Do I Have A Right To Be Mad That My Husband's Ex Tags Him In Memes?


“Should I be mad that my SO’s ex-wife constantly tags him in memes and posts about their past relationship (kids involved) and makes it seem as if they’re reconciling? I fully understand posting and tagging about the kids, but their relationship was in the past, and these posts seem to bring out old feelings. Am I wrong to be mad, jealous, or hurt by this? Should I just let it be and ignore it?”

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“Be friends for the kids to promote being in their life’s when the other parent is not there. But sharing memes or funny things about their relationship is not needed. He should explain to her that it’s inappropriate.”

“I wouldn’t ignore that. I would have a talk with you SO on how that makes you feel.”

“Talk to him about it. Just let him know it squicks you out how familiar she still is online. If he gets defensive and doesn’t listen I’d reconsider the relationship, but if he listens or better yet reminds her he’s in a relationship and needs to cool her jets, then you’ve got a good one.”

“You could comment under them too. Put yourself in every conversion lol.”

“Let it go! Trust me! Im a stepmom and honestly id give anything for my husband and his ex to be cool like this. Hell, my ex and I are cool like this. Let your husband know it makes you feel a little uncomfortable & make sure theres no feelings there. If he reassures you there isn’t & he does ignore advances from her, then you’re good!”

“The only time she should contact him is about the kids. I understand staying friends and nice infront of kids but there is a line.”

“Yes you should be upset. My so and his ex started doing things like that and not much later they were sending messages trying to get back together.”

“I don’t tag my soon to be ex husband in anything even having to do with my kids, not because I’m a bad person but because he is. And he doesn’t see them or care for them, my fiancé and I do. I would be soooo angry!”

“Sounds like shes trying to relight the flame by sending reminders. He should be the one to say hey no more.”

“If it’s about the kids no, but as far as being friends with someone that makes a healthy relationship if u don’t trust him then why are y’all in a relationship.”

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