Do I Have A Right To Be Mad That My Boyfriend Never Matches His Clothes?


"My boyfriend never matches. I have been polite about it many times. It drives me crazy. My OCD takes over too. He will wear a green/grey shirt with brown shorts or bright black and dark black…etc. He does the same thinking of dressing his kid. Never matches. Do I sound crazy, or how can I approach it differently without sounding mean?"

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"I have OCD with a lot of things, matching stuff is one. However, when in a relationship, you need to put your OCD aside with some stuff. You are both there to make each other better, not to change one another. Take this as an opportunity to grow."

"Let him dress how he wants, he doesn't expect you to dress like how he likes, so don't expect him to dress how you like. Save your energy for actual life-changing important issues."

"They are clothes, that he likes and that he feels good in. This is one of those pick your battle things. I don't even make my kids "match". If it's clean, in good repair(no stains, rips, tears, holes), and they are comfortable in it, then they can wear it. If they want to pair polka dots and stripes then I'm okay with it. If it is that big of a deal to you then you may want to reconsider the relationship."

"Personally, I think you're overreacting. If you can't deal with how he dresses and that's the most thing you're upset about then probably should just leave."

"Was he dressing this way when he first became your boyfriend? If so, maybe you should let him be his own person, trying to control someone else's way of dressing is not conducive to a good relationship."

"I don't match most days either. As long as it's comfortable and I can keep up with my kid."

"Lmao does it really matter? He is his own person and should wear whatever he wants. If you want to control his clothes on his body I’m scared to know what other things you try to control."

"Dress your kids. Leave your boyfriend alone. Pick your battles."

"Buy him clothes and also pick out his clothes for him. Just say I saw this and thought it would look great on you. Maybe you can color coordinate with him to lead into guiding him on what to wear. He may need to bring you along when he goes shopping. I find complimenting when he does match and look nice helps boost self-esteem."

"Maybe he really doesn’t care if he matches. Maybe that’s all the fits him and they are his fave."


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He might be colorblind. I have a cousin that cant match outfits for the life of him and we never knew why until we found out he was color blind. Maybe ask if he is?