always have her, I was on the depo shot until I could have surgery). Personally I would of done it sooner if I could have. If you know what you want do it.

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I had to fight for 7 years to get mine done when I knew at 20 I wanted them tied at the least. Do it. I do not regret my decision at all. I wish I could’ve found a doctor to do it at 20.

Got a full hysterectomy at 25 ( for health reasons) however I knew I was done. I know can love on the babies in the family and go home and sleep like a baby myself. Even though my youngest is 4 lol

I had mine done when I was 21. I had just had my third child and I was DONE. Fast forward almost 10 years and it’s the single biggest mistake I ever made. So much can change. There are so many birth control options. I recommend trying them first if you can.

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I had mine done at 23. No regrets :grinning:

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Had mine tied at 24 after two kids. I knew I didn’t want to raise more than that. Best decision I ever made, never regretted it.


I wasn’t in my 20’s but early 30’s. …

Yes and no. I had the Essure after four kids. I’m glad I did it because I was in no condition to have more; however, now that I remarried, it would be nice to have one with my husband. In the end, though, I love my babies, and it’s time to travel and enjoy their babies. (I’m 44. I started young - I was 32 when I had the Essure procedure)

maybe get on birth control. talk to your medical provider about options to decide what would be best for you

Chances are they won’t even do it so young, I’m almost 29 have2 kids and have been trying have them tied for 5 years.


Yes had mine done @ 25 after my 5th my baby had them all back to back from age 19 I don’t think I can handle anymore lol but the drs only agreed cuz BC didn’t work for me :joy:

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Just so you know, IVF could still be an option in the future if you change your mind after a tubal.

I got mine done when I was 28. It’s been 3 years and I honestly believe it was the best decision I’ve ever made


Some states won’t let you get it done unless your a certain age and have so many children.

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I was 23 and regret it

Usually you can’t unless you have 3 and you are married. That’s crazy your mind isn’t totally developed yet.

Yes and no. I had one after my son last year. I was 24. I do but I don’t. I’d love more kids and hate that I took that away from both me and my fiancé. But we both decided that it was better getting them removed then continuing to have children. My dr. Informed me of that while my body was made to carry children, it wasn’t made to birth them. It was to hard on my body and every birth would be harder and harder. It would have eventually been so hard on my body that I or the baby could be put at risk of dying…

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I was going to get mine but decided not to cause I didn’t want to regret it later. And I’m only 23. My doctor never tried to talk me out of it or anything she just asked me if I was sure that, that was what I wanted and the day I had my second baby she asked me if I wanted to go through with the process and I told her no so she was fine with it.

I can tell you I never wanted children then I had 3 and thought I was done at 30. My husband and I both wanted another one and we had 2 more and I’m 41 with a 8 month old. When you do permanent there’s no going back. I wouldn’t do it. ** hugs

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I had my done when I was 20. Husband had to sign (lol). We planned our 2 babies and we planned to NOT have anymore. Best move ever. No regrets.

I’d say if you question it, don’t do it. When you have no doubts and don’t ask others and you’re absolutely sure for yourself, then do it.


Please don’t. I got my tubes burned because i was so sure and confident that i didnt want anymore after my 2nd son. Got pregnant off birth control with him so i was like i dont wanna take no chances i dont want anymore. 2022 my oldest is almost 6 and youngest is almost 3. I regret it and want a girl

I planned on it, glad I didn’t. I’ve had 2 more babies since then

You can always have it reversed.

After baby #3 I was going to. I didn’t. After baby #4 I was going to and didn’t. That was 4 boys. After #5, my only girl, I had them removed. But I was 33 and for sure DONE. I didn’t do it until I no longer questioned it.


If you’re questioning it then I would probably wait.


I’ve been begging to get mine done if not a partial hysterectomy and my doctor flat out laughed at me about it

Been trying to get everything removed for a long time but they won’t let me :unamused:

To young u should wait and see how u feel in ur 30s that’s just my opinion in though lol

As a guy I got fixed at 23 and never regretted it.

Yes! My second baby died of Sid’s and I couldn’t try again

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If you’re not sure, then don’t do it.
I had 2 kids in my 20s, thought I was done, and ended up wanting more and had 2 more in my mid/late 30s.
Today I have a 18,15,6, and 3 year old.
Get an IUD. Theyre good for a long time and have a good protection percentage.


I was 28 and no regrets

I do but at the same time I don’t due to my bad anxiety I got during covid but your in your 20’s I would wait

I was 24! There were times I wished I didn’t but than a month later, I always remember why I did it!! You can always get it reversed but you can’t return a baby lol

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I did not regret 3 kids in my 20’s 2 boys and a girl I was 27 when mine where done

I got mine done when I was 26. But I also had 3 kids. I’ve never regretted

I’ve had 4 kids and I want a hysterectomy. I don’t want any more periods.

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Only you and your MD can truthfully answer this.

If you are unsure and birth control isn’t on the table for you, bring up a vasectomy for your partner. Super easy for them and way less invasive. I am pregnant with my second and will be having them at 26 years old and my husband is thinking on getting a vasectomy after. Not sure when but we don’t want more than two.


I had my tubes tied when I was 21, hysterectomy at 24. I used to think I wanted more, but grateful for the two I have, one boy and one girl and a stepson! The marriage I was in was horrible and I take that as the reason I wasn’t meant to have more, regardless of what I thought I wanted later. If that makes sense?! My kids are 24, 22 and 14 this year. Now I’ll just have grandbabies :slight_smile: